Tuesday 27th October, 2020

Term 4 Week 4

When from the depths of soul
The spirit turns to the life of worlds
And beauty wells from wide expanses,
Then out of heaven's distances
Streams life-strength into human bodies,
Uniting by its mighty energy
The spirit's being with our human life.

From The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner

Dates to Diary

** Dates TBA **

2020 Term Dates
Term 1 (9 weeks) - Thursday 30th January – Friday 27th March
Term 2 (10 weeks) - Wed 15th April – Friday 19th June
Term 3 (10 weeks) - Tuesday 14th July – Friday 18th September
Term 4 (10 weeks) - Tuesday 6th October – Friday 11th December

2021 Term Dates
Term 1 (9 Weeks) - Tuesday 2nd February to Friday 2nd April
Term 2 (9 Weeks): Tuesday 20th April to Friday 25th June (Planning Day 19/4/21 – child-free)
Term 3 (9 Weeks): Tuesday 20th July to Friday 17th September (Planning Day 19/7/21 – child-free)
Term 4 (10 Weeks): Tuesday 5th October to Friday December 10th (Planning Day 4/10/21 – child-free)

Ephemeral Creek

During the last holiday break the School employed a local Landscaper to come in to help us build a new ephemeral creek. The new creek connects the Heartlands path to the junior Classrooms to create an aesthetic and practical solution to a very muddy problem. It wasn’t long before nature provided us with enough rain to test it out, Students and Staff have both been sighted jumping from one stone to the next. We know its been a long time since parents have been on to school grounds, so here are a few photos to show you the beautiful result.

Enjoy and warm regards, Kyle



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School News

Term Dates for 2021

Term Dates for 2021 are confirmed – The childrens’ first day back is Tuesday 2/2/21

Term 1 (9 Weeks):  2/2/21 – 1/4/21

Term 2 (9 Weeks): 20/4/21 – 25/6/21 (Planning Day 19/4/21 – child-free)

Term 3 (9 Weeks): 20/7/21 – 17/9/21 (Planning Day 19/7/21 – child-free)

Term 4 (10 Weeks): 5/10/21 – 10/12/21 (Planning Day 4/10/21 – child-free)



Principal Appointment

Just in case you have missed it, our Acting Principal, Danilo Paglialonga has now been appointed as Principal following our recent recruitment process. Advice of this appointment was sent by email to parents, and is again attached for you;

Principal appointment



Scholarships Still Available

Once again CSSK is offering a limited number of partly and fully funded Scholarships for new entrants to the school. Further information and an application form can be found via this link Scholarships-Information-Application-Form-2020



Enrolment News

Enrolment enquiries continue to be busy for new families to the school. We have vacancies for 2021 in most classes. Contact our Enrolment Officer, Tracey Robertson for full details on Traceyr@cssk.vic.edu.au


Kinder 2022 – if you haven’t already it is time to submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) for Kinder 2022 places, i.e children born in 2017. All applications are offered firstly to those with a current sibling at the school and then via date order of the received EOI payment & form recieved. Please note; to be eligible for a sibling offer the EOI must be received by the end of Week 1 of Term 1, 2021. Contact Tracey for any further clarification.

CSSK Expression of Interest Form



Office Hours

We are loving having students back on-site and things are working quite smoothly with our COVIDSafe procedures.  These are reviewed and updated as required with each review of the DET School Operations Guide.

As you know admin are out in the carpark supporting the drop off/pick up system and some of the additional cleaning that we have put in place – this has meant that we are away from the desk/phone a lot more with calls going to message.

To manage your needs and enquiries, our office hours will now be 9 to 3 – please make contact with us during these hours and we will be happy to assist you.

Thanks The Office Team.



Sites and Grounds

More work happening around the place with the giant chess set being given a makeover with help from students in Classes 6 and 8. The board has been cleaned, Knights converted to Unicorns,  chess pieces painted and chess trolleys restored!

Thanks Kyle




Spare Clothes

Just another reminder that ALL students (no matter their age) should carry a spare set of clothes in their schoolbag please. With the rain, muddy play and puddles seem almost unavoidable for our active children, but we need them to be clean, dry and warm when they return to the classroom.





Although we are not currently running our beautiful Playgroup program onsite, we will resume once COVID restrictions permit it. If you would like to join our Playgroup waitlist, please submit a Playgroup Registration form to traceyr@cssk.vic.edu.au and I will be in touch once we have further information.

