Tuesday 27th April, 2021

Term 2 Week 2
There flourish in the sunlight of my soul
The ripened fruits of thinking;
To conscious self-assurance
The flow of feeling is transformed.
I can perceive now joyfully
The autumn's spirit-waking:
The winter will arouse in me
The summer of the soul.

From The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner

Dates to Diary

Week 2
Wed 28th April - Class 6 Camp - Lake Tyrrell

Week 3
Tue 4th May - Class 7 Longbow Making Course (through to Thu)
Wed 5th May - Kinder Parent Meeting 7pm
Thu 6th May - Prep Parent Meeting 7pm
Fri 7th May - CSSK Strategic Plan Steering Committee Meeting

Week 4
Naplan Week
Mon 10th May - Class 3 Parent Metting 7pm
Tue 11th May - Class 8 Parent Meeting
Wed 12th May - Kinder Parents welcome to attend Morning Circle
Wed 12th May - CSSK Board Meeting

Week 5
Tue 18th May - Class 4 Parent Meeting 7.30pm
Wed 19th May - CSSK AGM
Thu 20th May - Class 7 Meeting
Fri 21st May - After School - Garden Get Together / Open Invitation / Details to be advised.

Week 6
Tue 25th May - Class 7 Camp - Mount Arapilies
Wed 26th May - Class 1 Parent Meeting

Week 7
Tue 1st Jun - Class 5 Parent Meeting

Week 8
Fri 11th Jun - PUPIL FREE DAY - CSSK Professional Development Day

Week 9

Week 10
Thu 24th June - Mid Winter Festival - Details TBA
Fri 25th June - Final day of Term - NORMAL finish time.

2021 Term Dates
Term 2 (10 Weeks): Tuesday 20th April to Friday 25th June (Planning Day 19/4/21 – child-free)
Term 3 (9 Weeks): Tuesday 20th July to Friday 17th September (Planning Day 19/7/21 – child-free)
Term 4 (10 Weeks): Tuesday 5th October to Friday December 10th (Planning Day 4/10/21 – child-free)

End of Term 1 celebrations

The last day of term was filled with a festive atmosphere.  An Easter assembly followed by ending the day with our Ride2School event.  Children saw the fabulous Paddy Toasty and his Improbable Velocopedes. 

Brave Evie rode the Penny Farthing around the basketball court – wearing Rainbow Riders helmet. Class Eight served peddle orange juice and each class as they patiently waited for their term to try one of Paddy’s weird and wonderful bike-like machines. Smiles and laughter filled the court !

And at the end of the day four groups rode away from school to go to Campbells Creek and Castlemaine.  Well done to all the children for beautiful participation, thanks to the parents who rode home with the groups and thank-you teachers for supporting the event.

I’d like to set up weekly supported RideHome days. Please contact Penny 0408002032 with a day you could help out.

(Thank-you to Penny Gilbert for organising and bringing this to the school! – CSSK)



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School News

Important Date for the Diary

There will now be a Pupil Free Day on Friday 11th of June. We are adding this opportunity into our school planner as a Professional Development Day for our staff. As always the Office Team will provide reminders as we lead up to this date in Week 8.




Bus Travellers

All Class 7 & 8 students traveling on the bus MUST wear a mask. It is a requirement under the current COVID protocols that these students carry a mask on them at all times, following leaving their home each morning. Parents please help your children remember these items, we have had to supply a large number of disposable masks each afternoon to students who have not brought their own.

Whilst we are happy to provide them for the infrequent times that they are forgotten, we loathe the use of this disposable variety.





Wellbeing News

Hello Everyone,

As we get closer to the winter season and the weather is changing daily, please ensure:

  • Your children dress warmly with different layers/appropriate footwear to suit the day-rain, hail or shine!
  • Remind/check that your children are bringing their jumpers/coats home
  • To allow time for breakfast, even though it’s darker, colder and harder to get up early. Breakfast makes a big difference to how children can focus on their learning.

Teachers have noted that some children will eat most of their food during morning play break and then have very little left for their lunchtime break. Appetites change with the seasons, so please regularly review what and how much food you are sending to school.

Check in with your child: Have they eaten everything? If so, do they need more items? Different choices to eat? Are they drinking enough water?

Consider: is it healthy? Giving your child long-lasting energy? Does it cover a variety of food groups?

*If your child enjoys warm meals, please try to send these in an insulated flask/thermos.

If you are simply running out of school lunch ideas, here’s a link to help:



Just like the seasons, our children’s mental health can change too. If you notice any significant or ongoing changes with their emotions, friendship groups or learning concerns, please firstly check in with your class teacher for an update/chat. Students can then be referred to and overseen by the Student Care Team.

