Friday, June 16th 2017

Term 2 Week 9

To carry spirit light into
My heart is ardently impelled,
That shining seeds of soul
Take root in grounds of worlds
And Word Divine through senses'
Resounds, transfiguring all life.

From The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner
With acknowledgement to Sarah Laidlaw for winter scene painting

Dates to Diary

Friday 16th June - Class 8 Major Projects
Monday 19th June - Kinder Parent Teacher Interviews
Wednesday 21st June - Prep Winter Festival 5.45pm
Thursday 22nd June - Kinder Festival 9.15am
Thursday 22nd June - Midwinter Festival
Friday 23rd June - Last Day of Term (Students are required at school, Parent/Teacher Interviews have been rescheduled to Friday 28th July , second week of Term 3)

Term 1 Tuesday 31st January – Friday 31st March
Term 2 Wednesday 19th April – Friday 23rd June
Term 3 Tuesday 18th July – Friday 22nd September
Term 4 Tuesday 10th October – Friday 8th December

We warmly invite

Castlemaine Steiner School families and friends

to join our Winter Lantern Festival

on Thursday 22 June at 6pm

We ask parents to deliver their children to classrooms at 6pm, then gather in the main hall for sharing of soup. From there we will light our candles and proceed to form a circle, holding the heartlands area for the entrance of the children.

We look forward to sharing an evening of ceremony, song and reverence in keeping with the mood of the season.


Spiral Walk Invitation

Wednesday 21st June, 8.45am-9.30am

Embracing the opportunity for each of us to find our inner light, each member of our community is invited to walk the spiral.

An image of the path which, as human beings, we all tread, seeking that central light which dwells within, and giving a reflection of the earth as it waxes and wanes in its journey around the sun.  The spiral walk is a powerful meditation tool, helping to quieten the mind, allowing time for personal reflection, while filling us with a sense of awe at its support and beauty.

Students will each walk the spiral during school on Tuesday & Wednesday. Parents and friends of our school are warmly invited to walk the spiral on Wednesday 21 June, meeting at the main hall entrance at 8.45am.





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School News

From our Principal Brian

From the College

Professional Development

Restorative Justice Workshop.

Restorative Justice has been a practice used in the school for resolving differences or conflicts between students. Teachers have unanimously called for a refresher in this area and so we have organised a workshop with Mark MacDougall on the last Friday of the mid-term break.

On our planning day on the first Monday we will be sharing the teacher’s forward planning documentation with all specialist teachers in an effort to integrate more fully, the great skills we have amongst our talented staff.


College has been engaged in some very fruitful discussions around two topics which we have reached consensus about:

  • The way in which we address the use of ICT in the school and
  • The format of our senior years program (years 7/8).

I thank those who made submissions to our discussion around IT, it is always of value to hear as many views as possible in reaching agreement. We will not be making any changes to our program this year as our program is already very full. An outline of our plan for the future will be available soon.

We have also been spending time reviewing our current year 7/8 program and looking towards future years. The teachers are feeling very positive about the program and how this might work in subsequent years.

We would like to engage our class 6 and 7 parents in discussion and we invite you to attend meetings early in term three to talk about the configuration of the upper school (please refer to the letter emailed earlier for dates and times). We hope you are all able to be part of this discussion.


The AGM was conducted on Wednesday night and unfortunately a quorum was not reached. The meeting was continued but the necessary resolutions to pass the financial statements and the appointment of an Auditor will be delayed until next Wednesday afternoon at 3.30pm. If you can join this meeting to pass the two resolutions we would greatly appreciate your presence. It will be a very brief meeting and should only take around 10-15 minutes.

It was noted in the meeting that 2016 was a time for some needed change and represented a turning point on many levels. There is a very positive feeling in the school currently and this is due to the hard work of so many people past and present, both on staff and in the community, which is testament to the wonderful spirit that is evident here.

The Winter Festival

Our Parent/ Teacher Winter Festival committee have been planning the festival for some weeks now and the time is now drawing near. Winter Festival holds a special place in most Steiner schools and is much remembered by students, staff and parents alike.

What lies behind the outward trappings of our festival? The Winter Festival epitomises in some way how the whole Steiner curriculum seeks to inform human beings of our connection to the world in which we live and in fact the wider reality of the cosmos. We are all intrinsically connected, just by the nature of our being, to the rhythms that surround us. From our very breath and heartbeat to the rhythms of the day and night and the changing seasons, we live subject to the beating pulse of the universe.Â

Modern life has separated us in many ways from the subtleties of these rhythms which in former times were natural to us because we were intimately connected with the land for survival.

