Thursday 8th September, 2016

Term 3, Week 9

Thus to the human ego speaks
In mighty revelation,
While it unfolds its very forces,
The joy of growth throughout the world:
I carry into you my life
From its enchanted bondage
And so attain my truest goal.

From The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner

Dates to Diary

Wednesday 7th to Friday 9th September - Class 8 City Camp
Monday 12th September - Class 4 Werribee Zoo Excursion
Tuesday 13th September 7.30pm (originally Thursday 8th Sept.) - Policy Consultation Feedback Meeting
Thursday 15th September - Prep & Kinder Spring Festivals
Friday 16th September 12pm - School Spring Festival
Saturday 17th September 10am - Class 3 Chook House Working Bee
Monday 19th to Friday 23rd September - School Office Closure
Monday 3rd October - Planning Day, Student Free
Tuesday 4th October - Start Term 4
Tuesday 4th to Friday 7th October - Class 7 Eppalock Sailing Camp
Monday 10th to Friday 14th October - Class 6 Horse Riding Camp & Class 8 Murray/Barmah Rafting Camp
Wednesday 19th October to Friday 21st October - Class 4 & 5 Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement Camp
Monday 24th & Tuesday 25th October - Bendigo Health Free Dental Screening
Tuesday 25th October - School Photos

All these dates (and more) are available on the yearly calendar on the school website, including camp/excursion departure and return times.

Term 3 - Tuesday 12th July to Friday 16th September (10 weeks)
Term 4 - Tuesday 4th October to Friday 9th December (10 weeks)

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Class News


Dear Kindergarten parents

‘We skip and we sing to welcome the spring,

And we will help father to clean everything’


Spring has sprung,

The garden is bursting with song, blossom and activity.

What a delightful place to be.

Our kindergarten is a hive of activity.

Please remember to bring hats, it is that time of the year again.

Our festival is next week on Thursday 9.00am. We look forward to sharing this special morning with you all.

Kind regards

Tobie, Amie and George.

Kinder 1 7.9.16 Kinder 2 7.9.16 Kinder 3 7.9.16

Class One

Class One have very much enjoyed the long Russian Fairytale of the ‘Firebird’ over the past week. This story has been performed in different places in the world as a Ballet also.

So today we have had a chance to use the fiery colours of our crayons and strengthen them with our shading skills to illustrate this amazing golden red magical bird. This is a dream come true for our more choleric and some sanguine temperaments in the class,  but a little scary for those with more melancholic and phlegmatic temperaments –  yet all the illustrations shine.

Thank you to all our Parents for your participation in our Class Meeting this week. Thank you to Rob Jorritsma for kindly giving his time and expertise for a mini workshop, giving us a touch of a Temperaments Experience.

The sharing of wisdom, from those parents present, around parenting children at the child’s  developmental stage was also very  inspiring and supportive – very much appreciated!

We hope you can find a little time to join us at the Spring Festival next Friday.

Warm wishes, Lyn

Class Two

What fun and games we had last Thursday afternoon with our Come and Play date!

Thank you to our many parents who came along and shared their favourite games with us and their enthusiasm. Not only did we learn to play elastics, “Kitty in the corner”, but also stilt walking, an indigenous rivers game, more skipping rhymes and a balancing log game. All ‘funtastic’ and taken up in our playground with gusto.

A reminder: Please come to our school Spring Festival next Friday with a picnic lunch and join us for more fun and games on the junior oval.

Best wishes, Mary

class-2-1-8-9-16 class-2-2-8-9-16 class-2-3-8-9-16 class-2-4-8-9-16

Class Three

We have been continuing with our Weight and Volume Main Lesson and this week we have been very busy exploring the weight of various items around the room using different types of scales. We have learned about how villages in England came up with the measurement of a ‘Stone’ and we were very surprised to see that it all began with grains of wheat, then pennies, ounces, pounds and then the stone!!!

We have now moved into the metric system and we have been weighing items in grams and in Kilograms. We also used body mass scales and weighed ourselves. Next week we will explore the measurement of liquid.

A date has been set for our class Chook House Working Bee. If you are able to come along and help we would love to see you. It is on the first Saturday of the school holidays (Saturday 17th September) at 10.00am.

Have a great week.

Love Amanda

Class Four

Class Four have been immersed in the stories of lots of different animals as we venture further into the wonders of the Animal Kingdom where there are many secrets to discover.

