Tuesday 10th August, 2021

Term 3 Week 4
Thought Power solidifies itself
In alliance with the Spirit Birth,
It brightens senses’ vague excitements (stirrings)
Into full clarity.
If Soul-Fullness
Wants to unite itself with the World Becoming,
Senses’ revelation must
Receive the Light of Thinking.

From The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner

Dates to Diary

** Please note that all of the below mentioned plans were impacted by recent lockdowns. As soon as updates to this is known we will communicate directly with parents. **

Week 4
Distance Learning to THU - updated information to follow when known.

Week 5
Class 4 Ocean Camp TBC

Week 6
Fri 26th - Class 5 Ride to Lisa's

Week 7
Wed 1st Sep - Class 3 Excursion to Maldon
Sat 4th Sep - Biodynamic Workshop

Week 8
Class 5 Terrick Terrick Camp

Week 9
Class 6 Kooyoora Camp
Fri 17th Sep - Final day of Term - NORMAL finish time.

2021 Term Dates
Term 3 (9 Weeks): Tuesday 20th July to Friday 17th September (6/8/21 – PUPIL FREE)
Term 4 (10 Weeks): Tuesday 5th October to Friday December 10th (Planning Day 4/10/21 – PUPIL FREE, Mon 1st Nov - PUPIL Free)

Pruning Workshop Cancelled

Well sadly our Pruning Workshop has been “COVID’D”, we are unsure of a rescheduled date at this point.

In the interim do take a look at our Biodynamic event coming up in Sept;

Very exciting!

Only 4 weeks to go!!
To register go to

Looking forward to seeing you all !

Lisa & Sally


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School News

Tree Planting Day

Hello Everyone,
We have been registered and participating in National School’s Tree Day since 2008, every year except 2020.
Last Wednesday we had all classes from 1-8 participate and planted, around the school, 500 locally indigenous shrubs and trees. Varnish, hedge & gold dust wattles, drooping she oaks, creeping and bush hop bushes. All grown here by the students, from planted propagated by Frances Cincotta of Newstead Natives. Many thanks Frances!
We also planted a number of advanced trees, donated by Anne Perry, Thank you too!
Sadly, we could not have families attend, hopefully next year.
Thanks Lisa & Sally.


School Photo Day

Unfortunately due to these recent lockdowns our school photos have had to be rescheduled. The new date is currently 9th November and the MSP Shootkey and envelopes will still be applicable, so please keep them safe.

Thanks The Office




Enrolment News



Class One News

We had a wonderful week and a half back at school with Class One enjoying the outside yard play, even in the rain. We found some wonderful puddles to walk in – so please make sure that when we come back to school that the gumboots do too. (Also make sure that spare socks are in the bag)

The children have done the half-year jump that we always notice, into being taller, standing more strongly upon the earth and showing that they are moving in their learning. All very exciting to see and experience.

While we have been at school we have started to recognize and read some of the words that are in our The Green Grass Grows Around song. We can sound out simple (and sometimes not so simple) words. We loved playing The Troll Game which involves sounding out words and running away from the troll when we reach the end of the bridge or land on a weak part of the bridge.

We have also been doing lots of counting by 2’s and finding different ways to count our Counting Collections.

Enjoy some time outside in whatever the weather.

Cheers, Anna



Class Three News

What an interesting start to Term 3 we have had!  The students have been remarkably resilient in the face of all the changes that have come through having two lockdowns in the space of three weeks.  I would like to thank Class 3 parents for all your support in assisting your children to navigate Zoom and Sharepoint during our periods of remote learning.  We live in interesting times in which we are being asked to adapt, be patient and be flexible in a wide variety of ways.  I thank you for the flexibility and patience you have shown over these past weeks, as we have grappled with technical issues and with the challenge of keeping young children motivated as they learn remotely.

Towards the end of last term, Class 3 students began learning about some different types of traditional dwellings and shelters used by people in various parts of the world.  To culminate this Main Lesson, the students were asked to work with their families to create miniature models of traditional shelters of their choosing.  Here are some photos of the wonderful work they produced as part of this project.

Love Fiona



Bonjour tout le monde!

