Tuesday 18th of February, 2020

Term 1 Week 4

I feel at last my life's reality
Which, severed from the world's existence,
Would in itself obliterate itself,
And building only on its own foundation,
Would in itself bring death upon itself.

From The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner

Dates to Diary

Week 2 - Dates for the Diary

Mon 17th - Fri 21st Feb - Swimming Intensive Classes 2, 3, 4
Tue 18th Feb - Class 2 Parent Meeting
Wed 19th Feb - Class 3 Parent Meeting
Thu 20th Feb - Class 7 Parent Meeting
Tue 25th Feb - Shrove Tuesday Pancakes in the Heartlands
Tue 25th Feb - Class 6 Excursion
Wed 26th Feb - Class 6 Parent Meeting
Fri 28th Feb - Garden Meeting "Pot Luck" Dinner, from 3.30pm
Wed 4th Mar - Class 5 Parent Meeting
Tue 10th Mar - Class 8 Parent Meeting
Wed 11th Mar - Class 7 & 8 Music Excursion
Tue 17th Mar - Class 7 Serpentine Creek Camp
Wed 18th Mar - CSSK Board Meeting
Tue 24th Mar - Class 8 Sailing Camp
Thu 26th Mar - Class 5 & 6 Football/Netball
Fri 27th Mar - Final day of Term - Autumn Festival 2.15pm

2020 Term Dates
Term 1 (9 weeks) - Thursday 30th January – Friday 27th March
Term 2 (10 weeks) - Wed 15th April – Friday 19th June
Term 3 (10 weeks) - Tuesday 14th July – Friday 18th September
Term 4 (10 weeks) - Tuesday 6th October – Friday 11th December

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School News

Student Wellbeing

Dear Families,

Mark MacDougall is currently on leave until further notice. We ask that you refer any well-being matters to a Class Teacher, or directly to myself.

Thanks, Danilo (Acting Principal)



Spring Fair

We are beginning to discuss our Spring Fair again and would love to have some input from the CSSK community. Here is a link to a very short survey that digs a little deeper into what Spring Fair means to your family and how we can help pull it all together once again. We appreciate your input and time with these questions.

Thanks P&F, Office and Staff

Spring Fair Survey



After School Care at CSSK !

If you would like to enquire about booking your child into the service please contact www.castlemainechildcare.com.au as soon as possible.



From the Garden

Our marrow patch has taken off. The tromboncinos have been growing like Jack & the Beanstalk. Class 4 cooked their first lunch from the garden last week- Tromboncino Pasta! Four students come out of class 4 each Tuesday to cook lunch for the whole class, plus staff members who pay for a cooked lunch (this helps offset the cost of additional ingredients needed). It’s a busy morning and the 4 chefs were deservedly proud of the lunch which the class proclaimed ‘delicious’!

It was harvest day, in an attempt to beat the birds we harvested nectarines, pears, apples, basil, tomatoes & artichoke seeds. The summer rain has helped with the bounty this year.

Don’t forget Pot Luck in the garden, Friday 28/2/20, after school . All welcome. There will be icecream…..! We will send home a note with further details, feel free to catch Lisa or Sally in the garden if you have any questions.

Garden Committee Meeting Reminder – Wednesday 19 February 2020, 3.30 p.m. – The Anthroposium, Admin Building.

Getting some concrete plans after all the talk! All welcome.



Parents & Friends

Hi Everyone,

When I agreed to take over the role of P&F Convener from Julie Tisdale, I found myself thinking back to the start of my journey here at CSSK. It was then I realised that Julie happened to be the very first person I remember meeting when I joined this amazing community.

Let me introduce myself. I have 4 kids that attend CSSK; a daughter in Class 7, a son in Class 5 and 3 and a daughter in Prep. By my calculations, that puts me about halfway through our CSSK schooling journey! For the past 5 years I’ve taken on volunteer roles within the school, first as a class carer and then as a part of the Spring Fair Committee.

The P&F of the last few years has been focused on a spirit of doing, as evidenced by the air conditioning in the middle years classrooms, achieved through fundraising in the form of school lunches.

Our parents room garden is a space where children come together to play in the sandpit after drop off or before playgroup, and could use a little love to give it more ‘green’! Our extraordinary Sites and Grounds Manager, Kyle, has located all the supplies for us to create 2 wicking beds to plant in. Anyone who has some time after the Pancake Breakfast next Tuesday morning is encouraged to come and lend a hand.

