Tuesday 5th March, 2019

Term 1 Week 6

A slowing-down is in the air;
and sun-light is veiled in a mist.
I see the autumn coming closer
from where the sun goes down.
The warm South-wind is going home,
but has left the summer with me.

From The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner

Dates to Diary

Term 1 2019 - 10 weeks
Monday 28th January - Friday 5th April
Term 2 2019 - 10 weeks
Monday 22nd April - Friday 28th June (** Note - Mon 22nd & Tue 23rd are Pupil Free Days. First day back is Wed 24th Apr)
Term 3 2019 - 9 weeks
Monday 22nd July - Friday 20th September (** Note - Mon 22nd is a Pupil Free Day)
Term 4 2019 - 10 weeks

Term 1 - Dates for the Diary
Fri 8th Mar - Early Childhood Open Morning - 9.30am - 11.30am
Fri 8th Mar - "Head, Heart & Hands" Exhibition - Family Evening 5.30 - 7pm (with ensemble performance)
Tue 12th - 15th Mar - Class 7 Camp Glenelg Canoe Camp
Wed 13th Mar - Prep Parent Meeting
Wed 13th Mar - Class 1 Parent Meeting
Fri 15th Mar - Carousel Play 2pm (Spanish/French performance)
Tue 19th Mar - Upper Years 7 & 8 Information Evening 6 - 7.30pm
Wed 27th Mar - Class 4 Parent Meeting
Wed 3rd Apr - Class 4 Muckleford Forest Camp

Family Evening at the “Head, Heart & Hands” Exhibition

Come along this Friday to our family evening at the Castlemaine Visitor Information Centre for our “Head, Heart & Hands” Exhibition from 5.30pm – 7pm. Our string ensemble will be playing inside the exhibition and it is a fabulous time to come down and explore the display. The work of our students and the High School Stream looks incredible.

And….free ice cream for young and old!


CSSK Bus Service – New Stops Commencing next week!

We are excited to announce that as of next week, Week 7, we are commencing our two new bus stops to the school. The new route and timings are available here CSSK BUS SERVICE INFORMATION.  Users of the new stops will be charged the current Casual Daily rate of $6.00 per person per day for the remainder of Term 1, as people get used to the service.

If parents would like to trial using the service whilst a staff member is at the stop and onboard;

  • Rachael will be using the Campbell’s Creek Stop on Tuesday and Friday
  • Ken will be using the Chewton stop on Thursday next week.

Going forward – if students are using the bus service more than 2 days per week from Term 2, we will require families to complete a new Bus Conveyance Allowance application form by the second week of Term 2, so that the appropriate amount of conveyance funding is made available to the school from the government.

There are currently two options for bus conveyance funding; Full Time & Multi-mode (where parents must use car for more than 4.8km to the nearest bus stop). These forms are available from the office, or phone in and we can email a copy to you.

In recent times there has been significant rising costs for the bus service, in-line with fuel increases we are experiencing across our community. The school is committed to continuing to offer this service, however we have needed to conduct a review of costs for users. From Term 2 we will be increasing the Casual Daily rate to $8.00 per person per day. Parents please note you must contact the school to place your child on the bus list for any given day as a casual user. Term rates for Full Time users of the service will be increased in Term 3, and we will provide an update on this in the coming weeks as we have a better idea of full time user numbers.



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School News

From the Principal

Head Hands and Heart celebration of 100 years of Waldorf education

Last Friday marked the opening of a two week exhibition of children’s work from our school and Castlemaine Secondary College’s Steiner stream which is our way of celebrating ‘Waldorf 100’. This is a world-wide celebration of 100 years of Steiner education.

The evening opened with a wonderful ‘Welcome to Country’ by Ron Murray and Uncle Ricki. We are very fortunate to have these men as friends of our community and to be able to participate in this smoking ceremony.

The combined class 6, 7 and 8 ensemble delighted our ears with beautiful music, accompanied by Jeanette, Leonie and Phil, forming an artistic backdrop for guests enjoying the fruits of your children’s work, which is most impressive. Some people seeing this work for the first time could not believe it was the work of children.

A tremendous amount of work went into the exhibition and we offer our warm appreciation to Chris Curtis, whose inspiration it was to stage the event and to Rachael Pearce, in the office who was tireless in bringing the event to life.

Our wonderful P&F were outstanding once again in providing a dazzling array of tasty and healthy food, all, along with the biodynamic wine were locally sourced.

The event will run for two weeks with a family evening arranged for this Friday, the 8th of March.

Let your friends and relatives know they can come along and join our celebration, this week, Mary Nesbit will be at the exhibition between 10am and 2pm from Wednesday to Sunday to answer any questions people may have about Waldorf education.

Snake tips

A small brown snake was caught in the school grounds today and Adam, the snake catcher, advised us that they can be particularly aggressive when they are so young. We advise all the children never to leave their shoes outside or bags or jumpers on the floor. If you could reiterate this warning it all helps to avoid an alarmed reaction.

