Thursday 9th June, 2016

Term 2, Week 9

To carry spirit light into world-winter-night
My heart is ardently impelled,
That shining seeds of soul
Take root in grounds of worlds
And Word Divine through senses' darkness
Resounds, transfiguring all life.

From The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner

Dates to Diary

Thursday 9th June 7pm - Class 6 Meeting
Friday 10th June 7pm - Class 7 Sleepover
Monday 13th June - Queen's Birthday Public Holiday
Wednesday 15th June 5.45pm - Prep Winter Festival
Thursday 16th June 9am - Kindergarten Festival
Thursday 16th June 6pm - Winter Festival
Friday 17th June - Parent Teacher Interviews

All these dates (and more) are available on the yearly calendar on the school website, including camp/excursion departure and return times.

Term 2 - Tuesday 12th April to Thursday 16th June (10 weeks)
Term 3 - Tuesday 12th July to Friday 16th September (10 weeks)
Term 4 - Tuesday 4th October to Friday 9th December (10 weeks)

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Class News


We have been busy in Playgroup making our winter lanterns in preparation for the Winter Solstice night on June 21st. The children have enjoyed drawing their pictures then pasting coloured tissue in the little windows cut out.

Outside we have been making porridge, stew and soup in the sandpit, complete with rotting leaves, cobwebs and stones. We are also planting our winter vegetable seedlings.

Our story tells of a little plump hen who after the rain sees herself in a puddle and calls distressingly for help. This creates a good tale as all the animals who also look into the puddle think that they have fallen in too!!!

Thank you to Grandma Joan for a lovely box of home grown oranges. We have all been enjoying them.

As the term draws to a close, I would like to wish all playgroup families a safe and warm winter holiday.

Much love, Tania


Dear Kindergarten Parents,

Apologies for my absence on Tuesday, and thank you so much to Kate for covering me. The children were well supported in my absence.

The adventures continue in Kinda, these pictures are simple but they are indicative of the imagination and creative play that is occurring in the Kindergarten. The blocks have become ‘eggs’ on the kitchen shelves and here the babies clothes have been individually put away (placed on each block) in their own separate compartments. The children are so busy in their play. It is endlessly inspiring and intriguing.

Thank you so much for the parent teacher interviews last week. The longer time slot worked really well. It was very fruitful being able to spend time chatting with you all; it allows me to get to know your children better, but to also share more of their days and experiences with you. I am looking forward to the second round of parent teacher interviews on the 17th.

Our Winter Festival next Thursday, 9.15am start.

If people are able to make a small contribution to the parent’s morning tea that would be gratefully appreciated. Please contact Natalie and Lisa to confirm if you are able to.

Have a great weekend.

Warm regards, Tobie

Kinder 1 - 9.6.16 Kinder 2 - 9.6.16


The sunlight fast is dwindling,

My little lamp needs kindling.

Its beam shines far in darkest night.

Dear lantern guide me with your light.


King Winter is certainly with us now but our fire keeps us warm and cosy. The children like to sit around the fire when they arrive in the morning while busily sanding their candleholders ready for our Winter Festival next Wednesday. We have also been making paper lanterns.

I look forward to sharing our festival together.

Don’t forget to place your name on the list outside the main office for Parent/Teacher meetings.

Best wishes for a warm and cosy winter holiday.

Love, Heather

Class One

We have made some red, orange and yellow salt crystals  with our paintings. It was fun to watch the salt crystals change colour.

We cooked apple snow and are getting very good at using peelers and knives as we prepare the apples and find the secret  – a star – inside each apple!

Our favourite part of our day at the moment is playing in the puddles and mud, building bridges and making boats to sail in the pools of water we find after the wonderful rain.

We are also preparing in full voice each morning for the singing at our Winter Festival next week.

Warm wishes, Lyn

Class Three

‘The earth is the home of all men,

The ceiling is the blue sky above,

The floor is the ground on which we walk,

Upheld by a selfless love.’


