Welcome to term 2 and welcome to our new blog! We hope to use this space to share a little more of daily life at our school – some interesting and special things, together with snippets of the many treasured moments which happen in the life of our school.

We began the first week of term 2 with our school assembly. I always look forward to the assembling of our community and starting the week singing together under Anne’s infectious enthusiasm for three-part harmonies (which for me, remains firmly in the alto range!). Libby now plays cello at the beginning of assembly and the beautiful, deep tones of this instrument create a soulful and calming atmosphere to settle the children after their busy weekends. Parents are most welcome to attend each Monday morning and soak up some respite after those sometimes hectic mornings getting children to school.

The tradition of oral storytelling is enlivened during our assembly where children, parents and teachers are brought together to hear about myths and legends, integral to indigenous culture and our Steiner pedagogy. The power of the spoken word through storytelling sinks deeply into the soul life of a child and nurtures their connection to the earth and cultural epochs through time. After story, the children sing their way back to class, ready for the task of learning, and I return to my office reminded of all the reasons for our work here, nourished on a soul level and focused on the importance of this remarkable education.

This year it is our intention to place renewed focus on celebrating the festivals, creating a stronger connection to the life of the earth as it journeys through the seasons, bringing us closer to the cycles of life so fundamental to humanity.

We ended term 1 with a joyful celebration of nature’s harvest. The produce and preserves so generously donated were gratefully received by The Salvation Army to pass onto those in need within our local community. My heartfelt thanks to all parents, staff and students who contributed to this lovely event. Term 2 will see us marking winter, a time when the days grow shorter and colder and nature suggests we turn within for contemplation.

I look forward to sharing this occasion with you all. In the meantime, should you wish to discuss any aspect of our school, I am available by phone, email or for personal appointments.

With best wishes,