Thursday 16th August, 2018

Term 3 Week 5

Can I expand my soul
That it shall take unto itself
Word-seeds recieved now from the world?
Heart knows that I must find the strength
To make my soul of worth
To be the spirit's sheath.

From The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner

Dates to Diary

Term 3 - Tuesday 17th of July - Friday 21st of September
Term 4 - Tuesday 9th of October - Friday 14th of December

TERM 3, 2018 - Dates for the Diary
Fri 17th Aug - OZ Opera
Wed 22nd Aug - Class 7 Immunisations
Fri 24th Aug - PUPIL FREE DAY - Steiner Conference, Little Yarra
Mon 3rd -7th Sep - Class 5 Terrick Terrick Botany Camp
Tue 11th - 14th Sep - Class 5 Balranald Camp
Mon 17th -21st Sep - Class 5 Gt Dividing Trail Camp

Help build a cycle trail from Castlemaine to School!

Hi All,

I’m driving a fund raising project to have a Cycle Trail built to connect the school to Castlemaine via the State Government “Pick My Project” initiative. This platform gives communities the opportunity to have a say in funding projects that they feel will directly benefit their community. In short, the more votes the project gets the greater the possibility of it receiving government funding.

A Cycle Trail to the school would benefit students and families of CSSK as it would provide a safe off-road transport alternative to everyday car use.

To vote in support of this project please head to

If you have any questions or ways to help promote this project please contact me, Vaiya (Prep parent) on

Thanks Vaiya.

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School News

From the Principal

Dear Parents,

School Concert

Thank you all for turning out to the school Concert the other night, it was wonderful to experience a full house who were so appreciative of the musical efforts of the children and the teachers.

I enjoyed the event and sense our school is brimming with possibility. The highlight for me was seeing everyone on stage working as one with such concentration and focus, to create something of beauty. This almost essentialises why we have music in our school.

Our thanks go to Jeanette, Leonie, Phil, Carl, Jacob and Penny for their work with the children this year with a special mention to Meg for her assistance with Stage management and of course to Ken whose dad jokes are worse than mine but add greatly to the fun of the evening.

Class 6 Play

Looks fabulous, confident children, great props well done class 6.

New Family.

Welcome to the Ramos Family who arrived today. Ethan has joined class 5 and from what I could see had settled in well.

Staff Development Day

Next Friday is a pupil free day and the teachers will be very busy looking at the big picture of the school, consolidating the programs we currently run and thinking into next year’s needs. We have much to get through as we seek to improve what we do and how we do it.

Assembly next week

Next week we’ll be visited by Castlemaine Secondary College students who are coming to perform a song from a production they are putting on.

We will also be presenting the certificates to the class 8 students for their recent projects.

Regards, Brian


Vacancy for 2019

We are currently advertising for a Class One Teacher for 2019. Please refer to our website for full details. Applications close Monday 3rd of September 2018.

Click here for all details!



Prep News

After the rain!

Class 1 News

Hello Everyone,

We have begun a new main lesson introducing the four processes. Plus, Minus, Divide & Times, who come in the form of four very friendly gnomes!

They will have many adventures over the next few weeks. You will see that poor gnome Minus has a hole in his bag and is always losing things!

Below are the children’s winter pictures. They look so beautiful all together on the wall.

And here are our new thoughts on Spring ahead!

Warm regards, Anne




Class 2 News

It’s hard to believe that we’re halfway through the term.

As a finish to The Celtic Dragon Myth main lesson, Class Two have been busy hatching dragons from beautiful eggs! 

Our current main lesson is Great Lives, where we are working with stories from the lives of some of the saints, gaining an understanding of the common thread of a deep love for animals and people, shown through service and humility.

The rain last week was very welcome throughout the area, with dams and gullies getting a good filling. Class 2 were very elated as they discovered the channels in the playground, that they have helped to dig, were full as well. This has led to lots of water play AND mud. Mud, glorious mud! Lots of engineering, boat building and mud brick making.

Stay warm and well, Cathy


Class 4 News

We are now on the tail end (sorry!) of our Human Being and Animal Main lesson and what an inspiring and wonderful week we have had listening to each other’s project presentations. I feel so privileged to have witnessed the amazing creativity that the children have brought to their projects and their growing capacity to be able to share their experiences and learning. Their sharing is always enriched and heartfelt when they have chosen their animal based on their natural curiosity or personal connection.

Our classroom expanded to the paddock opposite school on Tuesday when we were able to observe first hand the horses and donkeys that live there.

This Friday ( 17th August) we shall come together as a class community to celebrate the wonderful display of creativity and effort that Class Four have put into their projects with our “Night of The Animals”. Thank you to everyone who has returned their RSVP. Our evening will commence at 6pm in our classroom for a shared meal ( please ensure you bring along enough to share for your family and others), then around 6:30pm we will share our Poetry Presentation before adjourning to view a screening of a wonderful movie.

See you then.

Best wishes, Mary


Class 8 Robots

Some of the ICT work we have been doing.

Wellbeing News - Mark McDougall

All of us feel anxious at times- it is part of the human experience.  However when this anxiety overwhelms us or the children in our care, it can be hard to know what to do.  Recently I read the following information on a blog. (

Earlier this year Amanda and I attended some useful professional development around anxiety and school refusal.  It gave a framework for us to view some challenges that are experienced by a number of children and families.  Contact me if you want to know more or need some assistance.

Mark Macdougall, Wellbeing Officer.  Available Wed and Thurs.

More thoughts from Mark



PE News

This term we are reinforcing many ball skills through games and activities associated with handball, soccer, AFL and rugby in the upper classes, when weather permits of course. Last week we had a lot of fun learning about the game of handball, for the first time for many students, and thoroughly enjoyed finishing the session off with a game. It is a great game as it forces players to work as a team, due to the limited space in which a player can run when in possession of the ball.