This week we have begun our new Main Lesson “Home Sweet Home” This Main Lesson will focus on dwellings and shelters around the world and why we need shelters. The first house that we focus on is our body as that is our first dwelling. Then we move onto the first houses which the nomads used such as caves, tents and shelters made from nature.

We have been enjoying our morning runs and our Horticulture sessions with Lisa, however there are still many children that need to bring gumboots and rain coats to school. Rain, hail or shine the children will be outside!!!

I hope you all enjoy the long weekend and are able to come to the Winter Festival next week.

Love, Amanda

Class Four

“Haul on the bowline, the good ship she’s a rolling,

Haul on the bowline, the bowline haul”.


Our Class 4 sailors worked hard on their excursion to the Polly Woodside ~ a 3 mast sailing ship, that is 131 years old and anchored near Seafarer’s bridge in Melbourne. The crew loaded cargo using ‘Norwegian steam’, learnt ship language and saw how numbers were used in charting the oceans. They discovered ship’s time and rang 8 bells for the change of the 4-hour shifts. They balanced over the moving boom using stomach muscles, strong eyebrows and one hand whilst changing the sail with the other, and then scrubbed the deck amidst flying water. Luckily the weather had calm spells though there did occur a bit of a swell that threatened to turn at least one stomach. We survived marauding seagulls, avoided pirate ships and found our landlubber legs fairly quickly after our sea journey. Thank you to Lisa, Bron and Edwynna for helping out on this trip.

Back in the classroom we have been subtracting and finding out how many supplies we have left and multiplying to check on the sailors’ wages. Next we will be dividing out the rations and making sure everyone gets a fair share.

It has been a productive term with much hard working and learning. We are looking forward to the Mid-Winter festival, a lovely way to close the term.

Cheers, Anna

Class Five

Class Five began Main Lesson last week with Ellie. The classroom is looking very green, with an indoor garden and very well-cared-for broad beans, which are beginning to show signs of awakening!

Last Thursday, with myself, Alan and Brad, Class Five explored Mount Franklin. We had a great day and returned with treasures we had found there: fungi, moss and crystals!

Love, Kate Dew

Class 5.1 - 8.6.16 Class 5.3 - 8.6.16 Class 5.2 - 8.6.16

Class Seven

We are currently studying the legends of King Arthur in our Main Lesson and continuing to refine our chivalric capabilities! In amongst this the students had been working diligently on their music, preparing for the big concert. It has been wonderful to observe their dedication and commitment to their music and their ability to work as a team. The results were splendid! What a great concert! Thank you music staff and congratulations to the students!

Now we are working to complete some magnificent ‘stained glass window’ style lanterns ready for the Winter Festival. Many thanks to Chris for her help and encouragement.

The fun continues in Class 7 with a sleepover on Friday night as an end of term treat.

Regards, Anne

P.S. Please make sure you fill in a time for the upcoming parent/teacher interviews. Thank you.

Class Eight

Money and Society is the current Practical Mathematics Main Lesson for Class 8. It extends and complements the previous East West World Geography Main Lesson that included calculating percentages based on Physical, Population, Economic and Cultural Geography. This Lesson explores our economic relationship to the natural resources provided by the earth and different kinds of money. Students are developing their financial literacy skills by calculating then constructing pictorial and diagrammatic representations of financial and statistical information before analysing and interpreting the information.

Self evaluation of the Class 8 Projects is now complete and intensive preparations for the School Concert and lantern making for the Winter Festival. Must be Mid Year!

Thank you to parents, music teachers and subject teachers for your interest in and support for our students through out this half year.

Love and best wishes for your holidays.


Class 8 Julia 9.6.16

Renaissance Portrait  by Julia

Class 8 Samantha 9.6.16

Renaissance Portrait  by Samantha


I am writing this on a cold and blustery night excited that the winter festival is just around the corner and with it the promise of light and holidays – (Class 7 and I are making stain glass window lanterns together).