Next week we are off to Werribee Zoo. Please be at school by 8am. Returning at 4pm.

This week we had a wonderful excursion to Vaughn Springs where we joined up with other local schools in a Landcare Day: listening to the sounds of the bush, looking at how plants are growing after the gold digging days, going on a ‘treasure’ hunt to find 21 different birds in the area and looking closely at some macro-invertebrates in the water who can tell us how healthy the water is.

Thank you Lisa for organising this day for us.

Cheers, Anna

Class Five

Dear Friends and Families,

We have had a wonderful journey to the end of term by way of our Egyptian Main Lesson.

The children continue to be intrigued by the mystery and magic which comes to us out of ancient Egypt – they are engrossed in studying and enjoying the many books in the classroom and are producing some beautiful art-work. We are reading, writing, spelling, using the wonderful stories as a spring board and we have even been working on maths problems using the ancient symbols. Chris has conjured up an embroidery project for them using Egyptian symbols and the children have made little golden Amulets to wear as good-luck charms as was the ancient custom.

IMG_1461 IMG_1460 IMG_1429

Also we have been keeping in mind the coming Greek studies and can be seen often on the oval practising javelin throwing or long-jump, among other things.

The class played beautifully in their Ensemble to enhance our recent Open Day. Thank you to all of you who made the effort to come and talk with me about our class and your child’s progress – it was incredibly helpful to me and I know we will all benefit from keeping communication open. We have a beautiful group of children to share time with and it is great that we all want to make it the best for them that we possibly can.

I hope the coming holidays are great fun for you all – the Spring Festival this year sounds like a special way to end the term.

Love and happy Spring wishes,




Class Six

……and in his hands

He took the golden compasses prepared

In God’s eternal store, to circumscribe

This universe and all created things:

One foot he centred and the other turned

Round through the vast Profundity obscure.

And said, “Thus far extended thus far thy bounds!

Thus be thy just circumference, O World.”

 John Milton   “Paradise Lost”


Class 6 is deeply engaged in the exploring and discovering the wonders of Geometry of the Circle.

The circle is the most perfect geometrical form.  It is the symbol of all the space around us.  We find the circle in the sun, which gives us light, in the pupil of our eye, which receives the light, and in the full moon, which causes the tides and rhythms of the earth.

We are quickly covering every available wall space in the classroom with exquisite, artistic, precise geometrical drawings.  Where will the next set go?!!!

IMG_1467 IMG_1466 IMG_1465 IMG_1469 IMG_1468 IMG_1464 IMG_1463 IMG_1462

As the end of Term 3 draws near we have the opportunity to review the many accomplishments of the term, for which all students can feel very proud of their achievements. Well done Class 6 students!

Best wishes, Robyn

Class Seven

Anne and Class Seven have been working intently on their ‘Canterbury Tales’ play lately and performances last night and yesterday have been met with wonderful reviews. I am looking forward to attending this afternoon as I am yet to see it. I will take some photos and upload them into the next Penny (Term 4) or Penny Farthing next week! Anne will provide a summary of the play soon also.

There will be one last performance tonight at 7.30pm so if you are yet to see the play I urge you to come along tonight.

Kind regards, Alan

Class Eight

With Gratitude

Thank you to all those in the Class 8 community, colleagues and parents who have asked after my well being and sent cards and flowers over the term.

It has taken many weeks to form a whole picture of my state of health with the loving help of Robyn and a wide range of medical practitioners up and down the country.

My personal Main Lesson currently is, therefore, everything to do with the heart.  Thankfully I am making progress – at a snail’s pace, but still progress.

So, please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your care and interest.

Love and best wishes, John


Hi all, as I write this the sun is shining and there is warmth in the air, yay!

As we near the end of this term we are also coming to the end of our winter projects.

Please enjoy the photos of some of the work completed this term.

Knitted dolls in Class 2, crochet in Class 3, viking shields in Class 4, fair-isle knitted beanies in Class 5 and cushions in Class 6.

Some children still need to complete these projects and will continue working on them in term 4.

Cheers, Chris

craft-1-8-9-16 craft-2-8-9-16 craft-3-8-9-16 craft-4-8-9-16 craft-5-8-9-16



Just coming fresh from Kindergarten and Prep Eurythmy classes… and so delighted to be part of creating the rich experiences children have here! The children, especially at that age, delight to follow along with me through various nature and farming stories, with songs and rhythmic gestures. They are generally still connected in such an open and enthusiastic way with the life forces foundational to both their healthy growth and development, and the art of Eurythmy.

