Friday 18th November, 2016

Term 4, Week 7

The senses' might grows strong
United with the gods' creative work;
It weighs my power of thinking
Down to a dreamlike dullness.
When godly Being
Desires union with my soul,
Must human thinking
In quiet dream-life rest content.

From The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner

Dates to Diary

Monday 21st November 8.45am - Spring Games
Monday 21st November 7.30pm - Class 1 Meeting
Tuesday 22nd November 6.30pm - Class 6 Robin Hood Play
Tuesday 22nd November 7.30pm - Class 5 Meeting
Wednesday 23rd to Friday 25th November - Class 8 Steiner Stream Step Up
Thursday 24th November - Class 6 Glenluce Picnic
Thursday 24th November - Class 7 Penhall Concert
Friday 25th November - Parent-Teacher Interviews (STUDENT FREE DAY)
Monday 28th November 7.30pm - Class 7 & 8 Eurythmy Performance
Tuesday 29th November - Class 7 Melbourne Excursion
Tuesday 29th November - Class 5 Greek Olympics in Ballarat
Wednesday 30th November to Saturday 3rd December - Class 8 Shoreham Camp
Thursday 1st December - Class 2 Play
Thursday 1st December 7.30pm - Class 1 2017 Meeting
Friday 2nd December - Class 1 Play
Tuesday 6th December - Class 2 & 3 Lavandula Picnic
Tuesday 6th December - Briar Hill Excursion
Tuesday 6th December (Time TBC) - Class 7 & 8 Multi-Instrumental Soiree
Wednesday 7th December - Class 1 Botanical Gardens Excursion
Wednesday 7th December 6pm-Picnic, 7pm-Play - Class 7 & 8 Play 'Amahl and the Night Visitors'
Thursday 8th December (Time TBC) - Prep Christmas Festival
Thursday 8th December 9.15am - Kinder Christmas Festival
Thursday 8th December (Time TBC) - Class 8 Graduation
Friday 9th December 1pm - Final Assembly

All these dates (and more) are available on the yearly calendar on the school website, including camp/excursion departure and return times.

Term 4 - Tuesday 4th October to Friday 9th December (10 weeks)

Term 1 Tuesday 31st January – Friday 31st March
Term 2 Wednesday 19th April – Thursday 22nd June
Term 3 Tuesday 18th July – Friday 22nd September
Term 4 Tuesday 10th October – Friday 8th December

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Class News


Dear Kindergarten parents,

Thank you so much for a lovely Spring Fair.  It was lovely to see the children’s garden and café humming along.

Thank you, juggling these extra tasks with little people can be quite onerous- your effort is very appreciated.

The magic of inside play/ making pasta continues.

kinder-1-18-11-16 kinder-2-18-11-16 kinder-3-18-11-16

Such fun for the children.

Warm regards, Tobie


I have made a pretty nest

Look inside, look inside,

Hungry birdies with their beaks

Open wide, open wide


We are very lucky that a white plumed honeyeater has built its tiny, delicate nest just outside our bathroom door. If we are very quiet we can see the mother and father bird feeding their babies.

There have been some special events in Prep this term. Our class Working Bee was very successful. Once again the children enjoyed working with parents to weed, plant vegetables, mulch trees, rake out our chicken house and give the chickens fresh straw. Our garden now looks very neat and happy. We also enjoyed morning tea and a story together.

prep-1-2-18-11-16 prep-1-3-18-11-16 prep-1-1-18-11-16

The children had a wonderful experience when Ron, Sarah and Lewis (Class one) visited us in Prep. We listened to music, Ron played the didgeridoo, heard tales of indigenous culture and a story, played the clapping sticks and Lewis taught us some dances.

prep-1-4-18-11-16 prep-1-5-18-11-16

You will receive an email newsletter soon with important information about the remainder of the year.

Love Heather

Class One

We have been enjoying creating a “chocolate factory” with much mud! Many skills are being practiced daily – negotiation and compromise, the art of conversation (listening, hearing  and speaking) use of space, proportions of water to mud for the best chocolate or jelly like chocolate, weight and capacity, geometry, sediment at the bottom of muddy washing up water and why, as well as  the contribution of lots of tiny insects to the earth and of course lots of fun!