All of the classes are well on their way to completing their current projects. Class 8 have just completed their snugly warm flannelette pajama pants, Class 6 are working in the woodworking studio, Class 5 have begun their knitted beanie project, Class 4 have almost finished their Viking shields, Class 3 are weaving pencil cases and crocheting pouches, Class 2 are knitting their dolls and weaving pouches and finally Class 1 are so close to finishing their recorder bags and beginning a knitting project.

I look forward to seeing you at the Winter Festival and Parent/ Teacher Interviews. I still have space on the Friday to see anyone who would like to call into the Craft room, have a look around and say hello.

Keep warm, enjoy your holidays together and happy crafting.


Craft 1 - 8.6.16


On the last day of school, in the hall, amidst all the winter festival preparations…
Class 7 will show the Dja Dja Wurrung Teaching of Tarrengower and Lalgambook through Eurythmy.
Invitation to parents and friends for this simple end of term showing :
Thursday June 16th, 12:3Opm in the Hall. It’s about 20 minutes long, and all the students of the school are also coming. We will squeeze in around the spiral and other wonderful things preparing for the day!
Love , Nicole


Bonjour tout le monde

Busy days for our French students as the end of second term approaches all too soon! Class One now have a lovely repertoire of little French chansons at their disposal and will hopefully keep singing them until we meet again next term.

Class Six have worked hard to master the French counting strategy game Onze and to complete the alphabetical tongue twister cards we have been working on. These should make a lovely display next term.

And Classes Seven and Eight are concluding the term with writing their own lyrics for Le Fermier dans son pre (The Farmer in the Dell) – for example, Le marin dans son bateau (The Sailor in his Boat). We have also added some card games to our conversation class: the game of Sept Familles (Happy Families) is a timely introduction to next term’s work on La Famille.

Bon Vacances to everyone for the coming mid-year break and au revoir!



Reptile Survey

Why are these people putting terracotta tiles in our paddock? Connecting Country, in partnership with Muckleford Landcare is implementing a Reptile Monitoring Program. It turns out that terracotta tiles are perfect reptile habitat and we have plenty of reptiles. The tiles are placed out in a grid and will be checked to see who moves in. This will contribute to our understanding of the composition and distribution of this local fauna.

Garden 1 - 9.6.16


National Tree Planting Day

Next term-Friday 29th July. Watch this space for more details.

Garden 2 - 9.6.16


Raised Garden Beds

We are experimenting with raised garden beds for our vegetables. Classes 3 and 4 enthusiastically filled the apple boxes with soil, straw and mushroom compost and planted them with winter vegetables. We are interested to see if it reduces the amount of weeding required and it will definitely make it easier to avoid sitting and stepping on plants.

Garden 3 - 9.6.16


Another wonderful Annual Concert!

The music staff would like to send a big thank you to everyone involved in enabling our concert to be a huge success. The students, for your practice dedication and concentration; Parents for your support at home and on the night; Parents & Friends, for the wonderful & warming supper for our performers and audience; Ken, superb commentary (as always!); Raziel, for a beautiful guitar solo; And all the class and specialist teachers, and administration, for your understanding and flexibility when required.

Regards, Music Team

Physical Education

Our Physical Education program has been full of excitement this week. Classes 7 and 8 combined for a team-based Orienteering riddle activity and thankfully the weather was better than first forecast. Equipped with team coloured maps and guidelines, teams worked together to solve riddles that led them to a particular school location. From there they headed out in search of their next riddle, following a provided compasses bearing and distance. Each student was also tasked with completing their school map, showing the direction they headed in and how far they travelled, and more importantly, proving their understanding of orienteering, compass use and map markings. Here is an example of one of my riddles. Junior school parents should be able to solve this one…..


The larger of two tyred brothers let his smaller brother sit on his shoulders.

(Hint: the misspelling is intentional!)


Classes 5 and 6 have been hard at it improving their soccer skills through numerous activities and drills. Two weeks ago Class 6 were tasked with designing a soccer obstacle course for the Class 5 students. They worked in small groups, each having their own segment that led to another. The ideas that came out of the session were fantastic and it was pleasing to see the cooperation between groups and members, and also the compromises made with limited resources such as cones, balls, hoops, etc. This week it is time to put all our developed soccer skills into practice with a few different games being played tomorrow.

