School Policies

June 2022 – Some of our school policies are under review as part of our strategic planning process and have been taken down from the website during this time.  The reviewed documents will uploaded to this website as soon as possible.  In the meantime, please contact Reception at if you need any policy information.  Thank you for your understanding.

CSSK Volunteer Terms of Agreement

CSSK Behaviour Policy

CSSK Code of Conduct

CSSK Clothing Policy

CSSK Child Safety Code of Conduct

CSSK Child Safety Policy

CSSK Mandatory Reporting Policy

CSSK Prevention of child sexual abuse policy

CSSK Prevention of Bullying and Harrassment Policy

CSSK Communications Policy

CSSK Complaints Policy

CSSK Sunsmart Policy

CSSK Fee Retrieval Policy

CSSK Bus Service Information

CSSK Admissions Enrolment and Withdrawal Policy

CSSK Mobile Phone Acceptable Use Policy

CSSK Information on Head Lice

CSSK Concession Card Holder Fee Discount Policy