Tuesday 18th Jun, 2019

Term 2 Week 9
The spirits have left me wide awake,
to bring to birth the Human Spirit-Sun,
the Hope of the Heavens.
Begot by God in an open heart,
rising out of my soul's womb,
the light from His eyes dawns
joyfully over distant worlds.

From The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner

Dates to Diary

Term 1 2019 - 10 weeks
Monday 28th January - Friday 5th April
Term 2 2019 - 10 weeks
Monday 22nd April - Friday 28th June (** Note - Mon 22nd & Tue 23rd are Pupil Free Days. First day back is Wed 24th Apr)
Term 3 2019 - 9 weeks
Monday 22nd July - Friday 20th September (** Note - Mon 22nd is a Pupil Free Day)
Term 4 2019 - 10 weeks

Term 2 - Dates for the Diary
Thu 20th Jun - Prep Winter Festival
Fri 21st Jun - Winter Festival
Thu 27th Jun - Class 8 Projects
Fri 29th Jun - End of Term

*** Class Eight Projects Presentation - Thursday 27th of Jun at 7.30pm in the Multipurpose Room. All Welcome ***

Dear CSKK Families,

School concert – What a wonderful event on Wednesday night at the Broadway theatre. The school concert was a testament to all the hard work of the teachers and students in bringing the amazing gift of music for our community.

The evening began beautifully with the hauntingly evocative resonance of the didgeridoo played by our great friend, Ron Murray, who set the scene for an amazing night. (look out for Ron again at the Winter Festival) This was followed by a song called ‘I am the Earth’ and an aboriginal acknowledgement. From there we were led around the world with pieces from everywhere imaginable.

Songs, strings, percussion, guitar, piano, we were treated to collaborations from all the ensembles who supported one another beautifully.

It felt wonderful to be presenting the children’s work in the centre of town and now the concert is over we look forward to bringing more music to many venues in and around our local area.

So many thanks to all involved, Jeanette our co-ordinator and her strings team of Leonie and Phil. The multi-instrumental teachers Carl, Jacob and Sarah, as well as the guest spots given to Ron Murray and Raziel. Thanks also to Chris and all the teachers managing backstage, Meg for staging, the crew at the Broadway for lighting and sound production, our admin staff for keeping everything together at the compliance level and of course to the students for their ongoing commitment to their instruments.

It is such a wonderful example of what is possible when we come together with a common vision and purpose.

Encouraging your children to play at home only enhances the pleasure they will feel as their competence grows and they move beyond technicality towards joy.


The Winter Festival – The Winter Festival is getting ever closer and this year we are aiming to create a very calm, inward oriented experience for everyone. The Winter festival is much loved and hearkens back to times when communities would gather together and share the outer warmth of the fire, the glow of our own inner light and experience the movement around the spiral in towards the darkness and outwards towards light.

We hope you can assist in creating this feeling of calm, quietude as you join us in the classroom for soup before leaving the children to become the holding circle on the edge of the spiral.

More details will be forthcoming.

Warm regards, Brian



Want to know more about our events and activities?

You can now follow activities at the school and our camps & excursions on Instagram. Follow us at;




Now that it’s winter… – can all children please pack some spare clothes for the wet & muddy fun times ahead.



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School News

Farewell Huw!

After much time at the school, our much appreciated friend Huw Walters is leaving CSSK. Huw will be taking some time off and doing some travelling before awaiting his next adventure to appear. We have been very fortunate to have had Huw as a part of the school, his children attended CSSK when it was only Class 1 – 4!

Huw you will be sorely missed and we wish you all the best.

The school has recently recruited a new Sites & Grounds Coordinator – Kyle Murphy, and we will share more details on his role next Term.



From the Office


1.     Black Nissan Wheel hub centre

2.     Hat pin

3.     Keys

Owners please come to reception and describe items to reclaim.



End of Term - Ride Home From School

After last Term’s successful ride home we will be doing it again. Please text Penny Gilbert to book in as there are only 10 places available! 0408 002 032

Departing school at 3.45pm after an orange snack!

Finishing at the Langslow Street Bridge by 4.45pm/5pm.

Children must have;

  1. Helmet
  2. Water Bottle
  3. Personal Medication – Asthma etc



Parents & Friends News

Winter Festival

Our school Winter Festival is on Friday this week.  It looks like the weather will be fine but it is always really cold so do really rug up.  This year there will be a spiral lantern walk and a bonfire on the senior oval.  All families and friends of the school are very welcome to join us.

If you are an early childhood family or otherwise don’t have a classroom to join for soup before the lantern walk, meet us at the braziers at the office end of the Heartlands.  Please also consider joining us here if you’re coming late.

The plan is for parents to move off from the classrooms about 6.45 pm, walking with our lanterns to the oval to wait in a circle for the children.  We will use the same route as the children – taking the wide path past the library and the flow form and between the 6 and 7 classrooms, across the little bridge and onto the oval.  This way will be lit and cleared of low hanging branches.

