Tuesday 26th of November, 2019

Term 4 Week 8

The senses' might grows strong
United with the gods' creative work;
It presses down my power of thinking
Into a dreamlike dullness.
When godly being
Desires union with my soul,
Must human thinking
In quiet dream-life rest content.

From The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner

Dates to Diary

Monday 7th October - Friday 13th December 2019

Term 4 - Dates for the Diary
Mon 25th Nov to Fri 6th Dec - Class 8 Step Up (Castlemaine Secondary College transition)
Tue 26th Nov - Prep 2020 Parent Meeting 7pm
Thu 28th Nov - Class 4 Forest Creek excursion
Fri 29th Nov - Class 1 Play
Fri 29th Nov - Class 3 Play
Mon 2nd Dec - Class 4 Meeting 7.30pm
Wed & Thu 4th/5th Dec - Class 2 Play, 10.30am each day
Thu 5th Dec - Class 6 Play
Fri 6th Dec - Class 4 Ensemble for parents.
Fri 6th Dec - Class 6 Picnic at Malmsbury
Mon 9th Dec - Classroom moves commence
Mon - Wed 9th - 11th Dec - Class 8 Camp Shoreham
Wed 11th Dec - Class 6 & 7 excursion
Thu 12th Dec - Class 8 Graduation
Fri 13th Dec - Last day of Term - Farewell Assembly - Finish time as normal.

2020 Term Dates
Term 1 (9 weeks) - Thursday 30th January – Friday 27th March
Term 2 (10 weeks) - Wed 15th April – Friday 19th June
Term 3 (10 weeks) - Tuesday 14th July – Friday 18th September
Term 4 (10 weeks) - Tuesday 6th October – Friday 11th December

Spring Fair – Thank You!

 By the time you read this, the last Spring Fair boxes will have been taken back to the shed and the final things packed away.

 Thank you to everyone who contributed and to everyone who came to enjoy the day with us. The Fair felt like a lovely expression of the community we have created together.  I hope everyone got some opportunity to catch up with friends and to enjoy the food and music on offer.  

 This year, we were significantly assisted by Kyle Murphy, our Sites & Grounds Manager.  Kyle is such a powerhouse of energy and enthusiasm and he took over dozens of setup up tasks as well as making our new woodfire pizza oven a highlight of the day.  Thank you also to Paul and Patricia of Sprout Bakery – who not only made and donated all the pizza dough – but also whipped back to the bakery to make another batch so we could keep up with demand.  

 Thank you also to Neil who stayed on until all the money was counted.  And to Ken for giving so generously of his time and experience.  Once again Sujeeva made a massive contribution to the success of the Fair – managing all the food and personally cooking much of it, as well as coming in on Saturday to feed the volunteers who were setting up.

 Another huge contribution was made by Jane McCahon who single handedly (again!) put together the Treasure Trove stall – collecting the donations, and getting the stall set up, staffed and packed up. 

 Other very special contributions to the success of the day were made by Brad and Lara who brought the tractor and Helen who brought her ponies, as well as Hilary Blackshaw who managed the Heartlands stage and supported the students who performed there.  We were also wrapped by the very loud High Striker made by Dom and Raff.

 As well as spending a day repairing the dunking tank, Danny Hercus stepped in at the last minute to coordinate the Wash Trailer after the MASG coordinator fell ill.  Aleesha made up for breaking her foot last year by working on the Fair for months before the actual day, including making many of the Children’s Tent items, staffing the raffle for most of the day and generously making her four children available whenever extra work needed to be done.

 We were really delighted by the contribution of the students.  All kids from classes 6 to 8 worked at least one shift on the day.  And all of the classes made a real contribution to setting up and packing up after the Fair.  

 All of these contributions were in addition to the 200 person hours volunteered by parents during the Fair itself.  This does illustrate the enormous amount of work from many people it takes to make our Spring Fair a reality, in what turned out to be a very busy term with a higher than usual number of camps, performances and other excursions.  

 As fundraising becomes less of a pressing need and parent time available for volunteering continues to shrink, it is worth giving consideration to the place of the Fair going forward.  This is the last Fair that I will be involved in organising in a central way, so it’s probably timely to revisit objectives for the Fair and give consideration to how it can most effectively be organised.  

 Craft Items to Purchase 

There are a lot of beautiful items left from the Fair that are available for purchase.  There are lots of beautiful gift here as well as some kits for school holiday activities.  Most of the available items are displayed in the glass cabinets in the office foyer.  Payment with cash or card can be made to the office staff.  

Parents & Friends

 This is my last Penny column as P&F Convenor.  It has been a real privilege to meet so many families through this role. Being often at school has allowed me to get to know quite a few of the children and too share some gorgeous little moments with them.  Thank you for all your support and practical assistance, including all the cake.

 With love, 

Julie Tisdale, Convenor, CSSK P&F



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School News

After School Care now at CSSK !

After School Care is now taking bookings for the program for 2020. Do register quickly if you need a place.

If you would like to enquire about booking your child into the service please contact www.castlemainechildcare.com.au for enrolment procedures. The service is not currently able to include Kindergarten children.