It is a whole different, but equally wonderful and satisfying work, to bring Eurythmy to the older children also. I have been ‘handing over’ the classes more often in the older classes, and am thoroughly impressed with what the students have developed in themselves and as groups able to work together. As Class 7’s cheer “again!” to go through a piece they’ve been working on, the next element can be introduced as the natural progression of its unfolding, and so it goes; learning, growing, together.

All the best holiday wishes for all and a lovely end of term ’till then.



Bonjour tout le monde!

A quick update as the end of Term Three approaches and students find themselves busy with all sorts of events and excursions …

Class One have added one more song to their repertoire, clapping hands and tapping feet for Si tu es de bonne humeur (If You’re Happy and You Know it). And we hope to soon exchange our lovely song about the snowman for some singing about Spring as the term draws to a close.

Class Six used their own words to write the traditional story of L’Aveugle du Pont Neuf (The Blind Man of Pont Neuf) this week – a wonderful French folk tale about the first day of Spring.

Class Seven and Eight have been looking at the Main Lesson topic of Food Chemistry through an exploration of French food products and ingredients, with a view to combining some of them in a cookery session later this term. And in addition, Class Eight have translated a set of French language questions based around a visit to the Immigration Museum, which we look forward to including in this week’s City Camp schedule.

au revoir, Lynn


Charlie & Lola cooking at the Buda Harvest Dinner, where they cooked alongside students from all other schools in our Shire, using produce from the garden for 160 guests!

Garden 1 7.9.16

Stick huts in the Junior Yard were in need of a little repair and what a lovely day to do it.

Garden 2 7.9.16

Connecting Country organized a Landcare Day for all schools at Vaughan Springs. Class Four was lucky enough to join with St Mary’s students looking at birds, invertebrates, plants and the soundscape.

Garden 3 7.9.16

Love, Lisa


It has been another enjoyable term for the children in the Movement classes this term. We continue to practise our ‘zoorobic’ exercises on the gym mats. Our catching and throwing skills are going well as we practise with bean-bags and balls. All classes have played parachute games, stretching ourselves high to make a huge ‘house’ to shelter in and crawling over or under the billowing waves. To welcome spring the children have all been swirling and twirling their rainbow ribbons to some Irish dance music and the Class Threes are learning some folk dances.

Our work will continue next term with the introduction of some new games to enjoy and develop our skills.

Enjoy the spring holidays. May you find time for the joy of movement.

Warm wishes, Sue

movement-balls movement-captains-orders movement-parachute movement-ribbons movement-skipping movement-trampoline


Physical Education

The Multipurpose Room has been full of fun and excitement lately with all classes taking part in a variety of circus skills, such as juggling, plate and diabolo spinning, hula hooping, uni-cycling and stilt walking . Thanks must be given to Sam Thomas who kindly donated his time and experience, demonstrating some of the wonderful circus skills he has developed over the years. Sam works at Castlemaine Circus and together they were able to provide a variety of equipment to use on the days. They have also been kind enough to lend out their equipment this week and next while we continue practicing our circus skills, leading up to a group or individual performance next week during our P.E. lessons. I can’t wait to see what the children come up with! Thank you Sam and Castlemaine Circus for your support and generosity.

Sam talked about the various benefits of circus skills, other than the obvious physical gains. Activities such as juggling allow for self discovery of our own resilience, given the challenging nature of the activity. We find out quickly about our own levels of patience and frustration and our ability to endure through challenges. Circus skills and activities are also generally “you against gravity”, with collaborative support and learning taking place between participants, rather than competitiveness between opponents. With the circus, your only competitor is yourself and your previous personal best!

I had hoped to invite parents to our performances next Monday and Tuesday afternoon but many children are a bit anxious about the idea of performing in front of each other so I think it best we don’t overdo it. The afternoon is all about participation and fun; hoping to minimise the pressure for them! Feel free to peer through the MP room windows though!

Thanks again for all your support and wonderful feedback.

Good times ahead in the yard over the next few months before it gets hot. I love spring at this amazing school!

Finally, I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Term 3 holiday break. Looking forward to Spring Festival beforehand though!

