About Our School

In our school we acknowledge the importance of the whole human being. By developing in children and adolescents a love of learning, flexible, creative thinking, and a strong internal compass we strive to meet each child’s needs and to enable them to fulfil their full potential as balanced human beings with clarity of truth, understanding of goodness and a love of beauty.

Our philosophy of teaching and learning is based on Rudolf Steiner’s insights into child development and education, which embraces the social, artistic, academic, physical and spiritual. We enact our philosophy by following the indications given by Steiner and the 7 core principles for Australian Steiner Schools. The philosophy, curriculum and teaching methodology followed at CSSK is brought to the children via the ACARA approved Australian Steiner Curriculum.

The children are immersed in a creative, enriching and wonder-filled learning environment. Children are inspired and guided towards becoming free-thinking, socially responsible adults, with healthy connections to themselves, each other and the world.

The rhythm of the school day includes Main Lesson, Practice Lessons and Specialist Lessons.

The Main Lesson is a unique part of Steiner education. Each morning, the children engage in the deep study of one topic. Each of these Main Lesson blocks of learning lasts for approximately 3 weeks.

These topics can range from the Alphabet in class one to the History of Writing in Class 4 or to a study of Shakespeare in Class 8. These learning blocks provide the opportunity for great depth and richness in the student’s learning. The topics covered bring together the Learning Areas of English, Maths, Science, Humanities and The Arts in an integrated way to follow major epochs in history and so trace the development of human culture and consciousness. During Practice Lessons students engage in explicit literacy and numeracy learning and revision to build and reinforce key skills and knowledge.

Specialist Lessons include LOTE (French), Art, Music, Craft, PE/Movement and Outdoor Education & Horticulture, expanding to embrace Digital Technologies, Science and Drama in the Senior years.


Vision Statement

Through a contemporary Steiner Education, we guide our students to step authentically into the world, with a strong internal compass, creative and critical thinking and deep connection to country. Our highest ambition is to tread life’s paths with courage, insight and an open heart, motivated by a sense of service, discernment and a love of learning and life.

Strategic Plan

The school’s Strategic Plan sets out the school’s direction, goals, targets and key strategies for improvement. After an extensive and inclusive Strategic Planning Review, the school has a new Strategic Plan, adopted by the board in October 2022. The Strategic Plan sets the strategic direction for the school for the coming years, and will be implemented through a range of planned actions across the school. The Annual Report thereafter will provide the community with information about the school’s performance in implementing these improvement strategies and how resources have been used.

The latest Strategic Plan is available here:  CSSK Strategic Plan 2022-2027

Annual Report

The Annual Report thereafter will provide the community with information about the school’s performance in implementing these improvement strategies and how resources have been used.

The latest Annual Report is available here: Annual Report 2022


The latest AGM minutes are available here: AGM Minutes 2022
The latest audited Annual Financial Statement is available here: Annual Financial Statement 2021

School Funds

The school receives its funding from five main sources:

  1. Tuition Fees and charges received from parents
  2. Commonwealth and State government grants on a per student basis
  3. Capital Works grants and other special purpose grants from the Commonwealth government
  4. Fundraising by parents and other special events
  5. Donations and grants from individuals, groups and philanthropic organisations