Thursday 8th March, 2018

Term 1 Week 6

Unceasingly itself creating,
Soul life becomes aware of Self;
The cosmic spirit, striving on,
Renews itself by recognition,
And from the darkness of the soul
Creates the fruit of Self-engendered

From The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner

Dates to Diary

Term 1 - Monday 29th of January – Friday 30th March (Good Friday)
Term 2 - Monday 16th of April - Friday 22nd of June
Term 3 - Monday 16th of July - Friday 21st of September
Term 4 - Monday 8th of October - Friday 14th of December

TERM 1 / 2018 DATES for the Diary
Monday 12/3/18 - LABOUR DAY Public Holiday
Tue 13th Mar - Class 8 Meeting
Wed 14th - 16th Mar - Class 6 Loddon Plains Paddle
Wed 14th Mar - Class 1 Meeting
Tuesday 20th Mar - Parent & Teacher Event - Emotional Development of the Child
Tues 27th Mar - Class 3 Meeting

From the Principal

What a busy term it’s proving to be with so much happening in and out of the classes.

Just letting you know we’re inviting parents to attend a talk in Week 8 this term by Ms Irmhild Kleinhenz who works out of the Warranwood Steiner School. In recent times the teachers have been discussing the impacts of modern life on the development of children and how their resilience and emotional intelligence may be affected. Irmhild’s name came up as someone who can bring her anthroposophic perspective to this topic which affects all of us as parents and educators.

The title of the talk is ‘The Emotional Development of the Child’ and she will be offering three different sessions, one to early childhood parents, one for the teachers and one for the school community.

It is being advertised now so try to keep your calendar free for this event. Details can be found at this link Parent Event 20MAR18 – The Emotional Development of the Child.docx

Hopefully it will be the beginning of some regular talks throughout the year.

Warm Regards, Brian


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School News

Parents & Friends

 Bush dance

We are thrilled that Jane Thompson and James Rigby will be playing for us again at this year’s Autumn Harvest Bush Dance.  Put the date on your calendar now – Saturday, 26 May.

Responses for lunch survey

Thanks to everyone who responded to our survey about school lunches.  We had over 60 responses with most parents who responded indicating they would like to purchase lunches regularly.  For those who suggested ordering from Lunchbox Sushi in Castlemaine, we have asked!  Unfortunately, they are not in a position to do regular bulk lunch orders.  A number of parents suggested pasta, pizza, homemade sushi and dhal – so if you have catering skills you’d like to offer, please get in touch.

Craft group

We had a lovely time over the last two weeks sewing birthday crowns while chatting over tea.  This week we’re starting on needlefelted bunting. Create a beautiful string with the letters of your child’s name.  No experience is necessary.  Come anytime between 9am and 11am in the Parents Room on Wednesday 14th and 21st.  Cost will be $1 per letter to cover the cost of materials.

Even if you’re not crafting, this is a lovely opportunity to meet other parents in a relaxed and supportive environment.  Young children are always welcome.

With love, Julie Tisdale, Convenor, P&F

From the Office

No Jab No Play

There have been recent legislative changes to the No Jab, No Play policy for Kindergarten participants. Please refer to this information link for further details. Effective immediately the only acceptable documentation permitted in relation to Immunisation Status is the certificate generated via Medicare Online. Additionally from November 2018 students who are on recognised “Catch-up” programs will be required to submit updated information at regular intervals. We will communicate further on this information closer to November 2018.

Kinder News

Dear Kinder families,

Stay tuned for news of the upcoming festival!

Warm regards


Prep News

Each day the children are more and more confident and settled as they become increasingly familiar with the Prep rhythm. With the slightly cooler weather they are being more explorative in the outside space and are increasingly creative with their use or materials both inside and out.


Thank you to all the parents who attended our Prep Class Meeting. It is always valuable and informative for me to share these evenings with you. Our Term 2 meeting will focus on the development of the 6 year old child. Please let me know if there are other topics you would like included in our discussion.

I am available on Friday 9th and 16th of March if you would like to have a chat about your child’s first weeks in Prep. Please write your name on the lists on the Prep noticeboard.

In Prep we always celebrate seasonal festivals. Our Autumn Festival will be on the last day of term, Thursday 29th March. You will receive an invitation with details soon.

I would especially like to welcome and thank Sherene and Bron for taking on the role of our Class Carers this year. They will help to keep you informed and coordinate rosters for class and school events.

