Thursday 20th July, 2017

Term 3 Week 1

In this the shrouding gloom of winter
The soul feels ardently impelled
To manifest its innate strength,
To guide it into darknesses,
Anticipating thus
Through warmth of heart the
sense-world's revelation.

From The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner

Dates to Diary

Term 1 Tuesday 31st January – Friday 31st March
Term 2 Wednesday 19th April – Friday 23rd June
Term 3 Tuesday 18th July – Friday 22nd September
Term 4 Tuesday 10th October – Friday 8th December

Tuesday 25th July Class 7 Parent Meeting
Wednesday 26th July Class 6 Parent Meeting
Friday 28th July Parent-Teacher Interviews - STUDENT FREE DAY
Wednesday 2nd Aug Prep Parent Meeting
Thursday 3rd Aug Kinder Parent Meeting
Thursday 10th Aug Class 3 Play
Thursday 17th Aug School Concert 7pm
Tuesday 22nd Aug Class 7/8 Bell Shakespeare Macbeth Excursion (Melb)
Wednesday 23rd Aug Class 1-8 Oz Opera - The Magic Flute
Friday 25th Aug Victorian Steiner Conference -STUDENT FREE DAY
Tuesday 29th Aug Class 7/8 Bell Shakespeare Merchant of Venice Excursion (Bgo evening)
Monday 4th Sept Class 2 Meeting
Wednesday 6th Sept Open Day
Wednesday 13th Sept Class 1 Play
Thursday 14th Sept Mansfield Steiner Music Tour Visit
Friday 15th Sept Class 6 Play
Monday 18th- Wednesday 20th Sept Class 6 Botany Camp
Thursday 21st Sept Class 4 Play
Thursday 21st Sept Kinder Spring Festival
Thursday 21st Sept Prep Spring Festival
Friday 22nd Sept Class 2 Play
Friday 22nd Sept Last day of Term 3

Parent-Teacher Interviews

Parent-Teacher Interviews will be held next Friday 28th July.

Most teachers will be available on Friday although some specialists won’t be here on the day.

There will be an opportunity to meet with the specialists.

Booking Sheets will be available in the foyer outside the office.


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School News

From our Principal Brian

Dear parents

Welcome back to Term 3 after this lovely 3 week winter break. I hope your children are all feeling refreshed and renewed. Let’s hope you also had a chance for a break as well.

It was great to see everyone enjoying the Winter Festival at the end of last term, notwithstanding the technical glitch with the firesticks, the mood created was lovely. Many thanks for the organisation that went into the event from parents and teachers alike, good food, beautiful atmosphere, warmth and a lovely enveloping feeling of care for the children abounding. The children also had fun the next day helping out in the deconstruction of the event.

Professional Development

The teacher’s term commenced last Friday with a full day PD with Mark MacDougall who ran a ‘Restorative Practices’ workshop to refresh staff on their understanding and practice. Mark is a skilled practitioner and has worked in schools using Restorative Practices for many years. It was a rewarding day and staff feedback was very positive. ‘Restorative practice’ is the one of the ways staff deal with conflicts that can arise between children.

Essentially, in attempting to meet the needs of the people in conflict we offer the children:

  • A chance to talk about what happened
  • A chance to explain how they felt
  • A chance to explain what made them say or do what they did
  • An opportunity to understand
  • A chance to apologise and to accept an apology
  • A chance to make up for things
  • A chance to move on and put the event behind them

It is an approach which moves away from punitive methods and attempts to encourage participants to find the best in themselves and others. Empathy, resilience and assertiveness are called upon to resolve differences, disagreements and trespass all guided by the adults.


Unfortunately we are unable to offer Ring-a Rosie this term as insufficient participants with the appropriate Immunisation Documentation were able to sign up. We realise the timelines were short but we have worked poor Rachael’s fingers to the bone trying to contact people and keep everyone informed of the quite specific requirements of the Government’s No Jab No Play Policy. Ring-a-Rosie should be able to commence in Term 4 if the Immunisation paperwork is in place.

