Tuesday 21st May, 2019

Term 2 Week 5
In some mysterious way
the gifts given to me by the flow of
Spirit Sky and Cosmic Earth
combine with my awakened self,
giving a new force to my outer deeds.
Now, as I walk, I leave footprints.

From The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner

Dates to Diary

Term 1 2019 - 10 weeks
Monday 28th January - Friday 5th April
Term 2 2019 - 10 weeks
Monday 22nd April - Friday 28th June (** Note - Mon 22nd & Tue 23rd are Pupil Free Days. First day back is Wed 24th Apr)
Term 3 2019 - 9 weeks
Monday 22nd July - Friday 20th September (** Note - Mon 22nd is a Pupil Free Day)
Term 4 2019 - 10 weeks

Term 2 - Dates for the Diary
Tue 21 May - Class 7 Arapilies Camp
Thu 23rd May - Open Day
Thu 23rd May - Class 8 Meeting - with Ken Killeen from CSC Steiner Stream
27th May - Reconcilliation Week
Wed 29th May - AGM
Mon 3rd Jun - Whitsun Assembly
Mon 3rd Jun - Class 4 Parent Meeting
Wed 5th Jun - Class 1 Parent Meeting, 7.30 - 9pm
Wed 5th Jun - Class 3 Parent Meeting, 7.30 - 9pm
Wed 12th Jun - Annual School Concert - Phee Broadway Theatre
Thu 20th Jun - Prep Winter Festival
Fri 21st Jun - Winter Festival
Thu 27th Jun - Class 8 Projects


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School News

Open Day - Thursday 23rd of May

We will have our next Open Day on Thursday 23rd of May. Playgroup families who may be interested in a place at the school are encouraged to come along and walk through our beautiful autumn filled school and hear more about our program with Principal Brian Dodd.




Parent Evening Talk - Cyber Safety

We had a fantastic response to our request for expression of interest in a Cyber Safety evening talk. Stay tuned for further information.



Parents & Friends News

Craft Group

 Our parent craft group meets each Wednesday morning in the Parents Room after drop off.  All are very welcome.  There’s always a cup of tea or coffee and space for children to play.

 Most weeks this term we will be working on our own projects or putting together kits for Spring Fair.  However on Wednesday next week (,29 May), Rose will be hosting a beautiful workshop showing us how to dye felt with eucalyptus leaves.  


A small group of parents have been working on bringing the new classroom dolls to life.  We will have another session this Wednesday afternoon from noon.  All welcome.  Hopefully we’ll soon  have some photos to share.  

 The first craft kits for Spring Fair have been assembled and are available from the front desk at the office to take home and complete.  The first two kits are a gorgeous little echidna and kangaroo that need hand stitching.  We’ll add more across the term.  

 Children’s Tent Craft Kits

 Simpler craft kits are also available for the Children’s Tent.  We are attempting to get around to each class meeting this term inviting parents to participate.  The children’s tent kits vary – some only need simple twistie making or assembly.  If you’d like to add your name or if you have an older child, aunt or grandparent in the family who would like to help, please message Aleesha on 0421 845 757 and we’ll be in touch.

 Lost property

 There’s a growing collection of lost property in the Parents Room, including some plates and containers that belong to parents.  Pop in and have a look to see if there’s something of yours.

 With love, Julie Tisdale, Convenor Parents & Friends



Some photos from Prep




Class 1 News

We have had an enjoyable week delving into our first Science and Geography Main Lesson for the year.  As part of this Main Lesson, we have been exploring the natural environments in our school’s grounds. We have been taking note of the different plants and birds and insects living down by the creek, and on Bush Tucker Island.  The children have then been drawing pictures of the different things they have observed during our walks, and writing short sentences about them.

As part of this Main Lesson, I have been sharing some Indigenous Victorian stories from the Dreaming with the children.  Next week, we will have a simple introduction to seasons according to local Indigenous Australian lore.  We will continue with our explorations around the school’s grounds so please ensure that your children come to school with gumboots, raincoats and a change of clothes, in case they get muddy and wet during our adventures.  Thank you.

Crafts materials needed – if anyone has easy access to fabric scraps and willow stems, please let me know.  Scraps of fabric are always useful for different craft projects, and I would love to do some basket weaving as part of our Main Lesson on traditional handicrafts this Term.  Thank you to Bron and Sherene for your donations!

Class One Parent Meeting – Our Parent Meeting for this Term has been rescheduled to Wednesday the 5th of June, 7:30pm to 9:00pm



Class 2 News

Hi Class 2 Families,

We are finishing our English Main Lesson on the Celtic Dragon Myth, and will soon to move on to a Maths Main Lesson. I will send out a newsletter soon with more information.

Here are some photos from our Native American studies;

The children are excited to have finished their hobby horses and moving on to their next projects in craft.

Can parents PLEASE brush and tie the children’s hair back every day. We have had several cases of head lice and it is driving the children a little crazy. Long hair MUST be tied back. 

