Thursday 13th September, 2018

Term 3 Week 9

Itself creating evermore
The soul of Self becomes aware;
World-spirit strives on still,
In true Self-knowledge quickened,
And from Soul's darkeness fashions
The fruit of Self-directing will.

From The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner

Dates to Diary

Term 3 - Tuesday 17th of July - Friday 21st of September
Term 4 - Tuesday 9th of October - Friday 14th of December

TERM 3, 2018 - Dates for the Diary
Mon 17th -21st Sep - Class 5 Gt Dividing Trail Camp
Fri 14th Sep - Class 2 Play, 9.30am

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School News

From the Principal

Dear Families,

Term 3 has passed seems to have flown by quickly as we begin to feel the seeping warmth of spring enlivening our days. The trees are blossoming, the birds are busy and the guinea pigs are multiplying.

The children have had a busy term filled with projects, camps and workshops and my sense of the classes is one of satisfaction where they have been well met by the activities and nurtured by the rhythms and routines of their classes. As I move through the classes observing the children’s work, I am very impressed by their engagement and the quality of all their efforts, from their bookwork, to their craft, their musicality and their dramatic work. This is a credit to the children and their teachers.

I have conducted many tours this year for families interested in the school and it is always a pleasure to arrive in classes and see the children working away unselfconsciously at their daily tasks. Parents often comment on the calmness and order of the classes, in contrast to what they might have had as a previous perception that Steiner schools lack structure. Parents are often struck by the beauty of the rooms and the engagement of the students. It is always refreshing for me to hear the perceptions of people who are seeing the school for the first time.

P&F activities

The Thursday lunches have been wonderful and I thank the parents for their commitment and amazing skills. We all really appreciate your efforts.

Next term is Spring Fair and I know preparations are escalating and Julie’s merry band will be seeking assistance in creating another memorable event for the children and our community. Jump on board early if you can with offers of help to try and take some of that last minute pressure away.

Have a safe and happy holiday and see you next Term!

Warm regards, Brian



Enrolments for all future years

There are a large number of CSSK families who have not submitted forms or application fees for their younger siblings to come to the school. In particular siblings scheduled to come for Kinder 2020. Please contact Rachael in the office to confirm if your families details are up to date. Offers for places, even those to siblings, can only be made to children who are registered and have paid the application fee. The date of payment of this fee will also determine if a Ring-A-Rosie place is available to your child. Don’t delay!


From the Office


As per the Sunsmart Policy (see link below) sun hats are required to be worn at school from 1 Sep.

The office is currently waiting for new hat order to arrive over the holidays, so please bring one from home in the interim, if your child has misplaced theirs.


Parents please avoid using the drop off zone at school bus time (8.35am) as congestion there has been seen to cause safety issues.

 Pupil Free Day

Please note that Monday 9th of October is a pupil free day.  Classes will start at 8.45am Tuesday 10th of October.

 Happy Holidays ! – the office will be closed for the school holidays from Monday 24th September to Tuesday 2nd October.


Vacancy for 2019

We are currently advertising for a Class One Teacher for 2019. Please refer to our website for full details. Applications close Monday 17th of September 2018.

Click here for all details!



Spring Fair - Jam!

Next Wednesday (19th September) some Class 4 parents will be making bucketful’s (we have over 20kg of fruit….) of glorious organic raspberry jam for the Fair.

Everyone is welcome to come along and join the jam fun. We will be in the Parents room from 8.45 onwards – bring an apron!

If anyone has preserving pans we could borrow please let me know.  We also need lot of clean (no labels) jars – preferably the sort that the Meredith Cheese comes in, but anything in the 250-400 ml range would be good.  Drop off to the parents room before Wednesday.


Jane Staley, janestaley@hotmail.com0403 879 459


Kinder News

Dear Kindergarten Parents,

Welcome to Week 9 of Term 3. How the year is flying past.

A very big thank you to you all, the garden looks amazing! Thank you for all your contributions regarding the working bee. I am very sorry that I was not able to be there to enjoy the day with you all.

Another big thankyou to Fiona, Sally, Rose and Penny for helping out when I was away, and for all your well wishes.

Children are now required to wear hats to school. Please see the note in your pidgeon pocket regarding the preferred type of hat. Please note if children do not have a hat they will be asked to play on the veranda, or a hat will be purchased for them and it will be billed to your account. Spare hats are not available on an ongoing basis, they add to the washing for the laundry person and have the possibility of spreading lice.