Warm regards, Brian





Craft News

The Head, Heart and Hands exhibition would not have occurred without five people saying the word ‘yes’. These five people are Brian Dodd, Neil Bower, Ken Killeen (CSC), Jane Sanderson (CSC) and Jane Dimsey(CSC). Without the ongoing support of these people, none of this would have been possible.

To hold such an event off campus required meticulous planning, commitment, passion and bodies on the ground. With this in mind, I would like to thank and acknowledge these incredibly talented people:

Julie and Sujeeva – you both worked tirelessly to present an incredible table

Ron Murray and Uncle Ricki Nelson – for your welcome

Leonie, Jeanette and Phil and the student players – your talent inspires me

Huw – for your willing to help in any way you could

Steph – for your wall of Viking Shields and photography on the night

Brian and Ken – for their brilliant speeches

Mary Nesbit – for helping to collate the promotional material

Pop (Barry) – for your enthusiasm and hard work

Lastly, to Rachael – your dedication to the cause, your commitment, your grace and good nature, made it happen.

I hope to see you all on Friday night. Please understand that if your art/craft pieces are not in the exhibition, it is purely due to the lack of space and time. I tried to exhibit all pieces but in the end, it was not possible.

Warm regards, Chris



Enrolment News

Hello everyone,

 We’ve already started organising our first round of interviews for Kindergarten 2020, which are being held during Term 2. As a current parent, if you’ve not enrolled your child for Kinder and had intended to, you need to complete an Expression of Interest immediately and pay the $100 non-refundable Application Fee.

 Give me a shout to help you with the process as you are already running the risk of missing out!

 Warmest regards, Helen, Enrolments Officer – heleng@cssk.vic.edu.au



Parents & Friends

It has been a busy couple of days with the opening of the Head, Heart and Hands exhibition on Friday evening.  Sujeeva created a gorgeous assortment of grazing platters, canapés and finger foods for the invited guests.  The skill and talent in our parent community regularly amazes me.  

 Craft Group

 We’re up to our last session of doll making this week in Craft Group.  The dolls are progressing slowly as we’ve had some delays getting a good colour for the tricot we are using to make the doll’s skin.  If you’re interested in helping to finish them, let Rose or me know.  We’ll have some photos to share soon.  

 After doll making, Rose will be doing some wet felting and felt rainbow dyeing.  All are welcome, each Wednesday in the Parents Room from 9am to about noon.

 P&F Committee Meeting Change of date

 Due to clashes with a class meeting, we’ve changed the date of the first meeting of our Parents & Friends Committee to Thursday, 21 March at 7.30pm in Parents Room.  Anyone interested in contributing to organising the Parents & Friends, Spring Fair or other projects you may have in mind, is very welcome to attend.

 With love

 Julie Tisdale, Convenor, Parents & Friends, CSSK



From the Office

A set of keys has been found in the carpark last week. Please come to the office if you are missing some.



Prep News

 The children are all settling so well into their daily rhythm. It is wonderful to see the development of their ideas as they play. This week in  Morning Circle we will be setting off to the orchard to pick apples. Our Story will also be about harvesting fruit and vegetables.

 I look forward to continuing to meet with parents this Friday. Please remember our Class Meeting on Wednesday 13th March, 7.30-9pm.

 Warm Regards, Heather




Class 2 News

Class 3 News

Hello everyone.

 Class 3 have just begun the Farming and Gardening main lesson, with a Jaara story about Bunjil the eagle. In this main lesson we are looking at Australian Indigenous land management, before going onto various aspects of farming, homesteading and fibers.

 We have just come to the end of hearing The Secret Garden, such a perfect story for children of this age and the stage of development they are going through. The whole class were entranced, and when asked what was their favourite part of the story, all but one child said the whole story. The ‘one child’ loved the parts about Dickon and his animals. One of the main themes through the story was how your thinking affects your wellbeing, such wonderful seeds to sow in a young person’s mind.

 The class are working solidly on their music bags in craft and to while away some of these hot afternoons, we’ve wet felted balls to use in the classroom for morning circle activities and games.

Several more classroom crafts are planned to link in with our current main lesson so stay tuned. Finally, on the theme of craft, the Head, Heart and Hands exhibition is a must see!

 Cheers Cathy



Class 5 News

Class 5 continue on their journey through Ancient India, exploring the stories of The Ramayana, Krishna and now, Prince Siddartha (who became Buddha -the enlightened one). There has been much discussion around the roles of the different Gods in Ancient India and their relationship to humans. There have also been questions raised as to how the Gods were depicted, especially the choice of colour. The class are practicing their singing; and I think enjoying it immensely when they hit the right notes together. We have also been practicing a number of activities prior to and during our Main Lessons which are aimed at activating our brain buttons. They require concentration, co-ordination and stamina which require practice to be achieved. We continue to develop our skills in watercolour painting. It can be a challenging process but I have been really impressed by the group’s willingness to persevere when some self doubt arises. 

