Friday 15th April, 2016

Term 2, Week 1

I feel my being, vivified anew,
Widen to far horizons of its own.
Filled with new force, the radiance of my thought
Coming from soul's Sun power
Can solve the mysteries to life,
And grant fulfillment now to wishes
Whose wings have long been lamed by hope.

From The Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner
The beautiful Easter Tree displayed during our Easter Festival, celebrated on the last day of Term 1

Dates to Diary

Tuesday 19th April 7.30pm - Class 4 Meeting
Wednesday 20th to Friday 22nd April - Class 4 Muckleford Bush Camp
Wednesday 20th to Friday 22nd April - Class 6 Mt Kooyoora Camp
Monday 25th April - Anzac Day Public Holiday
Thursday 28th April 7.30pm - Prep Meeting
Tuesday 3rd May 7.30pm - Class 8 Meeting
Wednesday 4th May 7pm - Class 3 Meeting
Saturday 7th May - Working Bee
Wednesday 11th May - School Open Day
Friday 13th May 7.30pm - Class 8 Major Projects Presentation
Wednesday 18th May 2.15pm - Class 4 Soiree
Thursday 19th May 2.15pm - Class 5 Soiree
Friday 20th May 2.15pm - Class 6 Soiree
Tuesday 24th May - Class 7 Immunisation
Thursday 2nd June (Time TBC) - School Concert
Monday 6th June - Class 4 Polly Woodside Excursion
Monday 13th June - Queen's Birthday Public Holiday
Wednesday 15th June - Prep Winter Festival
Thursday 16th June - Midwinter Festival
Friday 17th June - Parent Teacher Interviews

All these dates (and more) are available on the yearly calendar on the school website, including camp/excursion departure and return times.

Term 1 - Tuesday 2nd February to Thursday 24th March (8 weeks)
Term 2 - Tuesday 12th April to Thursday 16th June (10 weeks)
Term 3 - Tuesday 12th July to Friday 16th September (10 weeks)
Term 4 - Tuesday 4th October to Friday 9th December (10 weeks)

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Class News


Dear Parents,

Welcome back. How glorious the weather is for our Kindergarten days. The garden has transformed in our absence and the children are delighting in playing with the leaves: building nests, choosing the most beautiful coloured leaves and shaking them free of the branches.

Thank you all for reading so carefully the new transition routine and following the cues. The children have transitioned beautifully. This new transition routine allows the children to maximise their inside play time, which is so important.

In the coming weeks I will place some more parent articles in the folder near the entrance area. I will include some articles on play and its importance. Please look out for these and feel free to take a copy.

We also started with our Eurythmy morning circle routine this week. Each Wednesday Nicole will come. This is an amazing experience for the children filled with reverent beauty. The children were captivated, one even later asked “Is that person who came, is she God?”

Thanks in advance to all these parents who have kindly donated, or are organising seedlings, seeds, etc. There are more pots left for those who can help.

Things to remember:

HATS please – it is still a department of Education requirement that hats are required outside. This will continue until 31st April. If children do not have their hat they will need to play on the veranda. We have limited spare hats available. Please remember, it makes our life much easier.

Finally, thank you for a lovely festival.

Warm regards, Tobie


Red and yellow, golden and brown,

Leaves of Autumn come tumbling down.


Welcome to our new term in Prep. The children have all been happy to see their friends again after the holidays. We have been enjoying the beautiful autumn weather and spending lots of time outside in our garden which has  put on its clothes of golden, red and brown.

Prep 1 - 15.4.16 Prep 2 - 15.4.16 v2

We especially welcome Loretta, Kate and Florence to our class this week and look forward to sharing their school journey with them.

Christine will be making pumpkin soup on Wednesdays, if your child would like soup for lunch please order and pay on Monday.

Our Class Meeting this term will be on Thursday 29th April at 7.30pm.

Please remember two pieces of fruit each day, slippers and some spare clothes.

