Thursday 31st August, 2017

Term 3 Week 7
Within the light that out of
world-wide heights
Would stream with power toward the
May certainty of cosmic thinking
Arise to solve the soul’s enigma –
And focusing its mighty rays,
Awaken love within the hearts of men.

From The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner

Dates to Diary

Term 1 Tuesday 31st January – Friday 31st March
Term 2 Wednesday 19th April – Friday 23rd June
Term 3 Tuesday 18th July – Friday 22nd September
Term 4 Tuesday 10th October – Friday 8th December

Mon 4th Sept - Class 2 Meeting
Wed 13th Sept - Class 6 Play, 7pm
Wed 13th Sept - Mansfield Steiner Music Tour Visit
Mon 18th - 20th Sept - Class 6 Lyal Botany Camp
Thu 21th Sept - Kinder Spring Festival
Thu 21st Sept - Prep Spring Festival
Friday 22nd Sept Last day of Term 3

Mon 9th Oct - Student Free Day - Planning Day
Mon 9th Oct - Class 8 Murray Rafting Camp
Mon 16th Oct - Class 1 Meeting
Tue 17th Oct - Class 4 Meeting
18 - 20th Oct - Class 5 Pyramid Hill Cycling Camp

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School News

From the Principal

Steiner Education Australia Delegates Meeting

The meeting held at Samford Valley Steiner School recently captured quite a number of areas of interest for delegates. These included:

  • A report from Mathew Cunnane (Noosa Pengari Steiner School ) on his research into Assessment
  • Literacy and Numeracy
  • Wellbeing for students and staff in schools
  • Teacher performance and development
  • Risk Management
  • Research being done in Steiner Schools

David Robertson, who is the Executive Director of Independent schools in Queensland, spoke about NAPLAN and the intention of the Government to take it online.

There was also a report from Karen Brice-Geard on the progress in NZ towards the accreditation of their NZ Senior Certificate.

We were also treated to a wonderful performance by the students and teachers of the school, of a composition created by the head of their music dept. for “Waldorf 100”. Waldorf 100 is a world-wide celebration of the introduction Waldorf education. This is connected to the Postcards you may now be aware of.

It is also a good opportunity to catch up with some old colleagues and find out what is happening in other schools.

From the College of Teachers

The school is committed to ongoing Curriculum reviews which commenced recently beginning with the Music program. This will involve all the teachers and the music department.

Our Policy states:

That we aim to provide a robust and efficient system to support ongoing school improvement by ensuring that the school’s curriculum offerings are consistent with school aims through regular review of course content and resources.’

Reviews are always a good opportunity to explore the questions of why and how we do things, sometimes this may precipitate change but only with the goal of enhancing our programs. Music can be an inspirational element in a Steiner School which is holistically embedded in the fabric of the community.

We will be looking at all aspects of music, from the approach to music in the classes, to the strings program and how music interfaces with Festivals, fairs and the broader community.

Regards, Brian


Upcoming Soiree dates for the diary:

Term 4

 Class 7/8 String Soiree  26th October 7pm

Class 7/8 Multi Instrumental Soiree  31st October 7pm

Class 4 Soiree 16th November 2.15pm

Class 5 Soiree 22nd November 2.15pm

Class 6 Soiree 23rd November 2.15pm

Please refer to the classifieds for Music Camp information.

Prep News

Winter goodbye, winter goodbye,

You may no longer stay

Springtime is on its way, Winter goodbye.

Very special thanks to Kate and Christine for looking after the children while I was on long service leave. Everyone was very happy and relaxed when I returned and spoke warmly of their time with Kate.

There has been lots of excavation this week creating a lovely supply of fine dirt perfect for mud pies, cakes and other things of a gooey consistency! Please don’t forget those spare clothes.

The children are also enjoying creating story landscapes and puppet plays during inside play.

Our Spring Festival will be on Thursday 21st September.

Love Heather


Kindergarten News

Welcome to Spring!

