Thursday 6th December, 2018

Term 4 Week 9

As The Sun mounts up to his highest place
he takes my human heart with him
into the vastness of space.

I hear The-one-who-stands-within-me-
and-speaks-with-my-own-voice say,

"The day is coming when you will know
that Godly being has sensed your being".

From The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner

Dates to Diary

Term 4 - Tuesday 9th of October - Friday 14th of December

TERM 4, 2018 - Dates for the Diary
Fri 7th Dec - Class 8 Shakesphere Performance 7.30pm
Mon 10 - 12th Dec - Class 8 Shoreham Camp
Tue 11th Dec - Class 6 Soiree 2pm
Tue 11th Dec - Class 7 Play 6.30pm
Wed 12th Dec - Class 5 Soiree 1pm
Thu 13th Dec - Class 8 Graduation 7.15pm
Fri 14th Dec - Final day of school for 2018. Read on for further final assembly details.

Term 1 2019 - 10 weeks
Monday 28th January - Friday 5th April (** Note - Mon 28th to Wed 30th are Pupil Free Days. First day back is Thu 31st Jan)
Term 2 2019 - 10 weeks
Monday 22nd April - Friday 28th June (** Note - Mon 22nd & Tue 23rd are Pupil Free Days. First day back is Wed 24th Apr)
Term 3 2019 - 9 weeks
Monday 22nd July - Friday 20th September (** Note - Mon 22nd is a Pupil Free Day)
Term 4 2019 - 10 weeks
Monday 7th October - Friday 13th December (** Note - Mon 7th is a Pupil Free Day)

Dear Parents,

The year is drawing to a close and once again it has been a rich panoply of experience that has moved us through the year. The children’s work academically and artistically (on display during the Fair) is a credit to both the teachers and the children and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching their much-loved play practices and performances which demonstrate their obvious pleasure in acting out the stories they have encountered and their skills in speech and in memorisation. Steiner education, through its multi-modal format, has this unique capacity to meet the variety of children’s needs for learning.

I offer my heartfelt thanks to all the teaching staff, Learning support teachers, specialist teachers, assistants and all those dedicated to the children’s welfare for the expertise and skill they bring to work every single day. Their level of care and sincere love for the children is very special. Of course you all know as parents how vital you are to affecting your child’s love of learning and to their journey through life in general and I am thankful to each and every one of you for what you do to enhance your child’s efforts.

To our wonderful admin team, it has been a busy and productive year which I hope will bear more fruit as we move into the new year. I am very grateful for the support you provide behind the scenes to keep the school running smoothly.

I’m sure I speak on behalf of all staff and parents in saying that I am so grateful for everything our amazing P&F group do in the course of the year, from festival organisation, lunchtime meals, cooking for planning days and preparing afternoon teas for visiting speakers, the craft mornings, the support you provide other parents and of course the massive Fair effort, you are a wonderfully positive force in the school and we are all lucky to have you.

And the last group of unsung heroes in our school are the Board. We meet once a month with Jane Staley, Hayley Bridgwood, Warwick Smith and Soph Howard giving their time without payment to ensure good governance. I have enjoyed the level of debate, the ideas raised and the problems solved, all with good grace and will.

Upgraded PE program

Other things to look forward to next year include an updated PE program where we will be adding a Friday afternoon vertically integrated sports program for Classes 6, 7 and 8. This means that these three classes will be split into four groups composed of students from all three classes who will participate in one of the activities for the term and then rotate to a new activity the following term.

Each activity will run for 8 weeks (not the first or last week of term). The activities will include:

  • Circus Skills
  • Golf
  • Martial Arts (to be confirmed)
  • Orienteering

The choice of activities lend themselves to individual skill acquisition rather than being competitive in nature, therefore allowing multi-age involvement.

The Oval.

We will be starting work next year on improving the senior oval which, as we are all aware, is in need of some TLC.


The camps have been very successful this year with good feedback from the children.

We are currently working to create a camping prospectus for next year that will outline the program in greater detail.

As this is the last newsletter of the year I wish you all safe holidays and a wonderful time with your family.