This year P&F informal gatherings will take place each Monday after Assembly. Hope to see you soon 🙂

Aleesha Hercus, P&F Convener



From the Principal

We hope you and your children are settling into the new school year. We’ve started this term full of energy and enthusiasm, like busy Chinese New Year Rats.

Yesterday was the first day of our swimming week, and by all accounts it was a very successful day. Thank you to our tireless PE teacher Kellie for the massive effort to organise this!

Cooking is underway with the reinstatement of staff lunches on Tuesdays provided by the clever cooks of Class 4. I for one appreciate a break from my routine of cheese sandwiches. May the rain be steady through the year to nourish our veggie patch and provide a bumper crop for the cooking program.

In the office our cheerful staff are always open to your queries and make sure all the boxes have been ticked for a smoother running of our school. We greatly appreciate their quiet achievements. Further down the corridor of our Admin. building we find Neil who is another quiet achiever, a person of many talents who keeps us financially stable through his business management prowess.

This term we also have a couple of Class Teachers engaged in specific areas of learning and teaching development. Amanda McDonald working on, among other things, Curriculum review and development, and Anna Campbell overseeing, among other things,  Assessment and Reporting. It is wonderful to allot non-teaching time to Class Teachers in order to more fully focus on specific areas of our education.

The list of contributors that allow the smooth running of our school seem endless, from our classroom assistants, Early Childhood staff, our Sites & Ground Staff, our fantastic Cleaners, Class and Specialist teachers, and of course to you parents and friends: we thank you all warmly for choosing to join us on this journey.

Regards, Danilo, A/Principal




Kindergarten News

Dear Kindergarten families,

Thank you for the lovely first weeks at Kinder. Last week was filled with: construction building, complete with anchors and belay stations; ice-cream making; fairy gardens; drawing folio making; the odd cat and kitten frolicking; swings; guinea pig cuddles, hammock turn taking and so much more.

The children have made a great start to the year. This week we commence our full kindergarten sessions, which is very exciting. The children have settled in well to the kinder routine. Thank you for your patience with our staggered start. It ensures that our start to the year is as smooth and comfortable as possible for our little ones.

Thank you all once again for your bravery, sending your dear children into the hands of relatively new people is a big leap of faith. Thank you. We have a wonderful team this year with Sally, Moya and Kate. I am very honoured to be working alongside these wonderful educators.

Thank you for all the parents who were able to make it to the parent meeting last week. It was a lovely evening, complete with some wonderful play acting by the parents and crafting. Thank you for the lovely cake Haley. Please make sure you introduce yourself to Haley, our lovely class carer if you don’t already know her.

I will place crafting packs and an article for interesting reading in your parent pockets, please ensure that you regularly check your parent pockets.

For future reference I generally hold the parent meetings in week 3 of each term, on Thursday at 7.00pm.

I will leave you with a small poem.

Little boats are on the sea

All is calm as calm as can be

Gently the wind begins to blow.

Little boats rock to and fro

Loudly the wind begins to say,

Little boats are out to play.


I look forward to seeing you all during the week.

Warm regards, Tobie



Prep News

The children are settling in well and are becoming more confident each day with our daily rhythm. They have been enjoying our Morning Circle about going to the Beach. This week we will begin devoting one Morning Circle each week to the development of specific movement skills. The sandpit has been busy with lots of digging, rivers and bridges. The children are also beginning to explore the rest of the garden, finding new places to play.

Thank you to those parents who have already helped us with our washing, the table cloths and tea towels have come back beautifully clean and ironed. We appreciate it so much. Washing is sent home on Tuesdays and Thursdays so you will get a turn soon!

Our Class Meeting this term will be on Thursday 5th March 7.30-9.00pm in the Prep Room.

I will put some times for Parent Teacher meetings on the noticeboard outside Prep. I would like to meet with all families this term.

The Prep Autumn Festival will be on Thursday 26th March, 9.00-11.00am. This is the last day of Prep for term one.

Kind regards, Heather



Class 2 News

Class Two children have had an industrious beginning to the year.  Over the last two weeks, they have been working hard completing different literacy activities in our first Main Lesson block for the year.  Working with Animal Fables from Aesop and from various cultures around the world, the children have been developing their reading and writing skills. As part of this Main Lesson the children have also been focusing on activities to build their knowledge of sight words and to develop their skills in oral retelling of tales.

