Thursday 3rd August, 2017

Term 3 Week 3

In reaching for new sense-enticements,
Soul-clarity would fill,
Mindful of spirit-birth attained,
The world's bewildering,
sprouting growth
With the creative will of my
own thinking.

From The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner

Dates to Diary

Term 1 Tuesday 31st January – Friday 31st March
Term 2 Wednesday 19th April – Friday 23rd June
Term 3 Tuesday 18th July – Friday 22nd September
Term 4 Tuesday 10th October – Friday 8th December

Thursday 3rd Aug Kinder Parent Meeting
Thursday 10th Aug Class 3 Play
Tuesday 15th Aug Collingwood College performing - Shakespeare's Twelfth Night
Thursday 17th Aug School Concert 7pm
Tuesday 22nd Aug Class 7/8 Bell Shakespeare Macbeth Excursion (Melb)
Wednesday 23rd Aug Class 1-8 Oz Opera - The Magic Flute
Friday 25th Aug Victorian Steiner Conference -STUDENT FREE DAY
Tuesday 29th Aug Class 7/8 Bell Shakespeare Merchant of Venice Excursion (Bgo evening)
Monday 4th Sept Class 2 Meeting
Wednesday 6th Sept Open Day
Wednesday 13th Sept Class 1 Play
Thursday 14th Sept Mansfield Steiner Music Tour Visit
Friday 15th Sept Class 6 Play
Monday 18th- Wednesday 20th Sept Class 6 Botany Camp
Thursday 21st Sept Class 4 Play
Thursday 21st Sept Kinder Spring Festival
Thursday 21st Sept Prep Spring Festival
Friday 22nd Sept Class 2 Play
Friday 22nd Sept Last day of Term 3

Expressions of interest are sought from community members to join the CSSK Sustainability Working Group.

Steiner education and Rudolf Steiner inspired initiatives have been pioneering sustainable practices for over a century now. Recognizing that chemical manipulation of agriculture was neither desirable nor sustainable, Steiner helped launch the agricultural movement of Biodynamics, community-supported agriculture, and even lead to the development of green banking. Steiner reinvigorated the use of natural medicines, and recognised biodiversity as a means for sustaining a healthy planet. His writing exerted considerable influence on contemporary architecture. He challenged the prevailing modernist thought of the times that a building was but a “machine for living” helping inspire and develop more soul-full, organic and humane architecture.

The group met on Tuesday 1st of August for the first time to discuss Terms of Reference and set priorities and focus of the group.

Some of the initiatives already underway include adding our school in the ResourceSmart schools program and retrofitting the Craft classroom with appropriate insulation.

The group discussed several areas of focus; waste management, energy usage, biodiversity, water usage, creating/retrofitting energy efficient buildings, education, and community engagement.

Castlemaine Steiner School & Kindergarten has always maintained a commitment to being a Sustainable School by reducing our ecological footprint through adopting sustainable practises in our everyday lives. CSSK currently integrates sustainability into all areas of the curriculum and instils a sense of ownership of and pride in improving the environment. The aim of the group is to make these practices more explicit and more clearly articulated within our school’s Strategic Plan.

If you are interested in joining our group please email Danilo


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School News

From our Principal Brian

Wellbeing Officer

As many of you will be aware Lorna Atkinson retired at the end of last term. Lorna was employed under the Chaplaincy funding and served the school admirably over her tenure.

This is an important role in the school, providing counselling and support for children and parents. As an interim strategy we have asked Mark MacDougall to fill this role in its current form till the end of term to provide an opportunity to review the position.

Mark recently conducted the Restorative Practice workshop for the staff at the beginning of this term. This was well received by all and part of his role this term will be to embed the culture of Restorative Practice into the school.

Mark comes with a great deal of relevant experience working in schools as a group work facilitator in Pastoral Care programs and as a Primary Welfare officer in local schools. He is also a parent in our school and is well known in our community.

We will be formulating a referral system for anyone wishing to speak with Mark and we will inform you about this shortly.

Mark will be at our next assembly on Monday if you would like to say hello and he will commence work on Tuesday.