Love Heather

Class One

Class 1 have begun our term with confidence and enthusiasm. We have a little more play area now which is really needed! Lots of tiggy games are emerging.
Some  great cubbies have been cooperatively built . We needed to walk to the far paddock  near the barn to bring back more materials for building them.. They have been very creatively used including tumbling through the windows and out the door!
We are completing our Arithmetic Morning Lesson combined with more Form Drawing with Little Gnome Liputto leading the way.
The beautiful Autumn days are as magic as the secret we found inside the apples we cut for cooking this week.
Warm wishes, Lyn

Class Two

Welcome to Term 2 and what a beautiful season to be returning to school. We took the opportunity after assembly on Tuesday to admire the surrounding autumnal beauty with a lay down on a colourful carpet of autumn leaves in silence and take in the beauty of the tree above us. This experience set us up for a wonderful first day back.

This term we will be completing our Native American Main Lesson work with a picnic to Mount Franklin during our third week of term. I will send further information home next week once details are finalised.

Hope you have a chance to take in some autumnal beauty this week.

Best wishes, Mary

Class Four

A lovely sunny and colourful week to welcome back and enjoy all the warm, colourful smiles from happy Class Four. Lovely to see everyone again – all a little taller and all enjoying meeting up with their classmates after the holidays.

We have had a wonderful time this week outside, visiting Aboriginal sites in the local region with Julie McHale and learning more about the Aboriginal culture. We have also enjoyed a long walk with Class Three from the school to the Botanical Gardens along the Campbell & Barker Creeks.

Climbing Mt. Consultation (our local volcano) gave us a wonderful 360 degree view of our area and was a great place to eat our morning tea.

Next week we will be walking into the Muckleford forest and camping there for two nights, so hopefully everyone has started packing. Don’t forget the thermals!

Cheers, Anna

Class Five

We have had such a happy first week back! And who could help it with the beautiful Autumn weather we are having!

The class is working on finishing up lots of outstanding work from last term – revising Maths, considering the cause and effect of the rather disastrous Burke and Wills Expedition, and continuing free-hand mapping and just catching up socially as a group. We are moving into Persia with our first Main Lesson for the term!

…..from the Sanskrit:

“…today well lived

Makes every yesterday a memory of happiness,

And every tomorrow a vision of hope.

Look well therefore, to this day.”

Love from Diana & Danilo

Class Six

Our term began with a visit from the Latrobe University Outdoor Ed students who will be leading our camp next week in the beautiful Kooyoora State Park. The children are all looking forward to camp, and just today got to meet and play with children from Little Yarra Steiner School who stopped in to visit on the way home after their own camp – also to Kooyoora! This is a wonderful area rich in aboriginal heritage and dramatic geology. Our fingers are crossed that we have fine weather so that we can sleep out under clear, starry skies.

Our first Main Lesson this term takes us back over two and a half thousand years to the founding of Rome, a small little village on a hill that would later rule the greatest empire the world had ever seen. This week we’ve learnt about the legendary travels of Aeneas, who fled the destruction of Troy to eventually settle in the land of King Latinus in Italy, and his descendants, the wild twins Romulus and Remus who were suckled by a she-wolf, and later founded the city of Rome.

And lastly… pictured are just some of the ugly little faces that belong to the children of Class Six – no, not a personal comment, just this week’s exploration of the grotesque with our wonderful Craft teacher Chris.

Class 6.4 - 15.4.16 Class 6.3 - 15.4.16 Class 6.2 - 15.4.16 Class 6.1 - 15.4.16 Class 6.5 - 15.4.16

Regards, Jacob

Class Seven

Class Seven are away on camp this week at Mt Arapiles. We eagerly anticipate some wonderful photos and stories upon their return.

Regards, Alan

Class Eight

Photo and student artwork from the recent Horse Riding Camp in Barmah Forest. The artwork is also on display in the Foyer Gallery.

Regards, John

Class 8 Horse Riding

Annabelle Emerald Julia Sage



Hello and welcome back. I have really enjoyed my classes this week, I hope the children have as well.

Class 6 began their clay work/pottery, making fun and expressive little creatures.

Class 3 are well on their way to completing their Music Bags. These bags will be coming home soon. The photos demonstrate the care and skill the children bring to all their projects.