 Thank you for your cooperation.

 Please find in your parent pockets your invitation to our festival next week, Thursday the 20th of September at 9.00am. This will be a short day for the children, all children will go home after the festival. I expect that we will finish at approx. 11.00am. I look forward to seeing you all there.

 With the holidays around the corner, I remember some people putting up their hand last term to look after the guinea pig and the chickens, is anybody keen to accept this offer for these holidays? It would also be great if people were able to come in and water the garden. If you are interested please come and see me.

 Warm regards, Tobie


Prep News

There was much excitement in Prep on Monday morning! Tahi and Nieve went to check the Guinea pigs and they found two little baby baby guinea pigs. We have been able to watch them drinking milk and  even nibbling some carrot.

 The children are noticing the beauty and business in our garden. The daffodils are flowering, the blossom is fluttering down like snowflakes, the bees are buzzing in the trees and the yellow robins are back busily building their nest.

 This week our story was about a little boy called Bobby, who had to find the answer to a riddle. ‘What three treasure chests can be found in the woods in Springtime?’

 We are busy preparing for our Spring Festival next Thursday 20th September. Please refer to your invitation for details.   Could the children please bring their sunhats next week.

 On a recent walk we found a nest had blown out of a tree. After much thought it was carefully lifted up and placed back among some branches.


And making fairy houses in the garden

Warm regards Heather.


Class 1 News

We are practicing reading and writing again in Main Lesson and working with spring stories.

Can everyone please do their best to be here on time. I know everyone is feeling tired but it would be appreciated if everyone could make a BIG effort to get to school on time.

Have a safe and happy holiday and I look forward to seeing you all again next term.

Warm regards, Anne


Class 4 News

What a wonderful evening we enjoyed with our “Night of the Animals” recently in Class Four! Our class community gathered to celebrate the efforts of the class with their Animal Projects. Many and varied were the creatures that were on display as well as the imagination and creativity of each student. A lively poetry recitation warmed us all and as a special treat we adjourned with our freshly popped popcorn, ( Thank you Rachael!) to view a favourite nature movie.

Thank you to everyone who came and supported our evening and a special thank you to Renata for all her assistance.


We are now finishing off our term with our Fantastic Fractions main lesson and last week enjoyed a trip to the Melbourne Zoo with Class Three.

Best wishes, Mary


Class 6 News

Class Six have been having sound adventures and have created some most interesting musical instruments. We have also been discovering about light and optics, and all the different types of warmth and coldness. We are enjoying experiments that show conduction and convection of heat and the different properties of hot and cold water . We know how to blow up balloons without having to blow into them and have discovered what actually happens when popcorn pops!

 The camp notice for next term’s camp in the second week of Term 4 will be coming home this week and is to be returned by Friday of next week – the last day of Term 3.

 Have an enjoyable holiday.

 Cheers, Anna


Class 8 News

Class 8 students have had a busy few weeks as they step up  preparations for their Shakespeare production, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Lines are being learned (hopefully!), costumes planned and choices of music shortlisted as we move ever closer to our performances scheduled for the end of next term. Many thanks to Rebecca Barnett for her invaluable support for our efforts.

 Along the way we have also commenced work on our last Main Lesson for the term – a unit of geography in which we examine the contrasts of East and West in a close study of one country: in this case, Japan. We are drawing topographic maps and creating contour models of Mt Fuji while also finding time to listen to traditional Japanese folk tales, learn the lovely traditional song Sakura and may even find time to sample some sushi !

Lynn and Class Eight students

French News

French students in Class Eight and their Class Three buddies combined forces at Assembly this week in a tour de force performance of the French children’s song Chez le docteur. Well done to all concerned! We look forward to sharing our French singing each week from now on.

 Class Eight students began the term with a study of Napoleon and have moved on through several sessions of work on sentence structure and verbs with the aim of writing extended compositions of their own.

And Class Seven students took a break this week from their script work  for the theme Le Cafe, to enjoy a presentation by Lucy on her recent trip to New Caledonia. Well done tout le monde.

 au revoir



PE News

Recently we were all privileged to have Eric from the Castlemaine Circus come out to the school and spend the day with the children. Eric brought an array of circus equipment, complimenting the equipment we already have at the school, and was able to demonstrate many different circus skills such as juggling, balancing, hula hooping and use of diabolos, flowers sticks and plate spinners. 