Class 6 & 7 Parents Meeting

Thank you to all who attended the two meetings last week. There was a very positive feeling amongst parents in response to the school outlining plans to continue the current format for class 7/8 in 2018. Currently, the two teachers in classes 7 and 8, Rob Jorritsma and Anne Perry, take Main lessons in both classes, providing different skill sets and passion for particular subjects. The two classes come together for some lessons, particularly LOTE, craft and PE. The students have found this to be a rewarding experience this year and it is a model the teachers feel can be adopted in following years.

Reporting Day

Reporting day was well attended this year which is a testament to the level of care and commitment parents have for their children’s education. We hope your meetings were fruitful and that you have a clear picture of how your child is travelling. The end of year reports will be different to the mid-year reports, being more comprehensive. We are discussing the format this term as we have the possibility of using the new School operating system, Engage to assist in creating reports.

There will be more commentary in the end of year reports as we are aware ticked boxes are much less personal and only give a picture of performance instead of the bigger picture of your child as a person.


Brian Dodd

Annual School Concert

All CSSK Families please note the open invitation to attend the

Annual School Concert – Thursday 17th of August at 7pm.

All are welcome to this fantastic opportunity to see our budding maestros!



Eight of our class eight students attended this years  Orchestra Victoria workshop held in the first week of this term in Bendigo along with  six of our past students, It was wonderful to see our school so well represented.

They played their hearts out for three days,working with the professionals, finishing with a tremendous hour long concert of the works studied ranging from Hadyn to Grieg to themes from the James Bond movies.

On a personal note I am so proud of the effort and enthusiasm displayed by Tully, Sascha, Beatrix, Ezra, Rilke, Alex,  Lucy and Ella and in return I’m sure much was gained.

Well done !

Reminders and information regarding upcoming student performances

Our Annual Concert is approaching and will take place on Thursday 17th of August at 7pm in the Multi-Purpose Room

Classes 5 – 8 only are involved in this event and have been practicing and rehearsing in their class Ensembles throughout the year towards the big day.

We really appreciate your ongoing support over the coming weeks for all children to continue to work hard on their Ensemble pieces leading up to the concert.

All children performing will be required to wear comfortable black and white clothes on the evening and so if these items are not something you already have hopefully you will have a little time now to organize it. If you have any questions regarding clothing please ask one of the music staff.

Class Carers may ask you, closer to the day, to contribute to the After Concert Supper – thank you very much in advance! It’s a lovely way to end the evening.

Other upcoming dates for the diary:

Visit from Mansfield Steiner School 14th September with possible performance in the evening – more information in this later


Term 4

 Class 7/8 String Soiree  26th October 7pm

Class 7/8 Multi Instrumental Soiree  31st October 7pm

Class 4 Soiree 16th November 2.15pm

Class 5 Soiree 22nd November 2.15pm

Class 6 Soiree 23rd November 2.15pm

Please refer to the classifieds for Music Camp information.

From the Garden


We are using the last of our tomatoes (which have been gradually turning from green to red)and have harvested olives so the seasons are really turning. Class four will be processing the olives and a number of them are already experts so they should be pretty good!



Weeds are jumping out of the ground and the children have been having fun thinking about broom (so pretty..) and why we need to pull it out (they are spreading at a fast rate of knots and besides pulling them out is so much fun!).


Playgroup News

Jack Frost was in the garden,

I saw him there are dawn,

He was dancing round the bushes,

And prancing on the lawn.

He had a cloak of silver,

A hat all shimmering white,

A wand of glittering star-dust,

and shoes of radiant light. 

Jack Frost has been visiting our garden at playgroup and freezing all our spade and bucket handles. All our fruit trees are bare and the water coming out our tap is stone cold. The children have been making pease porridge in the sandpit and grey leaf toasties with sand fillings!

We are little gnomes cutting and stacking firewood in morning circle and the parents are slowly creating with their knitted squares ewes and baby lambs.

We have noticed our first daffodil open this week and the Winter Golden Fairies are opening up all the wattle flowers around us.

Please remember your warm hats and fruit next week everyone.

Much love

Tania x

Kindergarten News

Dear Kindergarten families.

We have had a lovely start to Term 3, the children returned full of enthusiasm for catching up, playing, baking and generally being together.

I hope you are all enjoying the first glimmers of Spring in the garden. Although we still have cold mornings and nights,  I have a feeling that the weather is turning and Lady Spring will be on her way shortly.

