School Camp with a Difference

Leaping into the Unknown, An Adventure in Muckleford.

Last week Castlemaine Steiner students from Class 5 went on a school camp with a difference. Frequently camps involve jumping on a bus and driving miles to somewhere far away. This camp started and ended at the school gate, on foot, and on foot we explored our beautiful Box Ironbark Forest in Muckleford. So often students don’t know what is up the road and this was their opportunity to find out. They could take their time to explore and learn about their place in the world. To understand the magic that is our local environment, learning how to move through and observe the land.
We experienced the elements with wild wind, rain, sunshine and starry nights, sleeping out in the open without tents or shelters. We traversed farmland, observing domestic animals and runaway sheep. The forest had different varieties of trees and groundcovers, many of which showed evidence of the animals that live in and feed on them. We pondered a snake shape made of quartz, puddling machines and mines from gold mining days. We walked in the inky blackness of an underground mine toward the light at the end of the tunnel. We sat in silence in the hope that we would see the echidna’s nose emerge where it had taken refuge in the root of a tree. While it didn’t emerge, the silence enabled us to feel the wind on our faces, clouds pass across the sun and hear the sounds of the forest. Such magic is just up the road!

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