Thursday 19th July, 2018

Term 3 Week 1

To hide the Spirit-gift within me
My inner feeling strongly bids me,
That gifts of God may ripen
In soul-foundation fruiting,
And fruits to Selfhood bringing.

From The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner

Dates to Diary

Term 3 - Tuesday 17th of July - Friday 21st of September
Term 4 - Tuesday 9th of October - Friday 14th of December

TERM 3, 2018 - Dates for the Diary
Fri 20th Jul - Class 8 Project presentations, 7.30pm
Fri 27th Jul - PUPIL FREE DAY - Parent / Teacher Interviews
Fri 3rd Aug - Tree Planting Day
Fri 3rd Aug - Term 3 Fees Due
Tue 7th Aug - Annual School Concert, 7pm
Fri 24th Aug - PUPIL FREE DAY - Steiner Conference, Little Yarra
Mon 27th - 31st Aug - Class 5 Balranald Camp
Mon 3rd -5th Sep - Class 5 Terrick Terrick Botany Camp
Tue 11th - 14th Sep - Class 7/8 Pilgrimage Walk
Mon 17th -19th Sep - Class 5 Gt Dividing Trail Camp





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School News

From the Principal

Welcome back everyone. It’s term three already. It was wonderful to get back into our normal rhythm and routine on Monday, as we were able to come back together for our assembly. We had all really missed being together due to the sicknesses of last term.

Last term’s sickness really disrupted everything and everyone and I expressed in the assembly my appreciation for the co-operation and understanding we experienced from parents throughout that whole period. The office did a tremendous job communicating with our community, keeping everyone up-to-date with the state of play.  Thanks Rachael, Ken, Sujeeva and Suzanne.

During the assembly we heard from all of the teachers about their plans for the children this term. Term 3 is chock full of fabulous experiences: from class 1 starting to write sentences to the possibility of entering a child-designed billy cart for the billy cart derby in town, camps, combustion and plays, very exciting.

From the Teachers College

Last term the teachers finalised a ‘whole school’ assessment regime from classes 1 to 8. Incorporating some of instruments they have previously used and knowing the importance of a cohesive approach, they have created an ongoing schema that will be consistent. The Learning Support staff are assisting in the implementation of this across the school.

The music curriculum review has been completed and the College has written up and presented their recommendations. As we prioritise the needs across the school we will be allocating our resources to improve our programs.


You should have all received your reports by now and hopefully you’ve booked in on-line to make an appointment with your teacher to discuss them. Parents should be aware there are no comments in the mid-year report because of the parent/teacher meeting. The end of year report however does have commentary from the teachers.


Sue Murphy and I recently attended a workshop run by Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) about the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data, which pertains to the funding we receive from Government for students with a Disability. Schools have to produce evidence of the additional work they have done in relation to meeting the needs of students with a disability. We are looking at our current operating procedures in relation to data collection and will ensure we are compliant with our obligations.

This is very important as additional funding means we can provide a greater level of resource to our Learning Support team who do such valuable work in our school.

New Piano teacher

We have employed a new Piano Teacher as part of our Multi-instrumental team.

Her name is Sara McDonald who is relatively new to the community, so if you see her around, introduce yourself and make her feel welcome.


Warm Regards



Enrolment News - Preferences for siblings

We are receiving high numbers of enquiries for Kinder 2020 & beyond and have concerns that we do not have details on file of all siblings that may wish to attend the school. If you have a child/baby needing a place in future please be aware that we require a completed Expression of Interest form and payment of the Application Fee of $100. We cannot offer places to siblings that we don’t know about !

Payment of the Application Fee determines your priority order of being offered a place in Ring-a-Rosie, Kinder and Prep. So its worth checking that we have your family’s details in order.

If you have any questions please contact Rachael in the office and complete a CSSK Expression of Interest Form.



Parent / Teacher Interviews

Parent/Teacher interviews will occur on Friday 24th of July and timeslots will be available online via the “Signup Zone” website. The link is available Here!

Families with multiple children please do not book back to back appointments as teachers will be adhering strictly to each time slot, in fairness to everyone.

