Monday , February 20th 2017

Term 1 Week 4

I feel strange power, bearing fruit
And gaining strength to give myself to me.
I sense the seed maturing
And expectation, light filled,
Within me on my selfhood's power.

From The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner

Dates to Diary

Tuesday 21st February - Class 6 Meeting - 7.30pm
Wednesday 22nd February - Class 7 & 8 meeting - 7.30pm
Thursday 23nd February - Class 3 Meeting - 7.30pm
Monday 27th February - Prep Meeting - 7.30pm - 9pm
Tuesday 28th February - Shrove Tuesday - School Community Gathering 8-8.45am
Tuesday 28th February - Class 3 and 4 Werribee Zoo
Tuesday 28th February - Class 1 Meeting 7.30pm
Thursday 2nd March - Classes 7 & 8 MSO Melbourne
Tuesday 7th March - Class 6- Planetarium Excursion
Friday 10th March - Prep Parent/Teacher Meetings

Term 1 Tuesday 31st January – Friday 31st March
Term 2 Wednesday 19th April – Thursday 22nd June
Term 3 Tuesday 18th July – Friday 22nd September
Term 4 Tuesday 10th October – Friday 8th December




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School News

From the Principal

Here we are in week four and time is flying as usual.

I’m settling into the task and feeling very much at home. I’m enjoying getting to know everyone and sensing into this community. There is so much good will and energy here creating such a ‘can do’ atmosphere where things can happen. Very exciting.

Mobile science Lab

The Mobile Science Laboratory is taking shape and we have started a conversation with the year 7 and 8 students in order to involve them in the process of creating the trolleys by throwing them a design brief for the project utilising Danilo’s IT lessons and the sketch-up program. We hope to have a prototype finished this term.

Learning Support

We are reviewing and making some changes to the delivery of ‘Learning Support’ in the school.

The new model is based on a team approach to working with the needs of children and is inclusive of you as parents. You, of course, know your children so well and are deeply engaged in their lives. It makes sense for you to be part of their learning journey.  I will give more details about how this works next newsletter.


Shortly, we will be canvassing interest amongst our school community and beyond about Ring-a- Rosie commencing in term 2.  We would like to be able to run a continuous program on a yearly basis if there is enough interest.

Thank you to all those parents who have delivered those delicious packages for Denise and I. Wow!

We feel the love and care in every one of them.



In Prep we have had a wonderful start to our year with all the children settling in well. There has been lots of busy, happy play. The children are enjoying our Morning Circle about going to the beach and our stories.

This year we welcome two new families to Prep, Hazel, Katie, Greg and Minnie and also Jesse and Jessica.

Our first Prep newsletter has been emailed to all families. Please take note of the dates mentioned. I look forward to seeing parents at our Class meeting on Monday 27th February 7.30-9 pm.

Special thanks to Sera and Linda who have kindly agreed to be our class carers this year.

Love Heather


Painting 2    Week 3 play

Class 5 News


GUILTY! Transportation to the Penal colony of NSW for 7 years!”

Class 5 have been at the Old Bailey being tried for such heinous crimes as ‘stealing a handkerchief’ or some silver spoons, poaching or pickpocketing. I’m afraid the Judge had no sympathy for their pleadings of being poor, of helping their sick mother, of being sorry. All were sent on the long voyage over the sea. Even their lawyers were commissioned to help in the new colony for 3 or 5 years.

Australia has become a much more interesting place since their arrival.

Being on the other side of the school has encouraged lots of adventurous running around, finding all the secret spots, enjoying the chess set, the hard court and the heartlands. We are also working diligently in our lovely spacious Class Five room with lots of recorder playing and singing.

We are all working on “Good, better, best,

Never let it rest,

‘Till your good is better

And your better, best!”

A class note was sent home this week. If you have not received it, please ask for another one. Thank you”

Cheers, Anna

Class 6 News

The Class have settled into their new room and learning activities.
They have welcomed a new student Orlando and the return of Alby the globe trotter.
We have commenced the year with gusto and enthusiasm for what lies ahead.
We have been immersed in Homer’s epic telling of the  journey of one of the Greek heroes, Odysseus, the story of the Trojan Horse and the burning of Troy and the subsequent journey of the exiled Aeneas and his task of founding Rome as told by Virgil have set the scene for the shift from mythology to the history of people, events and ideas.
Thank you to parents and subject teachers for your warm welcome and support for the Class and myself as we ‘journey’ on.
Love and best wishes,


Class 7 News

What a wonderful start to the year we’re having! Our days are filled with exciting activities and learning.

