Tuesday 8th June, 2021

Term 2 Week 8
Within my being's depths there speaks,
Intent on revelation,
The cosmic Word mysteriously:
Imbue your labor's aims
With my bright spirit light
To sacrifice yourself through me.

From The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner

Dates to Diary

Week 8
Fri 11th Jun - PUPIL FREE DAY - CSSK Professional Development Day

Week 9
Tue 15th Jun - Class 6 Parent Meeting
Thu 17th Jun - Class 8 Major Projects
Fri 18th Jun - National Tree Planting Day
Fri 18th Jun - Class 3 Parent Meeting

Week 10
Thu 24th Jun - Mid Winter Festival - TBA due to COVID restrictions
Fri 25th Jun - R.A.P Meeting
Fri 25th Jun - Final day of Term - NORMAL finish time.

2021 Term Dates
Term 2 (10 Weeks): Tuesday 20th April to Friday 25th June (Planning Day 11/6/21 – child-free)
Term 3 (9 Weeks): Tuesday 20th July to Friday 17th September (Planning Day 19/7/21 – child-free)
Term 4 (10 Weeks): Tuesday 5th October to Friday December 10th (Planning Day 4/10/21 – child-free)

Wellbeing News

The unexpected COVID lockdown may have presented some challenges for families, and, for some, it may have felt like a bit of a relief to ‘take a break’ from our busy-again lives post-COVID in 2020. Life since the COVID pandemic has certainly tested our resilience, as parents, educators, as a whole school and across the community and globally. In my conversations with students, since returning to school, I have heard about many mixed emotions that they felt when they first heard about lockdown and the school being closed again- from happy, to sad, to confused… as well as the same mixed bag on returning to school.

We certainly live in unprecedented times and a time that will likely have a formative impact on this generation. In recent research that I shared with staff, there are some obviously concerning and negative impacts with increased mental health concerns for adults and children, including anxiety, depression and higher stress levels. Perhaps surprisingly, some positive impacts are discussed as well. Professor Lea Waters explains this as ‘stress-related growth’ where surveyed students, supported through a school wellbeing program, were able to experience psychological growth through:

  • understanding their strengths
  • calming strategies
  • reflecting on their emotions
  • positive relationships with others
  • developing coping strategies
  • setting goals and healthy habits.

As parents and educators, we may overly focus on the negative impacts. I think it’s a timely reminder to consider that difficulties and setbacks, for children and adults, when well-supported, can also become a place for growth of new strengths and coping skills.

Many adults have talked about the reprioritising of family time, rediscovery of things once enjoyed and a slower pace to life that has allowed this, post-pandemic. For our children, lockdown and the uncertainty that has come with these restrictions, has meant that wellbeing has taken centre-stage with both positive and negative impacts. If we think about this as a bucket, what has filled our bucket during COVID lockdowns? What ways did we cope? What did we learn about ourselves? And how did you help to fill up your child’s bucket, when you felt like COVID was taking so much from them? And most importantly, how can we, as parents and educators, teach them to fill their own buckets to support their wellbeing? Something to think about, as we head back into life as per our ‘new normal’…..

‘Wellbeing is more than simply feeling good. Wellbeing is also a resource that you can draw upon to thrive in the good times and to bounce back from the bad times.’ (Waters, 2018)

Sandra Harvey    Wellbeing Coordinator (Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri- 11-4pm+)

Email: sandrah@cssk.vic.edu.au

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School News

Enrolment News

Enrolments for 2022 continue to progress and we have been super busy with meetings and paperwork. Please submit your forms as soon as possible and do take a moment to ensure that they have been completed in full.

If you have not already submitted an Expression of Interest form for either Kinder 2022 or Prep 2022 please contact me as soon as possible on Traceyr@cssk.vic.edu.au

Thank-you, Tracey Robertson, Enrolments Officer.

Pupil Free Day - Friday 11th of June

Don’t forget that this Friday is a Pupil Free day for CSSK.

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Community Classifieds

CSSK Disclaimer

The views and opinions expressed in classified items are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of our school.

Babysitter available

Dear CSSK parents,

I am an ex- CSSK student, who is now in Year 11 at Castlemaine Secondary College, who is available for babysitting. I have experience and am happy to look after one or two children. I live locally in Castlemaine.

My rates are $12.50 for one child, and $16.00 for two children.

If you would like to meet with me first, before I do any babysitting that is fine.

My number is 0490791040/ or 0439871176, perhaps text both if you are interested in getting in touch.

Kind regards, Yuma Deacon

Celebration Day for Girls & Fathers Celebrating Daughters

Celebration Day for Girls

Tuesday 15th June, 7 to 9pm  – Mothers Session

Sunday 20th June, 9.45am to 4pm – Celebration Day for Girls

Booking link – https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/153243775257

Fathers Celebrating Daughters

Tuesday 6th July, 7 to 9.30pm

Booking link – https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/153241177487

Celebration Day for Girls

Tuesday 27th July, 7 to 9pm  – Mothers Session

Sunday 1st August, 9.45am to 4pm – Celebration Day for Girls

Booking link – https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/153243797323

Fathers Celebrating Daughters

Tuesday 17th August, 7 to 9.30pm

Booking link – https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/153241664945

Venue: Castlemaine Community House, 30 Templeton Street, Castlemaine

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