Admission Process & Forms

We are currently enrolling children in all year levels.  If you are interested in our Early Childhood programs or Prep through to Class 8, our Enrolment Officer can help you. Read on for further information and contact details.

Expression of Interest – All admissions to the school commence with the completion of the CSSK Expression of Interest Form (EOI).  This tells us a little about your family and provides necessary details of the child. Where there is no waitlist for the required class, the process will involve meeting with the Principal and Class teacher/s and include Education Support staff where needed. Following this, an Offer of Place is made and Enrolment forms are provided. An EOI form also registers your child for future years in Kinder and/or Prep and also places your child’s name on a waitlist if a particular class is currently full.


Kindergarten Places –  Families wishing to be considered for Kindergarten will complete the EOI process to register their child for their desired year of entry. Kinder Offers are made early in the year prior to commencement, in priority order; Families with current siblings within the school, then all new families following that by date order of the completed EOI process.  We recommend placing your child’s name on our lists as early as practical.


Playgroup –  Our Playgroup Program is not currently running. If you would like to participate in our Playgroup in 2022 please register your interested by completing the below form and we will contact you if things change.


Registration Process – To register for Prep to Class 8 we require an Expression of Interest (EOI) form and payment of a non-refundable Application Fee. Places are offered in priority order of current siblings at the School followed by the date of Application fee being paid. Registrations fee are;


Enrolment Application Fee – An Application Fee is paid at the time of lodging the EOI and is applicable to each individual student.


Entry Bond – Accepting an “Offer of Place” at the school requires the payment of an Entry Bond;

Kindergarten = $250

Prep to Class 8 = $600

Entry Bonds are returnable with a Term’s notice of Withdrawal, or when you child graduates at Class 8.


Application Fees and Entry Bonds –  can be paid electronically to the following;

Account Name: Castlemaine Steiner School,

Bank: Bank Australia
BSB: 313-140
Account No: 1211 7546

Reference: Your child’s name


Application Forms

CSSK Expression of Interest Form

CSSK Playgroup Registration


Enrolment questions

If you would like to speak to someone about enrolling your child please contact our Enrolments Officer, Tracey Robertson on 5479 2000 or