Thursday 2nd August, 2018

Term 3 Week 3

Can I expand my soul
That it shall take unto itself
Word-seeds recieved now from the world?
Heart knows that I must find the strength
To make my soul of worth
To be the spirit's sheath.

From The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner

Dates to Diary

Term 3 - Tuesday 17th of July - Friday 21st of September
Term 4 - Tuesday 9th of October - Friday 14th of December

TERM 3, 2018 - Dates for the Diary
Fri 3rd Aug - Tree Planting Day
Fri 3rd Aug - Term 3 Fees Due
Tue 7th Aug - Annual School Concert, 7pm
Tue 14th Aug - Class Six - "Roma Amor" at 11.30am.
Wed 15th Aug - Class Six - "Roma Amor" at 2pm.
Thu 16th Aug - Class Six - "Roma Amor" at 9am.
Fri 24th Aug - PUPIL FREE DAY - Steiner Conference, Little Yarra
Mon 3rd -7th Sep - Class 5 Terrick Terrick Botany Camp
Tue 11th - 14th Sep - Class 5 Balranald Camp
Mon 17th -21st Sep - Class 5 Gt Dividing Trail Camp

 Dental Health Week. 6 – 12 August 2018.

For life long healthy teeth, it is essential for children to establish a good oral hygiene routine early in life.

Did you know all children aged 12 and under are eligible for bulk billed basic dental services at Bendigo Health with no out of pocket costs? Children aged between 13 and 17 can access our services if they have a Health Care Card, Pensioner Concession Card or if they are eligible for the Child Dental Benefit Scheme through Medicare.

Phone 5454 7994 to make an appointment for your child or for more information.




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School News

From the Principal

Dear Families,

 It’s the close of week three already and the kids appear to be in great shape. There are lots of activities this Term and lots of excitement around upcoming events. We have our annual school concert next week, which I’m really looking forward to. The kids are very excited about upcoming camps and excursions, and we look forward to hearing all about their adventures. A big thank-you to Parents & Friends for their school lunches, the soups are delicious and very welcome in these colder months.

 I hope the Parent teacher meetings were fruitful last week, from the school’s perspective we are still working hard to balance our compliance obligations to Government on reporting with what is meaningful to you as parents in respect to your child’s progress. There are still some bugs we have to overcome in our system but we are making good progress.

 Regards Brian


Parent / Teacher Interviews

Parent/Teacher interviews were well attended last week. If you did not make it in for an appointment please contact your class teacher/specialist directly to arrange a new time.



Conveyance Allowance Claims

For families claiming a Conveyance Allowance please be aware that all applications are due to Suzanne by Friday the 17th of August. If you have changed details from your last completed application be sure to get in touch so your funds can be claimed.


Late Students

The office receives a large number of calls in the mornings advising that children will be late. Please note that we do not need to be notified if you are running late and most days we are unable to get any messages to teachers prior to 9.30am. So whilst its nice for the call, we may not be able to do anything with your information.

If your child is absent please advise us by text to 0407 124 508, inlcuding the child’s name, and class.


Car Park Safety

We have had a couple of near misses this week in the carpark. Please observe the signage, slow down and be aware of children around at all times.


Changes to Invoicing

There some changes ahead to invoice arrangements for extras such as music tuition, SEA curriculum levy and personal accident insurance.

Commencing in Term 4 these charges will be applied to your invoice in advance as opposed to in arrears. This means that Term 4 will include two sets of these fees. One for Term 3 and then Term 4 in advance.

Music Fees will be charged at a fixed rate of 8 lessons per term, and more information on this will follow soon.


National Tree Planting Day

This is our tenth year of being involved in National Tree Day! Here’s a pic from a recent inspection of last years growth.

We are having our planting on Friday 3 August 8.45-1pm. It’s a smaller affair this year with one locally indigenous plant per child-this is still 160 plants. Parents are welcome to attend to support the children. We will be planting no matter what the weather so please send your child with raincoats & gumboots!

