Thursday 17th August, 2017

Term 3 Week 5

The world is threatening to stun
The inborn forces of my soul;
Now, Memory, come forth
From spirit depths, enkindling
Invigorate my inward sight
Which only by the strength of will
Is able to sustain itself.

From The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner

Dates to Diary

Term 1 Tuesday 31st January – Friday 31st March
Term 2 Wednesday 19th April – Friday 23rd June
Term 3 Tuesday 18th July – Friday 22nd September
Term 4 Tuesday 10th October – Friday 8th December

Thursday 17th Aug School Concert 7pm
Tuesday 22nd Aug Class 7/8 Bell Shakespeare Macbeth Excursion (Melb)
Wednesday 23rd Aug Class 1-8 Oz Opera - The Magic Flute
Friday 25th Aug Victorian Steiner Conference -STUDENT FREE DAY
Tuesday 29th Aug Class 7/8 Bell Shakespeare Merchant of Venice Excursion (Bgo evening)
Monday 4th Sept Class 2 Meeting
Wednesday 6th Sept Open Day
Wednesday 13th Sept Class 1 Play
Thursday 14th Sept Mansfield Steiner Music Tour Visit
Friday 15th Sept Class 6 Play
Monday 18th - 20th Sept Class 6 Botany Camp
Thursday 21st Sept Class 4 Play
Thursday 21st Sept Kinder Spring Festival
Thursday 21st Sept Prep Spring Festival
Friday 22nd Sept Class 2 Play
Friday 22nd Sept Last day of Term 3

We are eSmart!

The school is proud to announce we have achieved eSmart status with The Alannah and Madeline Foundation!

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School News

From the Principal

School Concert

The children and teachers have been working very hard on their performances for this evenings School Concert. I have seen glimpses of their efforts and they should all be very proud of their achievements. They sound terrific.

I’m very disappointed I won’t be able to attend as I will be attending the SEA Delegates Conference at the Samford Valley Steiner School.I wish everyone good luck this evening and hope the event is a wonderful celebration of the musical arts our lucky children are privileged to enjoy.


Brian Dodd


Upcoming dates for the diary:

Visit from Mansfield Steiner School 14th September with possible performance in the evening – more information on this later


Term 4

 Class 7/8 String Soiree  26th October 7pm

Class 7/8 Multi Instrumental Soiree  31st October 7pm

Class 4 Soiree 16th November 2.15pm

Class 5 Soiree 22nd November 2.15pm

Class 6 Soiree 23rd November 2.15pm

Please refer to the classifieds for Music Camp information.

CSSK Sustainability Group

 The CSSK Sustainability Group is starting to make the schools journey towards being MORE sustainable.

Lisa Hall is bringing our Resource Smart School program up to date to reflect the work we already do to lessen our impact on the environment.

Work is also underway to improve the usability of the Craft Room during the colder months with extensive insulating and draft proofing of the portable starting this week.

The Sustainability Group are meeting fortnightly and will continue to look for ways to improve the schools environmental performance and welcome input from the whole school community.

See Danilo or Ken.


Prep News

Dear Prep Families,

I’m enjoying spending time with the children in Prep so much. Thank you all for your support.

Warm regards,


Class 2

We have been a small Class for the last two weeks with lots of winter ills, but are gradually becoming stronger again.

Recently we celebrated National Aboriginal Children’s day with story and a fire to warm us and cook our toast and honey – on a very chilly winter morning where we wished we had the magic firesticks which the Aboriginal people used in our story!

We are listening to the questions and wisdom of Wise Old Owl as Multiplication, Addition, Division and Subtraction go about their daily work with the help of the gnomes under the ground. We also were surprised to find that Odd and Even have some magic about them.

The wonderful mud and the cubby building , lots of knitting and riding our horses make for very energetic and enthusiastic days for Class 2.

Warm Wishes, Lyn

Class 6 News

A new English Drama Main Lesson has commenced on the Wonder of Words as background to our play based on the Ballads of Robin Hood.

Preparation for the School Concert has been very productive and students have picked up many helpful techniques and finer points in musicianship. Many thanks in advance to our music teachers.

Dates and arrangements have changed for the Robin Hood Play Performances on Tuesday, 12th. September for classes and the final evening performance on Wednesday evening at 7 p.m.

The Lyell Forest camp in the last week of term 18th. ,19th. and 20th. September, have been fixed on the Calendar. Further information and forms will be sent home soon and reminders sent by SMS.

