Friday 20th of September, 2019

Term 3 Week 9

I begin to sense the world anew
through the infant spirit in me.
His growing light inside my soul
invades the muddled, fertile world of life
with the forming, shaping power of thinking.

From The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner

Dates to Diary

Term 3 2019 - 9 weeks
Monday 22nd July - Friday 20th September

Term 4 2019 - 10 Weeks
Monday 7th October - Friday 13th December 2019 (**Note - Mon 7th is a Pupil Free Day)

Term 3 - Dates for the Diary
Fri 20th Sep - End of Term Assembly

Global Climate Strike – 20th September 2019

School motto

Out of love and hope for the future
of the earth and all life upon it,
we strive to,
Develop the unique capacities of all within our care;
To ennoble the mind;
Fire the imagination;
Fortify the will and
Quicken the initiative for life.

 Castlemaine Steiner School and Kindergarten supports the actions of young people locally and across the world to call for action from adults to protect the future of the earth and all life upon it.

 The School celebrates that the Australian School Strike for Climate Justice was initiated here in Castlemaine and that two of our students (now alumnae) are leaders in that movement.

 This Friday there will be another global school strike, and this time the young people are calling on us all to support them by taking action.

 We strongly believe that the education we strive to provide at CSSK is itself an action towards a healthy future for the earth.   We believe that supporting children to have reverence for and connection with natural world, and to develop their own unique capacities is fundamental to the future of the world and all life.

 Last year for the first Climate Strike our Class 7 and 8 teachers supported their students to participate if they felt called to do so, and many did. 

 This year, the school is again supporting the active participation of children in the older classes, while recognising that the choice to take a student out of school to attend one of the rallies is one for individual families to make.   Please let the office know if your child will not be in school.

 Families with younger children may also want to participate.  We encourage you to consider how to do this in a way that reflects and respects your child’s age and capacity to engage with the complexity and emotional impacts of climate change information, but also to feel safe in a very large and loud group of people.  The gathering in Castlemaine from 2-4 pm at the Market Building may be more appropriate for younger children.  



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School News

Term Dates for 2020 - Just announced!

Term 1 (9 weeks)

Thursday 30th January – Friday 27th March

 Term 2 (10 weeks)

Wed 15th April – Friday 19th June

 Term 3 (10 weeks)

Tuesday 14th July – Friday 18th September

 Term 4 (10 weeks)

Tuesday 6th October – Friday 11th December



Road Safety - Please help us!

Please take a moment to have a discussion with your child/ren on road safety when coming to school. We have had too many incidents this term, such as:

Today there was a near miss on Ranters Gully road with student cyclists on the crest/bend.  This is a driver blind spot that your children need to be aware of on this narrow road – please have a discussion with them and work through some appropriate strategies like walking the bike over that area or alternative routes.

          This morning also a near miss collision at our driveway on Rilens Rd … it’s really important that drivers STOP (“in the name of love”) at the sign and look and wait … not all cars turn into the carpark, some go straight.

          Also a reminder for those of you who collect your children via the bush track – there was a couple of near misses where children ran out behind cars close to the road.  Please ensure children are by your side when traversing the bush track and that you do not allow them to run ahead to the car. 

          There was also a near miss in the car park this term – please be on heightened awareness when in the car park – follow the route, stick to the speed limits, set a good example to the children by not crossing the car park (walk around on the paths) and ensure your children are buckled in before you start the car

 Thanks The Office.


Parents & Friends

Seeking Raffle Prizes

Last year our Spring Fair Raffle Hampers were a great success.

We’re running the raffle again this year, but simplifying it a little so there is one raffle with a first, second, third and fourth prize hamper.

We’re looking for donations to put in the hampers.  Do you have something that will make a great donation – it could be a beautiful preloved toy or book, a bottle of wine from your family vineyard, some beeswax wraps or soap you’ve made.

The hampers may also be an opportunity to donate something from your family business and we are very happy to acknowledge your business in our publicity.

We are looking to receive the donations by the start of next term. There will be a box in the office or we can arrange pickup.  Raffle tickets will be sold in the lead up to the Fair and on Fair day.

 Fair Roster

We ask each parent to volunteer for a one hour roster shift during the Fair.  The roster will be online at the start of next term.

 Holiday Tasks

If you’ve got some extra capacity, please check in with your Class Carer or contact me about what needs to be done.