The Student Care Team covers Learning Support (academic) and Wellbeing support and is staffed by Hayley, Sue, Mary and myself (Sandra). We are undertaking Student Support Group meetings over the next few weeks for students requiring additional supports. Please bear with us, as we set up a few new processes relating to the new CSSK Wellbeing Coordinator role.


During our staff planning day, we were privileged to have a Department of Education: “Safe Schools” presentation on ways that schools can foster a safe environment that is supportive and inclusive of LGBTIQA+ students. This will further inform existing policies and practices at CSSK.

Staff also had the opportunity to learn more about Be You resources (developed by Beyond Blue) to support student mental health and wellbeing. Be You resources have been utilised in the Mental Health in Primary Schools pilot programs, that I was involved with in 2020, and that have been implemented across some Victorian government schools.  https://beyou.edu.au/. It was a fantastic session.


Please note: I will generally be available for students in the library during lunchtime (except Wed). Class 5-8 students can also check in/chat with me during morning play break at my office (Wellbeing Hub/Learning support area behind Class 5) or as needed.

‘A healthy outside starts from the inside’ – Robert Urich

Warm regards, Sandra Harvey    Wellbeing Coordinator (Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri- 11-4pm+)

Email: sandrah@cssk.vic.edu.au



After School Care

If you are interested to learn more about how CSSK After School Care works, we encourage you to contact Castlemaine Childcare Centre on www.castlemainechildcare.com.au

There is currently low use of the service which could impact its continuation at the school.



Kindergarten News

Dear Kindergarten Parents,

Thank you for a lovely festival last term. It now seems like a long way ago!

It was lovely to see the children so proudly singing their newly learnt songs and enjoying the story. Seeing the wonder on the children’s faces as they hear the story about ‘The little red house that has no windows and no doors but a star inside’ is always a delight. I trust you all had a lovely break.

Please see some notes below:

  1. Please remember to bring hats, we will need to wear sun hats until the 1st of May (next week), thereafter I would appreciate it if the children can bring a beanie to keep their heads warm outside. If your child doesn’t have a hat we will provide one where possible from the spare hats and then ask you to clean it and return to kinder (to prevent nits).
  2. Our parent meeting for the term is in week three, Wednesday at 7pm. 5th of May. Please be aware that I generally schedule parent meetings for week 3, Wednesday of each term.
  3. Please bring spare clothes, raincoats and gumboots. These items are able to stay at kinder on your child’s hook if need be.  We are now needing at least 2 changes of clothes a day. If you do have puddle pants this may make life a little easier with washing.
  4. We have no more spare hats, spare pants and socks at Kinder. If your child did go home with some spares last week please wash and return those when you get a chance. That would be very appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Please make a note of week 4, 12th of May for parents to join the children for morning circle. This will be an informal open morning. Dependent on numbers parents will be able to join the children to sing some songs. Afterwards we invite you to have a working bee in the garden and have morning tea afterwards outside. Please let me know if you can make it in advance. The morning circle will be first thing in the morning 9.00am till 9.20, then outside working bee until 11.00. Morning tea at 11.00 outside for the parents.
  6. Thank you and welcome to our afternoon pick-ups. It is really lovely to see parents waiting in the waiting area for the children at pick up- so lovely after such a long time of not being able to do this end of the day process. Please note pick up times are 12.30 and 3.00pm. Being on time is always very helpful. Thank you in advance
  7. We will be commencing walks with the children in week 3, Tuesday the 4th. Thereafter we will go for a walk each Tuesday morning, possibly adding in Thursday also as time goes on. I will keep you posted on this one. Please note we will leave at 9.00 or just before. If you are running late, please walk over to the primary school area across the creek to join us, after dropping off your child’s bag and belongings. Thank you for your support with this activity. Dressing warmly with many layers may be necessary.
  8. Please introduce yourself to Kimmy in our kitchen at Kinder if you get the chance. Our dear Sally is still at school, she is just spending more time in the garden now. We will miss her, but we are in very capable hands. A big welcome to Kimmy!

Enjoy your week and our cooler weather, a great time for gardening.

Warm regards, Tobie, Kate, Kimmy and Moya.



Prep News

“The river sang softly to the leaves on the trees I am waiting to take you on a journey with me.

So the leaves fell down gently on that bright Autumn day And floated with the river far, far, far away.”


It was lovely to see all the children and families again after the holidays. The children slipped easily and confidently back into Prep. They were pleased to see their friends and have had wonderful, creative ideas for their play. We warmly welcome Eleve`and her parents, Liz and Araignee to our Class community. Liz has been a parent at our school for many years.