Having said that we are still very deep in our Winter morning circle

Who is that I hear, 

deep down in the earth, 

hacking and cracking the rocks and the stones.

Warm regards


Prep News

The children have been enjoying our weekly walks to play across the creek and collect kindling. This week we also had a camp fire and cooked toast.

Thank you to parents for attending our parent teacher meetings last Friday. I find these very valuable.

Warm regards



Class 5 News

The frosty morns, with sunny skies, allowing the daffodils to smile at us and letting us know that though the depths of Winter still appear to be with us, Spring is knocking on the door, as is our Greek Mythology Main Lesson. We are still also practicing with Jose for the Olympic Games first thing Wednesday mornings, so appropriate clothing and footwear are essential.

A class newsletter has gone home this week. Please enquire if you have not received it.

Cheers, Anna


Class 6 News

Thank you to parents who attended last weeks Class Meeting to consider information about what is to be offered in Classes 7 and 8 next year and then coming along to the Parent Teacher interviews to cap off a week of important communications about your child’s progress and plans for the near future.

Class 6 continue their Introduction to Physics. Demonstrations and experiments this week have involved an experience of darkness, Light , shadows and Colour after images. Sometimes the feeling of wonder is evoked in the students as they experience seeing sound made visible by the Chladni Plate sound, the way light is blocked by forms to create shadows and the characteristics of colour that live between the black and white.

Just as the science experiments are subject to certain conditions so too are lives influenced by the presence or absence of certain conditions. Students are exploring, through creative writing, the effects on characters when conditions change unexpectedly. The class enjoyed playing music together with Class 5 during this weeks ensemble. Some students from both classes have been playing soccer together at lunchtime whilst other have been sharing reviews and comparing reactions to a range of books at the Tuesday Lunchtime Book Club. It is good to hear most students are putting time and effort into instrument practice in preparation for the rehearsals  for the School Concert.

Best wishes,



Parents & Friends News

Lunch orders

We had our first Growing Abundance school lunch two weeks ago.  There were some teething problems with ordering and delivery, but the food was lovely and well received.

We will work with them to streamline the delivery but it would be helpful if you had problems with ordering to make sure we have that feedback.  Please contact Mary from GA on 0428 225 827 or or myself on 0420 318 255 or

We have also asked Growing Abundance to make it clearer on the website whether items are available dairy free or gluten free.

Thank you for your patience.

Spring Fair

We have started preparations for this year’s Spring Fair.  A group of parents have formed a working group to coordinate.  We are meeting on Wednesday mornings in the Parents Room.  All are welcome to come along if you’d like to contribute.

We are looking to simplify the Fair a little, with an emphasis on experiences and engagement.

We are also giving consideration to moving the Fair to the Sunday after Melbourne Cup.  We think a Sunday will be a more relaxed day with fewer work and sporting commitments.

Lots of little jobs are underway. Playgroup parents are covering matchboxes with felt, turning them into the beginnings of beautiful treasure boxes.

Sujeeva is coordinating the food again this year and Natalie and Aleesha are taking on the Craft Stall.  We are looking for a coordinator for the tea, cakes and chai at Cafe Ensemble.

We will shortly call a meeting of class carers to talk about class activities for Spring Fair.  Each class traditionally takes on responsibility for one area of the Fair.  This is a lovely way to build community and share skills within each class group.  At this time, we are proposing:

Class 1 – Children’s tent crafting

Class 2 – Candle dipping and gold panning

Class 3 – Geppetto’s Workshop – creative wood-working activities including boats

Class 4 – Produce and plant stall

Class 5 – BBQ and pizza stalls

Classes 6 and 7 – Frutopia – fruit, juices and punch

Class 8 – Ice cream

With love

Julie Tisdale, Convenor, Parents & Friends

Craft news

Hello all and a belated welcome back to term 3.

This term is exciting and jam packed, with all children completing their current projects and beginning a new one.

Some highlights at present are:

Inviting Class one parents into the craft class to help with the knitting projects,

Class four completing their Viking Shields,

Class five learning to Fair Isle knit a beanie while listening to the CD story of Anne of Green Gables,

Class six extending their woodwork skills and carving themselves a bowl,

Class eight exploring the Revolutions of the world and beginning to work with Sewing Machines, relating to the Main Lesson, The Industrial Revolution.