All of our French students have had a culture – filled week catching up on three major events on the French calendar for July.
We began with two sporting events: the drama and beautiful scenery of Le Tour de France and then the less well-known French connection behind Les Jeux Olympiques … including a discussion of who might win this year’s Baron de Coubertin medal, awarded for good sportsmanship and traditionally valued beyond even a gold medal.
Finally we have revisited the French National Day, Le Quatorze Juillet, and the events of the French Revolution, exploring the meaning of Bastille Day (Class Six), the creation of the French Bill of Rights (Class Seven) and the rise of Napoleon (Class Eight).
Class Six can now tell you the colours (jaune, vert, blanc, pois rouges) for each of the Tour de France winners … and Class Eight students are still working out whether or not Napoleon was killed by his wallpaper! (Ask them about this story!)
Our photo shows the display which Class Seven students used to express their ideas and hopes around the concept of a Bill of Rights for children, responding to the prompt Tous les enfants du monde ont le droit (every child in the world has the right to …) with some very thoughtful and inspiring suggestions.
Au Revoir


We are excited to again open up our Scholarships program for 2022 enrolments. For further information head to this link – Scholarships



Wellbeing News


Uncertainty and change seem to be current themes for our lives right now. Planning for remote learning and then switching back to being onsite at school is catching us all off guard. All the ways that we know how to set up routines and create consistency for our students and children has changed. How do we prepare them for this? How do we manage the constantly changing information? And still ensure that our children are able to feel safe, settled and strong?  

 Relationships and collective resilience seem to be what is coming through, as the priority, in the post-COVID research after our significant year of pandemic lockdowns in 2020. Please see the article below about remote learning challenges and myths that you may have had on your mind, as you have been supporting your children at home with their schoolwork. 

 Key points to consider: 

  1. Teaching and parenting are two very different skill sets requiring different mindsets
  2. Allowing small choicesand reframing from “You need to choose to learn” to “Let’s keep talking about how you learn best” 
  3. Modelling stress-management skills to children– how to ‘de-escalate, smile and get back on track’ 
  4. Modelling ‘how to learn’ and what to do when they reach a ‘speedbump’
  5. To keep identifying and goal-setting using a strengths’focus i.e.: switching the question from “what is wrong with this situation” to “what is right here?” 

As always, a strong home and school partnership is important for supporting students to learn best and be feeling socially engaged. If your child/ren are struggling with the changing expectations, routines and rhythms, please contact their Class Teacher to let them know of any concerns or alternatively contact the Student Care Team- Hayley, Sandra, Sue and Mary, as appropriate.  




Adding some online resources below to support autistic students, given all of the changes, it’s important to recognise that many autistic children and young people may be experiencing anxiety and/or depression at these times. Specifically, autism in females can be misunderstood, underdiagnosed and often diagnosed at a later stage and present in different ways than it does for males.  

Masking and camouflaging are key ways that an autistic child may manage the social and academic demands of their school day. Masking involves internalising or hiding the difficulties with sensory, social or communication difficulties, this may present as symptoms of anxiety and depression. Camouflaging may also mean the autistic child will try to fit in with social situations by copying others and modifying their own behaviours. This can be physically and mentally exhausting and may lead to meltdowns or shutdowns at home due to this effort.  

 Yellow Lady Bugs has excellent resources on their website, specific to female and non-binary people. https://www.yellowladybugs.com.au/ 

 Amaze also provides a wide range of information, online learning modules and downloadable factsheets. https://www.amaze.org.au/support/resources/ 


‘Every opportunity has a difficulty, and every difficulty has an opportunity’ 

– J. Sidlow Baxter 


Sandra Harvey 

Wellbeing Coordinator (Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri- 11-4pm+)  

Email: sandrah@cssk.vic.edu.au 



CHIRP - Terminology for Parents Workshop

This session comes in response to feedback from parents about the confusion they sometimes experience trying to correctly and sensitively answer their children’s questions or statements around LGBTIQA+ identity and language.

LGBTIQA+ Terminology



Youth Film Competition

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Community Classifieds

CSSK Disclaimer

The views and opinions expressed in classified items are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of our school.

Babysitter available

Dear CSSK parents,

I am an ex- CSSK student, who is now in Year 11 at Castlemaine Secondary College, who is available for babysitting. I have experience and am happy to look after one or two children. I live locally in Castlemaine.

My rates are $12.50 for one child, and $16.00 for two children.

If you would like to meet with me first, before I do any babysitting that is fine.

My number is 0490791040/ or 0439871176, perhaps text both if you are interested in getting in touch.

Kind regards, Yuma Deacon

Connecting Harcourt Families & Ride Sharing?

Hello Steiner families
We are a family living in Harcourt with Sonny in Class 2 and are wondering if there are any other families at the school, who live in Harcourt or nearby and would be interested in exploring opportunities to share lifts to or from school, once or twice a week. This could also work for any families who live in Castlemaine on our route to school. We are hoping to ease the time and energy involved in the daily drive – and perhaps an opportunity to forge another connection within the school community as we would want to get to know you a little too of course.
Many thanks,
Bron, Terry, Sonny and Kit

Billycart Call Out!

More Information...


Loving family looking for someone from the Steiner community to babysit our two girls 4 & 6 years old. You need to:
  • Have no kids (available school holidays)
  • Be punctual
  • Have an ABN (easy to do)
  • Have good availability during the week
Particularly over the next 6 months there will be a lot of work. Phone 0418100972
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