 Our young activists

I applaud the courage and proactivity of some of our year eight students in their desire to have their voices heard in what can appear to be a tone-deaf world, when it comes to addressing Climate Change.

It appears though, that many are listening, as Milou and Harriet’s voices in particular, have found resonance not only locally and nationally but internationally as well with an article appearing in the New York Times.

Why our children are in this position, is something those with power to make change, need to take seriously.

To read more follow the link:

Read More…


Reports (from previous Penny)

The teachers have been working on the report format and would like you to share the following information.

Reports have a couple of purposes:

  1. To provide parents with a meaningful snapshot of the progress of their children in all subject areas as well as how they are progressing as learners and human beings.
  2. To provide the teachers with further information from which they can redesign their lessons to meet the needs of the children or provide children with additional assistance if required.
  3. To meet the compliance standards of the Government for registration as a school.

Please remember Reports are only one way we communicate how your child is doing at school. Teachers make themselves available (by appointment) to discuss any concerns that might arise, whether they are academic or social in nature.

Class meetings are also a time where the activities of the whole class can be discussed and questions asked about the education and child development.

We are continuing to refine the Report format so that it meets the criteria above. You should be aware that Reports are more for your information as parents than for your children. The children receive feedback in an ongoing way from their teachers. Part of the purpose of reporting is to meet the government requirements that includes a 5-point marking scale. We do not wish, in any way, to create stress for the children that sometimes arises from the use of marking scales or by creating comparisons within the class. As teachers, we are tracking your child’s progress and meeting individuals where they are.

The reports represent a picture of your child over the last semester and we have tried to make them as meaningful as possible without being overwhelming with too much information. The teachers have provided a cover page that outlines in more detail the content and rationale for the lessons the children have received.

We are working on creating a culture where there should not be any surprises for parents in the reports. If your child has been having difficulties with any aspect of the curriculum and may need some additional support from our Learning Support Teachers then you will know beforehand what the nature of that support is and why we have decided to implement this.

If your child receives a ‘5’ for any outcome there should be some commentary on the nature of the support they have received.

It is also noteworthy that if your child receives a ‘3’ it simply means they are working at the appropriate level for that year level.

Regards Brian

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School News

Final Assembly Arrangements

Our final assembly for 2018 will proceed as follows;

Assembly commences at 2.15pm. Assembly ends with Arch of Honour for Class 8 at 3pm. Children will return to their classrooms from 3.10pm for final farewells before being dismissed for the year at the normal time of 3.25pm.


CSSK Bus Survey

Please help guide us with how our bus service could be improved. We are reviewing the overall service and associated costs and have added some ideas on additional stops that may help more families. All feedback is welcome.



Carpark safety

After some recent near misses we have installed new speed limit signage for our drive/carpark. The zone is a 10km per hour limit. Please adhere at all times for everyone’s safety.


Celebrating 100 years of Steiner Education - "HEAD, HEART & HANDS"

Next year marks the 100th anniversary of Steiner Education – “Waldorf 100”. As part of the many celebrations being held across the world in 2019, our school will be hosting a fabulous exhibition of the outstanding work that our students, both past & present, have completed. The exhibition is in conjunction with Castlemaine Secondary College, and will feature artwork from Class 1 through to 12.

This week Chris has been handing out flyers requesting families to start handing in artwork submissions. We will need your support in promoting this event, and would also appreciate if you could place posters in your local cafe’s & neighbourhood. Please see Chris or Rachael for printed posters if you can help.

Further information / How to Help!



Kinder 2020

This is the last Penny notice for the year and thus we couldn’t let it go without another reminder out there for all parents whom are considering the school for their Kindergarten 2020 child. Places are limited and all children must be registered via a completed Expression of Interest form and payment of the $100 Application Fee. There are still some families with younger siblings within this group who have not registered/paid. We strongly recommend that you make contact with Helen our new Enrolments Officer to ensure your details are in the system.

We will commence the application process in Term 1 of 2019, and will have all available offers completed by Term 2, in preparation for Ring-A-Rosie in Term 4.

You got to be in it to win it!