CSSK Playgroup Registration



Kinder News

Dear Kinder parents,

Welcome to week 4. Well the term has got underway and the children have picked up where they left off and are ever so enthusiastic to engage and be together.

Whilst casting my eye over the room last week, I thought to myself they are perhaps running a little on overdrive, like they are trying to make up for lost playing time together. Play ideas are jumping from one to the next, children are darting here and darting there in true four to five year old spirit. Toys and being touched and placed and then children are moving onto the next idea. It is very exciting to watch and be a part of, if a little exhausting and giddy for all. I imagine that last week you all would have had some very tired children come home.

I have been quietly encouraging the children to remember that we have time, there will be time for all their games and ideas, our friends will be here tomorrow and the next day to enjoy our time together. I am sure that they will settle soon. Perhaps this is the coming out of Covid lockdown we are seeing the in the classroom, or perhaps this is just the excited playing of a class of mainly 5 year olds who are a little out of practice of being in a busy room full of playmates. Either way I am very happy to see them all enjoying each other and our Kinder resources. It is very nice to hear their laughter and enthusiasm filling our Kinder room.

I would also like to welcome our newest member of the class, Alfie and his family, Katherine and Paul and Alfie’s brothers. Please introduce yourself if you are able. I understand Haley, our class carer is going to assist in building some connections. Thank you Haley.

Last week we told a story about Little Louse and Little Flea, it is rather a funny little fairy tale. I am sure that many of the children would remember it if you prompted them with the title. Our morning circles are still limited with Covid, but we are having some variations that are feeling surprising satisfying. Humming and gesture is remarkable how it can bring the class together – especially when they all remember the songs from previous terms.

I look forward to being in touch about our upcoming parent teacher interviews. I expect they will take place via Zoom on the 9th of November, week 6. I will send out invites shortly. These parent teacher interviews will be related to our Transition Learning and Development Statements, which I will email to you all shortly too.

Until then, Take care, Warm regards




Prep News

My Lady Spring is dressed in green, she wears a primrose crown And little baby buds and twigs are clinging to her gown.

The sun shines in she laughs at all

And when she weeps the raindrops fall.

My Lady Spring, my lady Spring, widely loving everything.

Last week in Prep we had a lovely Spring Festival. The children made beautiful garlands and we danced to welcome Lady Spring. Eve delighted the children as our Lady Spring. Christine prepared a special morning tea and at Story-time we had a puppet play of Snow White and Rose Red.


Thank you to Kirsty for teaching the class while I am on long service leave  for the remainder of the term. Thank you also to Christine and Eve who will continue to give their wonderful support and care to the children.

Special thanks to the children who have managed all the changes this year so well and tried so hard. It has been such a joy have you in Prep. Thank you to all parents for your perseverance, patience and support as we navigated distance learning together.

Have a happy term!

Warm regards, Heather



Class Three News

We are so happy to all be back together in our cheerful yellow room! We have quickly eased back into routine and the children really enjoyed our first little main lesson which was about the dwellings and habitats of Australian animals. This was an extension of our Shelters and Dwellings main lesson covered during our time away. The children drew some wonderful pictures and completed some very good writing .

Now we are focusing on maths. We are learning about “trading”(carrying numbers) in addition and doing lots of number facts and tables revision, which is very important in Class 3 and 4.

The Shelters and Dwellings projects that the children have completed are delightful and each child has spoken enthusiastically about their particular model. I will try to organise photos so you can enjoy them too.

We have a student teacher with us for the next few weeks, Amanda, and we warmly welcome her into our class and thank her for her work with us.

Please make sure you check your child’s bag for any important notes from me as well as homework tasks that are also very important at this stage of the year.

As I wave to you during the drop off and pick up times, please understand that I do miss the little chats that we have taken for granted over the years. Let’s hope that next year there will be a return to some kind of normality! Meanwhile thank you for your ongoing support during this difficult year.

Love Anne

BREAKING NEWS!!!! – Class Three will be having a Sleepover at school on Friday 6th of November and Farm Camp is going ahead from Wed 11th of Nov to Fri 13th Nov – more details and camp forms coming very soon. Yaaayyy!


Class Four News

Hello Everyone,

It is great to be back to onsite learning.