Along with this learning we have been completing our Numeracy Main Lesson with  Emily Equals and how she balances. We have also been writing and picking out the words we know that are inside other words  – a much loved activity.

Practise for our first Play Presentation is happening with great enthusiasm!

Reminder: Class Meeting this Monday 21st November 7:30  – 9:30 pm

Warm Wishes


Class Two

Dear Class Two Parents,
We are practising for our class play everyday now. Thank you for supporting your child to learn their lines. We have amended our performance date (because of the change in the Greek Olympics’s date) to Thursday afternoon the 1st December, with a possibility of attending a full dress rehearsal Wednesday  morning the 30th November.

Please make an appointment for a Parent Teacher interview to discuss your child’s report. There are limited times available on Thursday afternoon 4pm – 6:30 otherwise Friday 25th November which is a pupil-free day for this purpose.

Our end of the year excursion on Tuesday 6th December  will be a combined trip with class three pupils and parents. I will let you know the details as they are confirmed.

Please support your child’s emotional wellbeing with early bedtimes during this busy social time of the year.

We are working through costumes these next few days and we will send home a note to help with  finalising your child’s play costume.

Lastly, I would like to thank Cassia and the team of parents for all their effort and hard work with our class’s contribution of the tie dying activity which was enjoyed by many on Fair day.
Thank you all so much.

Best wishes,


Photo of a beautiful swan enjoying our rather full dam on a Class Two walk

Class Three

Class 3 are have been on a sleepover camp at Amanda’s farm in Tylden this week. We look forward to hearing all about their adventures when they return.

Class Four

This week, Class 4 has been looking at Gold and its contribution to the Castlemaine township (& other Gold towns). We have held a 200g nugget that was found in this area and felt how heavy it was. Kate got to hold a 3kg gold block that we saw poured gleamingly into its mold at Sovereign Hill. We also found gold in the river – never has there been such focus and concentration! A great team effort!

class-4-1-18-11-16 class-4-2-18-11-16 class-4-3-18-11-16 class-4-4-18-11-16

We shall end our year with a Freehand Geometry Main Lesson and a visit to our pen pal buddies at Briar Hill Primary School in Melbourne.

Thank you to those who made it to our last Class Meeting for this year. We enjoyed a wonderful session with Libby, experiencing some of what the class does with her in our classroom music session and we had an interesting and useful discussion on social media and teenagers around the cake filled table. Thank you very much to our Class Carer for this year, Edwynna and her support person, Salonika.

Cheers, Anna

Class Five

Dear Class Five Families,

I’m enjoying working with our children so much. Thank you for your support and communication!

What an interesting and event-filled time we’ve had together so far! Camp, Spring Fair, and a wonderful soiree. How lovely it was to see the children perform their pieces with such confidence, and to witness their developing musicality. Many thanks to Libby, Jeanette and Leonie for making it all possible!

For Main Lesson we have been learning about Perseus, son of Zeus and Danae. We have heard about how strong, brave, wise and handsome Perseus was, and we have heard of how, with the help of the gods, he took Medusa’s head, turned Atlas into a mountain, and rescued a princess by slaying a sea monster.

We have also been preparing for the Ancient Greek Olympic Games, practicing javelin, discus, long jump and wrestling.

Much love and devotion has been received by some stinging joeys which have spent time in Class Five. Hello to Prickles, Percy, Marsoline, Lime, Avocado, Spike-Out, Giaant, Sage, Basil, Lilycron, Eucalyptus and Mountain Stream, to name just a few. I had never realised how individual stinging joeys are in their markings – apparently in personality too!

class-5-2-18-11-16 class-5-3-18-11-16 class-5-1-18-11-16

Our Class Meeting will be held on Tuesday 22nd November, at 7:30pm. Looking forward to seeing you then.

Love and best wishes,


Class Six

Photos from the recent Class 6 Horse Riding Camp in Strathmerton.



Saddling up


Ready to go


Homeward bound


Cooling off



The Art and Craft Exhibition was a great success and it was a pleasure and honor to set up. A huge thank you to all the children who brought their craft pieces to school so I could exhibit them.

