Thursday 22nd November, 2018

Term 4 Week 7

My animal senses now grow strong,
being one with the working of Creator;
damping down the fire of thinking
into a smoldering dream.
If I would unite my soul
with World-Creator
I must offer up my thinking
through the smoke of dreams.

From The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner

Dates to Diary

Term 4 - Tuesday 9th of October - Friday 14th of December

TERM 4, 2018 - Dates for the Diary
Thu 22nd Nov - Class 6 Art Gallery Excursion (**** Students being dismissed from the Art Gallery)
Thu 22- 23rd Nov - Class 5 Greek Olympics - Little Yarra
Fri 23rd Nov - Class 3 Play
Mon 26, 27, 28th Nov - Class 8 Step Up
Tue 27th Nov - Class 6 Excursion - Discovery Science & Technology Centre
Tue 27th Nov - Class 5 Balranald Camp
Wed 28th Nov - Class 4 Play (To be confirmed)
Fri 30th Nov - Class 7 Play
Mon 3rd Dec - Class 3 Meeting
Mon 3rd -5th Dec - Class 8 Shakesphere Tour
Thu 6-7th Dec - Class 8 Shakesphere Performance
Mon 10 - 12th Dec - Class 8 Shoreham Camp
Thu 13th Dec - Class 8 Graduation
Fri 14th Dec - Final day of school for 2018.

Term 1 2019 - 10 weeks
Monday 28th January - Friday 5th April (** Note - Mon 28th to Wed 30th are Pupil Free Days. First day back is Thu 31st Jan)
Term 2 2019 - 10 weeks
Monday 22nd April - Friday 28th June (** Note - Mon 22nd & Tue 23rd are Pupil Free Days. First day back is Wed 24th Apr)
Term 3 2019 - 9 weeks
Monday 22nd July - Friday 20th September (** Note - Mon 22nd is a Pupil Free Day)
Term 4 2019 - 10 weeks
Monday 7th October - Friday 13th December (** Note - Mon 7th is a Pupil Free Day)


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School News

From the Principal

Spring Fair

What an outstanding day! The weather Gods smiled upon us and the Fair magically appeared before our eyes, we enjoyed a beautiful day and then it disappeared. Of course, the reality is that so much work went into the fair from so many people. Led by Julie Tisdale and the loyal band of P&F, we were privileged to experience a wonderfully rich smorgasbord of delights. From the opening ceremony with Ron and Uncle Ricky welcoming us to country, to the dancing and music of the children, the day unfolded delightfully by providing moments of entertainment, good food, and sustained activity alongside places just to chill out and chat with friends.

I noticed quite a number of our former students nostalgically going through the exhibition chatting with their teachers and remembering their time here with fondness.

I chatted to one ex teacher who had been here almost at the beginning of the school who was quite moved by the progress that has been made. Sometimes, because we are always so close to the daily life of the school, we can forget how beautiful it is and what it represents in the world.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed in small and large ways. It was a truly wonderful day.


The teachers have been working on the report format and would like you to share the following information.

Reports have a couple of purposes:

  1. To provide parents with a meaningful snapshot of the progress of their children in all subject areas as well as how they are progressing as learners and human beings.
  2. To provide the teachers with further information from which they can redesign their lessons to meet the needs of the children or provide children with additional assistance if required.
  3. To meet the compliance standards of the Government for registration as a school.

Please remember Reports are only one way we communicate how your child is doing at school. Teachers make themselves available (by appointment) to discuss any concerns that might arise, whether they are academic or social in nature.

Class meetings are also a time where the activities of the whole class can be discussed and questions asked about the education and child development.


We are continuing to refine the Report format so that it meets the criteria above. You should be aware that Reports are more for your information as parents than for your children. The children receive feedback in an ongoing way from their teachers. Part of the purpose of reporting is to meet the government requirements that includes a 5-point marking scale. We do not wish, in any way, to create stress for the children that sometimes arises from the use of marking scales or by creating comparisons within the class. As teachers, we are tracking your child’s progress and meeting individuals where they are.

The reports represent a picture of your child over the last semester and we have tried to make them as meaningful as possible without being overwhelming with too much information. The teachers have provided a cover page that outlines in more detail the content and rationale for the lessons the children have received.

We are working on creating a culture where there should not be any surprises for parents in the reports. If your child has been having difficulties with any aspect of the curriculum and may need some additional support from our Learning Support Teachers then you will know beforehand what the nature of that support is and why we have decided to implement this.

If your child receives a ‘5’ for any outcome there should be some commentary on the nature of the support they have received.

It is also noteworthy that if your child receives a ‘3’ it simply means they are working at the appropriate level for that year level.