The waxing and waning of the moon, the expansion and contraction of the seasons were all significant in daily life and many practices and rituals were created to celebrate and mark these moments.

At the time of the winter solstice in the southern hemisphere we are the furthest from the sun in the course of the year. It is cold, the days are short and the nights are long. The trees lose their leaves, frost and mist embellish the morning landscape and we rug up and gather around the fire. You could say there is a sense of contraction and our mood is more reflective and inward. We live with less light and warmth from the sun and, in a subtle way, we are more reliant on our inner resources, our inner light and warmth.

The Winter festival is an outer picture of this inner reality. The spiral the children walk is a representation of the longest night where we walk with courage through that long dark night carrying our inner light and as we reach the centre, which is the turning point of the year, we return with renewed hope and promise of the returning light and warmth.

It would be wonderful if everyone could leave the event next Thursday with this feeling and mood of inner reflection.

Many Thanks to Julie, Ange, Mary, Amanda and Anne for all their work leading into the festival.

Welcome Rachael

This week welcomed Rachael Pearce into the office as our Administration Officer, Enrolments & Communications. Rachael is the mother of Lewis in Prep and has come through our Playgroup and Kindergarten programs. She comes with fantastic experience and knowledge of the education sector, having worked across TAFE’s and various government education roles over the past decade. Over the next six months Rachael will primarily focus on review and innovation of our enrolment practices and communications, and will be the go-to person for all enrolments queries.

Tree Planting Day

What a wondrous day it was.  Thank you to all who were involved.  It was fabulous to have parents, siblings, Landcarers and Connecting Country folk all working together for such a positive outcome.  All stitched together by the beautiful rendition of ‘Windharps”(thanks Libby & Carl), nourished by soup (thanks Parents & Friends) and inspired by the vision of a truly healthy environment.  The children worked so well together in the sunshine, I couldn’t have asked for more! Thankyou everyone.  Love Lisa

Prep News

In the winter garden, on a frosty night

Gnomes are working, caring, working,

For the plants below.

Thank you to all the parents (and Barry) who came to our working bee to help tidy our garden for winter. It was a wonderful opportunity for the children to work with you and so much was achieved. It was a lovely morning. We began by sharing morning tea and finished with a story in the garden.

The children are very busy preparing for our Winter Festival, making lanterns and candle holders. We look forward to sharing this special evening with you on Wednesday 21st June at 5.45 in the Prep room.

Thursday 22nd June will be a normal Prep program.

Best wishes for the holidays, love Heather

Class 5 News

Class Five has been exploring Ancient Egypt with the amazing life-giving Nile River allowing agriculture to occur in the desert, massive pyramids with their tombs, treasure, hieroglyphs, stone carvings, side view paintings, gods & goddesses, Pharaohs and more. This week they have been making shadufs (water collecting devices) and researching their own Egyptian topic. Next week we shall cook some Egyptian food.

We have worked hard this term so are looking forward to the lovely Winter break. May you all have a safe and restful one.

Cheers, Anna

Class 6 News

As part of the Business Maths. Main Lesson Class 6 students have opened fresh food market stalls in the room. Their kind and generous Bank Manager gave each business a gift of money to start up the business and stock it with products.

After several trading sessions many purchases have been made, double entry accounting has been applied, some discounts given, GST has been calculated at 10% and included in each cheque made and deposited at the Class 6 Mutual Bank.

Some businesses need more capital equipment in preparation for going global so they are approaching the manager for a Loan. This time they expect to pay interest on the Principal amount over a certain Time at a fixed Rate of Interest.

In this project students have enjoyed an experience of Purchase, Loan and Gift money.

Thank you Class 6,

Best wishes,


Spanish News

Class 3: The class has been learning about the family members, the colours, the main parts of a house and some building materials. All of this was introduced through a story that became a song. This took all of the first term and half of the second and was a lovely process. After making a picture book about this story, the children are now annotating the main content learnt in their new books.

Class 4: La gente y sus animales (the people and their animals). This was the title of the unit we studied since the beginning of the year. The class heard, read, wrote and sung an account about the lifestyle of people in a town in Mexico and the way they interact with their animals. Now we have started a new book and they are learning some expressions to be used during class time.