In our first Main Lesson we explored the geometry that can be found in churches built in the Middle Ages. The students have drawn beautiful elevations of Romanesque’s churches, pointed arches of the Gothic style and we finished with a rose window inspired by the magnificent cathedral of Chartres. Next up, Anne will be taking the class for a Main Lesson on the Middle Ages while I’ll be teaching the Class 8 students a Maths Main lesson..

Apart from all this we’re spending lots of time practising Maths and English, singing and improvising in our weekly drama lesson. As I said, it’s all exciting.

Next week on Wednesday 22 February is our Class meeting. I hope to see everyone at 7.30pm.

Best wishes



French News

Bonjour et bienvenue!

Welcome back to French for 2017! All classes have made a great start to the year so far. Class Six students are already practising their greetings and numbers while designing front pages for their livres de francaises beautifully illustrated with famous French cultural images, from le tour Eiffel to the ever delicious croissant. 

Classes Seven and Eight are in great voice during their conversation classes, revising many of last year’s rhymes, games and songs. The weekly homework program has already commenced and students are reminded that their ‘home’ French dictionary (redeployed from last year for Class Eight and soon to be distributed to Class Seven) is a great tool in completing their homework task independently each week. And both groups have been exploring the links between their Main Lesson themes of Sacred Geometry and the Renaissance with a French perspective … by looking at the great medieval cathedral builders of Paris and Chartres, and how these skills helped to build the even greater chateaux of the Loire Valley. Our focus this term will be King Louis the Fourteenth and the astonishing splendours of Versailles.

And finally an invitation to all students of any class level to come along to the library each Tuesday from 1.15 to 1.45, when we will be piloting the idea of offering some French activities for those interested. We will have a weekly storybook reading (with the possibility that the storybook could then be borrowed and taken home through the ensuing week) and perhaps some French games and songs. Join us and bring along your ideas too!

au revoir


From the Garden

Welcome to the Garden

Lots happening in the garden this year, we will be making a compost bin so we can better use our compost from the green bins, class 3 will be working on a specific garden space and classes will be working in their own little areas, much appreciated rejuvenation.

Last year’s class 3 built our chicken house and now we need a fence for their weekend perambulations. To fund this we are selling bulbs. We have sent home catalogues for this fundraiser and hope you can support us.


0488 102 191







Hello Dear All,

I wanted to let you know a bit about the extra music sessions that the students will be having this year starting from week 2.  They may have come home and mentioned something about it.

I’m excited to be able to begin these sessions, which are intended to support and enhance the rest of the music that the wonderful Class teachers already do on a daily basis. Instrumental lessons and ensembles continue as usual from Class 3.

The children may have mentioned Kodaly  (pronounced – Ko – dai). This is the name of a Hungarian composer  (Zoltan Kodaly) who revolutionized music teaching in his country by devising a method, which prioritizes the voice as the primary means of all musical learning. It is used throughout the world today. The simple and familiar (folk) songs that the children may already know, or will learn in class are used to teach the elements of music. It fits beautifully within Steiner education, I believe.

I will be giving a half hour session per week for each of the class 1- 6 (and continuing with 7/8 music theory). In a nutshell – we will sing, dance, move to the beat, and practice learning how to read, write and improvise music using simple and age appropriate songs.

Please see me if you have any questions regarding any aspect of the music program. 

Best wishes to you all,



Health and Physical Education

Welcome back families and friends,

I am excited to be teaching Health and PE once again this year, with an extra session for Classes 7 & 8 and Class 4 now becoming part of the program.

Over the next 4 weeks all classes will be undertaking a cricket program looking at developing the batting, bowling and fielding skills as well as increasing their knowledge and understanding of the game. I am sure my vast experience of the game will help to ensure we have a productive and enjoyable cricket program.

Have a wonderful 2017.

Cheers, Alan

Pastoral Care Program

The school supports the emotional well-being of students through the provision of pastoral care services. Lorna Atkinson is available to see parents and/or students about any social-emotional or behavioural issues that may be affecting your child’s learning or well-being and can be contacted through the Office.

Parents & Friends Group

The Parents and Friends will again host a get together each Wednesday morning in the Parents Room this year.  Feel free to drop in any time between 9 am and noon. There will usually be crafting, chatting, tea and planning going on.  There are toys and an outside sandpit so little children are most welcome.