Alison Woodhouse, an ex-parent and talented graphic designer, created the brochure for the exhibition, a huge thank you to you Ally.

Thank you to Iliah and Lulu Carolan (my daughters) who spent hours in the space helping me fine-tune the exhibition and to the Class 7’s who helped me set up the furniture and blu-tack the multiple pieces of art.

We are nearing the end of the year, classes and projects. Whatever is not completed this year will be worked on next. It is not a pleasant end to the year if children are worrying about unfinished projects.

Enjoy the warm weather and the last few weeks together. This is an amazing school that produces not only amazing work but also amazing individuals. I am preparing myself for the departure of the Class 8 students.

Warmest regards, Chris


Bonjour tout le monde

This week we look forward to welcoming Class Six back from their horseriding camp. We are hoping to extend our topic Le Jardin: The Garden, and take a broader look at the seasons in general as well as some expressions for different types of weather.

Class Six are now very competent at counting to vingt – twenty – in French and several of our songs are reinforcing their vocabulary for parts of the body, from La Tete, les Epaules, les Genoux, les Pieds (Heads and Shoulders, Knees and Toes) and Savez-vous Plantez les Choux? – in which we are planting cabbages with hands, feet, elbows and (by far the most popular) – la derriere! – right through to the traditional song Alouette with feathers plucked out all over the place!

Class Eight have a very busy schedule in these last few weeks but are managing to join with Class Seven in a storybook making activity which combines Main Lesson themes from both groups. For Class Seven, who have been looking at combustion in their science class, and for Class Eight, who have been exploring steam power as an early feature of the Industrial Revolution, we are learning about the amazing hot air balloon exploits of the Montgolfier brothers in 1783.  All very interesting!

au revoir



Melbourne Youth Music

2017 Ensemble Program & Summer School

Apply now: or call (03) 9376 8988

Physical Education

I am very much looking forward to attending my first Greek Olympics in Ballarat on Tuesday 29th November with Class 5. Kate Dew and Class 5 children have preparing medals and costumes for the wonderful day. It will surely be a very special experience for all involved.

Parent-Teacher Interview sheets can be found outside the office now but due to my office commitments next Friday, I am asking parents to leave their name and number should they wish to arrange a time to discuss your child’s physical education. I will contact you to make a time that suits all.

It is expected to be very hot on Monday for the Spring Games and with that in mind and summer fast approaching, please remember to be sun smart when playing outdoors: hats, sunscreen, long sleeved clothing, plenty of water and shade, etc.

Take care, Alan

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School News

Spring Games Invitation


International Children’s Day
Spring Games Invitation
Monday 21st November 8.45am
To mark International Children’s Day, we are hosting a Pyjama
Day to raise money for OrphFund, a locally based charity supporting the education of vulnerable children overseas. Students are encouraged to come to school in their PJs with a gold coin donation.
Instead of school assembly, we will gather on the primary oval for a morning of traditional spring games. Parents are most welcome to join us to share the fun and cheer along.
At 10am, following the games, parents are invited to stay for morning tea at the Parents Room as we introduce our new school principal, Brian Dodd.
All welcome!

Board of Directors Nominations


The Board of Castlemaine Steiner School & Kindergarten invites nominations from the wider community to join the Board of Directors.

This rewarding honorary role provides an opportunity to use your skills in governing our school through the next stage of its development.

There are current casual vacancies for Directors with skills in one or more of the following areas:

  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Risk & Compliance
  • Education
  • Steiner Education
  • School Governance

For more information and an application form please contact Neil Bowker, Company Secretary at or 5479 2000

PDF Version

Farewell to Peter Foran

Peter Foran has been a member of our school community for many years, so it is with sadness that we have this week accepted Pete’s resignation from his role as Sites and Ground Supervisor. We know however, that his presence in the school will live on in the many beautiful creations he has made, and in the many warm memories we have of his time spent here.

From Peter:

“My eighteen or so years with the School has been deeply fulfilling in many ways.

Everything about the school; it’s beauty, both physical and spiritual, it’s philosophy, the people, the curriculum, camps, music, singing, drama (off the cuff and scripted), and the work I have done here, all make up a very special kaleidoscope of beauty, growth and memory within and will hold a very special place in my heart evermore.

