Daily Structure

Steiner Education is characterised by a daily structure including Morning Circle, Main Lesson, Middle Sessions and Afternoon Sessions. This reflects the three-fold structure of the human being encompassing; thinking, feeling and willing.

Morning Circle is the beginning part of the day where the children unite as a group around choral verse, movement, speech, singing, circle games, counting and times table recitation.

Main Lesson is taught in the first two hours of the day and it is here that all new intellectual content is introduced. This represents the thinking aspect of the human being. A particular subject is studied for 3-4 weeks to allow for a deep and enriching learning experience.

The Middle or Practice Session allows time for students to revise and improve on previous concepts taught. It is the period of the day where students can consolidate their learning through repetition.

In Afternoon sessions, students usually engage in practical activities. These include painting, handcraft, beeswax or clay modelling, games, gardening, inside play and bushwalks.

Main Lesson

The Class Teacher teaches the ‘Main Lesson’ curriculum.

It is based on the major epochs of history; the wisdom of folk tales, the human qualities of the animal fables, the deeds of great people and their connection to nature, legends from the Old Testament, Norse, Ancient Indian, Persian/Chaldean, Egyptian, Greek & Roman myths and Odysseys, the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Revolutions.

Main Lesson learning encompasses Language, Humanities, Mathematics and Science learning.

Class Teacher

A unique feature of Steiner Education is that the class teacher stays with the class ideally from Class 1-8. The rationale being that learning is not just academic it is also social, and relationships are a vital part of life. This continuity enables a strong relationship with, and understanding of, a child’s academic, social and emotional needs and ongoing connections to the child’s family. The teacher plays a significant role and with this continuity becomes an authority that the child can trust.

On a regular basis across the school year the Class Teacher will host a parent meeting. Here the developmental stage of the class can be explored, the outline and progress of the curriculum for the term as well as future plans for the class. Often an artistic activity such as form drawing will be included to give parents a first-hand insight into what their child experiences at school.

Specialist Subjects

Specialist subjects are introduced from Class 1 through to Class 8. Beginning in Class 1, children will enjoy Movement, Craft and French within their daily and weekly rhythm. These subjects build as the child moves through the school to include PE, Science, Drama, Outdoor Education and Digital Technology. Refer to our Senior Years page for details on our Class 7 & 8 program.