Warm regards, Brian



Parents & Friends News

Spring Fair

Our Spring Fair was a beautiful success.  Thank you all for your many contributions both on the day and in the weeks and months leading up to the Fair.

Once again we were blessed with beautiful weather.  There were many highlights on the day – but I particularly enjoyed the musical performances – the ensembles in the hall and the children’s bands on the main stage.  The cakes this year were spectacular and Sujeeva’s and Sarah’s food in the Cafe Waldorf was fabulous.  

 It was great to see quite a few families from the school’s early years joining us as well as many past students who came along to perform and to help out.

 We’ll have more detailed information for the next Penny about the money that was raised, but it looks like the total was slightly more than last year.



Giving Tree

 During Advent this year we will collect non perishable food to distribute to local families in need through the Salvation Army.  Please bring your donations of foods suitable for Christmas hampers over the next few weeks and place under the Giving Tree in the office foyer.

 With love, Julie Tisdale

Convenor, Parents & Friends

And a note from Sujeeva

A very BIG thank you to all those who helped with the catering for the Spring Fair – you were each such a blessing and pleasure to have in the kitchen.

Special appreciation to Karolina and David who, at the end of the day, helped me tackle the onslaught of dishes that came in from the outside refreshment stands and

to Fleur, Mahesh and Shane who were willing volunteers despite not having children at the school.

Whilst you’ll have to pry that delicious satay sauce recipe from Sarah, by way of showing my appreciation, I’m sharing one of my recipes from the day:



500g dried black turtle beans soaked in water overnight and then drained

Liberal splash of olive oil

3 bay leaves

4 cloves garlic minced

2 diced onions

2t ground cumin

2t salt

5C vegetable stock

Saute onions, bay leaves and garlic in the oil in a heavy based pot.   Add cumin and fry a further minute.  Add remaining ingredients Bring to boil on stovetop and cook covered for

approx. 2.5 hours or until beans soft, stirring every 30mins.  Add extra water during cooking as required to ensure mixture doesn’t dry out. 

Serve as a dip, in tacos, on rice (with a fried egg perhaps) as a side dish or on nachos – don’t forget a sprig of coriander and a dash of lime.


Best wishes, Sujeeva


From the Office

Welcome to Helen Greenwood, our new Enrolments Officer!

Helen has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with us in this role and we look forward to her being apart of the team. Rachael will remain with us, and move into more of the Marketing & Communications tasks for the school.



Lost & Found from the Fair

We have a number of items handed in at Spring Fair including an orthotic insole! Please come by the office to inspect if you have lost anything.


CSSK Bus Survey

We will be sending out a brief survey on the CSSK bus service to all families and would really appreciate your input. We are reviewing the overall service and associated costs and have added some ideas on additional stops that may help more families. All feedback is welcome.




Celebrating 100 years of Steiner Education - "HEAD, HEART & HANDS"

Next year marks the 100th anniversary of Steiner Education – “Waldorf 100”. As part of the many celebrations being held across the world in 2019, our school will be hosting a fabulous exhibition of the outstanding work that our students, both past & present, have completed. The exhibition is in conjunction with Castlemaine Secondary College, and will feature artwork from Class 1 through to 12.

This week Chris has been handing out flyers requesting families to start handing in artwork submissions. We will need your support in promoting this event, and would also appreciate if you could place posters in your local cafe’s & neighbourhood. Please see Chris or Rachael for printed posters if you can help.

Further information / How to Help!



Ring-A-Rosie News

Dear Ring A Rosie parents, 

 What a wonderful parent night we had last week. It was lovely that so many people could come and share in our housekeeping matters, but more importantly spend time after our meeting chatting and getting to know each other. 

Thank you very much to Hayley for providing a delicious cake and for all the cup of tea helpers and cleaner- upers! Very appreciated. 

I have sent lots of photos to Hayley recently so stay tuned for more pictures of your little ones at play. 

Enjoy your weekend. 


Warm regards



Kindergarten News

Dear Kindergarten parents, 


Welcome to week 7 of Term 4. We are now approaching Advent and our days together are drawing to a close. 

It has been an amazing year and I would like to thank you all for a lovely year. Invitations to the festival will be coming home with your children shortly. 

Please see a couple of points below. 


  1. A big goodbye and good luck to Bran, Kathyrn and Lucky. Bran has set off on an adventure up north with his family and will keep us posted about his possible return date next year. 
  2. We will be walking this Wednesday. These walks have been really lovely and inspiring for us at Kinder. I get a sense from the children, that they would love to stay for longer and play in the bush. Next year I will start earlier in the year with these walks, based on how successful they have been this year. So thank you 2018 kinder class. 
  3. I have approached Penny regarding the garden produce and the possibility of cooking it up into a kinder treat. Please see Penny if you can help. 
  4. Thank you for the lovely Spring Fair, especially to Julie and all the people who helped with the Children’s garden. It was a great success. 
  5. Thank you also for the recent parent teacher interviews. Most people brought back their Transition Reports, if you have not please bring in The family and The child section. I need to have these to upload them on the new online system so that Prep can see them. 


