Class 8 Graduation

Last Friday we farewelled our Class Eight students with a moving ceremony and formal dinner where they were waited on by some of our Class Five students.

This was preceded by speeches hosted by Lyn Farrow, who has been their teacher over the past eight years, with contributions from all the other teachers of the school.
It was a memory filled evening bringing a celebratory and poignant conclusion for many of our long term families. In one case, this family association with the school spanned some sixteen years.

Many of these students began here as toddlers in Playgroup over ten years ago and so have grown up together. In an increasingly transient world this is a remarkable achievement providing a profound sense of continuity and permanence. These are friendships which will last a lifetime. I know of a group of Lyn’s last cohort who still share a house together as they finish of their various tertiary studies or touch base between travels.

On behalf of the entire school we wish these beautiful young people all the best in the future, wherever their path may lead them.