Warm Regards, Heather

Class 4 News

What fun we’ve had this past week with our Norse stories!

Look closely!

Just as Giantess Skadi, was only able to make her choice of Aesir God by examining their feet, we too had to identify Baldur by feet only.

Also a wonderful serendipitous moment  presented last Wednesday. After hearing the story of the enormous eagle in pursuit of Loki, disguised as a falcon, we were out on the oval for our morning game when three eagles began circling above us. Spectacular!

Thank you to everyone who was able to make our class meeting last Tuesday.

The reference to the amazing podcast on “Yoiking with Ande Somby” can be found on Radio National’s Music Show. Definitely worth checking out to explore the Nordic connection to the elemental beings from the First Nation Sami people of Northern Europe. Fascinating!

Oh! We have also been exploring our use of adjectives in our writing.

Best wishes, Mary

Class 6

(This Penny note was missed from our last newsletter)

Greetings from Class 6. We are busy finishing off our Ancient Rome Main Lesson, building arches and practising a little play on the founding of Rome. Next week we will be exploring more of the mysteries of mathematics, finding patterns and formulae.

Thank you to the parents who came to the Class Meeting this week. It was quite an informative evening for me and always good to have feedback from you.

Thank you also to Rebecca and Lisa who also attended. Lisa gave us a run down on the camping program for this year and was also, as a past parent of children at the school, able to give some insight into how some of our programs here benefited the future education of her children.

Cheers, Anna


Class 7 News

Dear Class 7 Families,

We have had another busy and enjoyable fortnight together! We left King Arthur after his trusted advisor, Merlin, had settled into his long rest, Morgana La Fay had plotted and schemed to take Arthur’s life and his sword and scabbard, and a damsel had burst into flame through an act of dark magic (to make a long story short)!

This week we have started our Mechanics Main Lesson. We have some very interesting experiments ahead of us!

Thank you to everyone who came to our Class Meeting on Tuesday evening. It was wonderful to see you all, and always a pleasure to chat about current happenings.

Warm wishes,


Garden News

You will all have noticed how dry it has been. We have had to change the outside watering from dam to mains as the dam is getting low. This means we now have to pay for this water so please be frugal and pray that it rains!

Bulb Fundraiser

We sent home catalogues with each eldest child for the bulb fundraiser. It was very successful last year, paying for the fence for the chook house in the junior yard (which will be finished over the Easter break). If we raise sufficient funds this year we hope to install a tank and hand pump in the class 1 yard to compliment the sand and mud play. Do get in early though as quite a few late orderers last year were disappointed (last day for orders 20/4/18 but don’t wait untl then…). There are some spare catalogues at the office or you can look it up


It is a great time for compost and weeds. These class 4s are doing a splendid job digging up the rogue mint!

We are adding to our compost system (all compostable material from the school ends up either in our giant worm farm or compost bins) and need 8 hardwood pallets in good condition. I am happy to collect them from you if necessary.

Lisa Hall

0488 102 191

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Community Classifieds

Over the Moon - Term 2 Vacancies

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Aurora Australis Training Courses

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House needed

A fantastic CSSK staff member is seeking a 3 bedroom house to rent for approximately $250 per week, somewhere between Castlemaine and Bendigo for a family with a dog. Please call Edith 0400 59 69 84

Rudolph Steiner Book Centre - Secondhand book sale! 10th of March 2018

Rudolph Steiner Secondhand book sale!

Viola for sale

As new, excellent condition Viola for sale. Sale price $450. All enquiries to


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Cello for sale

¾ cello for sale at $650. Please contact Marie Belfield on 0414604954 for enquires.

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Yoga Flashmob Thank-you from Over The Moon !

On behalf of everyone at Over the Moon I’d like to thank you for jumping on board our yoga flash mob and helping to facilitate it! Our teachers loved visiting the schools and the event itself went really well . It was fantastic to see so many kids and parents from all the different schools and community groups there – here are some photos

Thanks Chloe.

Cricket Match for Kids!

Monday March 12th – Guildford Cricket Ground 4pm – 6pm

We’ve got three cricketers who just can’t get enough.

Join them and their families for a friendly, all-in, modified match.  Everyone gets a go at batting, bowling and fielding

Dinner available from The Guildford General Store – limited, RSVP required

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Easter Sale - Morning Star Crafts

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Winter Netball Registrations Open!

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Reset TMJ Balancing session

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Kinesiology Course - Daylesford

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Arts Open - Meet the Makers

Meet the Maker

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