In our school we acknowledge the importance of the whole human being. By developing in children and adolescents a love of learning, flexible, creative thinking, and a strong internal compass we strive to meet each child’s needs and to enable them to fulfil their full potential as balanced human beings with clarity of truth, understanding of goodness and a love of beauty.

Our philosophy of teaching and learning is based on Rudolf Steiner’s insights into child development and education, which embraces the social, artistic, academic, physical and spiritual. We enact our philosophy by following the indications given by Steiner and the 7 core principles for Australian Steiner Schools. The philosophy, curriculum and teaching methodology followed at CSSK is brought to the children via the ACARA approved Australian Steiner Curriculum.

The children are immersed in a creative, enriching and wonder-filled learning environment. Children are inspired and guided towards becoming free-thinking, socially responsible adults, with healthy connections to themselves, each other and the world.