A huge thank you to the class one parents who were able to come in and help with the teaching of knitting, it is a challenging skill to learn and I am so grateful to have the parents supporting me at present.

The wooden display cabinet in the foyer is presently displaying the class six’s first woodwork project, a wooden egg on plinth, please come in and have a look. These pieces were carved from apple tree wood.

Parents of class six could you please remind your child to bring their eggs to school, if they haven’t already, so they also can be displayed.

Keep warm and happy crafting, Chris

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From The Office

Late students & absences

Any late arrivals need to report to the office for a Late slip before going to the classroom.

Absences can be reported via text to 0407 124 508 with child’s name and reason for absence.

Ring-a-Rosie & Kinder 2018 Enrolments

All children wishing to participate in our Early Childhood programs are required to provide documentation on Immunisation Status as part of the enrolment process. If you are unsure of what information to provide please contact Rachael in the office or refer to this link for further information No Jab, No Play

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Community Classifieds

Castlemaine Childrens Choir

Castlemaine Children’s Choir – Term 3 starting this week!

Children with a love of singing and performance will be delighted to hear that the Castlemaine Children’s Choir is starting again in Term 3.

The choir is open to all children aged 7 and above. If your a child who enjoys singing and would like to sing in a group, come along to try. The choir provides the opportunity to develop musical skills and perform as a group.

Sessions involve warm ups; pitch and rhythm activities; learning new pieces and singing familiar songs; and time for some music games.

Tim Watson is the choir leader. He studied music at the Victorian College of the Arts and has been a primary school teacher and teacher of music to a variety of ages.

For more information about the choir contact Tim Watson, 0432 747 731 or email:

Starting: 22 July to 16th September

When: Saturdays  10-30am-11.15am.

Where: Senior Citizens Hall, Mechanics Lane, Castlemaine

Cost: $72

Bookings: through Castlemaine Community House website.

Scandinavian Rainwear

More Information...

Taradale Winter Ball 2017

More Information...


More Information...

Gabriel Talks Program

More Information...

Omnium Study Space

More Information...

Therapist rooms available

My name is Johannah Ashley. I am one of the local Acupuncturists in town. I have just opened a new clinic in Castlemaine and I’m looking for other therapists to join me.

More Information...

Salsa Classes

More Information...

What Can Earth Laws Offer Local Communities in Challenging Times - Australian Earth Laws Alliance

What Can Earth Laws Offer Local Communities in Challenging Times

Localizing Leanganook has the pleasure of hosting an inspirational speaker from Queensland, Dr Michelle Maloney, National Convener of the Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA). Michelle is co-founder of AELA and one of the driving forces behind this paradigm shifting initiative. Michelle will introduce us to Earth jurisprudence, or ‘Earth laws, which calls for us to shift the underpinning structures of industrial society to nurture, not destroy, the natural world.

As we face a climate changed world and transition away from our destructive reliance of fossil fuels, human societies have an opportunity to create new ways of working together and nurturing the wider Earth community.

Michelle will discuss how Earth laws offer a grounding for new forms of social and ecological governance, economy and community. Michelle will discuss a range of practical projects that enable communities to engage with Earth centred laws, governance and ethics, including: The Green Prints project, the New Economy Network Australia, the Australian Centre for the Rights of Nature, AELA Education, Earth Arts and other projects.

There will be opportunities for questions and discussion after Michelle’s presentation.

Event details:

When: 4.00pm, Saturday August 12th, 2017

Where: Ray Bradfield Room, Castlemaine (between IGA carpark and Victory Park)

For more information: contact Mahesh on mobile- 0435 802 464 or email-

Instruments for sale

2nd hand violin for sale, 1/4 size, purchased from bows for strings in 2016, good condition, $320

2nd hand viola for sale, very good quality, 12/12.5″, purchased from bows for strings in 2014, good condition but needs new bridge (about $60), $400

Happy to bring to school for people to look at/try out, instruments have been used for lessons at school with Jeanette, for any enquiries please call Donna 0413625292″

Music camps

Melbourne Youth Orchestra’s – Summer School & Residential Camp – January 8th -13th  2018

Applications now open via

Geelong Summer Music Camp – January 14 – 19th 2018

Online registration at

Canberra Youth Music Summer School – January 8th – 19th 2018

Applications open September 4th 2017 via

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