We are disappointed Ring-a-Rosie couldn’t proceed but Tanya has kindly offered to run an extra Playgroup on Friday’s commencing next week to try and fill a need. Please contact Rachael if you are interested.

All enrolment enquiries for the whole school can be directed to Rachael.

Looking forward to term 3




Reminders and information regarding upcoming student performances

Our Annual Concert is approaching and will take place on Thursday 17th of August at 7pm in the Multi-Purpose Room

Classes 5 – 8 only are involved in this event and have been practicing and rehearsing in their class Ensembles throughout the year towards the big day.

We really appreciate your ongoing support over the coming weeks for all children to continue to work hard on their Ensemble pieces leading up to the concert.

All children performing will be required to wear comfortable black and white clothes on the evening and so if these items are not something you already have hopefully you will have a little time now to organize it. If you have any questions regarding clothing please ask one of the music staff.

Class Carers may ask you, closer to the day, to contribute to the After Concert Supper – thank you very much in advance! It’s a lovely way to end the evening.

Other upcoming dates for the diary:

Visit from Mansfield Steiner School 14th September with possible performance in the evening – more information in this later


Term 4

 Class 7/8 String Soiree  26th October 7pm

Class 7/8 Multi Instrumental Soiree  31st October 7pm

Class 4 Soiree 16th November 2.15pm

Class 5 Soiree 22nd November 2.15pm

Class 6 Soiree 23rd November 2.15pm


From the Garden


What a productive term we have had. Thanks to all those who participated in our Tree Planting Day, a forest of Buloke have been planted and are being gently watered by the rain.

Our Spring Bulb Fundraiser was very successful and we have over $400 to buy our chicken house a fence. Chickens will be coming…..

Our winter vegetables have all been planted along with some green manure crops so now all we have to do is wait!




Playgroup News

King Winter sat in his hall one day,
And he said to himself, said he,
“I must admit I’ve had some fun,
I’ve chilled the earth and cooled the sun,
And not a flower or a tree,
But wishes that my  time were done.
And as long as Time and Tide shall run,
I’ll go on making everyone
As cold as cold can be!”


A very warm welcome back to all Playgroup families for Term 3.

I hope your holidays were warm, restful and reflective.

This term we’re starting with a knitting project and making our own needles!

Let’s knit a square and see what animals we can sculpt from it!

We have lots of cooking, weaving and hearty work to do in the garden as well.

Please make sure children have warm hats, coats and shoes for outside play.

It is very bitter outside!

Looking forward to a fun and inspiring term

Much love

Tania X


Kindergarten News

Dear Kindergarten parents,

Welcome back to Kinder.

I trust you all had a lovely break and enjoyed the warming delights of winter.

Thank you so much for sharing in the winter festival.

It was a delightful morning. I was particularly proud of the children. Participating in Morning Circles, particularly with an audience, is always a small gamble as to how it will go, and on this particular morning I had a sense they conveyed all their hard work and put a lot of enthusiasm into sharing it with you all. I trust that you enjoyed it as much as I did.

On that note I will shortly be placing small note in your pockets to ask just that: how are the festivals for you, would you like to see more of something else, less of something etc. There will also be a section on asking for your input at parent evenings. With our next parent evening approaching I am keen to here if there is something that you would like to discuss, here more about, do etc.

I would be most grateful it you could take the time to give me some feedback about these and other things that happen in Kinder. There are many facets to the Kindergarten journey and hearing how it is for you, and your children, better enables it to be tailored to our needs.


Please enjoy the photos below, I am in the process of compiling the Term 1 and Term 2 festival photos, they will be sent home shortly.  Photos of the festival will be in the red Kindergarten book too.


Finally a big thank you to our animal helpers over the winter break.

Gianluca and his family kindly looked after our guinea pigs, and George looked after our chooks- thank you very much, Your help is very appreciated.