Thanks Lisa

​​8.45-9.30am ​9.30-10.15am ​10.15-11.00am ​11.30-12.15am ​12.15-1.00pm
​Class Four ​Classes Three & Eight ​Classes Two & Seven ​Classes One & Six ​Class Five


School Concert - Tuesday 7th of August, 7pm.

Annual Music concert 2018

Please bring a plate for supper to share and arrive by 6.30-6.45pm. We will be starting at 7pm.


Class 8 Renaissance Portraits - Still hanging in the Office foyer and well worth a look!


Vacancy for 2019

We are currently advertising for a Class One Teacher for 2019. Please refer to our website for full details. Applications close Monday 3rd of September 2018.

Click here for all details!



Parents & Friends News

 Soup for lunches

 Last weeks Thursday soup lunch was very well received. Nice to think of lots of warm bellies in these cold months. Parents can still come in to the office and pay for future weeks if you have not yet got on board! 🙂

 Kitchen helpers and delivery folk are most welcome on Wednesday afternoons for prep and Thursday mornings. Either pop in or call Julie for details.

 The lunches will be made by parent volunteers and profits will go towards the school bursary fund.

 Wednesday drop in

 Parents and friends are welcome to drop into the Parents Room each Wednesday morning for a cup of tea, a chat and some crafting.  This term the craft group will focus on creating items for  Spring Fair.  Over the next few weeks we’ll be wet felting tiny birds nests and turning wet on wet watercolour paintings into greeting cards.

 Spring Fair

 Please make sure you are in touch with your Class Carer about what you can help with for the Spring Fair. It is a great time to prepare and craft over these cold months.

 Class 2 – Fish and Dip, Spring Fair

Can all families please deposit any treasures for the “Fish and Dip” for Spring Fair to the designated box at the office. Treasures are any crayons, beads, marbles, crystals, stamps, coins. Preferably no plastic figurines. This is a great opportunity to clean out your “treasures” at home.

Lost property

 A kind helper has beautifully folded the lost property pile, so it is easy to see all of the items.  Please come and have a look at the table in the Parents Room for anything your child may have lost.  Unclaimed Items will be given away at the end of the term.

 With love

 Julie Tisdale, Convenor, Parents & Friends

0420 318 255


Prep News

We have been building houses big and small in Prep!


Class 1 News

Hello Families,

The children are really enjoying learning to read, and we have now finished our little mermaid story.

Its been great catching up with all of you during the parent teacher interviews and thank-you so much for making a big effort to get everyone here on time.

Now that we have finished our recorder bags the children have moved on to knitting. Knitting is such a great activity for helping build dexterity for writing and forming our letters. 

Regards Anne


Class Five News

We have been getting ready for our upcoming Bike Camp with a bit of practice around school!

Class Six News

The children have done a wonderful job at their Egyptian projects. The room was abuzz with excitement on Monday with all the children sharing and discovering each others’ work. The children were so keen about their projects that they began their presentations on that same day. All the children have worked very hard and should be very pleased with their hard work and effort.

 Welcome to Nilla, her Mother Christine and their family. We hope you have enjoyed your first week at school and have settled in well.

 We are steadily moving through our Decimal Main Lesson. This week the children have spent time using money to explore how decimals are written, added and subtracted. We used our ruler to write a decimal number line are constantly referring back to our place value work from previous years.

The children also spent time with Lisa this week talking about our upcoming camps and learning how to ride a bike safely. We are all looking forward to our upcoming bike camp!!!

 Have a great week.

Love Amanda


Class Seven News

Dear Families,

 We’ve had a very interesting time continuing with our combustion work. Last Thursday we had a visit from combustion expert, John Sanderson, and his daughter, Emily. He performed some fascinating and exciting demonstrations. We learned that a mars bar contains more energy than C4 explosive, what it looks like when a teaspoon of sugar combusts instantaneously, how a flame projector works, and how flash paper come into being, to name a few!

 We have also been treated by some Class 7s presenting their Middle Ages projects to the class. I am very impressed by the sensitivity the students have shown to their subjects.

 I hope you are keeping warm around your own sources of combustion at home!

