Thursday 19th April, 2018

Term 2 Week 1

There thrive within the sunlight of
my soul
The ripened fruits of thinking;
To self-awareness’ certitude
The flow of feeling is transformed.
I can perceive now joyfully
The autumn’s spirit-waking:
The winter will arouse in me
The summer of the soul.

From The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner

Dates to Diary

Term 2 - Tuesday 17th of April - Friday 22nd of June
Term 3 - Tuesday 17th of July - Friday 21st of September
Term 4 - Tuesday 9th of October - Friday 14th of December

TERM 2 / 2018 DATES for the Diary
Tue to Fri 24th - 27th April - Class 7/8 Mt Arapiles Rock Climbing Camp
Wed 25th April - ANZAC Day - PUPIL FREE DAY
Thu 26th April - Kinder Parent Meeting, 7.30pm
Wed to Fri 2nd - 4th May - Class 4 Muckleford Forest Camp
Tue 8th May - Class 2 Parent Meeting
Wed 9th May - OPEN DAY, 9.30am
Fri 11th May - Class 3 Sleepover
Tue - Thu 15th to 17th May - NAPLAN Testing
Wed to Fri 16th - 18th May - Class 6 Muckleford Gorge Camp
Thu 24th May - Class 6 Sustainability Summit Chewton (participating students)
Fri 25th May - Class 6 Mineral Excursion
Tue to Fri 29th May - 1 Jun - Class 7 & 8 Pilgrimage Walk
Saturday 26th of May - BUSH DANCE !
Mon 11 Jun - Queens B'day - PUPIL FREE DAY
Fri 15 Jun - Class 8 Projects
Thu 21 Jun - Midwinter Festival

From the Principal

Dear Parents

Welcome back to Term 2 of the school year. I hope the Easter break was re-energising for everyone.

This Term looks like a busy and exciting time for many classes who’ll be heading off on their camp adventures.

  • Class 6 are currently on their Astronomy Camp to Lake Tyrell…..What a fantastic way to engage the students in the real world. I couldn’t have imagined a trip like this in my school days. The forecast is for clear nights so they’ll be getting a wonderful view of the heavens from this special place.
  • Class 7 and 8 are headed to Mount Arapiles next week to test their skills, courage and determination against the challenges of abseiling and rock climbing.
  • Class 4 will be off to the Muckleford forest camp as part of their local geography studies.

Camps offer a wonderful opportunity to test oneself against the elements in a safe and supported environment and it is rare that children come back unchanged from their experience. Camps are an opportunity to meet the edge of oneself, take calculated risks (set up by the program) and feel the achievement of overcoming fears. This is an opportunity that is diminishing in our culture as education becomes more and more focussed on purely academic results and may be part of the reason teenagers in the wider world are drawn towards dangerous and unnecessary risk taking.

We are of course very aware that anxieties can arise for some children when they are faced with new and challenging activities. We take this into account during preparations for the camp and by providing appropriate support and differentiation of the program when necessary. We would encourage parents to support their children to fully participate and to support them through any concerns they may have. Your enthusiasm, support and courage will be picked up by the children and provide the impetus to overcome any fears they may feel.

We are fortunate to have Lisa Hall assisting with most of the camps. Lisa is well versed in the camping program and as part of our Camps policy has provided the school with comprehensive camp plans, risk management arrangements complete with contingency plans to deal with almost every possible occurrence.

AGM – Our AGM is coming up towards the end of May. We will keep you posted as to the exact date and time.

NAPLAN – The NAPLAN tests will be happening in mid-May. You will be receiving a letter shortly explaining what NAPLAN is about and what you will need to do if you are withdrawing your child from the tests.



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School News

Bulb Fundraiser finishing this week!

Spring Bulb Fundraiser Reminder

Orders close this Friday 20 April 2018

All queries see Lisa 0488 102 191


From the Office

The next Open Day will be held on Wednesday 9th of May at 9.30am.


Prep News

Here are some photos of our celebrations in the last week of Term 1.

And some lovely autumn photos from this week.

Regards Heather


Class 1 News

Here are a few pictures from our last week on Term 1. The children loved our egg dyeing, and they looked fabulous decorating the table at our end of term assembly.

We also wished a very Happy Birthday to Mackinley!

Regards Anne


Class 6

Class 6 have jumped straight into all things Roman with strong marching, singing and speaking in the Latin tongue – “O Roma noblis, Orbis et domina, Omnium urbium, Excellentissima!…..”