I would also like to acknowledge Vaiya for offering to take the animals too, thank you Vaiya- can we take a rain check to next holidays!


Warm regards to you all, its nice to be back into the swing of Kinder again.

Tobie and Amie

Prep News

In the winter garden
On a frosty night,
Gnomes are working, caring, working,
For the plants below.

Welcome to our third term and second half of our Prep year. I hope everyone managed to stay warm and enjoyed a restful holiday.

Thank you for sharing our Winter Festival and for helping to create such a special experience for the children.

We are pleased to welcome Lucy and her family, Beela, Seb, Jaimie (Class 2) and Matilda to our class community. Beela attended our school as a student, it is lovely to now welcome her back as a parent.

We will be making pizza for lunch again on Wednesdays, commencing in week two.

Some dates to remember: Parent – Teacher Meetings on Friday 28th July. Our Class meeting this term will be on Wednesday 2nd August, 7.30-9pm.

Please remember that the children need their warm coats at school each day and a change of clothes.

Love Heather

Class 3 News

Dear ParentsWelcome back after our Winter holidays.I hope that you have had a restful and restrative time with your family.
This term we welcome Tully and his family into our class community.
It sounds that the children have been productive with their time over the holidays with many getting their House/Shelter Project underway.If you have any concerns or questions about the project, please catch me after school and we can talk through the challenges.
At this stage the completion time is for Week three of term – Wednesday 2nd August- if you need to renegotiate this timeframe due to any unforseen events please let me know.
The date for our play is Thursday 10th August.
Please makje sure that you put your name down for a time to speak to me during Parent-Teacher Interviews – Friday 28th July.
The other possibility is Wednesday afternoon August 2nd.
Best WishesMary

Class 5 News

Welcome back one and all to the third term where Class 5 will be delving once more into fractions and decimals, Greece and Botany. We shall also be continuing on with our Olympic practice so that we shall be fit and truly ready on Friday 24th November when they will be held. Not sure yet where the games will be, but as soon as I know I will pass it on.


Wet weather means that for outside play, waterproof shoes/boots and coats are necessary, and there may be wet weather inside times when some board games could be played, so if you have any suitable ones at home, they may come along to school for those days.


Cheers, Anna



Class 6 News

It has been a pleasure to welcome back the students and to hear of their holiday destinations and activities.

We welcome back Amos and his family and are looking forward to his reports telling us about his travels and discoveries in Europe.

We have started investigating aspects of the Physical Sciences during Main Lesson to exercise the capacity for exact observation, sensing and describing the encounter of phenomena and sharpening the ability for clear thinking to discover the laws of physics. The excitement and anticipation about the experiments often ignites the feelings of expectation, curiosity and wonder.

Many thanks to Libby and Carl for their demonstrations of sound and musical qualities found in objects and instruments given to the students this week.

We have also been re-engaging with subject and skills based learning offered by our Specialist and Learning Support Teachers.

Soon we will meet up with our buddies again too.

Homework Diaries have been distributed and students will enter important dates in the Class Calendar for this term.


Best wishes,



Class 7/8 News

So much is happening in Class 7/8 this term!
Many year 8 students are participating in a wonderful music workshop, run by Orchestra Victoria, being held in Bendigo this week.
Meanwhile at school 7/8 have been working together on a Maths lesson – Maths in Nature.
We have been doing lots of painting, singing and beginning to work on our various plays. For Year 8 we begin work on “The Merchant of Venice”.
The Year 7’s are also working on two smaller plays based on Shakespearean plays as well.

We also have some great excursions planned so we can be assured of a wonderful term  ahead.
Anne & Rob

French News

Bonjour tout le monde

 Bienvenue! We welcome all our French students back to third term just as the French are winding up their celebrations for Bastille Day – Le quatorze juillet. The month of July is the busiest time on the French calendar, with Le Tour de France also in full swing and only days from its conclusion on le Champs Elysees in Paris. Sadly Australia’s best chance in le Tour, cyclist Richie Porte, crashed out  during the ninth stage. Dommage!

