Thursday 26th May, 2016

Term 2, Week 7

Can I know what it is "to be"
So that true life can itself
Again in soul's creative urge?
I feel that I am granted power
To make my Self, as humble part,
At home within the cosmic Self.

From The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner

Dates to Diary

Thursday 26th May 7pm - Class 7 & 8 Soiree
Thursday 2nd June - Class 5 & 6 Mount Franklin Excursion (postponed from Thursday 26th May)
Monday 6th June - Class 4 Polly Woodside Excursion
Wednesday 8th June 7pm (Originally 2nd June) - School Concert
Monday 13th June - Queen's Birthday Public Holiday
Wednesday 15th June 5.45pm - Prep Winter Festival
Thursday 16th June 9am - Kindergarten Festival
Thursday 16th June - Midwinter Festival
Friday 17th June - Parent Teacher Interviews

All these dates (and more) are available on the yearly calendar on the school website, including camp/excursion departure and return times.

Term 2 - Tuesday 12th April to Thursday 16th June (10 weeks)
Term 3 - Tuesday 12th July to Friday 16th September (10 weeks)
Term 4 - Tuesday 4th October to Friday 9th December (10 weeks)

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Class News


Here we are at the end of week 7 Term 2. How the term flies past.

Thank you so much to all the parents who came to the parent night in week 5. It is lovely to get together as a community and share aspects of the curriculum and each others company. Also a big thanks to the Parents and Friends for providing such lovely snacks for us to enjoy on the evening. I trust that you have all received the summary notes of the evening. I appreciate that it is not always easy to get away in the evening with little people, so hopefully these notes will help those people who were not there have an understanding of what was discussed.

I have placed some more articles in the Parents Articles folder near the gate, please help yourself and let me know if you would like more copies. If parents have particular areas of interest that they would like some information about regarding Kindergarten, I am happy to try and follow up these areas and find some relevant articles. Please let me know. Thank you to parents who have already given me some suggestions.

Parent/Teacher Interviews are coming up on the 3rd and the 17th of June. These are both Fridays. I encourage you to team up with other parents to share the child minding responsibilities while you are having your interview. Last year some parents booked two appointments back to back and then swapped child minding duties for each other, this seemed to work quite well. I have scheduled 30 minutes for each interview. This is a relatively short time,but an advance on the standard 20 minutes.  if you do have particular questions regarding your child I encourage you to contact me prior, and let me know in advance. This way I can prepare and it will ideally be a satisfying time for us both.

Our festival is coming up soon, invitations will be going home shortly.

We farewelled our dear friend Issa last week. His family have sold their house and are moving back to Melbourne. We knew this was going to happen at some stage, but it is always sad when it finally does happen.  We enjoyed a lovely shared lunch with Issa and his family this week to celebrate his friendship and contribution to our Kindergarten family. The children had made a lovely book of pictures for him to take home. Mackinley had a very proud moment when he presented Issa with this book from the Kindergarten children. Well done Mackinley and Farewell Issa. Good luck with your new adventures.

Here are some pictures of ‘King Issa’ on the his last day. He created a beautiful viewing scene that the children needed to bob down, and peer though the round log, to see. It was was a very beautiful game and a lovely play moment to share with Issa in his last days with us all.

Much love, Tobie

Kinder 1 - 26.5.16 Kinder 2 - 26.5.16


Autumn fading, winter comes,

Frosty mornings, tingling thumbs.

Cold red noses, cold red cheeks,

Warm, woolly socks for icy cold feet.

Gloves and coats and hats for all,

Now King Winter you may call.


The children have been busy in the garden, tidying up the last leaves of autumn and mulching the vegetable garden. Our sunflowers are bravely flowering, reminding us of warmer days.

Our Winter Festival will be on Wednesday 15th June at 5.45pm. You will receive an invitation with all the details next week.

Mid-year reports will be posted this week. I would like to meet with all parents to discuss how your child is going. Please make a time to see me on Friday 10th or Friday 17th June.