Prep News

Well here we are at the end of our Prep year, with all the children ready to move to Class One. We have had a wonderful year. The children have grown and learnt so much. It has been a pleasure to share this time with them. It is with some sadness but also with excitement and anticipation, that I say ‘farewell ‘ as they begin their journey through the school. I wish Fiona and the children all the best for the years ahead.

I look forward to celebrating our Christmas Festival with you on Thursday 13th December at 9am.

I thank all parents for your help and support this year. With very special thanks to Bron as our Class Carer and to Sherene and Ada who have given her support throughout the year.

I wish you peace and joy at Christmas and a safe and restful holiday.

Warm Regards



Class 1 News

In Class 1 we are all enjoying the season of Advent. Each day we light a candle and sing and add an extra star to the dark blue sky. Each day also, the little baby comes further down the golden ladder.

It is the first week of Advent, so we have used stones, crystals and shells to build up our Nativity scene. Next week we shall add plants and flowers and the third week we will add animals. We won’t be able to complete our scene, perhaps you can finish it at home. The fourth week is humans, so Mary & Joseph can arrive. It is a beautiful and peaceful process and brings the joy of anticipation to the children in a deep and meaningful way.

On a practical note, I would urge parents to come and collect the children’s lovely work early in the week next week. We have new big folders so it will be easy for you to carry this precious work home. This needs to go home as soon as we can so that moving day is an easier task for us all.

warm regards, Anne


Class 2 News


Class 2 are finishing the year with the Local Surroundings main lesson. They have really enjoyed being out in nature, closely observing their environment. Their drawings have ranged from hillsides in the distance and ants nests close up. Class 2 have discovered that you get to see a lot in our natural surroundings if you are very still, such as a lizard running along on its hind legs.

We’d like to wish everyone a happy and safe festive season and restful holidays. I’m looking forward to keeping you up to fate with Class 3 next year.

Love Cathy.

Class 4 News

What a wonderful last term we have had together in Class Four with our Swan Hill Camp and the amazing performances of  “The Theft of Thor’s Hammer”  last week.

As many of you may know, this is my last term with these children, many of whom I have been with since class one. It has been a great journey these past four years, both challenging and so rewarding when I see how far we have travelled together and what a fine class they have become.

Thank you to each of you and your parents for their care and support. I will miss you very much and have wonderful memories of our time together.

Much love, Mary

Class 7 News

Dear Families,
I’m amazed that we are at the end of the school year! What an incredible year it has been. Thank you for sharing your young people with me this year. It has been a great joy and adventure coming to know them better, and exploring the curriculum together, as well as music, camps and morning games!
Thank you so much for your support and communication throughout the year. You have helped to make this year richer in every way.
Wishing you a wonderful, restorative break, and looking forward to seeing you next year.
Love and thanks,

Class 8 News

Class 8 preparing for their performance of A Midsummer Nights Dream at Warranwood.

We are looking forward to our camp next week, then graduation for these wonderful young people. Many thanks for everyone who has supported them during this final year at CSSK.


Parents & Friends

Giving Tree

The Giving Tree will be in the office until the last day of school for donations of festive, non perishable food for local families in need.  Thank you for your support of this initiative which has been running for many years now.

Spring Fair Reflections

The last Fair things have been packed away and so it’s probably time for some reflections.

Firstly, thank you for all the work, the creativity, the generosity and the support.  I think the Fair was a lovely indication of the beauty and inclusivity of our community.  We have such strong foundations and there is almost nothing we can’t achieve if we continue to strive and support each other.

Financially we have raised $15,000.  The school is investigating the possibility of using this money to repair the senior oval which is currently very hard and dusty.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that this will be possible.

This year we swapped the silent auction for the raffle hampers.  From our perspective, this was very successful.  The amount of money raised was about the same and the raffles fitted much more easily into the day.  We’d be interested to hear your feedback about how the raffles could be improved.  

We were also really impressed with the Class 6 stall, where the children put together a range of little activities, games and goods for sale.  Kids really know what other kids like and their ideas inspired us to include more sideshow type games in the Fair next year. 