This is a Pupil Free Day  as discussions are between parents and teachers only, so please ensure you have alternative arrangements for your child during your timeslot.

Over the school holidays you will have received your child’s mid year report. This is a good basis upon which to begin your chat with the class teacher. If you have not received this please check your “junk mail” or contact the Office for a copy.


Late Students

The office receives a large number of calls in the mornings advising that children will be late. Please note that we do not need to be notified if you are running late and most days we are unable to get any messages to teachers prior to 9.30am. So whilst its nice for the call, we may not be able to do anything with your information.

If your child is absent please advise us by text to 0407 124 508, inlcuding the child’s name, and class.




Changes to Invoicing

There some changes ahead to invoice arrangements for extras such as music tuition, SEA curriculum levy and personal accident insurance.

Commencing in Term 4 these charges will be applied to your invoice in advance as opposed to in arrears. This means that Term 4 will include two sets of these fees. One for Term 3 and then Term 4 in advance.

Music Fees will be charged at a fixed rate of 8 lessons per term, and more information on this will follow soon.


National Tree Planting Day

This is our tenth year of being involved in National Tree Day!

We are having our planting on Friday 3 August 8.45-1pm. It’s a smaller affair this year with one locally indigenous plant per child-this is still 160 plants. Parents are welcome to attend to support the children. We will be planting no matter what the weather so please send your child with raincoats & gumboots!

Thanks Lisa

​​8.45-9.30am ​9.30-10.15am ​10.15-11.00am ​11.30-12.15am ​12.15-1.00pm
​Class Four ​Classes Three & Eight ​Classes Two & Seven ​Classes One & Six ​Class Five


School Concert - Tuesday 7th of August, 7pm.

Annual Music concert 2018



Bike Safety

Its great to see some kids regularly riding to school each day, even in this cold! Can children please be advised that the safest route into the school on bike is via the bush track. It is best for kids not to ride in along the main driveway during our busy drop off and pick up times.



Class 8 Artwork - The Office Foyer

Be sure to come by the Office foyer and take in the visual delights of the Class 8 Renaissance Portraits!  Fantastic work by all.



Vacancy for 2019

We are currently advertising for a Class One Teacher for 2019. Please refer to our website for full details. Applications close Monday 3rd of September 2018.

Click here for all details!



Parents & Friends News

Welcome back!  Term three is historically a busy term with Fair preparations, camps, plays and concerts. 

 Soup for lunches

 We are going ahead with school lunches on Thursdays this term, starting next week.  This term we’ll provide soup and bread.  Please look out for more information and an order form in the next few days.

 Kitchen helpers and delivers are most welcome on Wednesday afternoons for prep and Thursday mornings.

 The lunches will be made by parent volunteers and profits will go towards the school bursary fund.

 Wednesday drop in

 Parents and friends are welcome to drop into the Parents Room each Wednesday morning for a cup of tea, a chat and some crafting.  This term the craft group will focus on creating items for  Spring Fair.  Over the next few weeks we’ll be wet felting tiny birds nests and turning wet on wet watercolour paintings into greeting cards.

 Spring Fair

 This year’s Spring Fair is Sunday, 11 November, early in fourth term.  A lot of preparation for the Fair takes place this term.  It’s great to get started with planting seeds and taking cuttings, making jam and crafting little animals.  We’ll be in touch through newsletters and your class carer across the term.  If there’s something you’re bursting to contribute, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

 Lost property

 A kind helper has beautifully folded the lost property pile, so it is easy to see all of the items.  Please come and have a look at the table in the Parents Room for anything your child may have lost.  Unclaimed Items will be given away at the end of the term.

 With love

 Julie Tisdale, Convenor, Parents & Friends

0420 318 255


Kinder News

Dear Parents

It is lovely to be back at kinder together. The children have entered into the program again very smoothly and with lots of enthusiasm.

We are all joining in singing to King Winter, also which the children seem to be thoroughly enjoying.

Warm regards And welcome back!