It feels like lady spring has been creeping towards us, and King Winter has been slowly retreating for a few weeks now. Today though our beautiful garden is filled with sunshine and frolicking children! I am very pleased to welcome the change in seasons.

The children seem ready to take their next growth leap: Appetites have been increasing, there has been sleeping in the afternoon and lots of delightful running around our blossom and bulb filled garden. Even Betty our chicken is clucky!

Our newest member of our Kinder family – Tahi has settled in beautifully. It is lovely to have her with us.

Note to remember: Please bring hats next week, it is time to wear our summer hats again (1st September). Invites for the Spring Festival will be in your pigeon hole next week too!

All the best and warm regards, Tobie.

Class 2

We are looking at squares and the four times table and goals and points’,  amongst the many beautiful flower petals for the six times table! (due to some interesting discussions taking place amongst some children) Also of great interest is that times , plus , minus and divide are cousins and why are they connected.

We begin our English Main Lesson from the Celtic Legends this week .

A reminder for Parents:

  • Our Class Parent Meeting is next Monday 4 September 7:30 pm
  • Our Class Play has been delayed until term for due to so much illness amongst the class.

Warm wishes, Lyn

Class 3

We are presently working with the Old Testament story of Moses in our English main lesson as well as practising our vertical sums. The class have done a wonderful job with their individual presentations of their Houses and Shelter projects and received positive feedback from their peers and myself.

The house projects will remain on display in the library until the last week of term. There may also be an encore for the Spring Fair Craft and Curriculum display in term four.

Next term we shall begin our whole class building project!

Thanks Mary

Class 5

Class 5 finished off their first Greek Main Lesson with some Greek dancing and a wonderful feast. We are practicing hard every week for The Olympics, which will be held with 7 other Steiner schools at Mansfield Steiner School on Thursday 23rd November and Friday 24th November. Our discus throwing has improved greatly. Thanks Jose for coming in most weeks to help us with technique.

‘Behold the Plant! It is the butterfly bound to Earth.

Behold the Butterfly. It is the plant set free by the Universe’

We now embark upon the Botany Main Lesson, observing, feeling the mood of and caring for the plant kingdom. Some beautiful illustrations are being carefully drawn in main lesson books and we have found that there are so many different types of seeds. For this lesson we shall be venturing outside quite often, so students need to have waterproof footwear every day please. On Mondays and Wednesdays it is also important for everyone to be wearing appropriate footwear for sport.

Welcome all to Spring!

Cheers, Anna

Class 6 News

Long long ago In England’s past Stretched forests green and thick;

The oak and beech made strong the lands And hid the deer from hunter’s hands.

King Henry died and left the throne To Richard, tall and strong;

The people loved him from the start And called him bravest Lionheart.

But soon he rode to far-off lands To join the brave Crusade.

And in his place his brother stepped ‘Prince John, the renegade.

The years went by and John grew rich By taking from the poor;

And he alone could hunt the deer That roamed from shore to shore.

Our play now tells of Robin Hood, Who fought against this law;

Against Prince John he took his bow And gave his heart to the poor.

So begins the Prelude to the play soon to be performed by Class 6.


Please note that dates and arrangements have changed for the Robin Hood Play Performances. They will be on Tuesday, 12th. September for classes and the final evening performance at 7 p.m. Wednesday, 13th.September. Each family are asked to send a supper plate to share after the evening performance.

This will be followed by the Lyell Forest Plant Study camp in the last week of term – Monday 18th, 19th, 20th. September.   This camp will involve several third year Outdoor Ed. Students and their supervisor and is located in the forest just west of Kimbolton Pool, Lake Eppalock.  Further information, forms Clothing and Equipment lists will be sent home at the end of this week.

Regards, John

PE News

What a wonderful spring like day we experienced on Monday this week! I had originally planned to continue our gymnastics unit in the MP Hall, but thankfully with the space being needed by our Music Team for concert rehearsals, we moved outside and what a marvellous decision it turned out to be! 