We are also looking forward to using our very own wood fired pizza oven next year as the current class 7s are making plans to repair to old oven early in the new year.

Parents & Friends Committee

Over the last few years, much of the organising of Spring Fair activities has fallen to class carers.  This has been convenient and effective.  However many carers are already juggling young families and work and this additional work can become stressful.  We would like to change the structure so that less work falls on class carers unless they specifically want to take it on.

Next year we are putting in place a committee of at least a dozen people to organise the Spring Fair, social events such as the bush dance and to support the teachers with festival preparation.  

We will meet about once a month, with get togethers both in the day and evening.  Some meetings will include wine.  Please get in touch if you’d like more information or to be involved.  I’m thrilled that already six people have put their hands up.

The relationship between the expanded committee, the carers and the class parents will continue to be worked through but we do hope to make everyone’s life a little easier.

The continuity in Fair organisation over the last five years has meant that we’re pretty well organised for next year already!  However, you are warmly invited to collect really good second hand clothes and fish & dip items across the year and to squirrel away offcuts of wood and nice jars.  Summer is also a great time for preserving and seed collecting 🙂

Next year, we would like a dedicated group to oversee making the treasures for the Children’s Tent – as this is a tricky task for a class to take on.  Send me a message if you’re interested in coordinating this or if you’d like to be part of the network of people doing the crafting.

We’re also really keen to keep developing the free activities next year.  Julieta Mateo has beautiful plans for this and we’ll put time and effort into realising them for next year. 

Craft Group

There are also exciting plans for Craft Group next year, with Rose Demaria running the group each week.  We are aiming to expand our craft market stalls to once a term and to expand the goods we have available for sale in the office.  

We’ll put together a leaflet at the start of next term with all the details and use our Parents & Friends Facebook page to publicise the craft group activities.  

Thank you to all our parents and friends for your support and your wonderful contributions throughout the school year.  I hope you and your families have a fabulous summer holiday break.

WIth love

Julie Tisdale

Convenor, CSSK Parents & Friends



Garden news

Congratulations to our Class 8 students who facilitated the school strike against inaction about climate change last Friday, which culminated in 300 Castlemaine students along with 20,000 others across Melbourne & Sydney striking. And national and international press. From little things big things grow!


Class 3 harvested some funny shaped carrots!

Thanks from the garden to the classes who pulled huge piles of weeds. Also Sally, Nathan and Chip for their wonderful contributions and to everyone else who helped shape our beautiful environment.

Regards Lisa


Spanish News

Dear All,

The school year is finishing with intensity and enthusiasm!

During Spanish, the last term for class 4 to 6 has been mostly about culture (specially Mexican culture J). They celebrated the festival of “El Dia de Muertos” (The Day of the Dead) in November and now they are finishing their piñatas!

Class 3 is joining the rest of the classes with this element of the Mexican Christmas celebrations; class 2 is too and they will share their piñata with class 1.

Breaking piñatas will be our last activity for the year! (I hope this will help them to release all the stress accumulated during the year!).

Class 7 and 8 haven’t had time to join these activities unfortunately, since they have been quiet busy with camps, plays and other things (specially class 8). However, they have been working hard and learning more about the actual language.

I hope you all have a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas celebration and that the year ends with much love and blessings.

Wishing you all a new year of good health, love, peace, light and many blessings.

Best regards,



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Community Classifieds

Salsa Social - Free Kids Event - Thursday 6th December 5.30pm

More Information...

Create a Heartfelt Christmas with Tribe

Create a Heartfelt Christmas

 From unique, little advent calendar treasures & creative stocking fillers to an array of precious gifts, handmade with love, for both adults & children.

Delightful Christmas trimmings & natural crafting materials.

Spread the love, shop local, supporting over 50 makers.

Be inspired to create your heartfelt Christmas as you slow-shop Tribe.

Open Monday – Saturday during December.

More Information...

Another CSSK Parent Book Launch!