Love Heather

Prep 1 - 26.5.16 Prep 2 - 26.5.16

Class One

Thank you to all parents who participated in our class meeting on a very cold night! These times as a class group of Parents are so essential to the support needed for our children to grow as a class community with the adults surrounding them.

Class 1 are enjoying a new family of guinea pigs kindly donated to us by a member of the wider community of Castlemaine. We thank her very much and assure her they will not be short of cuddles and care.

Angel A with her beautiful heavenly sound , her strong, earthly sound and the sound of her name has visited us this week as we listen intently – the beginning of our experience of the vowels.

Our excursion to the Botanical Gardens last week was wonderful – thank you parents who joined us – we collected more than 1000 ( we counted by tens!) acorns.

Warm wishes, Lyn

Class Two

Thank you to the parents who attended our class meeting last Wednesday evening. After viewing the children’s work and sharing observations and explanations of our main lessons for this term, we worked in the social realm.

We acknowledged our children’s strengths and discussed the challenges of friendships and playground rules. I will put together and make available a summary and reference list to explore how we can  further support  our children socially.

A quote from Steve Biddulph helps us keep perspective in these matters – “The fact is, human relationships are so complex that it takes decades to learn how to get them right. You and I are still learning.” Thankfully there are skills of friendship that we can all benefit from practising.

Much appreciation to the parents who worked so generously at our recent Working Bee. Our class two garden areas look well tended and refreshed after all your efforts.

Thank you so much.

Best wishes, Mary

Class Three

“Moses said to the Pharaoh, Let My People Go.”

This week we have begun our second story for our “Mighty Leaders” Main Lesson. We are listening to the story of Moses and how he is called by YHVH to ask the Pharaoh to release the Hebrew people from their slavery and let them leave Egypt. Moses becomes a great leader but not without many set backs. The children are continuing to develop their cursive writing in this Main Lesson and are enjoying taking the time to draw the various pictures from the story.

We have also begun to play some recorder songs in rounds which the children are loving and have taken to very easily.

Don’t forget that next Tuesday the 31st of May at 7.00pm is our “Discussion of the 9 year old child” session if you would like to attend.

Have a great week.

Love Amanda

Class Four

From the Norse Myths we are venturing forth seawards, learning about knots ~ making them and drawing them. Our next Main Lesson is a Maths one, sailing the high seas and making Ship Log books to keep track of our nautical miles sailed, how many supplies we have left, wages that need to be paid and rations for each crew member by using the four processes.


Build me straight

O worthy Master!

Staunch and strong –

A goodly vessel,

That shall laugh at all disaster,

And with wave and whirlwind wrestle!

(Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)


Well done Class Four on a wonderful first Soiree last week!

Cheers, Anna


Class Five

Greetings to all friends and Families of Class 5.

I know that many of you were able to attend our recent Soiree and then our Class Play, “Zarathustra”, so you will be well aware of the main activities in the class over the past weeks.

The children also played in an Ensemble for the recent School Open Day, and have are showing themselves to be growing into wonderful little people. They have worked hard both as individuals and as a group and I am so proud of them, and I know that Danilo is also.

The dynamics of the group are lively and full of fun. Noisy often also ! I wish we could have gone for our planned outing this week to give the class a treat for all their work but the weather was not disposed to be kind. However, hopefully the outing can go ahead next week !

We have also been spending time continuing to work on decimals, quick tables and maths facts, and improving our spelling. Also we are really enjoying the weekly library browsing session and special reading with Kate and Julie.

Thank you for all the support that you put in at home to help create this wonderful class. Thank you also for the afternoon teas and suppers provided with the leadership of Julie.

Much love, Diana

Class Six

As we finally hear the wonderful sounds of substantial autumn rain on the roof and water gurgling down the downpipes, Class 6 is listening and exploring Sound as the first part of their ‘Phenomena of Physics’ Main Lesson – from the musical sounds that emanate from stringed and wind instruments and the supporting sounds of percussion to sounds around us and mystery sounds. Questions are asked – What is sound? How are sounds created? How does sound travel? What is the difference between musical sound and noise?………

And so mysteries unfold!!!!