We are enjoying our new room and outside space that includes the table tennis table, which is being used with much enthusiasm.

It has been fun being together again with many tales being told of holiday adventures and interest in what the year holds. We are also enjoying having Rebecca on board with us as we venture forth into the exciting future.

Cheers, Anna




Class 8 News

Class Eight have already begun the term on a high note with a very professional organising of our first Assembly – well done! Busy days are ahead of us, with the Mt Arapiles rock climbing camp coming up next week, our Pilgrimage Walk in Week Seven and, of course, continued work on bringing Major Projects to a successful conclusion by the end of term.

 We begin the term with a study of the environmental and geological formation of Mt Arapiles as part of our geography Main Lesson this term and, in other areas, we will be exploring the Art of Poetry as we move into our historical study of the Age of Revolutions. Lots to keep us busy!

Lynn and Class Eight.




From the kitchen

Thanks to Edgar’s Mission (the farm sanctuary in Lancefield) for their kind donation to us of their vegan cookbook, ‘Cooking with kindness’. It’s a beautiful book, you can check it out here

Thanks Lisa​

French News

Bonjour tout le monde

 Bonjour et bienvenue:  Welcome back for the start of second term. Our French students are moving into new areas of study as the term begins and we have settled quite quickly to work. In Class Seven and Eight we have started to look at French vocabulary for la famille and have already found some quite useful labels that we don’t have in English, for family members  – such as boy cousins (les cousins) and girl cousins (les cousines). We will be using all of our new labels to construct a family tree as classes continue.

 And we look forward to the return of Class Six students after their Astronomy camp this week, when we will be able to keep practising our singing of Brille, brille petite etoile (Twinkle, twinkle little star), begin our reading of that French classic Le Petit Prince … and work out how the days of the week are connected to the names of planets!

 au revoir




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Community Classifieds

Nanny Wanted!

Nanny Required – 3 days per week

We are seeking a nanny to provide a continuation of care within the home for our children in as natural and loving a manner as possible, where it feels like an extension of the family. You would attend to all duties associated with the children during a day while in your care (ie. food prep, clean up of activities and toys), together with light house duties (ie. if we hang washing and your day allows, bring it in or vice versa; put contents into slow cooker for tea); and we would seek that you enrich the children’s lives through sensory experience; through movement and through imitating the routine they see modelled throughout the day (involve the children in cooking, tidying, folding).

We have two children – Winifred 4 (Kinder at CSSK) and Henrietta 2 (Playgroup CSSK). We are seeking care for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 8:30am-4:30pm. During this time Winifred is at kinder 8:45-3pm. We offer $20 per hour, with public holidays paid, plus any expenses for craft materials, cooking etc.

If you feel that you are the right person for this role, we look forward to hearing from you! If you feel you are the right person, however have questions regarding how this might fit with your own family, please still contact us, we are happy to talk things through.  For the right fit, days and hours can have some degree of flexibility.

Full position description upon request  Alex – 0430 118 570

We look forward to hearing from you.

Women's Circle with Kellie Curtis

Women’s Circle: 5 week journey in Castlemaine

Kellie Curtis offers you an opportunity to connect deeply to yourself and a small group of women during this 5 week circle series.

When?  Wednesdays 10:15am-12:30pm April 25th-May 23rd 2018 (5 weeks)

Where  The Forge Castlemaine 341 Barker st, Castlemaine

What?  Women’s Circle: A simple, centring and grounding process to  connect to self and sisters through a sharing circle. (A more detailed explanation below)

What to bring? Yourself, exactly as you are. Your journal Loving heart and intention

Cost? $150 for 5 weeks Payment plan and concessions available, please reach out to discuss.

An intimate circle, only 8 place available, Bookings essential, for more details go to:

PLEASE NOTE: This is a closed circle, meaning we will be journeying with the same women for 5 weeks, booking and commitment to 5 weeks is important.

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Woollykins - Special Offer on Organic Wool Clothing for Children

CSSK Special Offer from Woollykins – Organic Wool Clothing for Children

I’d love to offer our School Community a 10% discount off my Online Store

Use code “CSS10” at checkout and choose the Local Pick Up from the Parents Room and we will deliver your order to school.

I have a wonderful collection of organic wool clothing, socks and slippers for children from birth to 12 years. We have recently moved to the Woollen Mills and are open 10-4 Thursday and Friday if you’d like to visit and see our beautiful clothing.

Xx Brenna (Mum to Emrys in Prep and Merlin in Class 3 and baby Lailoken)

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