Friday, February 3rd 2017

Term 1 Week 1

In secret to encompass now
With memory what I've newly got
Shall be my striving's further aim:
Thus, ever strengthening, selfhood's forces
Shall be awakened from within
And, in becoming, give me to myself.

From The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner

Dates to Diary

Tuesday 14th February - Class 5 Meeting - 7.30pm
Wednesday 15th February - Kindergarten Meeting - 7pm
Thursday 16th February - Class 4 Meeting - 7.30pm
Tuesday 21h February - Class 6 Meeting - 7.30pm
Thursday 23nd February - Class 3 Meeting - 7.30pm
Tuesday 28th February - Shrove Tuesday - School Community Gathering 8-8.45am
Tuesday 28th February - Class 3 and 4 Werribee Zoo
Tuesday 28th February - Class 1 Meeting 7.30pm

Term 1 Tuesday 31st January – Friday 31st March
Term 2 Wednesday 19th April – Thursday 22nd June
Term 3 Tuesday 18th July – Friday 22nd September
Term 4 Tuesday 10th October – Friday 8th December




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School News

Welcome, from our new Principal Brian Dodd

Dear Parents,

This is my first opportunity to communicate with you all since my arrival.

Denise and I are very pleased to have finally arrived. For those of you who don’t know, I have come from the Alice Springs Steiner School after 5 successful and happy years as Principal in a wonderful community. Leaving Alice was not without sadness as we had made many connections with staff and our community.

Just getting here has been a remarkable journey. We have both felt great compassion and care from your community towards us as people learned of our misadventure on the road between Alice and Castlemaine. The meals we have been receiving have helped us on more than just the physical level of sustenance. We have found it quite inspiring and you have communicated a thoughtfulness and generosity of spirit which leaves us filled with humility and gratitude.

I feel I have arrived at a moment of great possibility. The school assembly on Monday had such a positive feeling and I was amazed by the wonderful support shown by the parents just in your presence. There is a definite feeling of space here and a wise person once told me that ‘spirit lives in the space’. I believe that space was created last year through the efforts of many people and I want to acknowledge the work that was done throughout 2016 by every single person here.

From the outside it feels like it was a moment of ‘holding’ and I recognise how much energy that can take. Jane and Danilo ought to be congratulated for their efforts. It was not an easy position to step into.

So in this space I found everyone to be open, friendly and ready to move very positively into the future.

In the short time I have worked with the teachers we have come to many agreements and shared understandings. There is a strong feeling amongst the teachers for ‘whole school’ initiatives and we are working towards a whole school approach in the following areas:

  • Learning Support program
  • Curriculum delivery
  • Literacy program
  • Formal teacher appraisal processes

We are also working on improving lines of communication and streamlining the enrolment process.

The next few weeks will of course be very busy but I am very happy to speak with parents about any School issues that are causing or have caused concern. I will keep some time free after the Parents and Friends morning tea if you would like to make an appointment with Jenni.


We would like to create a ‘Mobile Science Laboratory’ to organise and refresh the amazing middle years Science curriculum. This exciting section of the curriculum includes wonderful experiential lessons in magnetism, electricity, combustion, optics, sound. I am seeking the advice and support from anyone who has skills in woodwork/metalwork and plumbing who could assist in bringing this dream to a reality.

Warm regards to you all and welcome back

Brian Dodd

Swimming Program

The Swimming Program scheduled for early this term has had to be postponed.  We will advise of the new dates when they have been confirmed.


Hello Dear All,

I wanted to let you know a bit about the extra music sessions that the students will be having this year starting from week 2.  They may have come home and mentioned something about it.

I’m excited to be able to begin these sessions, which are intended to support and enhance the rest of the music that the wonderful Class teachers already do on a daily basis. Instrumental lessons and ensembles continue as usual from Class 3.

The children may have mentioned Kodaly  (pronounced – Ko – dai). This is the name of a Hungarian composer  (Zoltan Kodaly) who revolutionized music teaching in his country by devising a method, which prioritizes the voice as the primary means of all musical learning. It is used throughout the world today. The simple and familiar (folk) songs that the children may already know, or will learn in class are used to teach the elements of music. It fits beautifully within Steiner education, I believe.

I will be giving a half hour session per week for each of the class 1- 6 (and continuing with 7/8 music theory). In a nutshell – we will sing, dance, move to the beat, and practice learning how to read, write and improvise music using simple and age appropriate songs.

Please see me if you have any questions regarding any aspect of the music program. 

Best wishes to you all,


Parents & Friends Group

Welcome to the new school year.  

We would like to extend a special, cuddly welcome to two new members of our school community born over the holidays – Velvet born to Hermione and Joe, sister to Loretta and Vinnie and Oliver born to Ali and Alex brother to Lily and Ruby.  It’s long been a tradition at our school to provide meals the support the family of a new baby. If you’d like to join one of the meal trees, please let your class carer know.  

The Parents and Friends will again host a get together each Wednesday morning in the Parents Room this year.  Feel free to drop in any time between 9 am and noon. There will usually be crafting, chatting, tea and planning going on.  There are toys and an outside sandpit so little children are most welcome.

The Parent Craft group meet during this time too and over the next few weeks we’ll be sewing pocket gnomes, making home made sunscreen, dyeing calico and creating an Easter centrepiece.  We’re putting together a mailing list this year, so we can more easily let people know what we’re up to.  Contact me or Aleesha (0421 845 757) if you’d like to add your contact details.

There are also plans afoot for more cooking, preserving and soap making.  And after the success of last year’s bush dance, we are beginning to plan another one for next term.

In case you aren’t aware, you are welcome to use the Parents Room and sandpit area at any time.  Tea and coffee are available in the kitchen and there is a change table with spare emergency nappies available in the large toilet.  

With love

Julie Tisdale, Parents & Friends Convenor, 0420 318 255

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From The Office

Start of the Year Info

The eldest child in your family will be bringing home some forms next week, please complete and return these as soon as possible.

  • Local Excursion/Photo Permission Form
  • Conveyance Allowance (Bus/Car)
  • Fee Agreement/Direct Debit Forms

All children with Anaphylaxis, Asthma or Allergies must have an updated Action Plan for 2017.  It is recommended that Asthma and Allergy Plans are completed by a Medical Practitioner but can be completed by parents, forms are available at the office.

Please ensure any medication kept in the Classroom is updated/still in date.

Finance Office


If you are having difficulty making your payment on time, it is important you contact the school prior to the invoice due date to apply for an extension of time and/or arrange a fee agreement. Where parents or guardians are experiencing demonstrated financial hardship, an approved fee agreement may enable payments to be made by instalment across the term.

Fee Assistance may be available to families in particularly difficult financial situations and cannot meet the fee requirements of the school. Fee assistance is funded from the school budget, and there are limited funds available for assistance. The Fee Assistance cycle occurs on a calendar year basis. If you wish to apply for Fee Assistance in 2017, you can download an application form from our website or collect one from the school office. Applications close on 24 February 2017.


The school requires a cleaner for 4 hours after school on Fridays. If you are interested in this position please contact our Business Manager Neil Bowker by email –

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Community Classifieds

Part-time Course in Steiner Education starting Thursday 16th February 2017

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