An Education for Life: Castlemaine Steiner School & Kindergarten offers a modern, holistic education, guided and inspired by the teachings of Rudolf Steiner and his observations of the developing child.

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Early Years – Play

The journey at CSSK often begins in the early years either through our playgroup or kindergarten. A warm, homelike environment is fostered. Children learn through play and imitation and are guided through the day with gentle, predictable routines. The rhythms of the week, the seasons and the year are all acknowledged and celebrated.

Primary Years – Imagine

From ages 7 to 14, children journey through the primary class years.  Under the guidance of the class teacher, students experience the Steiner curriculum which provides a rich and varied basis for their learning. They learn core subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography as well as specialist lessons in music, craft, languages, movement, outdoor education and physical education. This is done within the class structure and with an emphasis on the natural world. A sense of belonging and connection is encouraged and nurtured.

Senior Years – Reason

From ages 14 on students develop their intellect as well as their analytical skills through subjects which encourage deep and rigorous thinking and learning. The focus now turns to looking outward at the world around us.

Castlemaine Steiner Latest News


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> Click HERE for Whole School Annual Calendar of Events 

> School Tours


  • Tour Friday 15th March


  • Senior Years Information evening – Wednesday 1st May at 7pm
  • Open Day – Thursday 9th May 8.45am – 11am
  • Tour – Friday 14th June 11.30am



  • Tour – Friday 9th August 10am
  •  Tour Friday 6th September 11.30am


  • Tour – Friday 25th October 11.30am

> 2024 School Term Dates 


Tuesday 30th January to Thursday 28th March


Tuesday 16th April to Friday 21st June

Pupil Free Day – 31 May Report Writing


Monday 15th July to Friday 20th September

Pupil Free Day – 26 July P/T interviews

Pupil Free Day – 23 August Vic Steiner Schools Conference


Tuesday 8th October to Wednesday 11th December

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The school’s Strategic Plan sets out the school’s direction, goals, targets and key strategies for improvement. After an extensive and inclusive Strategic Planning Review, the school has a new Strategic Plan, adopted by the board in October 2022. The Strategic Plan sets the strategic direction for the school for the coming years and will be implemented through a range of planned actions across the school. The Annual Report thereafter will provide the community with information about the school’s performance in implementing these improvement strategies and how resources have been used. Read More