New Craft activities are about to commence, namely, designing and making a form doll and another woodwork project to extend previous work seen in the photos below.

Thank you to Chris and please see the full Craft Report in the Penny.



Parents & Friends News

Spring Fair

We had a meeting of class carer’s this week to discuss class activities for the Fair and to share ideas about how to organise the day. Parents within each class will start discussing how they can work together to bring their activity to life and share it with the rest of us on the day.

You are welcome however, to join in where ever you feel inspired or able.  We are on the look out for a coordinator for the Tea and Cake stall and a coordinator for the marketplace stalls  In the meantime, we are inviting external stall holders who would like to sell their products at the Fair to contact us at for an application form.

The first Spring Fair News for the year will go home Monday. Please note that after much discussion the date for the Fair has switched from Saturday to Sunday the 12th of November. This change provides better opportunity for set-up and pack up organisation.

Craft Group

Members of our Craft Group get together each Wednesday morning in the Parents Room.  Next week we’ll be rainbow dyeing felt and yarn and over the following two weeks we’ll be creating small soft dolls.  Craft group members have started putting together kits for you to take home and sew or knit for the Fair.  They’ll be available from the counter at Reception over the next few weeks.


Lunch orders are going quite smoothly now and the food is being well received. Orders need to be in by Thursday at 5pm.  Orders can be cancelled up to 9pm on Thursday by texting Mary directly on 0428 225827.

The ordering website ( now more clearly specifies dairy free and gluten free options.

Although we were aiming to use no packaging at all, we have used brown paper bags over the last few weeks to deliver the wraps. samosas and spanikopitas. Putting everything on plates created a large number of dishes to be washed and handing food to children with tongs required us to be in lots of places at the same time!  It still takes a couple of volunteers each Friday to organise the food for each class into bags and bowls, to deliver it to the classroom and the wash the dishes.  The children have been rinsing their dishes which is enormously helpful. If you’d like to help out one Friday, between drop off and lunchtime, you’d be most welcome.

Next Friday (25 August) is a student free day, so the next lunch order day will be 1 September.

With love,

Julie Tisdale, Convenor, Parents & Friends

Craft news

Craft classes this week are just as very productive as ever with class four completing and finally taking home their Viking Shields and swords and class 6 demonstrating great patience, skill and precision completing their wooden eggs and plinths as well as their carved bowls. The photos attached show the care the children have put into their finished pieces. I hope the children are enjoying our time together; they are producing, as always, beautiful work. I am blessed to teach these amazing children.

Happy Crafting, Chris


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From The Office

Late students & absences

Any late arrivals need to report to the office for a Late slip before going to the classroom.

Absences can be reported via text to 0407 124 508 with the child’s FULL name, Class and reason for absence.

Ring-a-Rosie & Kinder 2018 Enrolments


We are pleased to advise that our Ring-a-Rosie program for Term 4 is now confirmed and running! We will be emailing information to all families shortly on arrangements.

Kinder placements for 2018 are also in the process of being finalised. If you have not received confirmation from Rachael re your child’s place please get in touch ASAP.

Future notes – All children wishing to participate in our Early Childhood programs are required to provide documentation on Immunisation Status as part of the enrolment process. If you are unsure of what information to provide please contact Rachael in the office or refer to this link for further information No Jab, No Play

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Community Classifieds

Art from Recyclables

More Information...

Taradale Winter Ball 2017

More Information...


More Information...

Omnium Study Space

More Information...

Therapist rooms available

My name is Johannah Ashley. I am one of the local Acupuncturists in town. I have just opened a new clinic in Castlemaine and I’m looking for other therapists to join me.

More Information...

Salsa Classes

More Information...

Instruments for sale

2nd hand violin for sale, 1/4 size, purchased from bows for strings in 2016, good condition, $320

2nd hand viola for sale, very good quality, 12/12.5″, purchased from bows for strings in 2014, good condition but needs new bridge (about $60), $400

Happy to bring to school for people to look at/try out, instruments have been used for lessons at school with Jeanette, for any enquiries please call Donna 0413625292″

Music camps

Melbourne Youth Orchestra’s – Summer School & Residential Camp – January 8th -13th  2018

Applications now open via

Geelong Summer Music Camp – January 14 – 19th 2018

Online registration at

Canberra Youth Music Summer School – January 8th – 19th 2018

Applications open September 4th 2017 via

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