If you’re doing some tidying up, keep an eye out for treasures for Fish & Dip, good quality second hand clothes for the Treasure Trove, offcuts of untreated timber for Boat Building, and cute or quirky containers for plants for the Plants & Produce Stall.  We’re always after cuttings, jams and produce items.

Thank you for all your contributions towards making the Fair a great success and a lovely opportunity to work together .  With a bit of talent and a lot of enthusiasm and generosity, it’s amazing what we can do together.

With love

Julie Tisdale, Convenor, Parents & Friends 0420 318 255



From the Principal

Dear Parents,

End of term and PE

Thank you all for your support over the term, it has been a very full term what with camps and plays, soirees and sporting events. It was great watching the 5, 6, and 7’s heading into town today to play in the ‘Hot Shots’ tennis comp. Kelly has done a fantastic job this year enthusing the children and involving them in many different activities whilst looking for opportunities to engage in our community.

We had an Open Day today and shared class activities with interested parents and potential students. We then enjoyed some tasty treats while sitting down for tea, coffee and snacks.

It was a lovely time of sharing and once again the atmosphere and evident learning in every room spoke volumes to our impressed guests. We couldn’t make it through all rooms as we had little ones with us who tend to reach the limit of their endurance once we get to the hall.

Garden Committee

Our garden committee are working well and getting closer to the ‘will’ part of the process with another gathering planned for this Saturday. I have a feeling things will move exponentially from here following a thorough consultation process with children, staff and parents.

Feedback re Soirees

A number of soirees have taken place this term and we are interested in hearing feedback from parents and students as we move into the evaluation phase of the year.

Response can be sent directly to me:

We are particularly interested in the following:

  • The experience of your children leading up to the soiree.
  • What it meant to perform at the soiree, scary but good, scary but rather not etc.
  • What the post experience looks like, was it a challenge getting there, but amazing to overcome? Too scary to think about? etc
  • Any other comments

As we strive to find the right balance between technical improvement and the feeling the joy of music, your feedback and the feedback of your child is valued in determining the future course of this part of the program.

Evaluating any stress the children may experience against positive outcomes is part of this determination. In gaining resilience there will always be a measure of discomfort as we approach our limits but there is no desire to place children in situations that do not serve them well.



Have a great Spring Break



Prep News

Spring is here, here is Spring,

Fairies dancing in a ring.

Flowers are growing up so high,

Birds are flying in the sky.

Over the last three weeks the children have been preparing for our Spring Festival. In our Morning Circle we have been singing and dancing to welcome Lady Spring. In the garden we are enjoying the daffodils and watching as the buds on the blossom trees gradually open and the new green leaves begin to appear.  The frogs are croaking in the dam nearby and our little bantam hens have begun to lay us small, warm eggs.

 I would especially like to thank Sera for her support and work as Class Carer this term and also the parents who helped with the puppet play at the Festival.

 I wish everyone a restful holiday and look forward to seeing the children when we return in Term four.

 Kind regards, Heather



Class One News

Class One has had a busy and productive Term 3. We began the Term with our Stories From the Dreaming Main Lesson and a performance of a play based on a Wathaurong story about Magpies and the First Sunrise.  For our next Main Lesson we began exploring the four Maths Processes – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division – through the lens of a story about the adventures of four gnomes.  This four-week Main Lesson was enjoyed by all, and the children have generally embraced their Maths work with much enthusiasm.

Our final Main Lesson for the Term has been a Geography/English Main Lesson.  As part of this Main Lesson, we have been observing the changes in the Natural environment of our school grounds with the coming of Spring.  It has been delightful to explore these changes through a story I created, based on the behaviour of a Blue Fairy Wren family whose territory includes the Class One Playground area.   We have all learned quite a bit about Superb Blue Fairy Wrens in the process!

Class One students have also been working incredibly hard with a variety of different activities tailored to develop their reading skills and strategies.  This has included practice with Phonic and contextual decoding, as well as beginning their Sight Word learning journey.

The children should be commended for their wonderful efforts this Term.  They have all worked incredibly hard!  I wish the Class One children and their families all the best for their Spring holiday break and I look forward to seeing you all in Term 4.




Class 4 - Freshening up the chicken coup!

Class 7 News

Class 7 have had a most productive term, starting with our class play, Canterbury Tales and finishing with our Pilgrimage walk from Chewton to the Bendigo Cathedral.