 We first played a few mini games using some basic low to the ground gymnastic ‘travels’ (ways of moving) that we had previously been introduced to. To finish the session we moved through the various playgrounds of the school in a parkour type manner, viewing each section as a challenging obstacle to overcome. Effort and persistence was rewarded with success, but the real reward was to be outside in our wonderful community, enjoying each others’ company and physical achievements, whilst basking in the glory that Mother Nature had provided. Not only did it warm our bodies, but our hearts and spirit also.

 We move onto circus skills in the upcoming few weeks. Last year we were able to use some fantastic equipment kindly lent to our school by Castlemaine Circus. I hope to arrange something similar this year as the children absolutely loved our sessions last year. I’m very excited about this upcoming unit and seeing how the children’s skills have developed. If all goes to plan within this busy term, we hope to put on a performance for the school later this term or early Term 4. Exciting times ahead!

 Enjoy the warmer weeks ahead and get active!

 Regards, Alan

Bonjour tout le monde

A brief roundup of French classes as we move ever closer to the first day of spring, le printemps. In Class Six we have been practising the use of the question Qu’est-ce que c’est? – What is it? – and brushing up on our dictionary skills to come up with some interesting answers. Students showed great detective skills in guessing animals, colours, even foods – although the award for the most unguessable food was certainly for the student who found hachis parmentier … meaning shepherd’s pie!

Class Seven and Eight have caught up with some basic weather expressions and are very familiar with le froid, le brouillard and les orages – cold, fog and storms, after such a long winter. But we are certainly hoping very soon to have good reason touse our vocabulary for springtime – il fait beau, le soleil brille – it is a beautiful day and the sun is shining!

au revoir, Lynn

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From The Office

Parent to Parent Communications

There has been an increase recently to the number of parent to parent messages coming via the Office. Please note that your Class Carer is the first point of contact for all parent details, phone numbers etc. The Office is happy to assist in urgent scenarios, however non-urgent and non-educational messages will need to be arranged via your Class Carer.

Late students & absences

Late Arrivals

All late arrivals need to report to the office for a Late slip before going to the classroom.


Advice of your child absence can be provided by text at any stage to 0407 124 508. The message will need the child’s FULL name, Class and reason for absence.

If your child is marked absent without reason a text message will be sent to parents to advise. The Office will not perform any further follow up unless contact is made by the parent.

Near Misses

There have been a few near misses this week with vehicles not adhering to the “STOP” sign whilst exiting the school. Please ensure your own personal safety and the safety of others during pick-up and drop off each day.

Mansfield Year Nine Prospectus

A note from Mansfield Steiner School re their new Year 9 class!

Mansfield Steiner School Year 9 2018

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Community Classifieds

Castlemaine Secondary College - Little Shop of Horrors!

More Information...

Transportation assistance

My name is Kimmy Sexton, I am a single parent of Isobella Sexton-Kueffer of Class 2. Isobella and I reside in Huntly, (north of Bendigo,) however we shall be relocating to Castlemaine, hopefully in the very near future. Currently, Isobella attends the after school care program at Campbell’s Creek and I work in the Bendigo CBD. I am looking for some transportation assistance, after school, Friday’s.

We were wondering whether anyone drives to Bendigo after school on a Friday, who wouldn’t mind dropping Isobella off at my office, opposite the Good Loaf in Bendigo. It would help enormously and alleviate the need for me to drive to Campbells Creek and back to Huntly on a Friday night.

If you could help, please call / text Kimmy on:- 0427 046251.

Instruments for sale

2nd hand violin for sale, 1/4 size, purchased from bows for strings in 2016, good condition, $320

2nd hand viola for sale, very good quality, 12/12.5″, purchased from bows for strings in 2014, good condition but needs new bridge (about $60), $400

Happy to bring to school for people to look at/try out, instruments have been used for lessons at school with Jeanette, for any enquiries please call Donna 0413625292″

Music camps

Melbourne Youth Orchestra’s – Summer School & Residential Camp – January 8th -13th  2018

Applications now open via

Geelong Summer Music Camp – January 14 – 19th 2018

Online registration at

Canberra Youth Music Summer School – January 8th – 19th 2018

Applications open September 4th 2017 via

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