Craft 1 - 15.4.16 v2 Craft 2 - 15.4.16 v2 Craft 3 - 15.4.16

Class 2 will be sanding their Hobby Horse body’s, wooden dowel, tomorrow in class, this will be very exciting and some will be taken home next week.

Enjoy the weather and happy crafting,

Love Chris


What a special end of term Eurythmy Performance!  The work of Anne-Meike within the school was the catalyst – her spiritual and practical support and collaboration made it possible to create such a cultural event within our community, and we are all deeply grateful.  The range of pieces, from solos to group student pieces, from the serious to the lighthearted tale of an ant leaving home, showed an element of our work not seen before.  Feedback I have received:  “we were totally drawn into this magical world”; “loved the humor, didn’t know you had it in you!”; “the group weaving forms were so harmonizing and beautiful”; “just magical!”

Here’s a few photos from the evening performance:

annemeike3 audience beatrix and canon class 8 clover class 8 question nicole housekeeping ungeduldig fast

The next day the “Eurythmy Ensemble” headed off the Ballarat Steiner School and gave a performance to the whole school there, which was again well appreciated.  The students involved were outstanding in their behavior throughout the day and I look forwards to the next adventures we will be able to create together.

Now starting a new term, it is such a joy to see the students again and get into the pieces they will be working on for months to come.

I’ll be away next week taking an intensive course in Bothmer Gymnastics, but then right back into the swing of things after that!!

Love, Nicole


Bonjour tout le monde

Welcome back to all of our French students for another busy term!

Our talented singers in Class One are in fine form for learning some new songs this term, as well as revisiting those we learned last term … with Joyeuse Anniversaire becoming especially well practised as lots of children have birthdays coming up!

Class Six students have been honing their language skills as we rotate class members through a series of translation tasks and small conversation groupings. Classes Seven and Eight are putting the finishing touches to the information booklets they designed and wrote late last term … and should all now be able to dazzle you with at least one interesting cultural fact on demand!

And as ever we look to the French calendar to mark days of special cultural significance. This term we will learn that the French celebrate the first day of May – Labour Day – with the traditional gift of a small bouquet of lily of the valley – le muguet. And of course, as the days grow shorter and chillier, we herald the approach of winter – l’hiver.

au revoir



Harvesting huge zucchini and lots of onions.

Garden 1 - 15.4.16 Garden 2 - 15.4.16

Watching our family of white browed babblers bounce around in a puddle of water, grateful for the rain!

Garden 3 - 15.4.16



The Movement Program goes into full swing this term with Class One at school on Fridays and Classes Two and Three continuing on from first term. I’m looking forward to seeing the Class One groups for their first session this week.

Autumn is the perfect time to warm up with skipping games so all groups will enjoy working on these skills along with some rhymes and chants.

Skipping is a wonderful co-ordination exercise. In the past, children skipped to school, skipped in the playground and chanted skipping rhymes. They introduced skilful variations and speeds into the art of skipping. They skipped alone, in pairs, in groups, counting and chanting as they skipped, even doing Double Dutch as 2 ropes turned.

All movement that takes the child off the ground helps to release the life-forces; so skipping, hopping, jumping, climbing and dancing are all healthy activities for 6, 7 and 8 year olds (and beyond!).


All in together

Don’t mind the weather

When you hear your birthday

You must run out!

January, February, March……


Happy skipping!

Warm wishes, Sue


Upcoming Soirees

Wednesday 18th May 2.15pm – Class 4
Thursday 19th May 2.15pm – Class 5
Friday 20th May 2.15pm – Class 6

Please bring a plate to share

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School News

Staff Changes

Jane Dimsey has accepted a teaching role in the Steiner Stream at CSC and we have regretfully accepted her resignation from the Management Transition Group and her teaching role in Class 7.  We hope to have an opportunity to farewell her in person early in the term.

School Crossing Supervisor

The School Crossing Supervisor will be speaking to bus travellers and parents after assembly at 9.30am on Monday 18th April.