Along the way we encountered a variety of beautiful scenery, lots of wildflowers, many echidna holes and many birds. Aunty Julie visited us at our Leanganook camping site and called up Bungill for us. No eagle was there at first, but appeared when she called out the Welcoming Song. The mornings were welcomed in by a chorus of kookaburras and in the evenings a koala could be heard.

 The class all worked co-operatively together and showed how all our previous camping experiences have allowed them to manage everything by themselves. We adults were very impressed with the harmonious community living that occurred, with everyone helping out positively and efficiently.

 Thank you to Lisa for all her organizing and parents Tim, Steve, Ana and Lyned for coming along and supporting us.

 A happy, peaceful holiday to all.

 Love Anna



Class 8

Dear Families,

We find ourselves at the end of Term 3, and what a vibrant term it’s been!

Sailing camp was a great success. We learned so much, not just about sailing, but also about safe boating rules and signalling which apply to waters worldwide. Ian and Hamilton were such supportive and encouraging instructors. Thank you so much to Lailah’s dad, Stephen Dunsmore for coming with us, and sharing your sailing expertise and general care.

This term, Main Lesson has seen us begin our Shakespeare production, and uncover aspects of Shakespeare’s life and the London he lived in. Also exploring food chemistry and processes relating to health and digestion, finishing with the beauty and precision of the Platonic solids.

Wishing you all a restorative and delightful spring break! And looking forward to seeing everyone next term.

With love,

French News

Bonjour tout le monde

 French students in Classes Six, Seven and Eight are finishing work requirements this week for what has been an enjoyable start to second semester. 

 In keeping with their Main Lesson work on the Romans, Class Six students have completed the term with the story of the hero of the ancient Gauls, Vercingetorix – the inspiration for the popular French children’s character Asterix. They have also been exploring vocabulary for colours and numbers, simple expressions of comparison and like/dislike, along with ways of expressing singular and plural. These exercises form some of the building blocks for simple sentence construction later on. And they can recite both French class verses beautifully!

 Class Seven began the term by adding La Marseillaise to their repertoire of songs (now numbering eight) as we discussed the importance of le quatorze juillet – the French National Day with which the term began. They looked briefly at the history of Notre Dame, in keeping with not only their Main Lesson on medieval cathedrals but also the devastating fire in July. Our homework program has expanded our vocabulary in the areas of home, daily routine and everyday habits. Students have attempted a number of ‘dictionary-free’ translation exercises to build confidence in their knowledge of French vocabulary, sentence structure and cognates. And we have finished the term by looking at French explorer Jacques Cartier and the great seafaring era of the French corsairs as an extension of their Main Lesson work on Voyages of Discovery.

 Class Eight have worked on a core vocabulary building thematic unit this term, which has used various examples from the life of the great Renaissance figure, King Louis XIV – costume, food, furnishings, daily routine etc – as a basis for two complementary learning tasks. We have been expanding our vocabulary bank in each of these areas – and at the same time, by comparing our lifestyle to that of Louis, we are gaining an insight into the causes of the French Revolution. Both Renaissance and Revolution are Main Lesson topics for Class Eight.

 So I am sure that we are all ready to enjoy the term break and return refreshed to complete our French studies for the year!

 Je te souhaite de bonnes vacances!

Au revoir Lynn



Craft News

We have had such a wonderful term in Craft, knitting dolls, beanies, neck warmers and chickens, designing patterns and painting Viking Shields, completing music bags, weaving, carving wooden spoons and eggs in woodwork and craving Soapstone Sculptures.

It has been busy and productive. The children in all classes have worked with focus and care and have embraced their projects with complete enthusiasm.

Class 1: completed our various knitting projects and working on embroidery

Class 2: knitting with such care to produce their dolls and weaving

Class 3: completed all the Music Bags and either weaving a pencil case or crocheting

Class 4: well underway with Shield painting

Class 5: fair-isle knitted beanies are in mass production. The children have embraced this project with gusto.

Class 6: working well in the craft room craving wood to bring out the ‘egg’

Class 7: we are still craving our Soapstone. I had to source the stone from a different supplier this year and the quality of rock is not the best. Some of the children are craving hard stone. I have to use a power tool to crave the background away to bring out the ‘objects’

Class 8: craving wooden spoons. The children are finding the work satisfying.

Enjoy the Spring break and the warmer weather

With love Chris



Parents & Friends Craft Group

Dear Parents and Friends

 We’re planning a get together over the holidays on Thursday, 3 October to put together some last minute kits and do some embellishing and finishing off.  We’ll be in the Parents Room from 10 to mid afternoon.  All welcome.