 Best wishes,



Wellbeing News

I write on a sunny day where the possibility of winter drawing to a close feels palpable.  The recent full moon (with various planetary influences- someone mentioned to me I think “Mercury in retrograde” …) seemed particularly powerful, with some challenging personal material emerging for a number of people.  I continue to work collaboratively with staff, parents/carers and children assisting to improve their relationships and communication.  One area of recent focus for me has been the issue of attendance and working to support families to help ensure that children get the most out of the opportunities the school offers. 

I am generally available Wednesdays and Thursdays- and am best accessed via Brian or enquiry through your child’s classroom teacher. Mark, Wellbeing Officer

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Community Classifieds

Manu Feto - Chicken Art Show

Friends of Lolotoe present the Manu Feto Chicken Art Show from 19-26th August. Chicken Art, Chicken Games & Egg Painting. All proceeds going to village chicken programs in Lolotoe, Timor Leste.

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Children's Book Week

Castlemaine Library warmly invites your Prep – Grade 3 classes to a very special Children’s Book Week performance from Carp Productions, called The 2018 Book Week Show!

 This will be held on Friday 24 August (end of 2018 Book Week) from 1-2pm, in the Phee Broadway Theatre (adjoining the library).

 The show is an interactive performance looking at this year’s Book Week nominees, and features:

  • An overview of the short-listed books
  • A narrative based around this year’s theme, “Find Your Treasure”
  • Roles for students to play
  • Audience participation
  • A fun look at some of the nominated books

 The students are strongly encouraged to participate in reading, and the acting out of the stories they read. More information can be found here:

There is also no cost for attending this session.

We have limited capacity, so please let us know if you would like to participate in this special event, as soon as possible.

Thanks Jess.

Contact or 5449 2733 

Woollykins - Special Offer on Organic Wool Clothing for Children

CSSK Special Offer from Woollykins – Organic Wool Clothing for Children

I’d love to offer our School Community a 10% discount off my Online Store

Use code “CSS10” at checkout and choose the Local Pick Up from the Parents Room and we will deliver your order to school.

I have a wonderful collection of organic wool clothing, socks and slippers for children from birth to 12 years. We have recently moved to the Woollen Mills and are open 10-4 Thursday and Friday if you’d like to visit and see our beautiful clothing.

Xx Brenna (Mum to Emrys in Prep and Merlin in Class 3 and baby Lailoken)

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Save the Date - Castlemaine Billycart Challenge!

Castlemaine Billy Cart Challenge – Sunday October 14th, 2018.

With only 12 weekends till the big day it’s time to get busy billy cart building!

The links for Vehicle Guidelines and Entry Forms can be found at our website:

You can also find lots of photos and a video from last year’s event for some inspiration! It’s a family orientated day with food and entertainment. There are three different categories for people from 5 years through to adults. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Jane Goodrich at or 0437 186 711

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Contemporary Textiles Exhibition - Buda Castlemaine 28 July to 11 August.

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Gala Day - Soccer fun for everyone.

  • Girls & Boys Soccer Fun
  • Soccer Mum’s Clinics
  • Women’s very social mini-tournament
  • Healthy lifestyle tips from W-League Star Melissa Hudson
  • Good Food & Coffee, Music, giveaways and more!
  • Sunday 5th of August.
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St Kilda Steiner Kindergarten - Winter Bazaar, Saturday 25th of August.

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Atelier for the Social Quest - courses

A Goethean artistic/scientific study of the forms of nature becomes an apprenticeship for understanding social phenomena, in particular the threefold social order as conceived by Rudolf Steiner. The focus is on polarity, intensification and metamorphosis understood through the faculty of exact imagination.

This course is comprised of three units: Nature, Society and Self (the evolution of consciousness). It is designed to take a minimum of 30 weeks to complete and is self-assessed. Group study is encouraged.

For more information go to:

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Instruments for Sale

Student Viola for sale. $150

Past student instrument purchased through CSSK Music Department. It is a full size Violin strung as Viola, with Viola bow (recommended as not as large as full size viola).

Has shoulder rest and case. Very good condition. Located Castlemaine. Andrea 0438310117

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