Thursday 12th October, 2017

Term 4 Week 1
Out in the sense-world’s glory
The power of thinking loses
And spirit worlds discover
Again their human offspring,
Who germinates in them
And yet within himself
Must find the fruit of soul.

From The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner

Dates to Diary

Term 4 Tuesday 10th October – Friday 8th December

Mon 16th Oct - Class 1 Meeting
Wed 18th Oct - Kinder 2018 Parent Meeting 7pm
18 - 20th Oct - Class 5 Pyramid Hill Cycling Camp
Mon 23rd Oct - School Photos
25th - 27th Oct - Class 4 Swan Hill Camp
Thu 26th Oct - Class 7/8 String Soiree 7pm
Mon 30th Oct - Class 5 Balranald Camp
Wed 31st Oct - Class 7/8 Multi Instrumental Soiree 7pm
Wed 31st Oct - Class 6 Meeting
Fri 3rd Nov - Class 2 Play
Mon 6th Nov - Report Writing Day - STUDENT FREE DAY
Tue 7th Nov - Melbourne Cup Day - STUDENT FREE DAY
Wed 8th Nov - Class 8 Meeting
Wed 8th Nov - Class 4 Bush School
Thu 16th Nov - Class 4 Soiree 2.15pm
Friday 17th Nov - Class 2 Sleepover
Mon 20th Nov - Class 2 Meeting
Mon 20th Nov - Class Shakespeare Tour - TBC
Thu 23rd Nov - Class 6 Soiree 2.15pm
Thu 23rd Nov - Class 3 Sleepover - TBC
Thu 23rd Nov - Class 6 Sleepover
Mon 27th Nov - Class 3 Farm Camp - TBC
Wed 29th Nov - Class 5 Mother's Evening
Thu 30th Nov - Fri 1st Dec - Class 5 Greek Olympics
Mon 4th Wed 6th Dec - Class 8 Farewell Camp
Wed 6th Dec - Class 2 Excursion Oak Forrest - TBC
Fri 8th Dec - Class 8 Graduation

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School News

From the Principal

Welcome back Parents,

Hope you all enjoyed your break with the children. It is lovely to feel the weather warming up, spring is a fantastic time of year.

Spring Fair

Term 4 is a very busy term and we are all looking forward to the Spring Fair and the opportunity to come together as a community with good food, music and activities and celebrate the bounty of our school. It is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the amazing work the children do in the course of a year. It is remarkable seeing the progression of the class work all in one place in the exhibition Chris puts together in the Movement space.

Julie and her team are doing a remarkable job organising the event, however you are able to assist will be greatly appreciated. At the end of the day the event has a big impact on the children as they love the magic of the day, the anticipation of the set-up and the opportunity to assist the deconstruction.

The Term ahead

The teachers have many wonderful experiences and activities planned for your children this term as they perform their class plays and head off for camps to explore the wider world and broaden the application of their in-class work.

It was great to see so many parents able to come and see the Class 1 play today. Being there means a lot to your children and speaks to the partnership between home and school we like to promote that is so beneficial in your child’s educational and life journey.

From the Teachers

The teachers are continuing to explore the music curriculum through the review process on Tuesday afternoons during the Faculty meetings and the focus for the College meetings, which will be open to all staff, will be assessment and reporting.

Assessment is a key element in the teaching cycle. It is so important that teachers know where their children are at all stages of their journey. It is important, not because we value grading or testing per se, but that we know how to adjust our teaching to meet the needs of the child. It is important so that there are no surprises for parents as the child moves through the grades.

Learning and the love of learning is a major goal in the education of your children and the understanding of appropriate assessment is vital in maintaining the confidence of our community in the efficacy of Steiner education.

The music staff are meeting regularly in preparation for their collaboration with the teachers to plan next year’s program.

Enjoy the term


From the Office

Medical & Dietary Information (including Vaccination) Update.

In the coming weeks Rachael & Tanya will be contacting families to receive updated information on all students medical and dietary information. As a part of this communication we will be requesting Immunisation Status Certificates for all students where we do not have this on file already. Your cooperation is appreciated with this.

Finance News

All School invoices were emailed to parents on Friday 6 September 2017.  Accounts are due on the Friday in Week 3 of each term – 27th  October 2017.  If you are unable to make payment in full and are not on a current Fee Agreement, please make sure you contact Tanya (Admin Assistant) BEFORE the due date to avoid Late Fees being applied to your account.