Cheers, Alan

Site & Grounds

I see many beautiful things in my work around the school and today I stumbled upon a zen of activity as a dozen or more beautiful smiling faces of the ‘Parents and Friends’ group created felt together.   A creation of love and connection, they were making needle cases for the Spring Fair.

The Parents and Friends also created the scrumptious homemade fare and alfresco café area for visitors to our Open Day which was so enjoyed that some just stayed on to enjoy the atmosphere.

So beautiful, I couldn’t help sharing it! And thank you Sujeeva for help with the chairs!

Parents 7.9.16

Love and Maintenance. Peter.


The end of term approaching

The stories happily ending

With songs and lovely drawings

We welcome days of spring


The flowers sing sun secrets

The trees in green awake

Our hearts the warmth await

Until next year dear winter.


Saludos cordiales, Raziel

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School News

Spring Festival Invitation

We warmly invite Castlemaine Steiner School families and friends to a joyous celebration of the awakening of Spring at our Spring Festival.

Friday 16th September from 12 noon

Spring Festival Invitation

Spring Festival Invite

Parents & Friends Group

Crafting for Spring Fair

Lady Spring Doll Making – Fri. 9th Sept. 9am-3pm
Needle Felting – Postponed until Term 4
Hand Dipped Birthday Candles – Wed. 14th Sept. 9-11am
All workshops are held in the Parents Room
More information


Oz Opera Incursion - El Kid

Last Friday the school watched a new performance from Oz Opera – El Kid. Photos below.

IMG_1434 IMG_1443 IMG_1452


Music Concert at CSS&K

Raziel Gutierrez will be performing in a concert at our school at the end of this term and would like to invite everyone to attend and enjoy the evening together listening to some music for guitar solo by Mexican composers.

Saturday 17th of September, 5pm to 6:30pm, Eurythmy Room. $15 general /  $10 concession

Enquiries: Raziel 0415 301 772      Nicole 0406 777 590

Free Dental Screening for Students - Bendigo Health

Monday 24th & Tuesday 25th October

(Thursday 27th October if needed)

Consent forms to follow

More information

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From The Office

Policy Consultation Feedback Meeting Date Change

The Policy Consultation Feedback Meeting, originally Thursday 8th September, will now be held on Tuesday 13th September at 7.30pm, due to a clash with the Class 7 ‘Canterbury Tales’ play. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Office Closure Term 3 School Holidays

The school office will be closed in the first week of the Term 3 School Holidays, Monday 19th to Friday 23rd September.

School Policy - Hats

School hats must be worn between 1st September and 1st May each year for every play time and on camps and excursions. This complies with State Government Sun Smart program requirements, as a preventative strategy to skin cancer. If hats are lost, the school will provide a replacement and the family will be invoiced again for the replacement.

Lost Keys

Keys lost between Class 1 and Kinder. Contact the office if found.

Saver Plus

Can $500 from Saver Plus assist you
with school costs?

You may be eligible if you have a Health Care or Pensioner Concession Card,
are at least 18 years old, have some regular income from work (you or your
partner) and have a child at school or study yourself.

Contact your Saver Plus Coordinator:
Call or SMS your name and postcode to 1300 610 355
or email

More information

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Community Classifieds

Castlemaine Junior Poetry Prize

Last chance to enter as entries close Friday 9th September!

See attached for more information

More Information...

Soul de Espana

Are you planning your next dream trip?

Come with me to Spain!

Jose Rodriguez 0488 025 705

More information attached

More Information...

Garage Sale

From 9am Sunday 11th September

14 Princess St, Campbells Creek

Landcare Open Day September 2016

Various locations during September

See attachment or visit or contact Asha 5472 1594 or

Mount Alexander Local Energy Trading System (MA LETS) Get Together

Sunday 11th September

Anglican Church Hall, Castlemaine

For more information call Janet 0434 996 068

More Information...

Parents of Trans and Gender Diverse Children

A monthly meet up providing a safe space where parents can share common experiences and practical insights.

Tuesday September 13th

Cobaw Community Health

49 Forest St, Woodend

RSVP Canon O’Saurus: 5421 1666

More Information...

Steiner Stream Art Exhibition

7pm Wednesday 14th September

Technology Block, Etty St Campus

More Information...

Mittagundi Holiday Program

September 16th – 25th

Book here

More Information...

Prenatal Partner Yoga Workshop

Saturday 17th September 10am – 1pm

At the Forge, Castlemaine

For more information call Julieta Mateo 0455 481 705

More Information...