Class 4 have eased gently into the term. Week One was about getting our social life back into gear and finishing off the Humankind and Animal Kingdom main lesson bookwork that the class did during Distance Education. They have certainly become the noisy Vikings that is expected of them in Class 4! Lots of chatter.

Week Two the class presented their Animal Projects, then began some serious rehearsing of their play, Idunn and Her Golden Apples. Play rehearsal continued all through Week Three, working on props and costumes as well. This Friday the class will perform their play, outdoors, to Class 3. Wish them luck, especially for the rain to hold off!

Warm regards, Cathy


Fun at Dyuritte/Arapiles



Class Eight News (Lynn Sunderland)

Thank You Day 

The students of Class Eight recently wrote letters of thanks to the wonderful essential workers of our local community, for their brave and tireless efforts during this difficult year.  We thought you might like to read some of the lovely and thoughtful comments included in these letters:

‘Thank you for caring for the community during this hard time…’

‘I know you must be scared but you are still working and I am giving you all my support and appreciation …’

‘… I get sick of wearing a mask each day but I can’t even start to imagine what it’s like to wear all the PPE gear…’

‘Thank you for being there when we needed you most …’

‘Thank you for helping the ones we love …’

‘Thanks for all your courage and perseverance: everyone is grateful for your effort …’

‘You and your fellow colleagues have guided us through the dark …’

‘I want to thank all the doctors and nurses, the receptionists and everyone who is brave enough to get up every morning knowing their future is uncertain …’

‘…for comforting and keeping the spirits up of people young and old …’

‘…for putting smiles on people’s faces …’

‘… you are the true heroes …’

And finally:

‘During this difficult time I’m sure you’ll appreciate some jokes: Doctor, doctor, I feel like a pair of socks! …Well, I’ll be darned!’ 

Hope this helps to keep up your spirits too!

Lynn and the students of Class Eight.



Class Eight News (Anna)


This last week, Class 8 have been working at Electromagnetism with Phil, Essay writing with Lynn, Platonic Solids with Rob (while I have been in the office) and pyjama sewing with Chris.

We enjoyed being part of Class Three’s very first ensemble and all learning a new song together. We sounded wonderful.

Now we are adventuring out for our first camp from school this year, to make rafts and to sail them on Lake Eppalock. Here’s hoping for good, rafting weather.

Cheers, Anna



School Desks

We still have wooden school desks available for sale. Contact the Office for more details.


School Photos

School Photos are now permitted in Victoria. Our confirmed date for photos is Tuesday 17th of November. Envelopes to order photos will be available shortly. Great news!

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Community Classifieds

CSSK Disclaimer

The views and opinions expressed in classified items are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of our school.

Introduction to Weaving - November short course

If you are interested to learn more about weaving, contact me for details on my next short course ilkajanewhite@gmail.com


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Rental House needed

Hello! We are a family of four, joining the CSSK community next year. We are hoping to rent a three-bedroom house from December or January onwards. Our children will be in Class 6 and Year 9. Please contact Jen O’Donnell on 0438 002 722 if you can help. Thank you.

Jen and Paul



Trainee Dental Assistant opportunity

An exciting opportunity is available to join Castlemaine Dental, as a Trainee Dental Assistant on a full-time basis whilst completing a Certificate III in Dental Assisting.

Skills and Experience

Be honest, reliable, friendly, enthusiastic and eager to learn.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Be organized, efficient and skilled at multitasking.

Have a great attention to detail and ability to comprehend and follow instructions.

Ability to complete Cert III in Dental Assisting

Position closes 1ST November.

If you would like to be considered for this opportunity, please submit your CV and cover letter outlining your experience and motivation to work in the dental industry.

This position holds the opportunity for future growth and professional development. This role will be initially based on a 12-month contract with the possibility to extend.

Please forward cover letter and resume to Tanya Blake, Practice Manager  info@castlemainedental.com.au



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We are delighted to see school life slowing returning to “normal” given 2020 has been a real struggle for many families with the cost of home schooling or loss of income among other challenges. Saver Plus currently has 14 places in the Central Highlands region available up until the end of Term 4.  There’s never been a better time to improve money skills, savings habits and get up to $500 in matched savings for school costs! We’ve relaxed the rules at Saver Plus. Parents on Jobkeeper or with income from Child Support or cash-in-hand work may be now be eligible.

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