As with all schools in Victoria, we operate within the bounds of Victorian and Australian Government legislation in the areas of curriculum, assessment and reporting.

This is overlaid with the Australian Steiner Approved Curriculum framework. The Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) recognises this framework and acknowledges that it allows for comparable educational outcomes for students by the end of Year 10.

Importantly, the Curriculum aligns the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework and Australian Curriculum on a philosophical and pedagogical basis.

The Structured Steiner approach

The rhythm of the school day includes Main Lesson, Practice Lessons and Specialist Lessons.

The Main Lesson is a unique part of Steiner education. Each morning, the children engage in the deep study of one topic. Each of these Main Lesson blocks of learning lasts for approximately 3 weeks.

These topics can range from the Alphabet in class one to the History of Writing in class 4 or to a study of Shakespeare in class 8. These learning blocks provide the opportunity for great depth and richness in the student’s learning.

The topics covered bring together the Learning Areas of English, Maths, Science, Humanities and The Arts in an integrated way to follow major epochs in history and so trace the development of human culture and consciousness.

During Practice Lessons students engage in explicit literacy and numeracy learning and revision to build and reinforce key skills and knowledge.

Specialist Lessons include LOTE (French), Art, Music, Craft, PE/Movement and Outdoor Education & Horticulture, expanding to embrace Digital Technologies, Science and Drama in the Senior years.

Kindergarten & Prep

The curriculum involves nurturing the children’s imaginative and collaborative skills and other school-readiness competencies through teacher-lead, play-based learning.

Primary School

Formal academic learning begins in Year 1

Throughout the Primary years, the Class Teacher works to understand the developing academic, social and emotional support needs of the whole class group by building strong connections with students and families over an extended period of time.

Primary School curriculum subjects involve an integrated curriculum of topics covering the subjects of Humanities, Mathematics, Science, Digital Technologies, Health, Physical Education, Outdoor Education and The Arts

Secondary School

The balance of the intellectual, artistic and practical is maintained in lessons but the emphasis is now turned to the outer world.

The subjects in the Secondary School Curriculum include all the previous subjects studied such as the Humanities, Mathematics, Science and The Arts but these are now presented by more specialised teachers.

Senior students access the Science, Technology & Design Resource Centre which includes various laboratory, art and multimedia resources to support the rich and diverse curriculum of our Senior programs.

On graduating from Class 8 at CSSK students can continue their Steiner education via the Steiner stream at Castlemaine Secondary College (CSC) or move into Year 9 at one of the many high schools in Central Victoria.

Contact our Enrolments Officer, Tracey Robertson for further information about applications to the school