Dear CSSK Community,

My name is Shannon Schultz and I have my children Olina & Theo attending the school in early childhood. I’ve written a therapeutic children’s book in the Steiner rhythmic storytelling tradition and I’m hosting a book launch on Saturday 8th of December. The book has been illustrated by Kia Maddock who is also Steiner trained and includes illustrations with toys and clothing that children will recognise from school. “The Happy Flap” is designed to help children connect to a sense of joy through appreciation. It helps build children’s resilience and increases their internal locus of control.

Come join me for a book reading and signing, meet the author & illustrator and do some Christmas shopping!;

The Happy Flap book launch

Saturday 8th Dec. 10:30am – 11:30am, The Castlemaine Library Foyer

Shannon, 0407 131 252

Special Offer to CSSK Families

Rob Leeson, our Spring Fair photographer is offering discounted portraits from his Maldon studio to all CSSK families. Each session is a total cost of $200 including ownership of all pictures. For more information on Rob see;


YMCA - School Holiday Program 2019

Bookings are now open, see the link for details.

More Information...

Can you help a Steiner school in Brazil?

Dear friends from the Waldorf community,

Over its 18 years of existence, the Novalis Waldorf School has been offering Waldorf education, from Kindergarten to Secondary School. Like all other Waldorf schools around the world, we see each child as an individual, with his or her own particular capacities and whose talents and limitations must be respected. In this way, we seek to help each child to develop their unique potential so that in the future they may accomplish their personal mission in life and contribute towards a better world.

Our school, located in Piracicaba (Brazil), embraces 290 students, 40 teachers and assistants, and 10 administrative employees. The school is maintained by a non-profit association run by parents, employees, teachers and friends who believe in this initiative. Our history is based on donation, community work and the involvement of people who dedicate their time, work and financial resources for the construction and maintenance of this education project. Since we do not receive government subsidy, we depend exclusively on contributions from the students´ families and other donors. The school practices a wide system of scholarship concessions based on the concept of fraternity, therefore embracing any family who wishes to benefit from this form of education. Presently, almost 40% of all students receive some kind of scholarship. We also embrace children and youngsters with special needs, often rejected by other schools.

We invite you to know our school a little better through this video:

Today, at the age of 18, we are taking a huge step: to start offering High School education. We want to provide an integral educational background for the teenagers, to develop in them the capacity for wide and creative thinking and to give them a true conception and understanding of the world, thus preparing them for life. In this way, they will be prepared to face courageously the challenges to come, with respect for others, care of the environment and high ideals for the future. Today, there is no Waldorf High School education offered in Piracicaba or in any city close by. We believe that the teenagers, not only from our school, but from the entire region, deserve the opportunity to have access to this kind of education, which can greatly contribute to their life in the future and for the construction of a more just and fraternal society.

This is our great goal. In addition to preparing our teachers, we need to build all the necessary physical structure by February 2019 when school activities begin. During this first stage we are building three new classrooms. In a second phase, we are going to construct a new building unit to house two laboratories, a library and a teachers’ room. The total cost of building the 3 new classrooms of Phase 1 is around R$ 350.000,00 (US$ 95.000,00 or € 83.000,00). Since all initiatives for expansion depend on donations and fundraising, our school community has been promoting events and activities like garage sales, pizza parties and other festivities to cover all the expenses involved. But the challenges are many… we invite you to help us to make this project become real.

We have started a crowdfunding campaign but so far we have raised only 4% of the total amount necessary. Therefore, we ask the Waldorf community for help. We ask all Waldorf schools around the world to join us in this challenge. We ask you to help by donating to our crowdfunding and spreading around your community that we have a serious project which needs help. Our crowdfunding can be accessed through the following link:

Once you are inside the crowdfunding website, you may scroll down to find the project description in English. Since the website is in Portuguese, we send attached the step-by-step instructions to donate any amount to our project. Please be aware that the current currency rate is US$ 1,00 = R$ 3,70, therefore if you wish to donate US$ 100,00, you have to donate R$ 370,00.

If you want additional information or if you want to talk to me about our project (or about anything else J), please contact me by e-mail or call me at +55 (19) 99883-1788. I will be glad to answer any questions or do anything within my reach to bring our schools closer through this project. Together we are very strong. We count on your contribution to accomplish our dream.

Join us! All together for Novalis High School!