The car park is likely to be crowded so leave extra time to arrive if you can.  Also parking won’t be permitted on the oval so we don’t have cars and foot traffic in the same area in the dark.

We’ll have lanterns for parents but you are welcome to bring your own.  There will be tables enroute to the carparks for you to leave the lanterns before you head home.


Lost Property

The lost property is multiplying again!  There are currently dozens of items in lost property, mostly long sleeves and hoodies.  We’ve hung it up on racks to make it easier to search through so please come and see if some of it belongs to you.  Lost property is located in the Parents Room.

Old Jumpers

Do you have knitted wool jumpers that are no longer wearable?  The craft group would be happy to take them off your hands with the plan to felt them and turn them into doll’s clothes.


Children’s Tent Kits

Thank you to the many people who have been crafting for the Children’s Tent kits and to those who’ve let us know that you’re keen to do some in the future.  Aleesha has dyed another batch of felt ready to turn into the next lot of kits.  You can pick one up at any time from the basket in the Parents Room.  Just add your name to the sheet on the clip board so we can keep track of everything.  We’re aiming to have extra kits ready to take home for the holidays.


Spring Fair Second Hand Clothing and Fish & Dip

If you’re decluttering during the holidays, don’t forget our Spring Fair baskets in the Parents Room.  They are  ready to receive good quality second hand clothes and little treasures like coins, stamps, crystals, stickers, ribbons, bells. crayons, pencils, etc.


With love, Julie Tisdale

Convenor, Parents & Friends, CSSK



Kinder News

Dear Kinder Parents,

Welcome to our last weeks of kinder together before the holidays begin.  Our winter festival is coming up soon. Thursday 27th of June at 9.00, please note this will be a short day for the children. When the festival finishes at approx 11.00 we ask that all children go home. There are individual invitations in your parent pockets.

Happy birthday to all our recent children who have enjoyed turning five! Goodness how big you are all becoming.

Stay warm!!
Warm regards



Prep News

The children have been very busy sanding candleholders and making lanterns  for our Mid winter Festival. The Festival will be this Thursday 20th of June at 5.45-6.45 pm in the prep room. We look forward to sharing this special evening with families.

 Warm regards, Heather



Class Two News

Dear Class 2 Parents,

We have just finished a wonderful maths lesson on “place value” in numbers. Our friendly gnomes have had a great adventure with the “Mathemagician” and the Snow Dragon. Jewels have been carefully counted into sacks of hundreds, tens and units.


We are now beginning our next English Main Lesson – The King of Ireland’s Son – a great favourite in Class 2. This will lead into a play early next term.


Our beautiful Whitsun Doves.

We hope you are enjoying our winter pictures, helping to set the scene for our mid Winter Festival.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday evening.

Warm regards, Anne.



Class Seven News

Hi Everyone,  

These last couple of weeks, Class 7 has been looking at different ways of using words – the wonder of them, how they can be used to surprise and how they can deliver our wishes into the world. We are reading, reciting and writing poetry and stories and listening to different types of writing for different audiences.

Our music concert has given us much practice time with our instruments culminating in the school concert which combined strings, guitar, percussion and voice. We are noticing that all the years of playing are now beginning to allow us to move into more complicated and challenging pieces.

The class has also been working hard, creating some beautiful ‘stained-glass’ type lanterns with Chris, for our Winter festival. We are looking forward to joining with families on Friday 21st for an evening of soup, bonfire and reflections on the past year and wishes for the new one after the winter solstice.

 Good wishes to all, Anna



Class Eight News

Dear Families,

How quickly this Term has flown by! We are in the final stages leading up to the completion of Major Projects, and the presentation evening! The projects seem to be coming together beautifully, and it seems to me that the students have chosen to focus on topics which they have really enjoyed throughout the process. So satisfying!

Congratulations to all the musicians who performed on Wednesday evening, and to the music teachers. What a wonderful evening!

Hoping to see you all at the Winter Festival, and for the Major Projects, and beyond those, wishing you all a lovely Winter break.

Warm wishes, Kate



Spanish News

¡Hola a todos!

Clase Cuatro

Class four started the year learning about music theory in Spanish! It was a great pleasure to be able to bring those two things that I enjoy together for this class. It was also remarkable how the children could make sense of it all! (or at least most of it).

We sang a lot while practicing the sounds of the consonants combined with the vowels as well as the names of the notes in both systems (English and solfège). In the end most of them were able to name the notes on the staff regardless of the clef we were using (G, C or F).  We did also some rhythms with body percussion. In one of the last lessons about rhythm (ritmo), they worked in small groups to play the main figures of duration by using a variety of instruments from the percussion family. It was so great to see them working together so harmoniously and effectively!

Now, we are starting to review the parts of the body that they already know with an emphasis on the writing element of Spanish language.