 With the Spring Fair fast approaching, time is now of essence – so if you can offer any support in way of craft, please do come and visit us at the Parents room. We are a friendly bunch, with many a skill up our sleeve and you are most welcome to share the space!  We’ll generally be there Mondays from noon. Wednesday and Friday mornings.

 If you have craft kits at home, we’d be grateful if you could finish them off over the holidays.  If you don’t think you’ll have time, please don’t hesitate to drop them back into the basket at the office and we’ll pass them on to someone else.

 Much love and blessings of the hands, 

 Rose DeMaria




PE News


 Wow, what a massive term we have had. I think if you asked any of the students about what was stand out in P.E. this term they’d most likely reply “TENNIS!”.

 Term 3 on the hard courts was tennis obsessed as the children had the opportunity to play and practice with the new tennis equipment during class and break times. The class 5 and 6 students also had additional support of a local coach in the lead up to a wonderful inter-school sports experience that they participated in last Thursday. It was an amazing experience that was thoroughly enjoyed! 

 In addition to tennis there’s been circus, netball, lot of games of so many varieties, imagination, staff work and the beginnings of round-a-lays.

 It’s been a jammed packed term and it’s been all good, real good.

 Looking forward to our archery unit next term for classes 6, 7 & 8, Greek Olympics for class 5 and class 4 more challenging circle games.

 Longbow making workshop

 Those people who have children 12 years old or over either at the school or else where are invited to join us for a 2 day Longbow Making Workshop held in the craft room on October 3rd and 4th from 10am-6pm. The cost is $180 for CSSK students and $200 for friends not attending the school. Adults are welcome to attend as well. The booking link is

 Students in classes 6,7 & 8 will have the opportunity to use their longbows in term 4 during our archery unit.

 Have an amazing school holidays!

 Much love, Kellie 



The Orphfund Story: A Photographic Journey

Our P&F have been a fantastic support to this charity. Head to this fabulous exhibition to see more on the work that OrphFund do.

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Community Classifieds

Upcoming workshops at the Victorian Parents Council

The Victorian Parents Council informs, encourages, supports and responds to the needs of parents at Victorian non-government schools. We strive to give parents the knowledge, resources and confidence to take an active role in their children’s schooling, and provide the vital link between parents, government, education authorities and the media.

Tickets still available for the upcoming “Raising Girls” event with Steve Biddulph. “Raising Boys” – SOLD OUT


Crowdfunding Launch - Melbourne Therapy Centre

The Melbourne Therapy Centre, a not-for profit organisation promoting anthroposophic therapies, is planning to expand over the next 2 to 3 years and we are fundraising to assist with this process. We are  holding a crowdfunding launch event on the Saturday 12th of October 2pm – 5pm and would greatly appreciate it if you could share our invitation to the wider Steiner community in your newsletter and/or on your notice board. Please find the invitation PDF attached. More information about the event can be found here.


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School Holiday Clay Workshops for kids. Bookings essential - see link for details

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Breastfeeding Support for Local Mums

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The Michael Drama Group presents - "Prometheus Unbound"

Dear lovers of great live theatre, Steiner inspired work and Anthroposophical endeavours, 

Coming in mid-September, The Michael Drama Group presents their latest theatrical production: Prometheus Unbound.  Showing exclusively over the next 2 weeks, this production is a sequel to their Prometheus Bound in 2017.

 Ticket booking now open! Waged, unwaged and special circumstance ticket options available. Tickets:

 Although Aeschylus imagined the liberation of Prometheus, and wrote a sequel to Prometheus Bound accordingly, that sequel has been lost to the generations …

However, in 1818, curious to explore the foreseen demise of Zeus, Percy Bysshe Shelley took it upon himself to imagine a sequel  and wrote Prometheus Unbound.

Poetic, mysterious, breath-taking in its esoteric and apocalyptic scope, this event is an epic performance of Prometheus Unbound unfolds in 4 acts over 4 hours with a catered 30 minute interval.

We suggest arriving early for on-site parking. Please be seated around 5:30pm for the pre-performance talk commencing at 5:45pm. The performance begins at 6pm sharp.

