Tuesday 9th November, 2021

Term 4 Week 6

There has arisen out of its individualness
My Self and finds itself
As revelation of the World
In powers of time and space;
The World she shows me everywhere
As godly archetype
The truth of my own image.

From The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner

Dates to Diary

*** Guide only - COVID Restrictions Apply ***

Week 6
Tue 9th Nov - School Photo Day
Tue 9th Nov - Class 8 Eppalock Camp

Week 7
Mon to Wed 15th - 17th Nov - Class 6 Kooyoora Camp
Fri 19th Nov - Class 5 Greek Olympics

Week 8
Mon 22nd - 24th Nov - Class 8 Step Up
Wed to Fri 24th - 26th Nov - Class 5 O'Keefe Rail Trail camp

Week 9
Mon - Wed 29th Nov - Class 8 Shakesphere Tour
Thu 2nd Dec - Class 8 Performance

Week 10
Mon - 6 to 8th Dec - Class 8 Shoreham Camp
Thu 9th Dec - Class 8 Graduation
Fri 10th Dec - Last Day of School! (Finish Time to be advised)

2021 Term Dates
Term 4 (10 Weeks): Tuesday 5th October to Friday December 10th (Planning Day 4/10/21 – PUPIL FREE, Mon 1st Nov - PUPIL Free)

2022 Term Dates
Term 1 (10 weeks): Tuesday 1st February to Friday 8th April
Term 2 (9 weeks): Wednesday 27th April – Friday 24th June
Term 3 (9 weeks): Tuesday 19th July – Friday 16th September (Pupil Free Day Friday 26th August)
Term 4 (11 weeks): Tuesday 4th October – Friday 16th December (Pupil Free Day Monday 31st October)

Former Student gains International Recognition for Climate Activism

On the eve of the Glasgow Climate Change Summit, former CSSK student Harriet O’Shea has gained international recognition for her history of involvement in the student climate change activism movement … a movement in Australia which began NOT interstate, NOT in Melbourne and not even in Castlemaine … but right here in Muckleford, in November of 2018, while Harriet was one of our Class 8 students at Castlemaine Steiner School! French journalist Valentine Sabouraud has included a one page interview with Harriet in her cover article on student activism for the prestigious Paris daily newspaper Libération. Libération is a highly respected publication founded more than fifty years ago by French philosopher and thinker Jean-Paul Sartre, and it is published in more than twenty countries across Europe, the UK and the United States.

The title of the article reads: The Young have no Fear of Speaking Truth to Power.

Bravo Harriet! And bravo to all the young people who are leading the way in the fight for the future of our planet. You are heroes and we salute you!

Lynn Sunderland, French Teacher



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School News

More Talented CSSK Parents!

Follow this link to see local author and CSSK parent Ellie Marney, listed at 8 on the NYT Best Sellers in Young Adult fiction!

New York Times Best Sellers – Young Adult

Congratulations Ellie!



Know Your Country

Supporting First Nations Cultural Educators in every school – To sign the petition or for further information head to Know Your Country



COVID Restrictions / Public Health Orders

The current Public Health Orders stipulate the following conditions for parents and visitors to CSSK.

To access any school buildings all parents and visitors must:

  • Be double vaccinated – cert to be sighted on arrival
  • VIC Govt QR code check in
  • CSSK sign in at Reception
  • Wear a mask
  • Adhere to social distancing – 1 person per 4 sq mtrs

Outside access only, visitors must:

  • VIC Govt QR code check in
  • CSSK Sign in at Reception
  • Wear a mask if unable to socially distance – 1 per 4 square meters



Enrolment News

Hello Everyone,

School Tours are back and enrolments are open for 2022!

We have been working through all our programs & vacancies and conducting our meetings via Zoom, however we are super excited to recommence onsite tours from Monday 22nd November at 2pm.

We no longer offer a Ring-A-Rosie program in Term 4 each year, as our Kinder 3 program replaces it and runs year round. Early in Term 1 of 2022, we begin our information & enrolment process for Kinder places for 2023. This includes children with a birth year of 2018 & 2019.

If you have any questions about how to enrol or place your child on our waiting list please contact me on 5479 2000 or Traceyr@cssk.vic.edu.au.

Warmest, Tracey.

Enrolments Officer.



Sushi Lunch Orders

We now have Sushi Lunch Orders available on Thursdays for our students ! Yippee!

Order via this link by Wed 5pm each week.

School Lunch Online



Class Communications & Contact Lists

A friendly reminder for ALL parents who are using their class contact lists to share information. When permission is sought from families to have their contact details published to a class list it is for the purpose of sharing information such as Spring Fair details or Meal Train scenarios.

It is NOT to be used to promote personal businesses or political beliefs.

Below is the current Class Carer Guidelines which provides further detail on how the information gathered is intended to be used. Class Carer Guidelines 2021

Thanks, The Office.



Ring A Rosie News

Dear Ring a Rosie families,

We had a lovely session on Friday. The children are gathering confidence and starting to really step into the rhythm. We had a couple of children with settling concerns at the start of the day, a first. I have noticed over time that it is often around week 3-4-5 that the children, who otherwise transitioned very easily, start to feel a little wobbly. It will pass quickly with consistency in my experience. Please see me to follow up if you would like to discuss any strategies with myself. I think that I have touched base individually already with you all.

Please enjoy some photos of the program.

Warm regards, Tobie



Kinder News

Dear Kinder families,

Welcome to week 6.

