Tuesday 9th March, 2021

Term 1 Week 6

There dims in damp autumnal air
The senses' luring magic;
The light's revealing radiance
Is dulled by hazy veils of mist.
In distances around me I can see
The autumn's winter sleep;
The summer's life has yielded
Itself into my keeping.

From The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner

Dates to Diary

Week 6
Wed 10th Mar - Class 7 Parent Meeting
Thu 11th Mar - Prep Parent Meeting

Week 7
Tue 16th Mar - Class 7 Serpentine Creek Camp (returns Friday)
Thu 18th Mar - "Close the Gap" Day
Fri 19th Mar - Class 8 Excursion - Ulumbarra Theatre 7pm

Week 8
Wed 24th Mar - Class 7 & 8 Immunisations
Wed 24th Mar - Class 7 & 8 Information Night
Thu 25th Mar - CSSK Dental Visits

Week 9
Tue 30th Mar - Class 6 Play
Wed 31st Mar - Class 5 Indian Evening
Thu 1st April - Easter Festival - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL
Thu 1st April - Class 5 Ensemble performance (TBC)
Fri 2nd April - PUBLIC HOLIDAY / Good Friday

2021 Term Dates
Term 1 (9 Weeks) - Tuesday 2nd February to Friday 2nd April
Term 2 (10 Weeks): Tuesday 20th April to Friday 25th June (Planning Day 19/4/21 – child-free)
Term 3 (9 Weeks): Tuesday 20th July to Friday 17th September (Planning Day 19/7/21 – child-free)
Term 4 (10 Weeks): Tuesday 5th October to Friday December 10th (Planning Day 4/10/21 – child-free)

Festival News.

The Castlemaine State Festival is fast approaching. This link provides information on events for families, how young people are involved in 2021 and volunteering opportunities.

Castlemaine State Festival for Families


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School News

Enrolment News

Hi Everyone,

We have commenced our enrolment process for our Kindergarten 2022 group. Information packs and interview times have now been sent to our waitlist families. If you have listed your child for a place in this group and you have not heard from me, please get in touch as soon as possible to confirm that we have your correct details on file. We endeavour to complete our Kinder enrolment processes prior to June each year.

We do currently have vacancies in this program. If you are considering Kinder at CSSK for your child born in 2017, please do get in touch.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me; traceyr@cssk.vic.edu.au

Warmest regards, Tracey

P.S. – It’s never too early to get your forms in for Kinder & Prep 2023 & 2024!




Music News

Monday Classes 7/8
Tuesday Class 6
Wednesday Class 5
Thursday Extra Ensemble
Friday Class 4
FYI An interesting Ted Talk…Only takes 5 minutes!

Dental Screening

Bendigo Health will be doing Dental Screening on site at CSSK on the 25th and 26th March.

Shortly your child will bring home more information and a consent form which you will need to return to the office by the 11th March if you wish your child to have a dental check up.

CSSK Dental



Class Three News

The Class Three students have spent the last week delving into the world of Grammar. Through a story about a land full of mystical Keepers of Words, they have been introduced to some of the general categories of words we use in spoken and written language. Each of the key characters in the story is responsible for a different category of word.

So far, the children have been introduced to Queen Verb and King Noun and their assistants Adverb and Adjective. They have played various games which have involved exploring nouns and adjectives through naming objects and then describing them. They have similarly begun to explore verbs and adverbs in this way and will continue this exploration over the course of the coming week.

The students’ favourite activity so far has been the creation of paper depictions of themselves, with adjectives written on the torsos describing aspects of their personality. They had tremendous fun discussing potential adjectives to describe themselves and drawing little depictions of themselves and other family members.

Class One News

Class One are wandering through lots of stories that bring up images of the alphabet letters, so lots of beautiful drawings and lovely script are being worked at.
We enjoyed meeting up with our Class Six buddies last week and joined in helping with weeding around the water flow area.
Our running under the rope is going so well that skipping in the rope is bound to happen soon.
In craft we are busily weaving lots of colours into our recorder bags. Lots of perseverance is needed but we are diligently working away and enjoying the patterns that are starting to emerge.
We would like to welcome into the class Remedy and her parents, Nicole and Miles.
Cheers, Anna & Elizabeth.
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Community Classifieds

CSSK Disclaimer

The views and opinions expressed in classified items are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of our school.

Working from Home getting a little cramped?

Fantastic Office spaces are currently available at “The Hub” with flexible lease arrangements.

Contact Neil Barrett on 0419 327 791 for further information and check out The Hub



House Wanted to Rent

Small CSSK family searching for 2/3br house to rent in or around Castlemaine.

Reliable, house proud, garden loving family with excellent references.

Please contact the office if you have any leads! With gratitude in advance!

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