Our practice session focus for the last fortnight has been on building mental arithmetic skills with number facts up to 25. Last year, much of our math work involved the manipulation of counters and other objects in the solving of mathematical problems. This Term the children’s math learning will have a greater focus on developing their memory of basic number facts (ie. 4 + 6 = 10, 2 X 10 = 20, etc) and of Times Tables.  Once they have knowledge of such number facts and patterns, the children will then be able to apply this in solving more complex mathematical problems.

Parent Meeting

A reminder that our first Class Two Parent Meeting for the year is being held this Tuesday the 18th of February, between 7 and 9pm.  It would be great to see all of you there, as these meetings provide a wonderful opportunity for us to all discuss how the children are faring and how we can work together to help them in their learning.

Love Fiona



Class 3 News

We have been enjoying the story of Noah and the Ark. The children have been most enthusiastic about this story and have done some wonderful writing and pictures. We also have a very special wooden Noah’s Ark to play with. It has been lots of fun! There is a lovely video on the school’s Instagram page of the children’s work also.

Our Parent Meeting is tomorrow night at 7.30pm. It is the most important meeting for Class 3 and it would be fantastic to have a parent from your family attend.

Warm regards, Anne.



Class 4 News

Hi Everyone,

We had a fantastic Parent meeting the other evening. Once again it was great to get together and talk about the year ahead. Enjoy this fantastic photo of a rainbow over our school after the storms on Friday. It was magnificent.

Warm regards, Cathy



Class 6 News

*** Hi it’s Dave here! Apologies I said Class 5 in this recording but of course you all know I meant Class 6! 🙂


Class 8 News

Over the last two weeks, Class 8 have been exploring the Religious Revolution of the Renaissance times – The Reformation. We have been hearing the stories of Savonarola, Erasmus and Martin Luther amongst others. This week we look at Henry V111.

Four Class 8 students went around to Classes 2, 3 & 4 last week and talked to the students about suitable handling and care of the guinea pigs. If any students have questions they would like to ask, they can speak to Garnet, Harry, Kate or Vito.

Homework folders and diaries should be brought to school each day. This Tuesday is Project Update day. Bring your journal along please.

Our Class Meeting will be on Tuesday 10th March at 7:30pm. Lisa will talk about our camps this year and Lynn and Phil will let you know about their plans for the year with the students.

We have a music excursion to Bendigo on Wednesday 11th March.

All is going well in the Class 8 room with focussed working, interesting discussions and a desire to have responsibility and to be helpful around the school.

Cheers, Anna



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Community Classifieds

Steiner Training in Castlemaine & Ballarat

Steiner Training will commence again in Castlemaine in Term 2. All course details are available in the PDF.


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Meeting Place

The Dates for the Meeting Place this year have been set, the first being 21st Feb.  All Aboriginal or Torres Strait students aged 5-13yo are invited to attend – the CSSK office has copies of the permission forms if you’re interested in attending this ongoing program.

For more details please see the website:




Are you a budding Indigenous writer?

Read on for writing competition details for Reconciliation Week 2020.

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Voice & Singing Lessons

My name is Melissa Georgiou and I am a voice expert. I teach online singing and voice lessons which are suitable for anyone at any age aspiring to be a singer, actor, performing artist and public speaker. Whatever the student’s vocal goals, I can help fulfil them.

I have directed global projects in the United States of America, Canada and Australia where I was also the recording studio voice coach and the main voice-over artist. These projects led to recording thousands of original songs as well as hundreds of voice-overs. Working alongside professionals such as Henry Winkler and having products distributed by Sony Music, my work reached 1 billion views before launching in the world’s biggest market – China.

Helping fulfil dreams, 

Melissa Georgiou , International Voice Expert


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Mount Alexander Shire - Middle Years Plan

We are pleased to invite you to continue to explore the future of middle years in Mount Alexander Shire at the second Mount Alexander Middle Years Forum.

This forum is another chance for you to contribute your thoughts to help guide the development and coordination of middle years’ services, programs and activities in the shire. 

Outcomes of the forum will contribute to the development of the first Middle Years Plan for the shire, to support Council’s commitment to facilitating an accessible range of services for all including children, young people and families.