Prep News

A warm welcome back to Prep to all the children and their families after our Winter holiday. I hope everyone has had a restful time and stayed warm and well. The children were very pleased to see each other and easily slipped back into our daily rhythm. inside Play has been busy with many shops and cafes where you can purchase anything from a cappuccino to poisonous fish! Outside there are little houses for slaters and millipedes as well as volcanos built from mud with rivers of lava.

 The children in Class Three have very kindly allowed us to have two of their guinea pigs, they are receiving much loving attention. Special thanks to David for repairing the enclosure for us.

 Our Pizza lunches were very popular last term and will resume next week. We will also be going on our weekly walks, weather permitting, again this term.

 Please ensure the children always have a warm coat and spare clothes at school. It can help to just leave an old coat and gumboots on their peg.

 Thank you for sharing our Winter Festival with us at the end of last term, with extra thanks to Bron, Sherene and Ada for their help with preparations and on the day.

 I look forward to speaking with parents at our parent/teacher interviews. Don’t forget to check dates and book your time on sign up zone, everyone should have received the link from the office during the holidays.

 Warm regards,  Heather


Class 1 News

Welcome back everyone!

We are busy doing a wonderful English main lesson all about mermaids. We are beginning to read and write and very soon we are getting our new recorders.

Everything is VERY exciting in Class 1!

Class 2 News

Class 2 are off to a great start with everyone being happy to be back and enjoying sharing their holiday adventures.

 We are continuing with The Celtic Dragon Myth, hearing more about the deeds of the first son. The class will be making dragons from clay and dragon’s eggs too. Maybe they will hatch; after all there is magic in the air!

 Our next main lesson will be about the Saints and towards the end of term we will be doing a play about one of these interesting people.

 Warm regards, Cathy


Class 4 News

Welcome to Term Three. The children have returned from their three week break refreshed and nourished by their winter holidays. Many have been studiously working on their Animal Projects getting ready to present them in weeks four and five of our term.

I will be forwarding on details about our evening celebration next week which will be a chance to celebrate the children’s effort and learning as well as view their wonderful  work.

Best wishes, Mary


Class 5 News

Welcome back everyone!!!

We have begun a new Main Lesson on ‘Decimals” and have begun by looking at the Early Counting Systems of various civilisations such as Mayan, Babylonian, Chinese, Egyptian, Greek and Roman. We are also revisiting place value and the concept of 10 before entering the decimal system. This Main Lesson will involve lots of games and playing with money!!!

A reminder that the children need to continue work on their Egyptian project and of course practice their instrument each night, ready for the school music concert.

Have a great week

Love Amanda

Class 6 News

Welcome back to the third term of 2018! We hope that the holidays gave everyone a good rest.

 Class Six dive into their Roman Play first-off this term whilst also working their Roman Project. Rome will finish with the Play performance, project presentation and a Roman Feast.

 After Rome we then will explore some Physics – Acoustics, Optics and Warmth with lots of hands-on experiences.

 Hopefully everyone, apart from learning their words are also practising every day their string instrument in preparation for the School Music concert in the 4th week of term. In the 3rd week, please be prepared to bring your instrument everyday so that we can do extra practicing.

 We look forward to meeting up with everyone over the Parent/Teacher week next week.

 Cheers, Anna & Rebecca


Class 7 News

Dear Class 7 Families,

 I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday, and that the new term finds you rested and well. It’s been so lovely to reconnect with the Class 7s and to hear about their holiday highlights!

 We are enjoying returning to the world of Chemistry through our Combustion Main Lesson. We have learned to light a Bunsen Burner, and will use these to do a number of experiments, finding out about the transformative effects of combustion on plant materials, metals and stone.

 Here are some photos from before the holidays, when we were using red cabbage juice as an indicator to learn about acids and bases, and looking at the behaviour and needs of fire.

 I look forward to catching up with you during parent/teacher interviews next Friday.

 Love and best wishes, Kate


Wellbeing News

My days of work have altered to be Wednesdays and Thursdays.  It has been good to back at school – I’ve spent some time connecting with people, taking the temperature of things as the school comes to life for another term. Wellbeing can be enhanced with a little extra cash.  Interested? Read On. …

“There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”  However during the holidays, I did save myself $50 for 15 minutes of my time.  If you are the account holder of electricity bill and can receive payment via mail at the address of the electricity bill, you can also save $50!