Gradually we are returning to “pre-covid” times. It was wonderful to share our Autumn Festival with families at the end of last term and so nice for parents to now be able to pick up at the Prep gate. If you are also picking up an older sibling, please remember to go from Prep to the parents room and “sign in”.

We have lots of birthdays to celebrate this term and also two to catch up on from last term. Parents are now able to visit Prep to share in their child’s birthday celebration.

This week we will begin our weekly walks across the creek.

Our Class meeting this term will be in Week 3, Thursday 6th May, 7pm- 8.30pm in the Prep room. I look forward to seeing parents that evening.

A reminder to check that your child has a change of clothes each day, as there is lots of  water and muddy play.

Warm regards, Heather

P.s. Enjoy some photos from our Term 1 Festival





Class 3 News

Welcome back for the beginning of Term 2!

The Class Three students have had a productive start to this term.  They have begun a new Math Main Lesson on measurement – specifically, measuring time and distance and length.  We have had lots of fun together, learning about and making our own models of ancient time-keeping devices The time-keeping devices we have studied so far include sundials and shadow clocks, water clocks, sandglass clocks and candle clocks.

The children have been incredibly engaged with their work and it has been wonderful to witness their interest in, and thoughtful conversations about, the ways in which human ingenuity has been applied throughout the course of history, towards the endeavour of measuring time. 

Warm regards, Fiona




Class 4 News

Hello Everyone,

Class 4 had their first camp of the year last week!
We walked from school to the Muckleford forest and on the way saw many animals, including Emu’s, horses, kangaroos, sheep and a Lama.

We ate morning tea in a dry river bed, played in the gully, listened to Lisa tell the story of Mindy the Serpent and ate lunch by an old damn that was used for pumping water during the Gold rush.

When we arrived at the camp site everyone worked together to pitch the bell tents, build a toilet and make a fire before dinner.

The weather was good for exploring the forest, making fairy houses, drawing birds and the surroundings as well as cooking food.

Elder Uncle Ron came to visit us and share stories about creation and culture on the last afternoon which was a wonderful occasion.

Thank you to our parent helpers who came along this time, Kerry and Christina, and of course our camp leader Lisa.

Warm regards, Jess



Class 7 News (Audio File)

Thanks Dave

Music News

Welcome back everyone – we are looking forward to the Term ahead and hopefully some special performances in the community. If you can help your child/ren to bring their instruments for both their lesson and the following ensemble days;


Monday Classes 7/8

Tuesday Class 6

Wednesday Class 5

Thursday Extra Ensemble

Friday Class 4



Castlemaine Goldfields FC

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Community Classifieds

CSSK Disclaimer

The views and opinions expressed in classified items are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of our school.

House Wanted to Rent

Small CSSK family searching for 2/3br house to rent in or around Castlemaine.

Reliable, house proud, garden loving family with excellent references.

Please contact the office if you have any leads! With gratitude in advance!

"Nurturing Childhood"


My name is Joy de Berker. I am an experienced Waldorf Kindergarten teacher and Anthroposophic School Health Practitioner in the UK (a new qualification created by the Goetheanum Medical Section in 2021)

I have created a series of six, Saturday sessions to help parents and families through the worldwide lockdowns due to Covid19, and also to provide a special opportunity for people to listen and ask questions about the theory and practice of Waldorf education.

I have spent much of my working life reaching out to people and organisations unfamiliar with Waldorf education.  My hope is that through these presentations and with a lively, interactive discussion, these insights will nourish family life and inform a new approach to understanding childhood.

If people cannot attend in person, recordings are sent after each session. The shared folders, diagrams, further reading, crafts, story, and song suggestions are also sent.

People can reduce the cost by attending as a group and can contact me for a reduced rate if they are in financial hardship.

The next new series of “Nurturing Childhood” will be starting on May 1st, 2021. I attach a PosterFull Details, and an Application Form below.

I hope you will find this of interest and do contact me if you have any questions.

With my best wishes, Joy de Berker



Multicultural Support Group - Spanish Community

Mental Health Foundation Australia (MHFA) runs free, non – judgmental peer to peer mental health support groups.

Support Group is a place where you have the opportunity to listen, share, express feelings, talk about struggles and learn strategies for dealing with day to day life. Support groups supplement the help you may already be receiving. Mental Health Foundation Australia’s Support Groups focus on the goal of bringing people together who need help and reassurance.

Multicultural Support Group – Spanish Community

Every 2nd Tuesday of the Month

Date: 13/04/2021

Time:  11:00am  – 12:30pm AWST

Where: Virtual/ Online 


Join Julietta at the "Move Better, Feel Better" Conference!


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