With my warmest regards,

Sérgio Cruz


Novalis Pedagogic Association

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Community Event - Christmas Eve

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Kinesiology Courses for 2019

More Information...

Instruments for Sale

A half size Atelier in excellent condition with semi-hard case & newly strung bow for $500.  

 Contact Lucy Mayes at


Half sized cello in good condition $350

Please call Helen 0448 314 001

More Information...

Medicine Doll & Drum Making Workshops

Medicine Doll Making ~ Women’s Circle ~ babes in arms welcome. 

Saturday 2nd February 2019 9am ~ 5pm
This is a nourishing and fun day of creativity, inspiration, connection and healing. We will gather in sacred circle to make a spirit / medicine doll. 
Weaving in intention and blessing, connecting with your ancestors, guides and teachers, with the realm of nature and this land. Creating a doll that reflects your innate gifts and qualities, your medicine to the world. The dolls are made with a process of needle felting fleece and incorporating medicine from nature. Needle felting is a simple and satisfying process of creating… the doll comes alive before your very eyes.

I love and am passionate about the transformation and magic that takes place for people connecting to their creativity. No experience is necessary !
Please bring along:
~ anything you would like to place on the centre altar (this will be returned to you)
~ anything special you feel called to incorporate into your doll. You may have special feathers or a doilie your great grandmother made or a precious piece of jewellery.
~anything you may need for your own comfort and warmth or cool for sitting in circle for the day. Cushions, sheep skin, shawl etc.
~ something light to share for lunch.
Tea, coffee and morning tea provided
Bookings are required:
Cost is $150
Please text or call me on 0404407418 to confirm your place in the circle and arrange payment. Payment plan available
I look forward to meeting you and sharing this lovely day with you.
Love Melissa xxx

Medicine Drum Making Workshop ~ Women’s Circle

Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th February 8.30am ~ 5.30pm

Making your own drum is a profound journey of insight, healing and transformation.

You will be given the opportunity to gain insight into your own birth story and how you bring creations through into the world. Weaving your own unique and personal medicine into a sacred tool, connecting to your own heart and rhythm.. and the heart of the Earth. These drums will be made using Kangaroo Hide and 15″ Hoop Pine frames.
These are intimate groups so places are limited.
Cost ~ $450 Including all materials
~A deposit of $200 is required to book your place.
Once payment has been received you will be sent an email with the workshop preparation and details including address. 

Please email Melissa at to book your place and I will send you account details for payment. Payment plan is available pre workshop
~Morning and afternoon tea are provided.
~Please bring lunch to share
Look forward to sharing this beautiful journey with you to birth your drum.

Love Melissa
0404407418. fb Melissa Norris. insta @drumsofthemelissae



Celebration Days for Girls

Workshop dates for 2019!

More Information...

Over the Moon Summer Program for 2019


Over the Moon Yoga and Dance Studios warmly invites children and teenagers to the Summer School Holiday Program running from the 7-9 January 2019.  OTM has been providing high-quality yoga and dance education since 1990. We offer an array of movement styles that all prioritise students’ wellbeing, age-appropriate and sustainable technique development, self-expression and the joy of dance.

There are four separate programs in the Summer School, grouped by age:

 5-8 year olds

9:00am-11:30am daily: Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Creative, Acro Bollywood and Art & Craft 

 9-12 year olds

11:30am-5:00pm daily: Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Creative, Acro, Bollywood, Korean-inspired Choreography & Contemporary, Repertoire and 5Rythms 

3.5-5 year olds

9:00am-10:15am daily: Ballet, Creative Dance, African Song & Dance, Bollywood and Art & Craft

 Teenagers (13+)

10:00am-5:00pm daily: Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Creative, Acro, Bollywood, Korean-inspired Choreography & Contemporary, Repertoire, Pas de Deux and 5Rythms



 Children and teenagers said of our previous programs:

“I got to do lots of different styles – I loved them all”

“I liked dancing! Making new friends, having new teachers”

To book:  Trybooking:

Enquiries:  Contact

Feel free to visit our website for more information:

Or find us on facebook and instagram: @overthemoonyogaanddance_

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