My contribution here has always felt completely aligned with a higher purpose. It surprises me that I have discovered an even higher one to which I am called.

I do feel the continued growth and success of the school is guaranteed, as every higher endeavour is, and my heart is with all the beautiful people who carry that, past, present and future.”

Parents & Friends Group

There are so many lovely things coming up as we head towards the end of the year.  Next Monday (21st November), children have been invited to wear their pyjamas to school and bring a gold coin donation to support the work of local children’s charity Orphfund (see for information about their work).

The fun will continue with a few spring games over on the junior oval.  Parents are most welcome to stay after drop off and help out or cheer the children on.  From about 10am, we will be hosting a casual morning tea to introduce parents to Brian Dodd, our new Principal.  The weather looks like it will be lovely so we’ll be setting up outside the kitchen.

The following Wednesday (23rd November), we’ll be weaving willow advent wreaths as a gift for each classroom.  You are welcome to join us in the Parents Room from drop off until noon.  Lunch will be provided.  If you have access to bendy lengths of willow, please let us know.
Coming up on the last day of school – before the final assembly (precise time to be advised), we’ll be setting up a few tables to to give parents an opportunity to buy items made by other parents.
If you have some beautiful things you would like to sell – perhaps as gifts or seasonal decorations – please get in touch with Aleesha (0421 845 757) or Julie (0420 318 255) for more information.
There won’t be any charge for selling your items from the table and you don’t need to be present if it’s not convenient.

On a more prosaic note, the lost property pile is growing – there are heaps of jackets and tops that have been discarded as the weather warms up.  There were also a few things collected after the Fair.  Please have a look on the table in the Parents Room to see if your child’s clothes are there.

Thank you for the support for our chocolate fundraiser. Almost all of the 800 bars of chocolate have been sold!  Remaining bars will be available for purchase at the office over the next few weeks.  We’ve already been able to purchase soup pots for the kitchen and we’ll aim to have shade in place for the Parents Room playground before the summer months.

Lastly, you may not be aware that the Parent Craft Group has a glass display cabinet in the foyer of the office.  Beautiful dolls, felt and other treasures are available for purchase from reception anytime the office is open.

With love

Julie Tisdale

Convenor, Parents & Friends

Class 7 & 8 Play - 'Amahl and the Night Visitors



Two of our students and brothers, Leo and George, from Kinder and Class 2, were the youngest competitors to finish the recent ‘Race the Train’ to Maldon. What an achievement! Well done boys.

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From The Office

Mosquito Plague

Along with the rest of Castlemaine, we have been besieged by the mozzie plague. If you wish your child to use mosquito repellent, please send the container (with your child’s name on it) to school.
Application of same will be supervised by the teachers. Wearing long sleeve tops and long pants in light colours may also help in reducing the attacks.

More Information from Department of Education and Training

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Community Classifieds

Steiner Course in Castlemaine

This course will go ahead subject to enrolments; we will confirm this in the first week of February- therefore if you are thinking about doing something inspiring and nourishing for yourself in 2017, we urge you to enrol on line as soon as practicable (see the ‘Part-time courses’ page on our website).

Term 1 commences on Wednesday 15th February 2017
Cost: $ 1400 per year payable over four terms ($350 per term) which includes administration and enrolment fees.
Information about this course : E: or tel. 03 9876 5199

More Information...

Babysitter Available

Hello, my name is Iliah Carolan. I am a past Steiner student, currently in Year 9 in the Steiner Stream at CSC.

I really enjoy spending time with children and have Babysitting experience. My hourly rate is $12 an hour and $15 every hour past 9pm.

Please contact me on 0429 459 954

I look forward to looking after your little darlings.

Cellos for Sale

1/2 size and 3/4 size cellos – Beautiful resonance.

Please ask Libby for a view/hearing.

Ronnie Moule 0417 517 515

Cello for Sale

Dear Steiner school families

We have a 3/4 size cello for sale.

Lovely instrument – we paid $1400 from a music dealer in Melbourne.

Happy to pass it on for $1,000.