Head = Cabeza

Neck = Cuello

Shoulders = Hombros

Arms = Brazos

Hands = Manos

Waist = Cintura

Legs = Piernas

Knees = Rodillas

Feet = Pies

*Note that the singular form of the plural nouns is the same word except the “S” ending.

Tengan un bonito invierno (Have a lovely winter),




Music News

Catch your Music Teachers at this fantastic performance by the Bendigo Symphony Orchestra – Sunday 23rd of June at 2.30pm!

Farewell from Jeanie

At the start of term 3 I will be moving to Urquart St crossing from Hargreaves St crossing. I would like to say farewell to all the children I’ve taken across this busy road . It has been an absolute pleasure, I will miss you all especially your beautiful smiles. 


King regards 

Jeanie Kendall


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Community Classifieds

Lost Poncho at School Concert

A loved Brown Poncho has been lost at the Castlemaine Library Foyer following last weeks School Concert. If you have collected this by mistake or found it can you please contact Donna Fearne on 0484 776 001

Babysitter Available

Dear Parents at CSSK,

 I am a Year 9 student at CSC who was in Year 8 last year at CSSK. I am interested in babysitting work. If anybody would like me to babysit their children please call:

0439871176/ or 0490791040


I am happy to come and meet you and your children before hand and my parents will be able to pick up and drop me off.


Thank you

Yuma Deacon



Are you interested in purchasing land in Campbell's Creek?

Our family is wanting to buy a 4000sqm of land in Campbell’s Creek. In the interests of land use and lowering finances we’d like to share the two title block with another party. Please call Penny on 0408 002 032 if you are finance-able and keen. The previous blocks have sold quickly!

Local family looking for a carer

Are you patient, understanding and someone that has a lot of experience with kids? Are you looking for some casual work?

We are two very committed parents using alternative treatments and behavioural therapy to fully recover our daughter from autism. It seems to be working so far, but we need help!

We are seeking a motivated person with a BIG HEART to welcome into our home to do some basic therapy with our daughter.

You will:

  • Be based in Castlemaine
  • Give a 12 month commitment (to maintain consistency)
  • Receive an hourly rate (to be negotiated)
  • Work with our daughter’s psychologist and other therapists
  • Be part of a loving and committed family

We will teach you simple strategies to help our daughter.

No therapy experience necessary!

Please call Luke (Dad) if you’re interested on 0418 100 972.

We look forward to hearing from you.



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Main Fitness - Children's Martial Arts

Local Steiner parent and owner of Main Fitness, Edward Coulthard has launched a new kids martial arts program.

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Calling all Poets

Entries for our 2019 Castlemaine Poetry Prize are now open!

There are three categories (and prizes) for juniors. The sections are for Grade 2 and Under, Grade 6 and Under and Year 10 and Under.

The poem must not have been published or have won another prize, a strict maximum of 40 lines applies and all entries should be double spaced.

Poets can choose any theme. There is no entry fee but only three entries from each poet are allowed.

Name and age must be enclosed, preferably on the back of the poem.
Castlemaine poets Tegan Gigante and Annie Hunter will judge this year’s competition.

Mount Alexander Shire Council is sponsoring the three junior prizes with the winner of each section to receive a trophy and $50 book voucher.

Selected entries, including the winning poems, will be published in the Castlemaine Mail.

Entries can be submitted via email to ldennis@midnews.com.au,

The junior section closes on Friday July 26 at 5pm. For more information call Lisa on 5472 1788.
The awards will be presented to our winners at ceremonies to be held in mid September. Stay tuned for details.



Castlemaine Community House - Young Artists Program

Term 3 program available for Young Artists – see attachment for details.

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No Lights No Lycra

Have you made a resolution to try something new, do you want to get more exercise or do you just love to dance?

No Lights No Lycra is a monthly hour long dance event held in the dark at Westend Hall.

Come alone or enjoy with friends. There’s enough light to see shapes of people around you but the room is dark enough to lose any inhibitions. You can dance like no one is watching!

There’s a different play list each month including a mix of dance tracks from pop to indie, rock to hip hop, dance and soul to Top 40.

With no technique or steps to learn, it’s just free movement in a friendly and non-threatening environment. No need to be put off by the heat. The hall is now air-conditioned.

What:    No Lights No Lycra Castlemaine

Where: West End Hall, Woodman St, Castlemaine

Cost:     $8

No Lights No Lycra is a drug and alcohol free event. Just wear something comfortable.

  • 19 July
  • 9 August
  • 13 September
  • 11 October
  • 8 November

For more information follow the No Lights No Lycra Castlemaine (@Castlemainenlnl) page or find us on Instagram (@nolightsnolycra_castlemaine).

Seeing Eye Dogs - Puppy Carer Training

Have you ever considered becoming a Puppy Carer for Seeing Eye Dogs Australia. Please come along to our information session.

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