Best wishes, Robyn

Class Eight

A small Class stood in a large hall full of people on a Friday night.

At last Class 8 students had reached the time to present their Projects, both Major and Minor.

Mentors, parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, friends and teachers could sit back (or forward) and take in the story of each student’s quest; their initial intention, the process they followed, the relationships they formed, the problems encountered and solved, dramatic tensions felt and the humorous moments and the insights gained.

Some years back the College of Teachers decided to create the opportunity for Class 8 students to explore their world by creating their own quest and so become actively and intimately involved with their immediate communities and the learning process.

At the same time, students were to be given every opportunity to reflect on their discoveries and the processes involved during and after the Project.

The Project involves two educational processes that help integrate the academic, artistic and active dimensions present in project based, personalised learning.

As our students gave their oral presentations last Friday we came to appreciate the extent of their experiential learning and perceive the transformational effect the experience had on them and others around them.

The experiential learning can be understood as the process of actively engaging students in an experience that will have real consequences.

Some of these were identified in their speeches and in the displays on show around the hall and in the audio-visual component.

Students are encouraged through the experience to make discoveries and experiment with knowledge themselves instead of hearing or reading about the experiences of others.

Evidence of transformational learning could be understood when students spoke of insights and realisations that have become part of their ability to change, solve problems, find resolutions and develop perspectives in a more conscious way.

The Class 8 Project acknowledges that because people learn in different but interwoven ways, one responsibility of the School and its teachers is to create a supportive community of learners; individuals, young and old, who are united in a shared experience of trying to make meaning of their life experience.

The Class 8 Project gives the form for adults and students or learners alike to share the responsibility for constructing and creating the conditions under which transformative learning can occur.

This week the Students were able to reflect further on their experiences to identify:

  • new knowledge
  • new skills
  • new attitudes and capacities they have developed as a result of their quest.

Congratulations to each student. You were fine examples to the school of community of learners on a personal quest. Thank you for sharing your work and gifts.

A sincere thank you to all who have assisted them, shown an interest in them and reached out to them through the course of the Projects.

Thank you also to parents and Class Carers, especially Delwyn and Jane, for providing the supper and finally, thank you to Lucas Bester from La Trobe University School of Education for volunteering his time and expertise as assessor.

Best wishes, John


The weeks are flying by with the steady ‘Term Two’ progress to be expected. Now some of the joys and challenges of performing for the community are already approaching, particularly in Class 7 where we’ve been working on the Dja Dja Wurrung teaching of Tarrengower and Lalgambook. We’re looking to perform this in the last week of this term, good progress pending!! Will keep you posted…

Love, Nicole


Bonjour tout le monde

Lots of interesting activities keeping our French language students busy at the moment …

Class One will be adding one more song to their repertoire for this term – the classic nursery rhyme Brille, brille petite etoile (Twinkle, Twinkle little Star).

In Class Six we are completing our historical look at France under Roman rule and will be using our recent work on ‘mixed up sentences’ to go one step further, by translating some French alphabetical tongue twisters and maybe even writing a few of our own!

And in Classes Seven and Eight we have extended our vocabulary work on les animaux by starting to learn the song Le Fermier dans son Pre (the Farmer in the Dell). For Class Seven this has been supplemented with some new board games to consolidate their vocabulary; and for Class Eight their work on the story of a typical French family, la famille Picon, continues.

au revoir



Class 7 & 8 – Thursday 26th May 7pm (Tonight!)