I enjoyed our class meeting last week and appreciated the open conversation and positive atmosphere. I did notice that some parents had left before I had a chance to give them an info sheet. Let me know if that was you and I will send one home. Thank you and have a great fortnight, Dave



Class 6 News

The children of Class 6 have been working on their main lesson topic “The Wonder and Wisdom of words” During this Main Lesson the children have been revising their grammar skills, looking at descriptive writing and ‘Onomatopoeic words’ This week the children spent some time outside by the water feature in the heart lands, and allowed their thoughts to take them somewhere with water. They children then wrote a descriptive poem about the water. It was wonderful how creative and individual all the writing pieces were.

 Thank you to those Parents who were able to attend last weeks class meeting. I hope you found the information and handouts helpful.

Have a great week, Love Amanda



Class 7 News

Class 7 students have been busy finishing off their King Arthur Stories and illustrations and are now venturing into some of the unknowns of algebra, using formulae to solve problems and meeting some very interesting mathematicians of the past who have helped with solving some of the number mysteries.

 We are also starting to prepare for our camp, paddling down the Glenelg river next week. We are looking forward to floating on the water, noticing the changing landscape and camping under the stars.

 Cheers, Anna



Class 8 News

Dear Families,

 During Main Lesson we have been learning about the life of Michelangelo, and his deep passion for carving marble, which was alive in him from the time he was a child. His passion was so strong that he pursued his urge to sculpt even though many obstacles stood in his way.

 Each student has just received a piece of carrera marble, which has come from the same quarry from which Michelangelo’s marbles came, from which he carved such glorious sculptures as David, his Pietà, and Baccus. Students will spend time this week drawing out a form from within their own piece of marble.

 In English some students have finished writing their first essays, which is very satisfying, and they are proving to be very informative!

 It was lovely to have Amy as our MC for assembly this week! Perhaps other class 8 students will feel confident to take on this role in weeks to come.

 Warm wishes, Kate




Wellbeing News

One thing that’s been alive for me recently is it seems many of us are reluctant to reach out and ask for assistance.  I don’t know, perhaps that comes from a belief that we are able- or should be able- to manage difficulties ourselves.  I’ve had a few conversations with parents these past two weeks where I have heard them say something like, “I wish I’d come and talked to someone earlier”.  Challenges and problems are surely a normal part of life, and how joyous it can be to move past the fear and allow ourselves to be vulnerable and reach out for help.  So often, being genuinely listened to is a healing and helping process in and of itself.  It also can allow us to find the next step to take.  And another really wonderful thing is- generally speaking- others love being of assistance to their fellow human beings.  It meets an important need within ourselves to be of service.

So … I’m here to help and listen.  Generally available Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Access me via your Class Teacher or Brian.

Mark Macdougall, Wellbeing Officer



From the garden

Thanks to Huw for donating the netting for our quince trees!

Class 3 have been celebrating the Hebrew Festival of the Tree. Accordingly we are planning a forest. Newstead Natives kindly donated some spare lightwoods which we potted up and are growing until they are big enough to plant in the ground. So far we have about 80 trees.

Class 4 with the basil they picked for the lunches

and making the San Choi Bau

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Community Classifieds

Bookings Open - YMCA School Holiday Program

More Information...

New CSSK Family needing rental accomodation

We have a new starter joining us next Term and the family are relocating from Perth to the area. If you know of any available rental properties available from mid April onwards, 2-3 bedrooms, outdoor garage shed required. Cat friendly, Castlemaine, Chewton & Fryerstown and up to $400 per week, please contact Tracey Robertson on 0434 953 516.

No Lights No Lycra

Have you made a resolution to try something new, do you want to get more exercise or do you just love to dance?

No Lights No Lycra is a monthly hour long dance event held in the dark at Westend Hall.

Come alone or enjoy with friends. There’s enough light to see shapes of people around you but the room is dark enough to lose any inhibitions. You can dance like no one is watching!

There’s a different play list each month including a mix of dance tracks from pop to indie, rock to hip hop, dance and soul to Top 40.

With no technique or steps to learn, it’s just free movement in a friendly and non-threatening environment. No need to be put off by the heat. The hall is now air-conditioned.

What:    No Lights No Lycra Castlemaine

Where: West End Hall, Woodman St, Castlemaine

Cost:     $8

No Lights No Lycra is a drug and alcohol free event. Just wear something comfortable.

  • 8 March
  • 5 April
  • 10 May
  • 14 June
  • 19 July
  • 9 August
  • 13 September
  • 11 October
  • 8 November

For more information follow the No Lights No Lycra Castlemaine (@Castlemainenlnl) page or find us on Instagram (@nolightsnolycra_castlemaine).

The Any Book Club

A no-pressure book club for kids in grades five and six to come hang out with each other and talk about what they have been reading that month – whatever it was.

Then have a few snacks, maybe do a booky craft, and set a fun challenge for next meeting

Book at the library desk at Castlemaine Library. Last Wednesday of the month, 4-5pm.

Starting the last week of February.



Family Fun - Taradale Festival Sunday 10th of March 2019

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Instruments for Sale

Violin 1/2 size Giotto, purchased from Bows for Strings 2017 for $449, good condition, asking $325, phone Donna 0484776001

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