Class 5: La Playa (The Beach) was the title of the unit we just finished! Children learnt some vocabulary related to this context. Now, as other classes, we are starting a new book and our new story is about the origins of Chocolate, a Mexican drink that the Aztecs used to prepare for special ceremonies. This journey will take the children through themes of ancient civilizations and botany, ending with the recipe and the actual making of this drink.

You will hear about class 6, 7 and 8 in the next penny!

Saludos afectuosos


French News

Bonjour tout le monde!

With the end of term in sight, French students are completing their work and enjoying a little time for stories, singing and games. Class Six students are rounding out their look at French money, numbers and shopping (an extension of their Main Lesson work on Business Maths) with a short dialogue about buying baguettes and croissants from Bernard the boulanger. It has not escaped our notice that Camille the cliente in this transaction is able to buy all of these for a total of just deux euros! A very inexpensive boulangerie!

Our Class Seven and Eight students have also completed a great deal of good work this term on sentence building and are now listening to – and translating as we go – a delightful short story from the famous series Le Petit Nicolas … and not a dictionary in sight! Bravo!

We wish everyone a lovely term break and will certainly be back with more news next term. Bonnes vacances!

au revoir


Castlemaine Secondary College - Steiner Stream Information & Enrolment Evening

Castlemaine Secondary College Steiner Stream

Information and Enrolment Evening

Tuesday 20th June 7.30 P.M

Steiner Classroom (Rm.102)

Blakeley Rd. Campus

Enq. Ken Killeen  5479 1111 or 0423 194 878

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From The Office

School Bus

There are places available on the school bus for Term 3 & 4.

Call Ken in the office.

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Community Classifieds

Childcare Available

Steiner home based care for 2-5 year olds.   

Limited places available on Tuesdays 9.30-3.30 and Thursdays 9.15-2.15  beginning in Term 2

Operating under Mt Alexander family day care scheme

CCB and CCR rebates available

For all enquires about the program please contact Joanna Muller on 0425 840 984 – Steiner trained and 12 years experience in Steiner Early childhood work.  

Scandinavian Rainwear

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Instruments For Sale

“2nd hand violin for sale, 1/4 size, purchased from bows for strings in 2016, good condition, $320

 2nd hand viola for sale, very good quality, 12/12.5″, purchased from bows for strings in 2014, good condition but needs new bridge (about $60), $400

 Happy to bring to school for people to look at/try out, instruments have been used for lessons at school with Jeanette, for any enquiries please call Donna 0413625292″

Accommodation Required

Accommodation Required

Naoko, a new CRT, has been observing in Class 4 & Prep and is looking to move to the Castlemaine Area.

She is looking for somewhere self-contained, a bungalow or a House Sit for the rest of the year.

Please call Naoko on 0402 356 957 if you know of anywhere.

Tripwire Theatre Presents: Hollow

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Over the Moon - Winter Program

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Goldfields Libary Holiday Program

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Resilence Workshop


Growing it in ourselves; building it in our families & teaching it in our schools

Local student-wellbeing social worker and Play Therapist, Kim Collins will present a two-hour workshop on building resilience in children, families and communities. Strategies for parents/carers, teachers and children will be presented to support children to weather the storms of life with courage and tenacity. Children welcome.

When: Tuesday 20th June 2017

Time:  6pm to 8pm (presentation followed by hands-on resilience building activities for children and their parents, care-givers/and/or teachers).

Where: The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen at Winters Flat Primary School, Roberts Avenue, Castlemaine.

Cost:   Gold coin donation

Please RSVP: To Karen or Liz at Winters Flat Primary school on (03) 5472 1522 or email:


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Gabriel Talks Program

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Omnium Study Space

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Phee Broadway Theatre



Release your inner rock legend with air guitar, dance moves and hit song lyrics! Hilarious high energy fun for the whole family promoting body positivity and feeling like a rock star by multi-award-winning comedian Tessa Waters.

‘Waters is incredibly funny, turning her body into a giggle generator as ludicrous as it is celebratory.  Sydney Morning Herald

‘To explain exactly what this performance entails is quite impossible, what I can tell you is Tessa Waters will make you laugh till you cry.  Great Scott Media

Thursday 13 July

Show starts 2:00pm

All tickets $10

Ages 3 to 8

Children 2 and under free 

Mini rockstars must be accompanied by a parent or carer

Phee Broadway Theatre

Mechanics Lane Castlemaine

Tix available at

The Castlemaine Visitors Information Centre

Box office on the day

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