Warm regards



Prep News

Morning tea in the garden at our Prep Working Bee. Then we worked together to weed and tidy our garden and plant the vegetables. Thank-you everyone.

Congratulations also to Fiona Mariposa, who will become this lovely groups Class 1 teacher next year.

Warm regards, Heather


Class 1 News

Our maths adventures continue! The gnomes are exploring Treasure Island, counting things along the way and having many exciting times, until the find the buried treasure!

Only three weeks of school to go and the children’s lovely work will need to be collected soon.

Warm regards Anne.


Class 2 News

I hope everyone had a lovely time at our Spring Fair. Class 2 did very well doing their maypole dance to Marie’s Wedding and they had lots of fun at the activities. From the reports I got, it seems like the Dunking Tank was very popular.

Class 2 have spent the last couple of weeks learning about extending numbers and how to layout number sentences. The travellers, in their story, had been called back to help Old Granny Smith and Jonathan Crab. The King’s treasurer needed everyone to keep a detailed list of how many gems they got at market and how many gems they used for their businesses. Better the beekeeper was also a bookkeeper and she showed everyone how to do this.

In other news (and we’re very excited about this) the class have chosen their instruments for next year and were measured up today. Everyone is looking forward to beginning lessons next year.

Warm regards, Cathy


Craft News

Hello from the Craft room!

Over this term the senior classes have been enthusiastically making Dragon eggs. I think the children loved this project so much because it involved a chemical reaction and the use of food colouring.

Class 6 are completing their Doll project present. This project is so involved with many elements to produce the end product. They have created great characters. All classes are on the home stretch with their projects, some projects will not be completed this year and this is alright. I don’t want the children spending their last craft classes rushing or panicking to finish work. We will pick up all unfinished work next year.

Some children are working on Christmas themed projects until the end of the year. No new projects will be started this late in the year, meaning we can all enjoy the lead up to Christmas.

Happy Crafting, Chris


Music News

The ABC recently ran a fantastic program discussing what learning a musical instrument can do for your child. It is well worth a look and is available at this link;

Don’t stop the music



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Community Classifieds

Doll Making Workshops

“Please cuddle me” – Doll Making Workshops with Chris Curtis

Make a “baby” for someone you love. A variety of skin tones available, along with clothing options.

Next available workshop is Saturday 1st of December 2018, 10am to 4pm

All materials supplied, $160.00 per person.

Please contact Chris on 0438 324 999

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Castlemaine Theatre Company presents - "Blood Wedding"

Come along and see some of the talented people from the school community!

More Information...

From Diagnosis to OAM

On Wednesday 28th November 2018, Daniel Giles OAM (Order of Australia Medal) and his father Daryl Giles will be presenting “From Diagnosis to OAM – A Personal Autism Journey” in Castlemaine. This event will be held at The Castlemaine Goods Shed, 11 Kennedy Street, Castlemaine at 7pm

This presentation, we believe, will be of special interest to:

  • Educators working with students on the Autism Spectrum;
  • Carers of people on the Autism Spectrum
  • Parents of children on the Autism Spectrum
  • Family Members


See attached information.

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Tree Change at Vaughan Springs

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Discover Sailing Day

The Committee and members of the Cairn Curran Sailing Club (located at Baringhup, near Maldon) extend an invitation to all CSSK families and staff to attend the annual “Discover Sailing Day” on Sunday 25th of November, 10am to 4pm.  It’s FREE event and a great opportunity to go sailing with an experienced club member.

 You don’t need a boat or any experience, simply the curiosity to see what it’s like. Sailing is an activity that can be enjoyed by young and old, males, females, friends and family members can participate in together. The club is actively seeking to engage more of the community and grow it’s membership and also runs training programs for beginners. See attached information sheet for further details.

 I hope to see some of you out there!


Andrew Kean, 

CCSC Discover Sailing Day host.

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Are you able to provide a home to a puppy!

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Bee Swarms

I am looking for bee swarms- please contact me if you know of one- I shall come and collect and provide them a good home!

call Bron 0407976622


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YMCA - School Holiday Program 2019

Bookings are now open, see the link for details.

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Instruments for Sale

A half size Atelier in excellent condition with semi-hard case & newly strung bow for $500.  

 Contact Lucy Mayes at

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