Tuesday 28th of April, 2020

Term 2 Week 3

Thus speaks the cosmic Word
That I by grace through senses' portals,
Have led into my innermost soul:
Imbue your spirit depths
With my wide world horizons
To find in future time myself in you.

From The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner
Such beautiful Autumn colors at school now and Kyle & Co are doing some fantastic work on our grounds!

Dates to Diary

** No dates for the diary **

2020 Term Dates
Term 1 (9 weeks) - Thursday 30th January – Friday 27th March
Term 2 (10 weeks) - Wed 15th April – Friday 19th June
Term 3 (10 weeks) - Tuesday 14th July – Friday 18th September
Term 4 (10 weeks) - Tuesday 6th October – Friday 11th December

A little story…

Each week at Assembly our students (and parents) come together to sing and enjoy stories in our weekly assembly. Whilst we cannot do this at the moment here is a little reminder to enjoy. Our Class 4 Teacher, Cathy, has recorded a beautiful story that all children may wish to listen to. The characters will be familiar to Class 4, but we hope you will all enjoy it.


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School News

From Acting Principal, Danilo

I hope the first week of learning from home has been a positive adventure for your family.

I have heard many stories from teachers since the start of term, and many from parents, and even a few children!

Without doubt though, I’m sure interacting with digital technologies, the different rhythms and routines, will be posing many challenges for many of you – this is understandable.

Negotiating space and time around  other commitments and family members may be difficult for many of us, but these too can be learning experiences we may celebrate.

These times, I believe, will be looked back upon as an opportunity to reconnect with our immediate community. To say hello to neighbours we may pass as we take a brisk morning walk to enjoy the Autumn colours; connect with our garden, digging the soil, planting some winter vegetables, making jam perhaps.

Times to feel gratitude for the family and friends we miss and cant visit, to appreciate all the people who hitherto may have passed by us unseen – nurses, doctors, teachers, farmers, postal workers…..

Warm wishes, Danilo



SharePoint Help for Families

Which folders on my child’s Class page have been updated recently?

Where should I look to find any Zoom invitations for morning meetings or music lessons?

How do I log in to multiple Distance Learning @student.cssk accounts at the same time?

Responses to these and some other frequently asked questions are on the Family Hub – have a look in the Documents folder.

A short 30 minute recorded Zoom webinar – ‘Introduction to the Family Hub’ – is also available for you to review.

The School will be seeking comments and opinions on a range of Distance Learning Plan elements over the coming week – please look out for an SMS link to this survey. Your feedback will be valuable as we move into the second month of the program.

In the meantime, please continue to send your queries and / or concerns to distancelearning@cssk.vic.edu.au

Many thanks for your partnership as we navigate this learning journey,

The Distance Learning Team



Enrolments for 2021 & 2022!

To all our lovely Playgroup families – It may seem a long way off, but we are now receiving Expressions of Interest for Kinder 2022.  The waitlist for our Early Childhood programs fill quickly, so if you are interested in our Kindergarten 2022 program, please contact Tracey our Enrolments Officer traceyr@cssk.vic.edu.au

For Families in our Kinder 2021 group – it is business as usual, sort of! 🙂  The first round offers process is still underway and we will be in touch with all families across the coming weeks. Please feel free to contact Tracey if you have any questions about the process or time frames.



Craft News

I hope this finds you well. I also hope you received and read the letter sent out outlining the Craft Program for this term.

Coming on a screen near you…… is me in the Craft tutorials. I hope you have had a chance to watch the first lesson on SharePoint, in the Craft folder.

Thank you for your kind words and photos of the children working – it makes me feel connected to the work when I see them.

Luckily I completed my home studio over Easter – finally polishing the concrete floor.

My partner, Jim, made my worktable for my birthday last year. The big ‘C’ stands for Craft. It is seeing plenty of action.

And this is my work – space.

With love, Chris XXX

Prep News

Did you see the wind today?
Blow the Autumn leaves away.
From the trees they flutter down,
Some were red and some were brown.
Rustling up and down the street,
Dancing round my little feet.
Did you see the wind today?
Blow the leaves away!

What a different term we are having, with the children all learning at home. The Prep garden is looking very beautiful in its Autumn colours but also very quiet without the children to rake and play in the leaves.

I hope that, despite the disruption, we can all find something positive in this time.
Enjoy the Autumn weather and stay well.

Best wishes, Heather, Christine & Eve.



Class One News

Here are some of the Class 1 students working on their literacy/ alphabet practice.  Nikka and Flynn are matching sounds and letters and Quincy has outdone himself with a creative image using the letter B.
I’m enjoying seeing the students in the mornings on our zoom meetings and I can tell that the students are enjoying seeing each others faces.  By the end of the week all of the students will have had a turn at being on zoom and sharing some news if they wish to.
We have been working on a Quality of Numbers main lesson and everyday we are doing a little bit of counting in our zoom meeting.
I hope that everyone is adjusting to distance education.  It is very different to what we are used to!  Remember to take it slowly and try not to get overwhelmed.
All the best, Katherine.