 Working in small groups, Eric, myself and fellow teachers were able to assist the children with their development of these various circus skills. The day proved to be a marvellous success, with student engagement and enjoyment reaching high levels. I would like to thank Eric for his assistance on the day and encourage students to head down to the Castlemaine Circus should they have an interest in pursuing circus skills and activities.

 I wish all our families a wonderful spring break over the next few weeks. It is very uplifting to have some warmer weather upon us and to embrace the gifts that spring provides us. Let’s take this opportunity to be active outdoors during this beautiful time of year!


Regards, Alan


Wellbeing News

The last couple of weeks have seen me meeting with a number of parents across the school.  Some of these meetings occur perhaps twice per term and are focussed on the needs of a particular child.  Present at these meetings are key adults from school and home.  I see that key adults working collaboratively has a significant impact on the outcomes for a child, sometimes facilitating significant changes in a short period of time.  The more we can understand the worlds of school and home and their interplay for the children, the more effective our interventions can be.  These processes involve caring listening and consideration of the larger picture in the development of agreed strategies.  It is a privilege to be able to work in this way.

Admin asked me what my qualifications are today (in response to a parent asking).  I have a Bachelor of Social Welfare and a Degree of Holistic Counselling. 

Mark, Wellbeing Officer. Generally available Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Parents & Friends

Spring Fair preparations are in full swing with with lots of making  – little knights are being crafted out of felt and little animal kits are coming together.  It’s been lovely hearing about the plans for the raffle hampers.  It would be really helpful if we could start to get the donations by early in the new term.


 Thanks to Sarah for this week’s alphabet soup.  Next week is our last week –   Sujeeva is cooking a lovely light tomato and lentil soup. You can leave orders at the office or message me on 0420 318 255.


 Class 7 are making cordial for Spring Fair over the school holidays.  If you have lemons to donate they’ll be gratefully received.  They can be left at the office or in the Parents Room.  

 Elphinstone Carpooling

 Do you live anywhere near Elphinstone? Would you be interested in forming a carpool club with other parents in the area so that we can help each other get the kids to and from school? If so, please Text De on 0425 199 555 for more information.

 Fish & Dip

 Class 2 would be grateful if we could all scout around our houses for little treasures to donate to fish & dip.  There’s a box in the office

 Riding to School

 We are looking for parents who are able to get involved with riding to school during Mondays and/or Fridays in the month of October.  Students will leave from near the shop in Winters Flat/Campbells Creek and travel through Lisa’s property and down Ranters Gully Road.  The ride will start around 8 and be finished by 9.  If you can help out with accompanying the children, please let me or Penny  (0408 002 032) know.  

 Lost Property

 The lost property has been folded, making it easier to see what’s there.  Please pop into the Parents Room over the next week or so to see if there’s anything that belongs to your child.

 With love, Julie Tisdale

Convenor, Parents & Friends


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Community Classifieds

Salsa Social - Sep 14th Theatre Royal

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Goldfields Library Spring School Holiday Program

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Buda Annual Fundraising Dinner

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No Lights No Lycra - Upcoming Dates

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Mercurius Warehouse Sale

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Save the Date - Castlemaine Billycart Challenge!

Castlemaine Billy Cart Challenge – Sunday October 14th, 2018.

With only 12 weekends till the big day it’s time to get busy billy cart building!

The links for Vehicle Guidelines and Entry Forms can be found at our website:

You can also find lots of photos and a video from last year’s event for some inspiration! It’s a family orientated day with food and entertainment. There are three different categories for people from 5 years through to adults. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Jane Goodrich at or 0437 186 711

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Little Yarra Spring Fair 2018

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Beeswax Candle Workshop

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Dandenong Ranges Steiner School Spring Fair & Market Day

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Freshwater Creek Steiner School - Spring Fair

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Instruments for Sale

Student Viola for sale. $150

Past student instrument purchased through CSSK Music Department. It is a full size Violin strung as Viola, with Viola bow (recommended as not as large as full size viola).

Has shoulder rest and case. Very good condition. Located Castlemaine. Andrea 0438310117

Cello for sale

1 x 1/2 – $500 and 1 x 1/4 – $350

Please contact Annie Betts for details on 0411 022 604

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