 Later in the term we will spend several weeks working on our circus skills, in particular juggling. This is going to be a very fun and exciting unit for the children, especially now that I have been able to update our circus equipment at the school. We now have diabolos, juggling clubs, discs, balls and scarves, spinning plates and devil sticks. With an array of wonderful equipment the children are sure to learn many great skills and have fun doing so.

Cheers Alan


Parents & Friends News

Spring Fair

 Keep a look out for our first Spring Fair Newsletter of the year.  It’s been lovely to see class 1 parents working together to bring the Children’s Tent to life for this year’s Fair.  Each year, the talents, passions and energy of each group of parents gets put into the Fair, making it slightly differentr but always a beautiful and tangible expression of our school community.

 The Spring Fair Working Group will be in the Parents Room each Wednesday morning.  You are welcome to join us to help with general Fair organising or making things for the Craft stall (or just for a cup of tea).  Get in touch with me at or 0420 318255 or contact your class carer if you want further information.


 Thank you for your support with the school lunches.  We’ve been serving up about 80 bowls of soup each week!

 We are sending home an order form for soup orders for the last five weeks of the term. 

We’re hoping to move beyond soup in term 4, but it would be lovely to have some more helpers – either with preparations or serving and delivery.   

 We’re happy to provide you and your children with lunch in return for a shift.  

Craft group

 Craft group morphs into a Spring Fair production machine at this time of year.  We can always use more helpers to put together craft kits – you don’t even need to be particularly crafty.  Kits for parents to sew for the Fair will soon be available from the office.

 Bike path

 You may have seen details for the government funded Pick My Project around town.  Some of our parents have been involved in a proposal for a bike path from Castlemaine to school.  It would be fabulous if parents could take the time to check the projects out.  Your support for the bike path – in terms of one of your three votes – would be greatly appreciated and will benefit our students enormously.

 With love,  Julie Tisdale

Convenor, Parents & Friends



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Community Classifieds

Meg Corson at The Taproom - Sat August 25th !

More Information...

Salsa Social - Sep 14th Theatre Royal

More Information...

YMCA School Holiday Program - Bookings now open

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No Lights No Lycra - Upcoming Dates

More Information...

House for Rent

A 4 bedroom furnished house available for rent in Wesley Hill. Functional kitchen, lounge and dining, renovated bathroom, fruit trees, chicken pens and vegetable gardens $420/week.

Call Kathryn 0408976252

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Manu Feto - Chicken Art Show

Friends of Lolotoe present the Manu Feto Chicken Art Show from 19-26th August. Chicken Art, Chicken Games & Egg Painting. All proceeds going to village chicken programs in Lolotoe, Timor Leste.

More Information...

Developing the Self - September 2018 courses at Melbourne Rudolph Steiner School

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Orchestra Victoria - Bendigo Festival now on!

Orchestra Victoria returns for the fourth annual Bendigo Festival, a unique and engaging week-long festival that that brings one of the country’s finest orchestras back to the City of Greater Bendigo.

From August 11 – 18, the musicians of Orchestra Victoria will present chamber music concerts across the City of Greater Bendigo, and aspiring young musicians from throughout the region will rehearse and perform alongside orchestra members in the On the mOVe! Education Program. The week will culminate in a captivating orchestral concert at Ulumbarra Theatre, Love and Hate, featuring the Symphonic Dances from ‘West Side Story’ by Leonard Bernstein and Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E, conducted by Orchestra Victoria’s Artistic Director, Nicolette Fraillon AM and featuring Menuhin Competition winner, 10 year old violinist Christian Li.

Click here for full festival details!

Woollykins - Special Offer on Organic Wool Clothing for Children

CSSK Special Offer from Woollykins – Organic Wool Clothing for Children

I’d love to offer our School Community a 10% discount off my Online Store

Use code “CSS10” at checkout and choose the Local Pick Up from the Parents Room and we will deliver your order to school.

I have a wonderful collection of organic wool clothing, socks and slippers for children from birth to 12 years. We have recently moved to the Woollen Mills and are open 10-4 Thursday and Friday if you’d like to visit and see our beautiful clothing.

Xx Brenna (Mum to Emrys in Prep and Merlin in Class 3 and baby Lailoken)

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Save the Date - Castlemaine Billycart Challenge!

Castlemaine Billy Cart Challenge – Sunday October 14th, 2018.

With only 12 weekends till the big day it’s time to get busy billy cart building!

The links for Vehicle Guidelines and Entry Forms can be found at our website:

You can also find lots of photos and a video from last year’s event for some inspiration! It’s a family orientated day with food and entertainment. There are three different categories for people from 5 years through to adults. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Jane Goodrich at or 0437 186 711

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Mount Alexander Shire Council - Access & Inclusion Survey 2018

Council are very interested to hear from anyone interested in access and inclusion across our community. See the attached poster for survey information.

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Seeking a new home

Mother and young son moving to the Castlemaine area and looking for a space to rent.

We are happy, healthy and down to earth conscious beings.

If you have anything available, please contact me on 0411 348 699

 Love & light, Jemima and Bobby

Instruments for Sale

Student Viola for sale. $150

Past student instrument purchased through CSSK Music Department. It is a full size Violin strung as Viola, with Viola bow (recommended as not as large as full size viola).

Has shoulder rest and case. Very good condition. Located Castlemaine. Andrea 0438310117

Cello for sale

1 x 3/4 – $500 and 1 x 1/4 – $350

Please contact Annie Betts for details on 0411 022 604

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