Please bring a plate to share

Physical Education

It was an unexpectedly exciting and enthusiastic fortnight for the children and myself lately. I had advised Classes Seven and Eight that they would be undertaking the Beep Test to help gauge their current fitness levels and revisit the test later in the year to hopefully see some improvements taking place. To my surprise the children were very enthusiastic about the test. Class Six then also wanted to get involved after picking up on the excitement of their older peers so they also completed it together with a few older students joining in again. For some it was a very new and daunting experience, but I am certain many new discoveries took place and a greater sense of self was gained. Well done to all students who participated, some with minor injuries, and special congratulations to Alex, Rilke and Lachy who achieved the best scores in their class. Let’s all strive to beat our scores next time round!

Class 5 will be building upon their established soccer skills throughout the remaining weeks of Term 3. Soccer is very much a favourite sport of the majority of our students! Next term we will look towards utilising the Multipurpose Room and gym mats in the colder, wetter months for some gymnastics and circus skills. I know a few Class 5 girls will be thrilled when we start this unit!

Reminder to parents and students that P.E. is on Mondays this term for Classes Seven and Eight, and Fridays for Classes Five and Six. Please ensure your child/ren have suitable clothing and footwear, and perhaps a water bottle. The footwear of a few students lately has impeded on their ability to participate accordingly….

Finally, I am not officially undergoing the Parent/Teacher Interviews this year due to my short time in the new P.E. role, however I will still place a sheet outside the office for parents. Should you wish to meet with me please leave your name on the sheet and I will contact you to arrange a suitable time.

Cheers, Alan


Dear families and the rest of the Castlemaine Steiner School community,

My name is Raziel and I am the new Spanish Teacher.

I am writing to you to introduce myself and share a little bit of my background with you.

I was born in Mexico where I studied music and became a classical guitarist. After finishing my music studies I met my now wife who is Australian and with her I came to live and work in Australia where I have stayed during the last six years. My interest in Steiner Education had lead me to become a teacher, first music teacher, then I continued to study the Steiner teacher training to become a classroom teacher and now I have this amazing opportunity for further growth and development as a Spanish teacher.

It is for me an honor to have the opportunity to be part of the Castlemaine Steiner School and I am looking forward to working with your children and sharing with them some of my native culture and language.

Warm regards, Raziel

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School News

New Spanish Teacher

We would like to welcome our new Spanish teacher to our school!

Raziel was born in Mexico, has completed Steiner Teacher training and has recently returned from a stint as a teacher at Tjuntjuntjara Remote Community School in W.A.

Also we hear he is a very accomplished musician…oh, and he speaks Spanish too!

Raziel will be teaching from Wednesday to Friday, starting next week on Wednesday 1st June.

Thanks Danilo

Foyer Gallery

Class 6 – Kooyoora Camp Reflections and Charcoal Drawings

Foyer Gallery Cl 6 Kooyoora

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From The Office

Parent/Teacher Interview Sheets

The sheets with available days/times for Parent/Teacher Interviews will be available for completion outside the office tomorrow, Friday 27th May.

Office Closure during Term 2 Holidays

The school office will be closed for the middle week of the school holidays – Mon 27th June to Fri 1st July


Could parents attending school assemblies with young babies please take their children outside if they are becoming loud and restless. Thank you.

School Fees

Term 2 fees are due today!
If you are having difficulty in paying please contact Tanya (Assistant to the Business Manager) by email or phone/SMS                  0400 751 624

SaverPlus - Health Care Card Holders

More information

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Community Classifieds

Babysitter Available

Eva Demaria-O’Sullivan – 15 years old

Good with children, previous experience, trustworthy and reliable.

$25 for the first 2 hours and $10 an hour after that

5476 2643 or 0423 908 715

Available: Mon – Fri 6.30-9.30pm, Sat – Sun 6-10pm

More Information...

Clothing Alterations and Repairs

Contact Aleesha 0421 845 757 or for more information

Vivo Yoga

At the Forge

Tuesday 7.00-8.15am

Wednesday 7.00 to 8.15pm

Julieta 0455 481 705

More Information...

Pregnancy Club Yoga

At the Forge

Mondays & Thursdays 12.00 to 1.15pm

Julieta 0455 481 705

More Information...