Coming up next term the PE program will most likely see some gymnastics and circus skills during the cold and wet sessions, basketball and netball, the Greek Olympics and much more.

Thank you to our wonderful community for your support and particularly your kind words of feedback. It goes a long way knowing that your children are enjoying the sessions, developing their skills and enthusiastic about upcoming sessions each week. It is most appreciated!

Finally, remember to leave your name and number on the Parent Interview sheets outside the office if you would like to meet with me Friday next week. I will contact you next week to arrange a time which will most likely coincide with your other interview times for convenience.

Have a fantastic long weekend!

Cheers, Alan


Firstly I wanted to share that we had a lovely start, from Preps to 7 and 8s. We spent this first week getting to know each other. I shared some stories with each class about me and my country (Mexico) from which we have recalled /learnt some Spanish words as well as a bit of Mexican History in relation to Spanish language. Secondly, I would like to mention that classes from three upwards have been preparing a winter song which I’m not sure we’ll be ready to present at the Winter Festival. However, I wanted to share it with you all.


Las hojas volaron, frío

Los árboles sueñan fruto y flor

El viento se siente frío


Bajo de la tierra, tibio

Dentro de las casas fuego hay

Y luz en los corazones


Las noches se alargan

Invierno ha llegado

Las estrellas brillan

Mas tiempo también


Hagamos un fuego

Tomemos las manos

Dancemos unidos

Crezcamos la luz


(If you’d like a translated version please let the office know)

Best regards, Raziel .

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School News

Class 6 Excursion Cancellation

Due to poor weather, the Class 6 excursion to Chewton Quartz Hill tomorrow has been cancelled. A new date will be set in Term 3.

Spiral Walk & Winter Festival Invitation

Winter Festival 9.6.16

Drawing closer to the Winter Solstice, we look to our festival of light as a chance to connect with the inner light each of us carry at the centre of our being.

Next Wednesday every child, in class groups, will walk the spiral – an image of the path we all tread, seeking the light within and reflecting the earth as it waxes and wanes on its journey around the sun.

We invite parents and friends of our school community to also experience the power of this meditative ceremony – a chance to quieten the mind and allow time for personal reflection, while being filled with a sense of awe at the spiral’s support and beauty. Please come to the Multipurpose room door between 9 and 10am if you would like to join the parent’s spiral walk.

On Thursday night our Winter Lantern Walk Festival brings together our families, with joy and colourful lanterns to light the way, hot soup, fiery braziers and fellowship to warm us.

We ask parents to deliver children to their classrooms at 6pm where they will share soup organised by Class Carers. Parent and younger siblings may then gather in the multi-purpose room to share soup prepared by the Parents & Friends Group. From there we will light our candles and proceed to form a circle, holding the heartlands area for the entrance of the children. 

We look forward to sharing an evening of ceremony, song and reverence in keeping with the mood of the season.

Winter Festival Invitation

Parents & Friends Group

The school concert was held last night.  I thought there was such a beautiful spirit in the hall – such enthusiasm, love and pride from the audience and so much effort, creativity and joy from the performers.  It’s been a blessing to be at school for much of this week, seeing the children practice their pieces so well, supported by their inspiring teachers.  Thank you very much to all who contributed to the bountiful supper and to those who stayed late to help with the cleaning up.

As we rush towards the end of term, we will have an opportunity next week to spend a quiet moment walking our beautiful Winter Spiral.  The spiral will be open for parents on Wednesday immediately after school drop off.  During Wednesday and Thursday mornings we’ll also be cooking up pots of soup ready for the festival on Thursday evening.  You are very welcome to join us to help with cooking or set up any time across either day.

Lastly, the lost property collection has moved to inside the doorway of the Parents Room.  The pile is growing high, so if your child has lost a long sleeve or a hoodie, please check before the clothes are taken to the Op Shop at the end of term.