Movement News

Hello Everyone,
I hope the children are enjoying practicing with their new velvet beanbags. They could also invent their own skill or trick to share when we return to school. Look out for floor exercises coming soon but keep those beanbags close by.
Warm wishes, Sue

Class 2 News

Welcome back for Term Two everyone!

It has been an unusual start to the term, with everyone having to adjust to our new Distance Learning program.

It has been lovely to see many of the Class Two children each morning during our daily Zoom meetings. From what I can observe, the children have been working hard completing the work set for them in their Distance Education Learning Packs.

This week they have been working on an English/Humanities Main Lesson called Song of the Seven Herbs. This Main Lesson is based on a collection of Native American Tales about medicinal plants. It has been great to hear from some of the children that they have been able to find the plants from the stories out in the wild, or in their own gardens. A couple of the children have even sampled teas made from the plants, or tried eating their leaves as salad greens.

I would like to thank all the Class Two parents for your wonderful work in assisting your children to do their work at home. I know that it can be quite challenging to balance supervision of learning and your own work commitments simultaneously. You are all doing a marvelous job!

Love Fiona



Class Three News

Even though we are not at school we all seem connected. We chat, we Zoom and we think about each other constantly. We may not be in our room but our room still seems friendly and inviting as I pop in every few days. And Autumn has definitely arrived in the school ground. It is looking beautiful but a bit lonely. Many thanks to Kyle, Lisa and Sally and others who have taken the opportunity to do extra work in the garden and around the grounds.
As we all work away at home, confronting all kinds of new and different challenges, we can all take a moment to reflect on how much our school community means to us and how wonderful it will be to see each other in real life again and not on a screen!!
Lots of love to everyone, Anne

PE News

Hi everyone,
I hope you all had a good start to the online learning last week and that everyone has been using the time to be out in the garden and making the most of this autumn weather.
All my primary aged students would have received some equipment in their take home packs along with a booklet with challenges. I would love to see photos and feedback if you have any along with any other interesting things students have been getting up to.
The older year levels have received and introduction to yoga to accompany their anatomy main lesson. We will continue to build on this through the weeks to develop a connection to the body while learning the muscles and body systems.
Hope everyone is keeping well.
Warm wishes, Kellie
Above is a photo of an earth mandala I made while I was at school on earth day. Collecting natural materials and making an earth mandala is a great way to get outside, connect with nature, be creative and active all at the same time. I invite you to make one and share the photo with me, I would love to see what people create!

Class Four News

Hello Everyone,
Congratulations! You have all done so well getting through the first week of Distance Learning. The week has been full of Zoom meetings, messages, emails and phone calls, with everyone (including me) working out the best way to do this.
It has been wonderful seeing all my budding Vikings in our meetings during the week. Although there is quite a bit of work provided, they are each developing a timetable that works for them and their family, knowing that they don’t have to get through it all. Having a daily checklist enables the children to see where there may be some gaps in what they are doing, which they can focus on in the next week. As the week has progressed, many are becoming quite proficient at independently planning their day. I really love that they are becoming responsible for their own learning, with guidance from their family and myself.
I’ve been getting lots of pictures of the way the class have been spending their time and it is great to see that they are varying their learning. Our current Main Lesson is Norse Mythology, hearing stories of the creation of the world and the Viking gods.
And a recording for you all to listen to can be found at the beginning of this week’s Penny – Letter from the Keeper of the Kings Forest.
Cheers Cathy

From the Garden

From the Garden



Class 5 News

Thank you wonderful Class 5 children and Parents for working together with me , along with lots of communication, to meet the challenges of our first week of Distance Education.

The children all came to our Morning Circle zoom meeting so bright and enthusiastic this morning , so I think they are very proud of themselves!

I most certainly am very proud of each one for their efforts, their delightful communication with me and the way in which they embraced their own challenges.

I hope all families had a peaceful and enjoyable breathing out this weekend – I look forward to seeing the children again this week!

Warm wishes, Lyn



French News

   French: Bien fait! Well done to all the French students organising their work program at home. Whether you are learning your way around a new text book or completing worksheets and making a board game, I hope you continue to enjoy your French studies and I am sure that when we all return, you will have new and interesting faits amusants – fun French facts – to share with everyone!  au revoir Lynn

Class Seven News

We are getting used to our new way of learning-but all the students are doing very well!! We have started a main lesson on Voyages of Discovery and have been learning about early mapping such as Portolan charts, the use of the Compass rose and Navigational methods.