Front Yard Youth Services

Donate your musical instruments to help those experiencing homelessness.

Contact: Asami Koike

Belinda Biffin

More Information...

Kinship Connect - Anglicare Victoria

April to June Newsletter – See attached

Caring Connections – Information & Support for Kinship Carers

Caring Connections – Factsheet

EpiClub Newsletter

Epiclub May Newsletter

BFNL Indigenous Round

Castlemaine vs Kangaroo Flat

Sunday 29th May, Camp Reserve, Castlemaine


More Information...

Gabriel Talks

The Importance of Movement in Early Childhood – Presented by Paulene Hanna

Monday 30th May at 7.30pm

Both sessions held at Kew Library, Phyllis Hore Room, Kew

For further information call Tiffany 9876 1092 or 0413 120 345

2016 Gabriel Talks Sessions

More Information...

Goat Masterclass - Bullarto P.S.

Sunday 5th June, 10.30am-3pm

Bullarto Primary School, 131 Bullarto South Rd, Bullarto

$75 per person including light lunch, tea & coffee      5348 5559

More Information...

Youth Mental Health Training for Parents

The course teaches mental first aid skills to parents to help them recognise a possible emerging mental health problem or a mental health crisis in adolescents. The training will provide advice on the best course of action if parents are worried about a young person.

Sessions will be delivered in two different formats to meet the varying availability of parents:

  • Two full-day sessions held on Monday 23 and Tuesday 24 May from 9.00am to 5.00pm. Lunch will be provided; or
  • Four Tuesday evening sessions held on 31 May and 7, 14 and 21 June from 5.00pm to 9.00pm. Dinner will be provided.

A registration fee of $40 will cover the cost of the course manual and catering.

To book visit and search ‘Mount Alexander’.

For further information contact Shannon Lacy, Council’s Youth Development Officer, on 5471 1826 or

A Heart Big Enough to Hold the World

A performance by Dawn Langman

When: Saturday 28th May 2016 at 4.00 p.m.
Where: Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Seminar, 37A Wellington Park Drive, Warranwood.
Tickets: $20.00, pay at the door.
Register your attendance: or 9876 1092

More Information...

Environmental Youth Workshop

Friday 3rd June 4-6pm

Mondo Lounge, Continuing Education, 30 Templeton St, Castlemaine

For more information or registration contact Jodie Hearn 5471 1743

More Information...

Castlemaine State Festival 2017 Information Session

The Festival Director, Martin Paten, and his small team at Castlemaine State Festival are currently working on funding applications to support the Primary Schools’ program during the next Festival, March 17-26, 2017.

To keep school communities up-to-date with our plans and ideas we are holding an information session at our (soon to be) new home in the Goods Shed adjacent to Castlemaine railway station.

It will run from 11am to 1pm on Sunday June 5th and will include a lunchtime sausage sizzle and a short (but exciting) performance for the kids, their families and any staff who would like to join us.

More Information...

Biodynamic Courses - Transform the Earth and Yourself

The Michael Centre, 37A Wellington Park Drive, Warranwood 3134

Weekends: 9.30am – 4.00pm:
11th & 12th June; 6th & 7th August & 15th & 16th October

Cost: $1150/weekend $290



Telephone: Grit Oppermann 0477 408 665

More Information...

Little Wing Puppets presents Spike

Wednesday 29th June 11am

Aimed at children 3 to 9 years and tickets are available at the Market Building, 44 Mostyn St Castlemaine, open every day 9am-5pm, phone: 5471 1795.

Online: Ticketing links available or tickets available at the door 30 minutes prior to show commencing.

More Information...

Koala Rocks - Recent Paintings by Michael Ryan

Newstead Railway Arts Hub, Dundas St

2nd – 30th July, Weekends 9-4pm, Private viewings can be arranged.

Opening night 2nd July 6pm

More Information...

Mittigundi Programs

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