Tuition Fees

As an independent school, school fees are charged to partially cover the costs of providing the education. Fees are kept to a minimum and balanced with government grants to cover costs of the education.

Fees are invoiced at the commencement of each term (four times per year), and are payable within twenty-one days of receiving the invoice.

Signing the Conditions of Admission on entry to the school includes agreement to abide by the Fee Retrieval Policy.

Visiting Student Fees:

  • Contact the front office for information on the overseas and visiting students Application and tuition fees.
  • All fees are to be paid prior to the student commencing at the school.

Fee Assistance

Fee Assistance is a reduction in the fees charged in the current year for families who are in particularly difficult financial situations and cannot meet the fee requirements of the school. Applications for Fee Assistance can made in November each year for the following year. Fee Assistance will only be applied to Tuition Fees and not to extra charges and expenses of sending the child to the school, e.g. music fees, excursions, specialist equipment or other school activities. Donations to the Fee Assistance Fund are much appreciated.

Additional Charges

In addition to tuition fees, parents can expect to pay for the following items.

  • Music Tuition: Additional charges for music tuition commence in Class 3 and for various ensembles in Class 7&8. Refer to the Fee Schedule for details.
  • Stringed Instrument: Class 3 children will need a stringed instrument (violin, viola or cello). Prices range from $200 upwards.
  • Recorders: Purchased in Class 1 – $80 (approx.)
  • Camps: The camps program from Class 3 to 8 may cost between $200 to $800 per student each year.
  • Day Excursions and Special Events: Allow for approximately $200-$400 per student per year, according to year level.
  • Individual Text book levy: Approx. $30 per year for senior students for maths, science and language texts.

These charges are approximations. Details will be added to invoices.

Tax Deductible Building and Library Fund Donations

We urge parents to contribute to either of the school building fund or the school library fund, in addition to the above fees. These donations are tax deductible for income purposes. They do not appear on Fee Invoices to protect your tax deductibility. Donations are highly valued as the school continues to develop.

Conveyance Allowance

The Conveyance Allowance is paid by the State Government to parents who convey their children more than 4.8 km to school (one way). Students travelling on the school bus from Castlemaine have the conveyance allowance (bus rates) paid to the school to cover the costs of the buses. Applications for Conveyance Allowance are made through the school office and are advised in the school newsletter. Payments come from the Department of Education to eligible families each term.

Victorian Government Conveyance Allowance Policy

Conveyance Allowance Parent General Information

Kindergarten Rebates:

Kindergarten families with a current, valid Health Care Card receive a financial rebate from the State Government, in the form of a reduction of fees. Parents must supply a copy of their Health Care Card to the office to be eligible to claim this rebate, which is $1317 in 2015.

School Fees Information Sheet 2017 v1