Enrolment Information

Entry to the school is often through participation in the Early Childhood programs, with many families starting in Playgroup, Ring-a-Rosie and Kindergarten. Click here for a copy of our Early Childhood Prospectus.

Here are some other informative booklets on our CSSK Outdoor Education program and general information for parents in our CSSK Parent Handbook 2020

Families may apply for entry to the school at any level (Early Childhood to Class 8) and admission to a class is determined by the School’s Admission Policy. Where there are vacancies in classes at higher levels, admission to the school still follows the procedures specified in the CSSK Admissions Enrolment and Withdrawal Policy. Relevant application forms can be obtained using the links on the right.

Application Forms and the Application Fee of $100 per student must be received prior to consideration for admission to the school. The date the Application Fee is paid becomes the Date of Application, and may affect waiting lists.

School Funds

The school receives its funding from five main sources:

  1. Tuition Fees and charges received from parents
  2. Commonwealth and State government grants on a per student basis
  3. Capital Works grants and other special purpose grants from the Commonwealth government
  4. Fundraising by parents and other special events
  5. Donations and grants from individuals, groups and philanthropic organisations