 We begin the term with a look at both events. Students in Classes Six, Seven and Eight will explore some interesting statistics about le Tour and take a look at why the anniversary of the French Revolution is still such an important part of modern French identity. As a part of this discussion Class Seven and Eight will be looking at the founding document of post-Revolution France and its daring statement that all men are born and remain equal. A good time to reflect on one of the banners carried at this year’s parade: Nos luttes ont construit nos droits …  from our struggles are born our human rights.

au revoir


Spanish News

Class 6

The class made a picture story book about a little humming bird with the intention of reading it to their buddies in class 1. The whole process of making it was hard work and everyone expanded their vocabulary and learnt some more Spanish! But the best part of this unit was the end of it when the class went to visit class 1 and read their stories to their buddies. It was lovely seeing everyone so engaged in the task and their class 1 buddies loved it!


Class 7&8

During the last part of the first term and beginning of the second term the class wrote some letters in Spanish that were sent to a Waldorf school in Mexico at the end of the second term. Since mail service works very slowly we are still waiting for them to receive the parcel. The good news is that the class enjoyed the process and that if all works well our school will develop a relationship with a Waldorf school in Mexico.

Warm regards,

Saludos calidos


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From The Office

School Bus

There are places available on the school bus for Term 3 & 4.

Call Ken in the office.

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Community Classifieds

Castlemaine Childrens Choir

Castlemaine Children’s Choir – Term 3 starting this week!

Children with a love of singing and performance will be delighted to hear that the Castlemaine Children’s Choir is starting again in Term 3.

The choir is open to all children aged 7 and above. If your a child who enjoys singing and would like to sing in a group, come along to try. The choir provides the opportunity to develop musical skills and perform as a group.

Sessions involve warm ups; pitch and rhythm activities; learning new pieces and singing familiar songs; and time for some music games.

Tim Watson is the choir leader. He studied music at the Victorian College of the Arts and has been a primary school teacher and teacher of music to a variety of ages.

For more information about the choir contact Tim Watson, 0432 747 731 or email:

Starting: 22 July to 16th September

When: Saturdays  10-30am-11.15am.

Where: Senior Citizens Hall, Mechanics Lane, Castlemaine

Cost: $72

Bookings: through Castlemaine Community House website.

Scandinavian Rainwear

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Diabetes Type 1 in Children Study

Managing Type 1 Diabetes in Children: A Parenting Perspective

Being a parent of a child with type 1 diabetes can be extremely stressful. The University of Queensland is seeking parents of children with type 1 diabetes to take part in a research study that will explore factors that could help or hinder parents in managing their child’s diabetes. If you are a parent of a 2- to 10-year-old child with type 1 diabetes, we would love to hear from you! By sharing your experiences (confidentially) you will help us identify better ways for health care professionals to support parents and families. To complete the online survey, please go to: For further information about the project or to request a survey to be posted to you, please email Jade Grambower at or call Dr Amy Mitchell at the Parenting and Family Support Centre at The University of Queensland on (07) 3346 1202. Thank-you!


This study adheres to the Guidelines of the ethical review process of The University of Queensland and the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research. This research project has been approved by the UQ School of Psychology Ethics Review Committee (Clearance Number: 2016001875).

Seiner Educated Au Pair coming to Australia

I’m Chiara, I’m an eighteen year old girl from Belgium and looking for an au pair job in Melbourne (start: end of August/September). I just graduated high school, from a Steiner school in Antwerp (MSV De Es), and would just love being an au pair in a family who also supports Steiner education!

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Gabriel Talks Program

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Omnium Study Space

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Therapist rooms available

My name is Johannah Ashley. I am one of the local Acupuncturists in town. I have just opened a new clinic in Castlemaine and I’m looking for other therapists to join me.

More Information...
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