With a recent electricity bill in hand, on a computer, go to

Answer the questions, then click on “submit your power saving bonus”.  Then, like me, wait for your reward.  (Questions are about how you use power.  You will be given a list of cheaper power options.  To receive the $50, you don’t need to change your arrangements.)

Cheers, Mark Macdougall

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Community Classifieds

Family Film Event - Castlemaine Documentary Film Festival

Wide Open Sky is a beautiful and uplifting film about a children’s choir in a remote corner of Outback Australia.

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Children's Book Week

Castlemaine Library warmly invites your Prep – Grade 3 classes to a very special Children’s Book Week performance from Carp Productions, called The 2018 Book Week Show!

 This will be held on Friday 24 August (end of 2018 Book Week) from 1-2pm, in the Phee Broadway Theatre (adjoining the library).

 The show is an interactive performance looking at this year’s Book Week nominees, and features:

  • An overview of the short-listed books
  • A narrative based around this year’s theme, “Find Your Treasure”
  • Roles for students to play
  • Audience participation
  • A fun look at some of the nominated books

 The students are strongly encouraged to participate in reading, and the acting out of the stories they read. More information can be found here:

There is also no cost for attending this session.

We have limited capacity, so please let us know if you would like to participate in this special event, as soon as possible.

Thanks Jess.

Contact or 5449 2733 

Woollykins - Special Offer on Organic Wool Clothing for Children

CSSK Special Offer from Woollykins – Organic Wool Clothing for Children

I’d love to offer our School Community a 10% discount off my Online Store

Use code “CSS10” at checkout and choose the Local Pick Up from the Parents Room and we will deliver your order to school.

I have a wonderful collection of organic wool clothing, socks and slippers for children from birth to 12 years. We have recently moved to the Woollen Mills and are open 10-4 Thursday and Friday if you’d like to visit and see our beautiful clothing.

Xx Brenna (Mum to Emrys in Prep and Merlin in Class 3 and baby Lailoken)

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Save the Date - Castlemaine Billycart Challenge!

Castlemaine Billy Cart Challenge – Sunday October 14th, 2018.

With only 12 weekends till the big day it’s time to get busy billy cart building!

The links for Vehicle Guidelines and Entry Forms can be found at our website:

You can also find lots of photos and a video from last year’s event for some inspiration! It’s a family orientated day with food and entertainment. There are three different categories for people from 5 years through to adults. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Jane Goodrich at or 0437 186 711

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Medicine Doll Workshop

Medicine Doll Making Workshop ~ Women’s Circle ~ babes in arms welcome.


A one day workshop in Castlemaine on two separate dates:

Saturday 25th August ~ 9am ~ 5pm
Saturday 22nd September ~ Spring Equinox ~ 9am ~ 5pm


This is a nourishing and fun day of creativity, inspiration, connection and healing.
We will gather in circle to make a spirit / medicine doll. Weaving in intention and blessing, connecting with your ancestors, guides and teachers, with the realm of nature and this land.

Creating a doll that reflects your innate gifts and qualities, your medicine to the world.
The dolls are made with a process of needle felting fleece and incorporating medicine from nature. Needle felting is a simple and satisfying process of creating… the doll comes alive before your very eyes.
I started making dolls and felting over 20 years ago. I love and am passionate about the transformation and magic that takes place for people connecting to their creativity.
No experience is necessary !


Bookings are required:
Cost is $150 including materials: fleece, crystals and beads, feathers, shells etc. I will provide morning and afternoon tea.

Please bring along:
~ anything you would like to place on the centre altar (this will be returned to you)
~ anything special you feel called to incorporate into your doll. You may have special feathers or a doilie your great grandmother made or a precious piece of jewellery.
~anything you may need for your own comfort and warmth for sitting in circle for the day. Cushions, sheep skin, shawl etc.
~ something light to share for lunch.


Please get in touch for booking and payment details
I look forward to meeting you and sharing this lovely day with you.
Love Melissa xxx

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Anthroposophical Parenting Program 2018 - Sponsored by The Gabriel Trust

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