The Giving Tree - is once again in the Office foyer

Evacuation Feedback

A big thank you to all parents for being so cooperative with the situation that arose on Thursday last week. Our Incident Management Team met on Wednesday afternoon, as the school Emergency Management Plan (EMP) required, to assess an alert for a day of Severe Fire Weather. We decided that, with precautions in place, that it would be safe to open on Thursday. At the time of our meeting the Code Red had been called for the Northern Country & our North Central region had been declared Severe for FIRE danger. The severe WEATHER warning for high winds was not issued until close to 4pm and therefore did not initially figure in our decision to remain open.

When the power went off the school was left without air-conditioning & water supply to the buildings (no drinking water or toilets). We maintain emergency water supplies for the school and these were deployed to the classrooms. This then led to the necessity of needing to close the school for the remainder of the day. 

As always these situations provide fantastic learnings, an opportunity to review and continuously improve our Emergency Management Procedures. Parents are encouraged to also give us any feedback – KenC@cssk.vic.edu.au

Regards, Ken Chapman

CSSK Emergency Management Planning Officer



Scholarships feedback

Thank you for all the positive feedback on our new Scholarships program!  It is great to hear the support in our community for this initiative to make a Steiner education more accessible to children from low-income families.

We have had some enquiries about how parents and friends of the school can support the program.  Scholarships are currently funded by grants and donations.  Donations to the scholarships fund can be made at any time. To make it even better we are working for this to be a tax-deductible fund so that donors to the Scholarship Fund can receive a tax-deduction.

If you would like to help us make our school more accessible by making a donation or bequest to the Scholarship Fund please contact our Business Manager, Neil Bowker, businessmanager@cssk.vic.edu.au



Lost & Found

We have some items handed in to the office from Spring Fair, and in general over in the Parents Room. Please stop by and check if anything belongs to you. In particular a chef’s knife found at the Fair.



Snakes Alive!

Hello All!

You may have noticed our annual upsurge in activity around snake sightings. Happily both Kyle & myself are trained & licenced Wildlife handlers & we can respond quickly to any sightings at the school.

 If you do see us engaged in snake catching we ask you not to call out to us so we are not distracted from the task at hand.  When we have put signage &/or barriers in place please, please do not cross them or enter those areas. This is for your & your children’s safety. Also keep your children close to you and don’t allow them to run ahead.

 A number of parents (& students) climbed over, went around or totally ignored barriers & signage last week whilst Kyle & I we actively engaged in attempting to capture snakes both in the vegie patch & outside the Music Rooms. This was a danger to them & us and poor role modelling for any children that might see them.

 There is a sign on the Admin Door & attached outlining how parents & students should respond when they see a snake at school.

 Let’s all stay safe!

 Thanks Ken & Kyle 

Action on Sighting Snakes



Dear Ring A Rosie parents,

Welcome to our last few weeks together. It all happens so quickly in term 4, the term has flown past. Please check your parent pockets for our upcoming last day of term, 13th of December. There is the opportunity to share a story and morning tea together.

 These last few weeks there has been a lovely consolidation of friendships and hence the play has become even more collaborative. Lots of cats and owners have sprung to life in our Ring A Rosie room!

I look forward to seeing you all on Friday.

Warm regards



Kinder News

Dear Kinder parents,

Welcome to our last few weeks together. It has been very busy. We have recently had our class photos, visits to Prep, birthday celebrations, parent teacher interviews regarding our Transition Statements, and our Spring Fair. Goodness me this time of the year is quite hectic.

The children are doing very well, all of them are excited about the next educational step ahead of them, asking little questions here and there about what will happen in Prep.

Please check in your parent pocket for our upcoming festival invitation.

Warm regards




Prep News

Last week Ron, Sarah, Brodie and Lewis visited us in Prep.  Ron played the didgeridoo and they shared with us stories, songs and dances. It is twelve years since Brodie was a little Prep person! It was very special to have him visit.

This Thursday we will visit Class One to watch their Play and to explore the Class One play area.

Our Class meeting will be on Thursday 5th of December at 7.30 pm in the Prep room.

Our Christmas Festival will be on the last day of term 12th December 8.45-11am.

 Kind regards, Heather



Class 2 News

Hello Everyone,

We are working on our play which will be held at 10.30am on Wed 4th Dec & Thu 5th Dec. Parents are invited to stay for a morning tea after the performance on Thursday.

Warm regards, Anne.



Class 6 News

We are very busy in the midst of rehearsals of  Roman play “Roma Amor” The children are doing a fantastic job at using the stage and executing their lines clearly and loudly. 

We have also been deep in discovery learning about heat, static electricity and magnetism as part of our second Physics main lesson. The children have been doing various experiments and lots of observations. 

It is a busy end to the year, so please make yourself aware of the many activities that are booked in over the coming weeks.

Have a great week.

Love Amanda




Class 7 News

The End of the Year seems to be looming up towards us after The Fair, however, we are carrying on steadfastly, moving into The Renaissance – The Golden Age after the Middle Ages. Beautiful paintings, drawings, architecture abound and we are enjoying the perspective drawing we are doing with Danilo that is teaching us the tricks of the trade in how to make our drawings really look wonderful. Our geometry with Phil is also giving us skills in using angles and patterns.