Tanya can be contacted on 0400 751 624 or via email

During Term 3 there were some changes to the finance policy. Key changes relate to overdue accounts, including late fees and suspension of enrolments. As directed in the email, please ensure you are familiar with the Fee-Retrieval-Policy to avoid any additional charges. If you have any concerns in relation to these changes and/or your fee payments please make contact with Tanya B or Neil to talk them through. The school has many options to work with families on these matters, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Don’t forget School Photos are happening on Monday 23rd of October!

Parents and Friends News

Spring Fair

It’s less than five week to go until Spring Fair and judging by their expressions in Assembly this week, the children are excited.

For weeks now the craft group have been making lovely little things, grandparents have been knitting, parents have been making cordial and icy poles, the tractor is being readied and we’ve dusted off the bunting.

Thank you for all your efforts.  We are looking forward to a lovely day.

You’ll soon get a link to our Silent Auction website and a request to sign up for the roster.  Posters will also be available next week and we’ll be looking for help to put them up far and wide.

We are also looking for a someone to coordinate the tea and cake cafe in the Hall.  There will be lots of support with cakes, drinks and logistics.  But we need someone to make the space beautiful and to keep things functional on the day. Is there someone out there who’d love to do this?

Spring Fair Working Group

Silent Auction

Hi Parents!

Did you realise our Silent Auction goes live this week?

We have a lot of books so far. Now we need you to approach your business connections for a donation.  Please use the sheet we sent home with the last newsletter to record the donation, so we can trace the donor business for marketing purposes and thanks from the school. These items will be services (garden advice, graphic design layout, gift vouchers, two for one, pet food for large animals, load of garden soil, large vase from corporate office flowers, worm farm, I am getting a potters oxygen probe from my business – don’t be shy!!!). But we need it now please.  Wanted to make sure we have a wonderful shopping experience: second hand instruments, providore items (1kg premium coffee, boutique olive oil, anything you would like to buy at our auction or receive in a basket of goodies), wine/spirits/craft beer, scented candles, your hubby’s bike that he paid top price for but never rides, perfume, leather bags, designer stuff, throw rugs, sheet sets, collectable, nannas silver, large mirror/picture, AND who will ensure we have a few weekends away up for auction? If you cannot source it via your connections, then call in a favour. We will shortly send out the auction link, first in best dressed, so thanks in advance for your prompt donations. They can be left at the front office clearly marked or at the parents and friends room.

Thanks, from Laurel and the auction team.

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From The Office

Late students & absences

Late Arrivals

All late arrivals need to report to the office for a Late slip before going to the classroom.


Advice of your child absence can be provided by text at any stage to 0407 124 508. The message will need the child’s FULL name, Class and reason for absence.

If your child is marked absent without reason a text message will be sent to parents to advise. The Office will not perform any further follow up unless contact is made by the parent.

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Community Classifieds

Mount Alexander Shire - Municipal Early Plan Survey

The Mount Alexander Shire is currently in the process of developing a Municipal Early Years Plan to improve the programs and services for families with children aged 0-8 years in Mount Alexander Shire.

We would like to hear your thoughts on what is important to your family, via the following survey:

Hardcopies of the Families and Children Survey are available at the Civic Centre, Castlemaine Library, Maternal and Child Health Centre and community centres to enable us to also hear from children under 8 years via a drawing question.

This a great opportunity to let us know what you see as the early years priorities as well as a chance for you to win a $100 voucher for books or a massage!!

Please note: Survey closes on Friday 20 October

Sprung Circus Presents - The Primeordial Pasta Pot!

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Secluded Charming Mudbrick Home for Sale

Eurythmia & Astronomia

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Morning Star Crafts

Morning Star Crafts will soon be ordering beautiful Steiner Advent Calendars which can be used over and over again to delight the whole family each year. The calendars measure 31 x 47 cm and cost are $35 if ordered in the next 2 weeks.

If you would like to reserve one for your family, please ring Elizabeth on 5472 2626 or follow this link:


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Music camps

Melbourne Youth Orchestra’s – Summer School & Residential Camp – January 8th -13th  2018

Applications now open via

Geelong Summer Music Camp – January 14 – 19th 2018

Online registration at

Canberra Youth Music Summer School – January 8th – 19th 2018

Applications open September 4th 2017 via

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