Matters of Life & Death - 'Transforming Grief'

Saturday September 17th 1.30pm to 6pm
The Norma Richardson Hall
St. Mary’s Woodend 15 Buckland Street
Enquiries 0410 607 317 or 0407 521 397

More Information...

Music Concert at CSS&K

Raziel Gutierrez (current Spanish teacher at our school), will be performing in a concert at our school at the end of this term and would like to invite everyone to attend and enjoy the evening together listening to some music for guitar solo by Mexican composers.

Saturday 17th of September, 5pm to 6:30pm

Eurythmy Room

$15 general /  $10 concession

Enquiries: Raziel 0415 301 772      Nicole 0406 777 590

Mozart Requiem

Victoria Chorale – 2016 Concert Season

Saturday 17th September 7.30pm

Collingwood Town Hall, 140 Hoddle St, Abbottsford

Tickets $35 or $30 concession (less $5 Early Bird price before 10th September)

Tickets available at or phone 9822 5199

Castlemaine Tennis Club School Holiday Program

Monday 19th September 9am – 4pm

Paul Mick 0415 511 150

More Information...

Castlemaine Library Spring School Holiday Program

Monday 19th – Friday 30th September

Featuring a stage performance of Alice in Wonderland from the Victorian Youth Theatre, Lego Explorers, and some great workshops and events with the Castlemaine Children’s Literature Festival.

Pop into the Library to collect a program, or have a look online:

More Information...

Castlemaine Children's Mini Literature Festival

Castlemaine Children’s Literature Festival turns 6!

We are celebrating with a mini-festival, A Series of Fortunate Events.

Workshops, activities and performances for children aged 2-14 years.

First week of the September school holidays.

Please visit the website for event information and tickets – booking early is strongly encouraged!

Stig Poster

More Information...

Eco-Dye & Slow Stitch Workshops @ Tribe

Eco-Dye Workshop Sat 24 September

Spend an inspiring day connecting with nature, experimenting with plant materials to create unique patterns and colours on fabric.

Slow Stitching: Boro Style Sun 25 September

Connecting with old traditions of hand stitching from many cultures, explore the texture, stitch and subtle colours of slow stitching to create new, old-look textile pieces.

More Information...

Doll making and Fairy Tale Felting Workshops

26th September

Castlemaine Venue

Enquiries to Mary

Fairy Tale Felt Tapestry Workshop

Baby Bunting Doll Making Workshop

Biography and Testimonial

More Information...

September School Holiday Workshop 2016 - Contemporary Dance & Acro-Yoga

4 Days Intensive (10.30AM – 1.00PM)

27th – 30th September 2016.

For: Grade 4 to Grade 6 (Primary School Students)

Cost: $130 (or $120 when booking with a friend)

Try Booking:

Enquiries: or (03) 5470 5061

More Information...

Castlemaine District Netball Association - Twilight Competition 2016

30th September – 2nd December

From 11 and under up to Open Age

Cost $30 per person

For more information contact Vanessa Saunders by text 0407 508 391.

Entries close 16th September – No late entries accepted


More Information...

Castlemaine Salsa Classes

October 4th – December 20th (10 weeks). Presbyterian Church Hall

Monday & Wednesday 12-1pm, Tuesday 7-8pm & 8.15-9.15pm

$140 for the term. Couples & singles welcome. No experience required.

Contact Camilla

More Information...

Anthroposophical Naturopath/Homeopath

Irmhilde Kleinhenz

Consulting in Woodend 5th October, 9th Novemer & 7th December, 2016.

Book with Monica 0407 521 397

Mental Wellbeing - 'Live Life Well'

Community Information Sessions

Monday 10th October 5.30-8pm (World Mental Health Day)

Saturday 15th October 9.30am-12pm

Tuesday 29th November 5.30-8pm

Light dinner or morning tea provided for all sessions.

Held at Castlemaine District Community Health, 13 Mostyn St, Castlemaine

Bookings essential: or 5479 1000

More Information...

Biodynamic Courses - Transform the Earth and Yourself

The Michael Centre, 37A Wellington Park Drive, Warranwood 3134

Weekends: 9.30am – 4.00pm:
15th & 16th October

Cost: $1150/weekend $290



Telephone: Grit Oppermann 0477 408 665

More Information...
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