School Nurse

Trina Douglas, our Primary School Nurse, will be visiting our school on Tuesday 26th April and Wednesday 27th April.
Prep Health Assessments:  All parents/carers of Prep children are requested to complete a Health Questionnaire and return the form to the school office by the due date.
Referrals (All Grades): Parents and/or teachers may refer children from any grade for assessments of vision, hearing, basic speech, toileting problems, general health or any parental concerns.  Please sign a referral form at the school office.
If you have any questions you can phone Trina on 0408 177 814.
Children cannot be seen without a signed consent from a parent or guardian.
There is no cost for the service. 
Trina can be contacted at any time throughout the year.

Craft Group

New time and venue

Meeting in the Parents Room on Mondays at 1pm


Parents and Friends Group

Thank you to everyone who attended the Autumn Harvest Family Bush Dance on Saturday evening. It was lovely to see so many dancing, laughing, smiling people. About 200 people attended and we raised around $800. This will keep the Parents Room stocked with craft and morning tea supplies and allow us to provide support for school activities and festivities through the year.

Thank you to all who helped with the baking and cooking, the decorating and promoting, with sourcing the ingredients and dishwashing and to all the young people who helped on the night.

Our Wednesday morning get togethers will continue through out the term. Next week we will be dyeing muslin for our winter nature table. All are welcome for a cup of tea, a chat and some crafting if you like from drop off until about 12noon in the Parents Room.


Convenor, Parents & Friends

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From The Office

Parent Handbooks

The new 2016 Parent Handbook was printed and distributed to families last term. More copies have been placed in classroom teacher’s pigeon holes to be distributed to second parents, if required. If you need more copies please see the office staff.

Head Lice

Please be aware that it is head lice season and the school has recently had an outbreak. Please monitor your children for head lice and follow the recommended steps indicated in our Head Lice Information Booklet. If you don’t have a copy of the booklet from previous years, please obtain one from the school office.

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Community Classifieds


Green Main Lesson Book for Class 6 student. Titled ‘Rome – From Aeneas to Augustus Caesar’.

Please return it to the school office if found.

For Sale

Girls bike – Giant Areva 24” 21 gears. Excellent condition $140.

Macpac Possum child carrier (includes sun shade and rain cover). Very good condition $50.

Contact Jo Clarke 0400223089.

Clothing Alterations and Repairs

Contact Aleesha 0421 845 757 or for more information

Castlemaine Circus Term 2 Program

Term 2 Enrolments Open

Enquiries – Phone: 0437 186 711


More Information...

Warranwood Art Show 2016

Saturday April 16th, 10am – 6pm

Sunday April 17th, 10am – 4pm

Entry by donation

Cake, coffee & light lunch available

More Information...

Biodynamic Courses - Transform the Earth and Yourself

The Michael Centre, 37A Wellington Park Drive, Warranwood 3134

Weekends: 9.30am – 4.00pm:
16th & 17th April; 11th & 12th June; 6th & 7th August & 15th & 16th October

Cost: $1150/weekend $290



Telephone: Grit Oppermann 0477 408 665

More Information...

Over the Moon Studios - Ballet for Preps

The Annual Free Trial Ballet Class for Preps at Over the Moon Studios is on Saturday 16th April 9am

Go to our website to find out more about Over the Moon or register your place in the free trial class. or contact Aislinn Farrow  or 0437032934

Harps To Hearts

Sunday April 17th – Performance at 3pm. $20 adults/$15 concession

Guildford Vineyard Cellar, 6720 Midland Hwy

Featuring world famous performers.

Enquiries & Bookings: 0434 520 351

More Information...

The Mount Druitt Indigenous Choir

Tuesday 19th April: Sausage Sizzle 5pm, Performance 7pm

Liberty CLC Auditorium

5 Blanket Gully Rd, Campbells Creek

More Information...

Family Bush Walk with the Friends of the Box-Ironbark Forests

Sunday 24th April 10am – 12pm

Kalimna Park, Castlemaine. Meeting at the entrance at the end of Doveton St.

For more information call Naomi 0422 585 585

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Vicroads Roadworks - Pyrenees Hwy, Winters Flat

Yesterday bridgeworks started on Elizabeth St in Castlemaine. The road and bridge will be closed between Johnston and Ray St for approximately 3 months. The recommended detour from Castlemaine is via Ray St or Princess St/Ranters Gully Rd from Campbells Creek.

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Mittigundi Programs

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