 We have collated feedback from discussions at the first Middle Years Forum and from over 400 surveys from children, families and service providers. From this feedback we have identified three priority areas for the Plan, which are outlined in the attached Project Bulletin.

The aim of the second forum is to bring together families, middle years’ service providers and organisations to:

•   further explore ideas and opportunities to support children in the shire (8 – 12 years),

•   present the draft priority areas of the Middle Years Plan,

•   develop objectives, actions and outcomes for each priority area.

 Registration is free with dinner provided.

 What:                   Mount Alexander Middle Years Forum #2

When:                  5.30pm to 8.30pm on Wednesday 26 February

Where:                Civic Centre, Lyttleton and Lloyd Streets, Castlemaine

 Children are welcome to attend. Supervision and activities will be provided.

 To register your attendance visit http://tix.yt/middleyearsforum2 or call our youth team on 5471 1700.

 Registrations are essential. RSVP by 5.00pm on Monday 24 February.

 Kind Regards, Shannon.

 Shannon Lacy (she/her) |  Youth Development Officer  |  Mount Alexander Shire Council

(03) 5471 1826  |  0429 369 894  |  www.mountalexander.vic.gov.au



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Flamenco at Granada Cafe!

Friday 21st of February 2020 is the date for another unforgettable night!!

Delicious Authentic Spanish Dinner by Jose and team followed by a flamenco dance show featuring Aya, Alejandro and Angel Mellado of SENES Flamenco!
It will be a $15 donation at the door for the wonderful artists.
One Night Only, Book your place now!
Bookings: (03) 5470 6038 or facebook messenger Granada Cafe!

146 Duke St Castlemaine VIC




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Soccer 2020 - Registrations Open

CGFC are pleased to announce that registrations are open for the 2020 season.

New or returning – Sign Up Now
Whether you are back again to register with the club or signing up for the first time, you can sign up to a program here: playfootball.com.au

Based on the age you turn in the playing year, you will see the relevant option available to you as a player ie if you are 10 or turning 10 this year you will see the U10s package.

If you encounter any problems or require further information about age groups please contact the club secretary – Tony Cormack, secretary@castlemainegoldfieldsfc.net.au, for assistance

What next?
Once registered and payment has been received you will be eligible to attend your program. An age group co-ordinator will be in touch over the coming weeks to let you know about sessions times (pre-season, training, game days). If you have questions you can contact the following age group co-ordinators:

Small Sided / U10s – Tony Cormack – tony@ffburo.com
U11 – U14 – Glen Springate – glenspringate@gmail.com
U16 – Seniors – Ashley McCoy – coaching@castlemainegoldfieldsfc.net.au

Fees for 2020
There are fee increases across all programs for the season, with both Football Victoria introducing a short term Levy and BASL increasing fees. The club has worked to keep the impact as low as possible – our goal as always is to make sport as financially accessible to all as possible.

Across our Junior and Small Sided programs fees equate to a per session cost from as little as $5 per session across the season (Feb – Aug/Sept).

Paying your fees
For 2020 we kindly ask that where possible all families and players pay their fees online by credit or debit card at the time or registration – this is the best way to support the club.

For offline payments, you will still be able to pay by EFT/Bank transfer as well as having the option of a payment plan via EZYPAY.

Payment plans and financial assistance
For a payment plan or other types of financial assistance you will need to contact Club Treasurer John Harvey, john.r.harvey@gmail.com.

Payment plans may incur a set up cost, and will require an initial payment that covers the Federation costs that the club are required to pay for each registration.

Concession discounts are available for Concession/Health card holders. Please email Tony Cormack with evidence of your Concession/Health card to receive a discount code for use when registering.

What your fees cover
Fee packages are made up of Federation/League fees, the club component that helps the club provide all of our programs for around 350 participants each year and general player liability cover.

On average the Federation fees account for around 50% of a package and when fees remain unpaid the club takes a significant hit, which impacts all of us. We ask that all members respect the club community and pay fees promptly or where assistance is required to immediately get it touch with the Treasurer or Secretary.

Welcome to 2020, all at CGFC are looking forward to a huge season and can’t wait to see everyone for a kick soon.

"From A to extraordinary"

An information evening with Faye Berryman about The Fitzroy Readers, and the principles and practice of teaching literacy with phonics.

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