You will find attached the poster (A5 & A4 version) for the show, which we kindly request that you share thes in your School Newsletters, Staff Bulletins, Alumni News, on Community Noticeboards and within your wider community. All performances will be at the Michael Centre in Warranwood.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Many thanks and warm wishes,

The Michael Drama Group



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About Interwoven

9 September – 26 October 2019 | Free* | La Trobe Art Institute

Presented by La Trobe Art Institute and Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV) Bendigo Emerge Hub, Interwoven is a cross-cultural, transgenerational weaving collaboration.  Part workspace, part exhibition, Interwoven brings people from diverse backgrounds together, through the process of weaving.

Led by Master Weavers Aunty Marilyne Nicholls, MAV Bendigo Emerge Cultural Hub, Ilka White and Regina Pilawuk Wilson, the project invites collaboration from local textile artists, textile-based community organisations and the public.

*Interwoven entry is free during gallery open hours: Monday – Friday 10am-5pm and Saturdays 12-5pm. Interwoven events are also free, with the exception of specialist workshops, noted below.

Fun Exercise for kids with David Tobin

Group fitness for children aged 10 to 13.  Classes Tuesday and Thursday 4pm at Castlemaine Fitness Gym, 23a Lyttleton Street, Castlemaine. $12 per session.

Activities include: treadmill, rowing, cycling, jump ups, boxing, skipping, ball games and body weight exercises.

David Tobin Training Techniques 0407 684532


Photo Competition - "Whimsical Mornings"

A fabulous fund raising opportunity for St Mary’s Primary School. See the link for details.

More Information...


ENCOUNTER out-of-this- world-class contemporary dance, circus and acrobatics as well as eye-popping visuals set to a thumping hip-hop soundtrack.

See some of Australia’s finest physical, visual and musical artists create a unique experience for local participants and community, on and around Bendigo’s iconic poppet head in Rosalind Park.

ENCOUNTER: is a common ground, a social and supported shared experience. A multi-generational performance event. _Crossing cultures and carving out new genres. _Crafting the digital and the handmade. _Cultivating collective confidence and human connection. _A colourful protest against the inexorable advance of technology itself. _Concerned with all aspects of contemporary celebration and ceremony.


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Bush Kinder for Term 4 2019

Our Castlemaine-based Bush Kinder and Bush Babies programs celebrate getting outside, getting muddy, exploring nature’s elements, learning respect for the natural world around us and fostering the natural awe we all have for the magic of living things.

Come join us for the Spring term:

  • New seasonal nature songs
  • Body rhymes
  • Exploring and preparing bush food
  • Seasonal prop-stories, including traditional and local tales
  • Bush activities, including plant dyes and nature crafts to support curriculum
  • Honouring seasonal changes and relevant flora & fauna observations
  • Drawing and journaling our discoveries
  • Transcribing Indigenous songs … and much more

Bush Kinder (Fridays, 11 October to 6 December)

9:15 to 12:30 –  $126 (for 3-5 years)

Bush Babies (Mondays, 7 October to 25 November)
9:15 to 11:30 am – $112 (0-2 years)

Contact Rose at or 0432 904240 for more information.



Steam Train Experiences on Sale now for the holidays !


No Lights No Lycra

Have you made a resolution to try something new, do you want to get more exercise or do you just love to dance?

No Lights No Lycra is a monthly hour long dance event held in the dark at Westend Hall.

Come alone or enjoy with friends. There’s enough light to see shapes of people around you but the room is dark enough to lose any inhibitions. You can dance like no one is watching!

There’s a different play list each month including a mix of dance tracks from pop to indie, rock to hip hop, dance and soul to Top 40.

With no technique or steps to learn, it’s just free movement in a friendly and non-threatening environment. No need to be put off by the heat. The hall is now air-conditioned.

What:    No Lights No Lycra Castlemaine

Where: West End Hall, Woodman St, Castlemaine

Cost:     $8

No Lights No Lycra is a drug and alcohol free event. Just wear something comfortable.

  • 11 October
  • 8 November

For more information follow the No Lights No Lycra Castlemaine (@Castlemainenlnl) page or find us on Instagram (@nolightsnolycra_castlemaine).

Warm & Loving Babysitter/Nanny available

G’Day, my names Mairead, I’m an experienced Nanny looking for casual and ongoing work within the community!

I have studied Steiner education and have been a Nanny for 5+ years.

I am experienced in caring for newborns to young adults.

If you and your family are interested or have any questions please feel free to reach out to me on 0431 415 349.

References and rates on request.

With warmth, Mairead


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