Thank you

Julie, Convenor, Parents & Friends

Year 9 CSC performs Antigone

After doing a wonderful Shakespeare play last year the students of Year 9 in the Steiner Stream at Castlemaine Secondary College have been working on Sophocles’ Antigone, a Greek tragedy.

You are invited to come and see their show at the Drama Studio at the Etty Street campus: Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th June at 7pm.

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From The Office


Small child’s hand-knitted multi-coloured beanie with ear flaps, found after the school concert. See office staff to claim.

Parent/Teacher Interview Sheets

The sheets with available days/times for Parent/Teacher Interviews are available for completion outside the office.

Office Closure during Term 2 Holidays

The school office will be closed for the middle week of the school holidays – Mon 27th June to Fri 1st July

SaverPlus - Health Care Card Holders

More information

CSEF - Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund

Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund (CSEF)
Attention all Centrelink Pensioner Concession and Healthcard Card Holders.
The government are again offering some funding towards Camps, Sports & Excursions. This subsidy is available to ALL families that hold the above cards. If all of your child’s subsidy is not used within the year then it can be carried forward year after year until it is used. This can be handy as your child reaches senior years and there are more camps and excursions. The amounts for this year are:

  • $125 for each primary student
  • $250 for each secondary student

Please either pick up your application forms from the office, or download them from our website (see the attached link below).
CSEF Information Sheet
CSEF Application Form (CSEF)
The closing date for receipt of forms by the office has been extended to Friday 10th June.
Thank you
Bookkeeper, CSSK

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Community Classifieds

For Sale

Kelvinator Opal fridge, excellent condition. 130L freezer, 390L food. $200. Phone 0421 909 835

Babysitter Available

Eva Demaria-O’Sullivan – 15 years old

Good with children, previous experience, trustworthy and reliable.

$25 for the first 2 hours and $10 an hour after that

5476 2643 or 0423 908 715

Available: Mon – Fri 6.30-9.30pm, Sat – Sun 6-10pm

More Information...

Sat 18 June 2016 Victory Park, Castlemaine
Castlemaine’s Beating ‘Art
Doors Open 1pm – 11pm

Dog Show: 3pm – 2.30pm registration
Register your interest for dog show now:

More Information...

Castlemaine Fitness Centre - School Holiday Swimming Program

See attached

More Information...

Tennis Programs Victoria - School Holiday Program

See attached

More Information...

Kinship Connect - Anglicare Victoria

April to June Newsletter – See attached

Caring Connections – Information & Support for Kinship Carers

Caring Connections – Factsheet

Biodynamic Courses - Transform the Earth and Yourself

The Michael Centre, 37A Wellington Park Drive, Warranwood 3134

Weekends: 9.30am – 4.00pm:
11th & 12th June; 6th & 7th August & 15th & 16th October

Cost: $1150/weekend $290



Telephone: Grit Oppermann 0477 408 665

More Information...

Little Wing Puppets presents Spike

Wednesday 29th June 11am

Aimed at children 3 to 9 years and tickets are available at the Market Building, 44 Mostyn St Castlemaine, open every day 9am-5pm, phone: 5471 1795.

Online: Ticketing links available or tickets available at the door 30 minutes prior to show commencing.

More Information...

Koala Rocks - Recent Paintings by Michael Ryan

Newstead Railway Arts Hub, Dundas St

2nd – 30th July, Weekends 9-4pm, Private viewings can be arranged.

Opening night 2nd July 6pm

More Information...

Food Allergy Research

Researchers at the University of Southern Queensland are investigating Australian parents’ food allergy knowledge, attitudes and feeding practices.

Little is known about food allergy knowledge and how it affects how parents feed their children. This is particularly the case in Australia, yet we have one of the highest rates of food allergy in the world! This study surveys Australian parents of children aged 0-18 years on food allergy knowledge and attitudes, family, and early feeding practices. It is an online survey that takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. This study has received ethical approval from USQ. Participant responses are anonymous and confidentiality is assured. We are interested in responses from parents in your area in order to obtain a representative sample of Australians.

Further information and the survey are available at:

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