Warm regards, Anne



Class 5 News

Hello Everybody, 

 It has been a very interesting few weeks in Class 5 as the students delve deeper into their Ancient Egypt projects. The students have a week to go and most seem confident of producing something special. They will also be giving an oral presentation on their subject which I am looking forward to. Nervousness is natural and practice can help to calm those nerves! At the moment we are investigating the Wonderful World of Decimals in our Main Lesson and playing some fun maths games in the process! The students are really looking forward to the School Concert and are putting in real effort during ensemble. Keep practicing and have a fantastic week.  Dave



Class 8 News

Dear Families,

Class 8 has moved on from the Geography Main Lesson (see photo – the finished map) and have embarked on a Science Main Lesson, Optics and the Eye. They have participated already in interesting experiments with Phil, relating to light and perception, and have begun investigations into the anatomy and functioning of the human eye with me.

Monday this week we will participate alongside Class 7 students, in a workshop focused on digital citizenship and cyber safety.

I hope to see you at our class meeting this Thursday 23rd May at 7:30pm. Ken Killeen will be with us to answer any questions you may have regarding the CSC Steiner Stream, and it will be a good opportunity to touch base over Major Projects.

Warm wishes,



Spanish News

Hola a todos,

Continuing with sharing a bit more of what I do with the children 🙂

Class dos (Class 2) –

We start by greeting each other and reciting our opening verse. Then we sing some little songs about greetings, numbers 1-20 and vowel sounds. After that, we sing the song that is based on the story they have been listening to since the beginning of the year: “La Rata Parda” (the dun rat) – which they are really enjoying!

Then, they listen to the story (in such a beautiful way! Which moves from amazingly quiet and focus to verbally participating). Then they recall the last drawing they did about the story and I ask them what the next drawing could be (this I do in Spanish as much as possible as well as in English when needed), I also ask them to tell me in Spanish which they manage to do with a bit of help. After this, they set to work on their books (drawing) while I play and sing for them, moving around the room and seeing them creating such beautiful drawings! – This is another special moment during our lessons. Lastly, I announce that they have 30 seconds to put books and crayons away (in Spanish). Then we recite our opening verse as well as our closing verse and farewell each other (again, in Spanish)…

Spanish greetings according to time of the day:

Buenos dìas = Good morning

Buenas tardes = Good afternoon

Buenas noches = Good evening


Saludos, Raziel.



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Community Classifieds

Drop kids off to school and have an hour of power!

Parents pump up circuit training classes Monday and Wednesday 9.20am at Castlemaine Fitness Gym, 23a Lyttleton St, Castlemaine, $12.50 each.

David Tobin Training Techniques 0407 684532


No Lights No Lycra

Have you made a resolution to try something new, do you want to get more exercise or do you just love to dance?

No Lights No Lycra is a monthly hour long dance event held in the dark at Westend Hall.

Come alone or enjoy with friends. There’s enough light to see shapes of people around you but the room is dark enough to lose any inhibitions. You can dance like no one is watching!

There’s a different play list each month including a mix of dance tracks from pop to indie, rock to hip hop, dance and soul to Top 40.

With no technique or steps to learn, it’s just free movement in a friendly and non-threatening environment. No need to be put off by the heat. The hall is now air-conditioned.

What:    No Lights No Lycra Castlemaine

Where: West End Hall, Woodman St, Castlemaine

Cost:     $8

No Lights No Lycra is a drug and alcohol free event. Just wear something comfortable.

  • 14 June
  • 19 July
  • 9 August
  • 13 September
  • 11 October
  • 8 November

For more information follow the No Lights No Lycra Castlemaine (@Castlemainenlnl) page or find us on Instagram (@nolightsnolycra_castlemaine).

Squishie Minnie Bookstore - Auslan Story Time Jun 8th!

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Squishie Minnie Bookstore - Little People, Big Emotions

A workshop for parents & carers of 2 – 6 year old children seeking more calm, connection and presence within their family dynamic.

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Over the Moon - Winter School Holiday Program details

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Strawbale home for rent (3 months)

New to the area or in between places? Our comfortable 2+ bedroom strawbale home in Yapeen is available for a 3 month period from 11 June whilst we are overseas. 10 minutes drive from the Steiner school. Fully furnished and pet friendly.

 Rent $340/wk – Contact Berry 04 47 386 388

Please check out the full listing and photos here



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Would you enjoy a student midwife’s voluntary support during your pregnancy?

 My name is Amanda Cuyler and I am studying midwifery at ACU.  A wonderful component of my university learning is the ‘Continuity of Care Experience’ program (CCE). 

 Through CCE, I offer support to pregnant women and their families.  This entails accompanying women throughout their birth journey. Through this relationship women are supported to enjoy more positive pregnancy, birth and postpartum experiences.  I am based in Castlemaine and happy to travel. 

 If you are interested in learning more, please contact me on 0466965163 or amanda.cuyler@myacu.edu.au 



Items for Sale

Queen Size Weighted Blanket (6 kilograms) from “Calming Moments”.

As new. Perfect condition.

Was $300. Now $150 ono. 

 Contact Sue: 0439673627


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