A human approach to teaching and learning

At Castlemaine Steiner School, your child will achieve so much more than the academic skills necessary to succeed in higher education and a vocational career.

We work to help each child to develop their unique abilities, with the skills and understanding to step into their purpose and potential. Our teaching methods, curriculum and beautiful learning environment are all designed to meet children at their specific stages of development.

Critical and creative thinking, social skills development and problem solving help our students find their positive sense of purpose in life.

Our peaceful, natural environment allows children to participate in safe exploration and deep learning.

We cultivate an attitude of respect, responsibility and gratitude towards each other and the environment.

Children learn physically, emotionally and academically through structured daily activities, delivered through a rich, creative and imaginative curriculum, which inspires a genuine love for learning.

Our students leave us with a healthy passion and perseverance for facing life’s challenges, knowing who they are and how they can live positively in a changing world.

This truly is an education for the future.

Nerrida Johnson
School Principal

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