We have been having a lovely time in Kinder. It is lovely to see the children consolidating their experiences of Kinder. This term has been delightful: Kate, Moya and I are starting to see lots of children who are stepping up and looking ready for Prep. There is a long summer of growth ahead of them yet, but the fruits of Kindergarten are starting to show. For instance we are observing more collaborative play experiences for multiply children, with very elaborate play themes and scripts; we are seeing children behaving in an inclusive and comfortable manner with each other, listening to their peers and sharing ideas and activities; we are also observing the children looking very comfortable within the Kinder culture- there is a real understanding about how things work at Kinder. These are all very exciting skills to witness, especially as we move towards the end of the year.

Please remember to fill in your Transition Learning and Development Statements by this Thursday.

I look forward to seeing you all throughout the week,

Kind regards, Tobie



Class 1 News

Class One did enjoy their week of Bird counting during Bird Count Week and we are still noticing all kinds of birds.


We are now in a Maths Main Lesson focussing on the four Processes and on our walk around the school we all silently counted different things – bushes of yellow flowers, roses, purple flowers, pink flowers, nests, parrots, baby rabbits (the counter saw 5(!)), trees (this counter reached 403 trees), holes, posts, birds. Lots of different counting, songs, games and stories relating to numbers, puppet plays and problem-solving challenges are being encountered. The aim is to develop a sense of number through going from the Whole to the part; to being able to come to see a number as an entity in itself; Rhythmical counting; Movement; Estimating; being able to relate everyday life to numbers.

Every Friday morning, we visit the Bush Food Island, noticing the seasonal and weekly changes along the way, have our snack there and then explore and play. We have done some pruning, weeding, cubby building, attempts at raft building and playing lots of imaginative games in the environment there.

It has been lovely to have so often the whole class together.

Cheers, Anna



Class 2 News

Class 2 have started to learn about the Saints in our new Main Lesson.  The first stories we have had have been about Saint Francis.  Please enjoy the pictures and writing the children have been doing. 

Class 2 News

and here is a clip of their Recorder playing

Warm regards, Katherine.





Class 3 News

Term 4 seems to be whizzing by!  Class 3 children have had a busy few weeks since being able to return to school and we have made the most of our time to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company again.

We spent the first three weeks of Term completing a Math Main Lesson on money and then followed this with our second Farming Main Lesson for the year. We were extremely fortunate to be able to go on our Farm Camp last week and spent three days camping at the base of Leanganook and helping out around the Harcourt Organic Farm Co-op.

Our time on the farm was very interesting and it was fantastic to meet different people who work at the farm and learn about different types of farming from them. Farmer Katie taught us about cultivating fruit trees and farmer Tess taught us a bit about being a dairy farmer.  We helped Katie to mulch some baby fruit trees and we were lucky enough to help Tess to milk her cows one morning.  We also got to sample the different types of milk produced by her Jersey, Holstein-Friesian and Dairy Shorthorn cows. The fresh milk was delicious!

Ira from Murnong Mammas showed us the bush foods she is cultivating and taught us about some different ways to prepare these plant foods.  Mel and Claudia from Gung Hoe Growers showed us how to plant market garden vegies and Ingrid from the Orchard Keepers taught us how to thin fruit trees.

Despite having the adventure of being rained out on our first night of camp, we had an enjoyable and fun-filled time overall.  A big thank you to Lisa for organising such a wonderful camp for us!

Warm regards, Fiona



Class 5 News

We are getting well practiced for our multi-school Greek Olympics at Little Yarra Steiner School on the 19th of November.

The class is working on. Botany Main Lesson which sees them out in the yard with hand lenses and doing some great dance moves as they investigate the physical sense of being each plant.

Much gratitude, Penny



Cricket anyone

Youth Mental Health First Aid

Planet Gaga

Class 2 Parents - Violin for Sale!

Hello Class 2 Parents!

If your child is commencing to learn violin next year in Class 3 I have a 1/2 size Gliga III violin with case and bow for sale – $350.00

It has low mileage as we have spent the best part of the last two years learning from home via zoom. So there are no dint’s or scratches anywhere!

Purchased from “Bows for Strings” in Melbourne which is the recommended store for Steiner families.

Contact 0430 009 523 for details and an inspection.




Free Bike!

This bike is free to a good home.  Needs new brake cables and tubes.
Has been well loved and has been on many family bike hikes.
Would suit an average sized 10-14 year old or a small adult.
Katherine 0400675458
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Community Classifieds

CSSK Disclaimer

The views and opinions expressed in classified items are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of our school.

Babysitter available

Dear CSSK parents,

I am an ex- CSSK student, who is now in Year 11 at Castlemaine Secondary College, who is available for babysitting. I have experience and am happy to look after one or two children. I live locally in Castlemaine.

My rates are $12.50 for one child, and $16.00 for two children.

If you would like to meet with me first, before I do any babysitting that is fine.

My number is 0490791040/ or 0439871176, perhaps text both if you are interested in getting in touch.

Kind regards, Yuma Deacon


Loving family looking for someone from the Steiner community to babysit our two girls 4 & 6 years old. You need to:
  • Have no kids (available school holidays)
  • Be punctual
  • Have an ABN (easy to do)
  • Have good availability during the week
Particularly over the next 6 months there will be a lot of work. Phone 0418100972

Student Placement - Accomodation needed.

I am a first year student at the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Seminar and will be attending placement next week at CSSK and the following week in class one. I am currently looking for accommodation/a host for the second week (21st of Nov – 26th of Nov) as I do not have access to a car nor accommodation then.

If you can help, please contact, Lotus Appel 0404235063



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