 The class worked very efficiently in PE when Kelly was away last week, with Will, Jono and Charlie taking charge and teaching us some of the skills needed in Aussie Rules Football. Well done the instructors and well done the rest of the class for your attentiveness.

 We are also having extra ensemble time on Tuesday mornings for the rest of the year (i.e. the next 3 weeks) in order to practice our pieces we are playing  with Class 6 in the Aged Facilities in Bendigo on Wednesday 11th December. (Note to come home soon). Instruments should be brought on Tuesdays as well as on Thursdays.

 Cheers, Anna



Class 8 News

Dear Families,

I’m finding it hard to believe we have reached this point in the year! Our dear young people are having their first day at CSC in the Steiner Stream for the Step Up program. I can’t wait to hear their news!

Below are a few photos reflecting just some of the significant experiences we’ve shared so far this term; rafting camp, rocket day (thank you to Ken Chapman), Spring Fair, and our Class Production of Comedy of Errors, by William Shakespeare.

And there is still more to come, with a date to be set for the final performance of Comedy of Errors (the weather got the better of us on Thursday!), Shoreham camp, graduation, and final assembly.

I’m so looking forward to sharing these special events with our young people, and with class families.

With love,



French News

Bonjour tout le monde

As our final term races to its conclusion, our French students are completing their course work for the year and looking forward to some celebratory activities around the theme of le Noel. Class Six students have learned a poem about the five senses – Les Cinq Sens – and have composed some simple sentences in French as an extension of this work. Class Seven students have rounded out their Main Lesson-related work on Le Corps with a song (Chez le Docteur) and some language building activities on the theme of la sante (good health). And Class Eight students are already busy with their broader end of year activities.

au revoir, Lynn



Garden News

Class 3 Artichoke Harvest & Wheat that they grew! and planting next year’s crop.

Class 4 made delicious beetroot & chickpea patties and rice salad!

and if your lucky enough to be at school this morning we have some produce for sale!




PE News

Goodness me we’ve had so much happening in P.E. land this term that it’s hard to keep up!

As you know, we went out to Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School earlier in term with class 5 for the Greek Olympics which was absolutely sensational to be a part of! The experience  fun, challenging, imaginative, supportive and social. We really loved mixing with the others schools and coming together that way. (Not to mention the food, yum, greek food!).

With the older classes 6,7 & 8’s we’ve been practicing archery which as been a new experience for most of us with mixed reviews.

Class 7 have been trying their hand at lacrosse with the support of a coach. I’ve been joining in for the lacrosse challenge  as it is a new sport for me too and, whoa, a challenge it has been! It has also been really interesting to uncover the history of the sport too which was originally a Native American game.

Tying in with human body systems we have been exploring components of fitness which will explore in more depth next year when students are in class 8.

Along side the above, in all classes, we have been revisiting and expanding on movements and games we tried at the beginning year to feel into how things have integrated in our bodies and how far everyone has come. I can hardly believe the end of the year is nearly here! What a year it has been, thank you everyone for your feedback and support, it has been a real joy to teach your children and I look forward to what is to come.

Summer love!

Kellie Curtis, PE.Teacher.


Castlemaine Circus Show

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Community Classifieds

Castlemaine Dental - Now Welcoming New Patients

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Family Portraits for Xmas

If you are needing some lovely new family portraits taken for Xmas this year, Photographer Rob Leeson is offering CSSK families a $200 studio session. Photos come with full ownership and no copyright issues. Contact Rob on 0400 100 075 for further information.



Bendigo Health - Free Dental Checks for children

More Information...

Xmas Shopping Ideas?

Some delightful music from a Steiner Teacher that may be an ideal Xmas present for someone…

Woodys Pop-Up Shop

Castlemaine Swimming Club

We are an inclusive community-based club. We provide a safe and fun space for people to engage, develop and grow as swimmers and become healthy and resilient individuals.

Swimmers of all ages welcome. Come along and join us for fun, fitness or to improve your technique. Competing is not compulsory.


We are promoting the upcoming 2019/20 season with a special offer. All new members will have club/coaching fees waived and receive a club swimming cap upon registration. That’s a saving of over $70 per person.

–          Attendance every night is not compulsory

–          Most swimmers attend 2 or 3 nights

–          First 2 sessions FREE

–          Suitable for adults and children

–          Great way to train for a triathlon, general wellbeing or to improve your fitness

Castlemaine Swimming Club Fee:

Member          FREE

Swimming Victoria Fee:

Insurance & Membership Package     $110-130 (approx.)

Summer Training

Castlemaine Outdoor Pool

Monday – Wednesday  6 – 7pm

Thursday                         6 – 8pm

No training public holidays

Winter Training

Castlemaine Fitness Centre

Wednesday                 6 – 7pm

No training public holidays

Further Information

www.castlemaineswimmingclub.org, or just turn up to a training session



Victorian Goldfields Railway

Check out the special “Santa Trains” across the holiday season !

Santa Trains!

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