Call Marg Peck – 0429999255

Violin and Viola for Sale

1/2 size violin. Great condition, perfect for the beginner – $200 (including bow, shoulder rest, case)

3/4 size viola. Good condition but needs the bow restrung or replaced – $100 (incl. case, shoulder rest)

Contact Janell 0448 433 073

Violin for Sale

1/2 size violin. In excellent condition. $140

Please call Nikki on 0407715557

Photo here

Chinese Medicine Practioner

Hello CSS&K Community,

I’d like to introduce myself as a Chinese Medicine Practitioner in Castlemaine (The Hub building) offering acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion as well as guidance on nutrition, supplementation and herbs. I’ve been practising a little over 12 years now, with a special focus on women’s health (menstruation, fertility, pregnancy and postnatal care, menopause) mental and emotional health, fatigue and digestive issues.  I enjoy working with children of all ages, teenagers and adults. Enquiries are most welcome!

You might have seen me around the school as I have two children attending – Frieda (Class 2) and Otto (Prep).

For appointments or enquiries  – Emma Brinkmann – 0419 544 847

Free Workshops for Community Groups

Workshop 1: Applying for grants
When: 9.30 am to 12.30 pm, Tuesday 22 November 2016
Where: Ray Bradfield Rooms, Forest St, Castlemaine
To register:

Workshop 2: Successful partnering with funders and other organisations
When: 9.30 am to 12.00 pm, Tuesday 29 November 2016
Where: Castlemaine Continuing Education, 30 Templeton St, Castlemaine
To register:

Workshop 3: Project management essentials
When: 1.00 pm to 3.30 pm, Tuesday 29 November 2016
Where: Castlemaine Continuing Education, 30 Templeton St, Castlemaine
To register:

For more information call 5471 1744 or email

More Information...

Castlemaine Youth Theatre senior students present:

I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Off This Planet!: Come dressed to attend “The Greatest Moments in TV and Movie Awards”.

Thursday 24th November 7pm

Saturday 26th November 2pm

Thursday 1st Dec 7pm

Saturday 26th November 2pm

More information


One Small Thing: A collection of devised theatre, music and songs.

Saturday 3rd December 7pm

More information


Tickets $15

Salvation Army Hall, 47 Kennedy St, Castlemaine

Harcourt Pony Club Open Day

November 27th 10am-1pm

6 Bridge St, Harcourt

Enquiries: Helen 0425 878 075

More Information...

CDNA - 2017 Junior Development Squad Try Outs

WHO: Girls & Boys (U13 & U11’s only) who love playing netball

AGES: Under 11’s, Under 13’s, Under 15’s & Under 17’s

WHEN: Sunday 27th November 2016

TIME: 8.30am

CONTACT: Jen Oxley 0417 565 978 or Vanessa Saunders 0407 508 391

More Information...

Mental Wellbeing - 'Live Life Well'

Community Information Sessions

Tuesday 29th November 5.30-8pm

Light dinner or morning tea provided for all sessions.

Held at Castlemaine District Community Health, 13 Mostyn St, Castlemaine

Bookings essential: or 5479 1000

More Information...

Christmas Printing Workshops

Hosted by Melinda Rodknight (printmaker, painter and teacher)

Saturday 3rd December

10am-12pm – Christmas bunting & gift tags (ages 7+)

2-4pm – Paper Polyhedrons (for ages 10+)

Castlemaine Press, Lot 19, McShanag Drive, Castlemaine.

Each workshop $60 for two (child & adult). Materials included.

More Information...

Castlemaine Health: Focus Groups for Cancer Survivors

Tuesday 6th December 7pm-8.30pm

Thursday 8th December 1pm-2.30pm

Call or email if you’d like to join our focus groups. Or you can share your experiences via survey, email or over the phone.

5471 1505

More Information...

Anthroposophical Naturopath/Homeopath

Irmhilde Kleinhenz

Consulting in Woodend 7th December, 2016.

Book with Monica 0407 521 397

Sydney Rudolf Steiner 2017 Enrolments

Enrolments now open for 2017

Enquiries: (02) 9261 4001

Intensives: 18-22 April 2017
26-30 September 2017

Course costs: $1150 per semester
$110 non refundable enrolment fee
Intensives incur an extra cost to cover catering and accommodation.

More information here

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