The Parent Craft group meet during this time too and over the next few weeks we’ll be sewing pocket gnomes, making home made sunscreen, dyeing calico and creating an Easter centrepiece.  We’re putting together a mailing list this year, so we can more easily let people know what we’re up to.  Contact me or Aleesha (0421 845 757) if you’d like to add your contact details.

There are also plans afoot for more cooking, preserving and soap making.  And after the success of last year’s bush dance, we are beginning to plan another one for next term.

In case you aren’t aware, you are welcome to use the Parents Room and sandpit area at any time.  Tea and coffee are available in the kitchen and there is a change table with spare emergency nappies available in the large toilet.  

With love

Julie Tisdale, Parents & Friends Convenor, 0420 318 255



Nicole's journey

Just a little message of good greetings to all, and my best thoughts for this new school year already underway. We made it safely over to Perth, not without a decent dose of hair raising Doris dilemmas – all credits to Peter for being an excellent driver and mechanical monitor, along with skipping some heart beats when it looked like we might have toppled over out near Eucla!
Arad, baby and I are all finding our way out west here (now with the river flooded – beautiful!) with lots of support already from my parents and baby hasn’t even been born yet!
It’s so nice to still have some contact with Emilia and Tully in class 8 around supporting Emilia’s eurythmy project.

Please pass my warm greetings about,
With love,


Doris made it to Perth!



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From The Office

Form, forms, forms.....

Thank you to those that have returned forms, copies available at the office if needed.

All children with Anaphylaxis, Asthma or Allergies must have an updated Action Plan for 2017.  Anaphylaxis Action plans must be completed by a Medical Practitioner. It is recommended that Asthma and Allergy Plans are completed by a Medical Practitioner also, but can be completed by parents, forms are available at the office.

Please ensure any medication kept in the Classroom is updated/still in date. Any medication to be dispensed during school hours needs a Record of Medication to be completed and given to the teacher or the office with the medication. These forms are available at the office and from our website. MEDICATION RECORDv3 (web version)

Finance Office


If you are having difficulty making your payment on time, it is important you contact the school prior to the invoice due date to apply for an extension of time and/or arrange a fee agreement. Where parents or guardians are experiencing demonstrated financial hardship, an approved fee agreement may enable payments to be made by instalment across the term.

Fee Assistance may be available to families in particularly difficult financial situations and cannot meet the fee requirements of the school. Fee assistance is funded from the school budget, and there are limited funds available for assistance. The Fee Assistance cycle occurs on a calendar year basis. If you wish to apply for Fee Assistance in 2017, you can download an application form from our website or collect one from the school office. Applications close on 24 February 2017.


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Community Classifieds

Accommodation request for Nicole et Martin : Steiner Family Circus from Switzerland


Castlemaine State Festival are excited and delighted to welcome “Nicole et Martin” to perform for our local primary school children. They will be traveling with their two sons age 6 and 9 yrs old. Dates would be March 15th – 27th.

Sam Thomas

Creative Producer

T: 0456 915995

Next Festival:17-26 March 2017




Hello everyone,

I am offering personalised holistic treatments addressing acute and chronic conditions in men, women and children. The treatments may include dietary and lifestyle advice, nutritional support and herbal prescriptions. Having two children myself, I have a special interest in children’s health and wellness. My eldest, Abigail, is attending class 1 at school, so if we happen to cross paths and you have a question, please feel free to ask!

I am currently working from The Hub in Castlemaine.

For appointments or enquiries – Marie-Michele Galarneau – 0449 595 649


Tractor Tyres


We have at our disposal two tractor tyres that are looking for a new home.

If you can utilise them as a sand pit, vegie garden or with a liner as a pond please get in touch. The options are endless.

Tyre 1   Outside diameter    1.7m   Inside diameter 85cm   Height   55cm

Tyre 2   Outside diameter    1.7m   Inside diameter 80cm   Height   75cm

Tyre 2   This tyre has some white paint on the inside and a few splashes over the top, you can call past and inspect or I can send a photo.

You will have to arrange pick up but assistance can be given to load up from this end.

Where: Clunes Recreational Reserve

Contact:  David  0498 042 720 for arrangements

Maldon Youth Hub for 12-18 year olds

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Meg singing at the Old Goal

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Rite of Passage - Boyhood to Manhood

More Information...





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