Continuing the Steiner Education for Life

The Senior Years at CSSK comprises Classes 7 & 8 with a wide range of specialist teachers supporting the program. In addition to the Class Teacher, students have specialist teachers for Math, Science, French, Art, Drama, Music, PE and Outdoor Education.

A Class Guardian, stays with the class, providing pastoral care and coordination for the class (as well as being the first point of contact for parents).

Students graduating from Class 8 at CSSK can continue their Steiner education via the Steiner Stream at Castlemaine Secondary College (CSC). This stream encompasses Years 9 & 10, followed by standardised VCE or VCAL pathway options. Information on this pathway is shared via our joint information sessions, and full CSC details can be found via Steiner Program – Castlemaine Secondary College (

Senior Years

Class 7

In Class 7, the pupils turn 13, become teenagers and enter puberty. Teachers support students to discover new perspectives that direct their attention towards an exploration of the outer world and away from the newly experienced unrest in their inner life. An appetite for knowledge of, and about, world phenomena, mingles with an emerging capacity for reflection and the first promptings of self-reflection. There is a growing sense of self within the students, with a new relationship being established with the world. While a feeling and yearning for independence and solitude may be experienced, a certain anxiety, emotional sensitivity and embarrassment can run alongside. The seventh-grade curriculum challenges the thought processes of the young adolescent, leading them to discovery, understanding and discernment.

Class 8

Class 8 marks a significant point; at 14 years, the pupils are “into” adolescence. At this age, the world of ideas begins to take on meaning for the young adolescent and the critical faculties of the 14-year-old are noticeably sharper. The world of ideas acquires new meaning and rules come under scrutiny. A sense of community develops in which speaking becomes more thoughtful and listening more attentive. Given clear direction, stimulus materials and the necessary support, students generate significant volumes of their own work; up to 90% independently. The Year 8 program is designed to meet the needs of the young adolescent; a healthy series of appropriate challenges provide a stimulus to balanced development. These challenges include The Major Project, Shakespeare Production and Tour and a 10-day Camel Trek in the Flinders Ranges.